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Pantone Eye-One Display 2
List Price: $249.99

Our Price: $194.89

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Product Description

Eye-One Display 2 offers the next generation for monitor profiling. It provides the best monitor profile quality ever. With enhancements to both hardware and software, you'll achieve consistent, predictable color on all types of monitors - LCD, CRT and laptops! It's ideal for photographers, creative directors, publishers, and designers working in ad agencies and corporations. Profile summary report ideal for post profile analysis Profile reminder to ensure true and reliable color over time Mac and PC compatible - OS X, Windows 2000, XP

  • Includes emission-only colorimeter with ambient measurement capabilities
  • Professional monitor-calibration tool with advanced controls
  • Achieve accurate color on all displays including LCDs, CRTs, and laptops
  • Optimize gray balance for more neutral and better-defined grays
  • Check ambient light to determine optimal room lighting for color-critical work

Customer Reviews:

  • easy to use
    simple to instal for good result
    small and take no place...more info
  • easy to use, obvious difference
    Easy to use and the difference shows on my screen. Got this on the advice of a local, very good graphic artist who uses their products (much more expensive ones). I set it up to recalibrate every two weeks because screens change over short periods of time. I am happy with my purchase....more info
  • Pantone Eye-One Display 2
    This unit is a solid performer. Works well with little involvement from the user. I will strongly recommend it to anyone who is working with pictures. It's pretty much everyone in this world....more info
  • Easy and Useful
    This little bippy has helped me get colors right for graphic and web design. It creates ICC profiles which can be loaded in on design programs.

    One bummer: As of July 1, 2007 there doesn't seem to be a Windows Vista 64 bit driver....more info
  • Pantone Eye-One Display 2
    After checking various web sites, I found this item to be among the best and was not disappointed. Easy to use and more than lived up to the great things said about it. My 24" LCD looks great....more info
  • Didn't work
    Make sure you buy this at a retailer that allows returns if it doesn't work. I bought one last week after a presentation. It looked and worked great at the presentation. I bought it because I had an immediate weekend-long project where I needed correct color. When I set up my new Eye-one/Display 2, all I could get was a "fail" on the emissions test, over and over - and never did get to testing my Mac LCD monitor. No response from the Eye-one "support" to my e-mails.

    I brought the gadget back to the store that then told me I had moved it during the test or the screen had gone black - and that was the only reason it failed. Neither of those were true. ...However, I did get a refund. So, beware. I'd like to give it a 4 or 5 on the basis of what I saw the demo do, but for how the one I bought worked, I'd give it a zero. Had the "support" even bothered to respond, I would have tried to work with them rather than doing a return since I really did want it to work. Average the scores for a 2....more info
  • Just What I Needed!!!!!
    There is nothing more frustrating than enhancing your photograph to find out that it looks totally different when it comes out the printer... I went the Adobe Gamma route. The "try to make your monitor look like the print" method and neither worked. The problem is, most monitors and/or software based color correcting tools deal with Red Green Blue and... only one shade of each! Last time I looked, there are a whole lot more colors in the spectrum than RGB.

    After much debate, I decided on the Eye 1 Display 2. I'm glad I did.

    I was prepared for a difficult install after reading some reviews. I work in the computer industry and have seen some really un-intuitive installation programs, but I must admit, this one takes the cake. Hint... When you load the CD, make sure you choose the Color Match button or it will not load the drivers or install the program. To bad they don't tell you this anywhere. There is a really nice "online" Tutorial, though it doesn't help you install the program. It does tell you to disable Adobe Gamma, if installed, just not how. Thanks Google! I found it in MSCONFIG > Staurtup in XP Pro.

    All that said. The results are AMAZING! At the end of the calibration, you can see a before and after calibration sample. Couldn't believe the "pop". It also comes with a snap on device that lets you calibrate your monitor with ambient light. It'll also support dual monitor setups. Most importantly... My pictures look exactly like what I wanted. Hooray!

    Once you get the software installed, the process is fairly intuitive but make sure to read the help prompts along the way....more info