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X-Rite Eye-One Display LT
List Price: $169.99

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Product Description

Eye-One Display is the next generation for monitor profiling. This easy-to use, powerful solution provides the best monitor profiling and calibration for your images. Why do photographs sometimes not appear onscreen with the vibrancy of the original shot? The fact is, all monitors (yes, both new and old) display color differently. But with Eye-One Display LT, you can achieve accurate onscreen color just like the pros -- without having to become a pro. Eye-One Display LT calibrates your monitor and adjusts the color onscreen, so your images remain true. Simply attach to both LCD and CRT monitors with built-in counterweight and suction cups, and enjoy perfect color every time. Ideal for photographers, creative directors, publishers and designers working in ad agencies and corporations. Easily attaches multiple workstations, with no additional licensing fee Compact colorimeter for emissive color measurements offer same sleek lightweight design as the original Eye-One Display New Enhanced sensor provides; Highest repeatability for consistent calibration and profiling results, fastest measurements for quick profiling, highest sensitivity in dark areas for better control in shadow detail and more neutral gray scale Easily attaches to both LCD and CRT monitors with built-in counterweight and suction cups Profile Summary report provides post-calibration analysis Profiler reminder to ensure true and reliable color over time USB powered Compatible with Mac OS X, and Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP

  • Profile Summary report provides post-calibration analysis
  • Software for achieving accurate onscreen color just like the pros
  • Calibrates monitor and adjusts color onscreen so images remain true
  • Includes compact emission-only colorimeter with sleek lightweight design
  • Attaches to LCD and CRT monitors with built-in counterweight and suction cups

Customer Reviews:

  • Great tool, but I bought the software upgrade
    The Eye-One LT can become an Eye-One Display 2 through a firmware update which then unlocks additional software features. The firmware update costs around double the price difference between the LT and the Display 2. If you are a casual user wanting to go cheap, the Eye-One LT is for you. If you're a tweaker, save yourself time and money and buy the Eye-One Display 2.

    With that said, the tool worked quickly and easily on my HP LP2475W, MacBook Pro, and Dell D620. The picture quality was dramatically improved. The best picture on the MacBook Pro did come after upgrading to the Display 2 so that I could use the native color temperature of the MBP. It also allows calibration of brightness.

    In my opinion, it was worth it. Some of my older pictures look better than ever and now I know that what I'm seeing on the screen is what it's supposed to look like....more info
  • Downright Horrible for and LCD screen
    I suspect that this device was optimized for a CRT screen and not and LCD screen because it was absolutely a nightmare to get to work and even when it finally finished, the effect was horrible.

    First of all, other reviewers who say that the documentation included with the product is useless, well, that is just the tip of the ice-berg. Yes, the little pamphlet that comes with it doesn't even give you enough information to understand that the proper way to install the software, which thanks to the amazingly unintuitive CD software has to be some of the worst software installation I've ever experienced. There are 4 components, each with a separate install (and none of which actually say install). Funny thing is, after you install them, you only show 3 items in the programs files.

    Second, once you've installed and look at the on-line tutorials, it seems that the process is potentially easy. The only problem is that the software provided doesn't match what they show in the tutorial! Most glaring is that the product claims to have an easy 1 click mode which seems to just not be there (this might not be available when calibrating LCDs, but again, nowhere does it state this, so I'm just guessing).

    Third, the program takes you to a contrast adjustment step. Guess what? LCDs DON'T HAVE CONTRAST ADJUSTMENT! I was able to get a slider through the Nvidia tray to try to get past this step, but it wasn't until I trudged through their horrible support site that I found that they just expect you to skip this step. The most basic question is: if you click the button for LCD, why the heck does it even take you to this step if they expect you to SKIP IT?

    Which brings me to their support site. Talk about horrible. It is next to impossible to find the product to begin with because it doesn't recognize the complete name of the product in the search engine. They have truncated the name and if you actually type it out AS IT APPEARS ON THE PRODUCT it doesn't recognize it! Wow... just wow... Phone support consists of leaving a message. Email support consists of filling out a form which doesn't even seem to be oriented toward product support (it kept asking me if I was planning on investing in the company... YEAH RIGHT).

    So after almost three hours of playing around with it, I finally got it to a point where it seemed to run through some sort of calibration, when the program finished, it made the screen look like utter crap. There is NO way that the product of that process was anywhere near where it should have been.

    Needless to say, this is getting returned tomorrow....more info
  • It looks good.
    I purchased one to calibrate multiple displays in my home. Calibrating computer monitors is very quick and easy with the included software. With just a few clicks the automated process begins. When it's finished, your display has bright, vibrant coloring. Very pleasing to the eye, but I have no method of checking accuracy other than "it just looks right".

    It's construction seems a little on the cheap side, and they should have made the counterweight attachment stronger or included a storage compartment for it in the unit itself. I'm sure it will be lost the next time I need to use it....more info
  • Good results, once you figure out how to use it
    I give this three stars because it does work well, but the "out of the box" experience is poor and it takes a fair amount of work plus trial-and-error to figure out how to use it properly.

    The Eye-One display LT can be used to calibrate CRT and LCD monitors. Inside the box there is the calibration "dongle" (looks a bit like a mouse), counterweight (clips onto the USB cord), ambient light cover, CD with software, and a brief, multi-lingual "getting started" guide.

    The getting started guide is pretty much useless because it has errors and doesn't provide enough detail: it tells you to connect the dongle and then install the software, for example. Clearly, this has led enough astray that the manufacturers have added a luminous pink sticker on the internal packaging saying "Install software before connecting!" Missing is a key piece of information: which of the six programs on the CD to install -- and it isn't obvious (you actually want Eye-One Match -- the "calibration" program doesn't do what you'd think)

    I highly recommend watching the training video on the CD as it gives you a much better set of instructions and it's far clearer what to do. The software does actually work quite well, but you have to know what you're doing -- you won't be able to figure it out completely unless you've seen the video.

    Getting the dongle to lie flat on my LCD screen was a real challenge, because the thick plastic coated USB cord won't bend around the sharp top edge of my screen; it tends to lift it off. In the end I used the counterweight (supplied) to hang the cord down flat. And thus, after two false starts, on my third calibration attempt I got a good result.

    So, now that I am fully trained, the device works as advertised and I have a properly calibrated monitor. Prior to calibration, the screen was over-bright with highlights blown out and with way too much contrast. Now it matches color-managed prints I've made....more info
  • It Works for Me
    I've seen a lot of negative reviews on this product. A professional photographer acquaintance suggested that I should get this as he uses the pro version. I had no problem loading the software. Updating was basically automatic. The instructions were slightly confusing to follow but watching the How To video twice and stepping my way through the process worked the first time with great results. Take your time and it works. ...more info
  • Definitely helped improve the color
    I am starting to work in photography and wanted to make sure I had a good color representation on the screen. The software for this unit was a bit hard to figure out as to which program to run for what uses. But, eventually I figured out what I needed and I am pleased with the results. I have a pair of Samsung 226BW 22" wide lcd flat screen monitors and I had to put the unit off center to be able to make adjustments with the monitor settings as the unit was making each calibration check. You can set each monitor individually, but for dual monitor use it will use your primary monitor setting....more info
  • X-Rite Eye-One Good Value
    The X-Rite Eye-One works well for calibrating displays and is much less than competing options. It is not a "one click" deal - you have to setup the screen properly to get a calibration, but it is workable. This unit calibrates monitors only, you have to buy more stuff if you want to calibrate printers, scanners, etc....more info
  • Vista-64 Driver Struggle. Throw Installation Disk in Trash
    Step #1: Take a pair of pliers and twist the included installation disk until it breaks and then throw it in the trash. You will be far ahead if you do.
    Step #2: Go to these web sites and download the latest software.
    Step #3: Install the application software. Then make a subdirectory in the application folder called USB Drivers. Copy the drivers from the second link above into the USB driver folder.
    Step #4. Go to the control panel and click install hardware. Select the USB driver folder to pick the appropriate driver.
    Step #5: Rename the stupid GretagMacbeth program startup folder to something logical like Eye-One Display.
    Step #5: Restart your computer. That should do it....more info
  • Good device, instructions cold be better
    The CD installed 3 software executables without any desktop shortcuts. The sparse documentation gave no hint of which of the 3 modules to start with. I ran "Eye-One Diagnostics" and it could detect the device. Vista complained that the driver was not digitally signed. I finally hunted around on the xrite web site to find and download the correct driver, and then I had to hunt through the Vista hardware device list to find the Eye-One and install the driver files.
    ...more info
  • Caution
    Be careful with this one. Little documentation, and not all monitors can take advantage of the automatic calibration feature, one of the reasons I bought it. My monitor was not one of the supported monitors.

    It was cumbersome to manually do the configuraton, and in the end simply returned to Amazon which promptly refunded my purchase...more info
  • Doesn't work on macbook
    I tried to use it on my macbook and i kept getting washed out colors. I called xrite and they said that you have to upgrade the software for another $99.
    I was amazed with amazon's streamlined return process. 2 thumbs up!

    I will try later the xrite pro ....more info
  • X-Rite Eye-One Display LT
    I had tried all of the "manual" ways of calibrating my screen that exist and could never get it right. Prints from my inkjet (HP 6980) never matched the screen perfectly. The I1 was a piece of cake to install and use. Simply put it on the screen and run the utility and about 10 minutes later, the screen profile was saved that made them match. I'm working in the sRGB space and will shortly move to Adobe RGB. This device eliminates the concern that colors won't match what I see to what the printer produces. Used it on my desktop Photoshop machine and the laptop too. It does change the overall look to be slightly less "bright" than my eye had picked out but the results took about 30 minutes to get used to. Highly recommend!...more info