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Pantone huey MEU101
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Product Description

There's a reason your blues aren't always true. Same goes for your reds, greens and every color in-between. What you're seeing onscreen isn't necessarily accurate - it all depends on your monitor. huey is an easy-to-use monitor color correction tool that automatically adjusts the color of your monitor so what you're seeing is spot on. huey can even make further adjustments to your monitor to compensate for changes in the room lighting. Everything becomes more accurate and predictable: digital photos just as you remember the scene, game graphics that give you the intense edge you're after, movies with brilliant life-like color and a Web-browsing experience that delivers colors that you can trust. huey is easy to use on any CRT, LCD and laptop monitor for the best possible color. Pantone's Huey is essential for digital photographers, designers, desktop publishers, gamers and any computer users who need absolute color and clarity.

  • Professional-grade results; easy-to-use right out of the box
  • Software designed for calibrating and profiling all types of monitors
  • Corrects color on monitor; adapts monitor for changing room lighting
  • Applies personal preferences for viewing accurate color all of the time
  • Includes emission-only colorimeter with ambient measurement capabilities

Customer Reviews:

  • Damages the LCD screen
    The Pantone Huey can leave permanent marks on the LCD screen. It uses rubber suction cups to stick to the LCD screen surface, and when you pull it away it pulls the delicate LCD layers along with it. One of my LCD screens survived this, but another now has an array of bright spots in the upper middle portion of the screen, exactly where the suction cups were attached. Yes, I followed the instructions and used minimal force when handling it. Pantone support didn't bother to return my calls or emails.

    Never let this product near your LCD!
    ...more info
  • What a difference!
    I spent years being frustrated with the difference between the colors I was seeing on my screen, and the colors that were output by my printer. I tried manual calibration products that depended on my eyes to make the adjustments, but as I found out when I first used the Huey my vision is not nearly as accurate as I would like to believe.

    I purchased the Huey about 3 months ago. Setup was extremely simple. You just install the software, plug the Huey in to a USB port and follow the onscreen instructions. After calibrating my monitor with Huey, the colors looked very strange to me. This wasn't a problem with the calibration, it was a problem with my perception. After color correcting a few photos in Photoshop CS2 and then printing them on my Canon Pixma Pro 9000, I was amazed! The colors that were printed matched those onscreen perfectly!

    I highly recommend this product. It is unbeatable at the price. As a side note, you will still need to make sure that your computer and printer are speaking the same language (i.e. correct color space and ICC profile) to get accurate results, but the Huey takes the guess work out of the process. Finally, what I see is what I get!...more info
  • Pantone Huey MEU101
    Great product. Definitely a good investment for those who work with color(fashion design or otherwise). I also like the automatic room light adjustment. Good value for the price, easy to use....more info
  • Simple and easy to use
    Pantone huey MEU101 is a very simple and straight forward monitor calibration tool. Plug it into an accessible USB port, step through the very easy to follow on screen instructions and you have a calibrated monitor. Another great feature is the ongoing adjustments that it makes as the light in the room changes. Very neat. The price was really great, too. ...more info
  • Simple and hassle-free solution.
    I wanted a simple monitor calibration tool to achieve greater color accuracy for my photography; so far so good. No weird color casts. It shipped with the most recent firmware and was only a 5-10 minute setup. Sleek and low profile design. Good value for the money. I thought ambient light adjustments would be gimmicky but I was pleasantly surprised....more info
  • Easy setup, too bad the results sucked
    Easy enough setup, easy enough to start the calibration, pretty to watch the colors flash on the screen, but the results had a horrible color cast. Checking the Pantone site showed it was a known issue, great. I sent in an incident as they requested, wound up calling in as well. I returned it for another, same problem. Turns out there was a batch of them bad, they knew about it and were waiting on replacements to go out to all us suckers who bought one.

    Great business model, product is defective, but rather than recall them and lose sales, sell the broken product and force a user investment in time hoping they'll just wait it out.

    Returned it and bought a Spyder3. Bought the Huey late May, was told July 1st a replacement would be on it's way, got an e-mail on the 3rd it would be the 21st at least. So sorry. ...more info
  • It works. It's not expensive. Good buy.
    My wife and I shoot weddings semi professionally (in other words, we're professional photographers with "regular jobs"). I had heard other photogs using this device and I questioned whether it could really be any good at this price. Bottom line, it is basic and it works. We do lots of editing in Adobe Lightroom on our laptop, and this little guy really helps get the colors right for prints. Nothing is worse than thinking you have it right, then seeing a print and wondering what happened. Great price for a basic tool that should really be a part of anyone's kit that wants true colors that print like they look on the screen....more info
  • Solid hardware, software could be better
    I used the Huey to calibrate a Dell 2007WFP and Lenovo T61 laptop display. For the money the Huey hardware can't be beat. I personally think the Windows software they bundle with it is crap. I calibrated my monitors using Argyll CMS, open source Linux software. That software is professional quality and paired with the Huey I got amazing results.

    The Windows software uses between 10 and 15 different color combinations (I didn't count the exact number) during calibration. Argyll allows you to control the number of colors and quality. It takes longer, about 60 minutes to create a high quality profile with Argyll, but the difference was noticeable, and the profile I created in Linux worked fine in Windows. So, excellent hardware and highly recommended. The software for Windows will yield good results but not the best possible....more info
  • Very simple
    Very simple to use and I was surprised at how far off my monitor was. My prints look much better than before....more info
  • Simple to use, quality calibration
    I've got the Spyder2Pro, was thinking of upgrading and looked into the offerings from Pantone and found this item. It's super simple to use, the calibration process is quick and the results are accurate. Comes with a stand so that you can set it by your monitor so that it can take ambient light readings every so often, on a schedule you can set. I find this particularly useful as most of the time we've got the lights dim in here except during frequent white boarding sessions. I also prefer the compact size over the Spyder2Pro. Its simple to drop this into my laptop bag for working weekends or trips. And I can't complain about the price. If you're looking for something accurate, simple to use, that won't break your bank, you can't go wrong with the Huey....more info
  • Pantone Huey MEU101
    Was very easy to install and use. The monitor I'm trying it on however is a piece of junk apparently (Acer AL2016W).

    The biggest downside I've found is when working with a graphics program that supports color profiles (like photoshop) I was unsure whether to load the generated profile into the rgb preferences - the manual wasn't very in-depth in this area....more info
  • bad product
    I bought a Pantone Huey last worked great until January, then just died. Tried re-installing software, using a different USB port but nothing worked. Wrote to Pantone and they replaced it with a new one, no questions asked (good!). The second one lasted about 3 weeks then also died. ...more info
  • Colours don't match
    I bought this wanting to match on screen colours with printed pantone swatches. It doesn't work. The on screen colours are extremely washed out and dull compared to the pantone swatches. I am very disappointed....more info
  • Huey Monitor Calibrator
    This item was recommended by four different photography sources. It said it calibrated my display but I could not see a difference. I wish it could calibrate my Epson printer also...more info
  • Doesn't always work. Color cast can be corrected.
    I bought this product thinking it would help my color prints. It ended up causing the monitor to have a very strong yellow color cast. I contacted Pantone and they told me they are aware that some of these Hueys have a defective sensor and they sent me a new one no-charge. I just plugged the new sensor in and recalibrated the screen and low and behold, it's the same, very strong yellow color cast. I've had to pick cool, medium contrast and that's still a bit too yellow for my eyes. Now I look at my monitor and get a headache.

    December, 2008: Updating this review to advise everyone that many times a color cast exists after calibration because you really have to reset your monitor before you calibrate it with Huey. If you adjusted your own monitor in the past, you probably picked too much blue or green without realizing it. Huey will try to overcompensate its adjustment if you don't reset your monitor therefore you'll end up with too much yellow, red or pink. Reset your monitor before you use Huey to calibrate and your colors should come out spot on....more info
  • Don't buy for a Mac with Leopard
    If you have a Mac running OS X 10.5 (Leopard), be advised that Pantone has been promising since last year to fix whatever is broken that prevents the use of the Huey. The company won't even respond when you ask support what is going on. They said the new installer would be available "early" in 2008. When I wrote an inquiry to the Pantone people on April 3 the automated reponse said it could take two to three days to reply. I'm still waiting....more info
  • Good Product
    The Huey is easy to install and use. The correction to my iMac were noticeable and have made the my prints markedly better. I did not give it 5 starts because you cannot calibrate two monitors at the same time. The Huey Pro can... but that just came out. good product and decent price. ...more info
  • Continuous Callibration Causes Problems
    I tried this product yesterday and it did a pretty good job at callibrating my monitor. It very easy to use and the instructions provided are easy to understand. The software that comes on the CD is not compatible with Windows Vista, but I was able to download an upgrade from the Pantone site which had support for Vista. I had problems with continuous callibration (which callibrates the monitor based on changing light conditions). The continuous callibrations caused my monitor to get a pinkish tinge which I didn't like. So I had to reset it and re-callibrate and this time I didn't choose continuous callibration. Due to this problem I will give it 3 instead of 4 out of 5....more info
  • Basic Colorimeter
    Huey is a basic colorimeter, opt for the Pro upgrade for software and multiple monitor support....more info
  • Huey Works
    As a digital artist it's criticaly important that what I see on the monitor mataches the printer's output, Huey does that with ease. I've used other monitor color adjustment devices but Huey is much simplier to use and the price is right....more info
  • Huey RATES
    This calibrator was recommended to me at a class, by the instructor, who is a well-known professional photographer. He rated it as among the best, and least expensive. I have used a Spyder in the past, and had multiple problems. The Huey came out of the box, went on my monitor, and it WORKED. It was under $100 and self regulates, updating for the light in the room, regularly and it reminds me to calibrate if I forget. This is the best product I have used in a long time...more info
  • Quick and easy
    Calibrating my monitor with this device took less than five minutes. I no longer have to mess around with Adobe Gamma or any other monitor settings. The photos I have gotten printed more closely match what I see. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I have never used any other hardware calibration device. Also, make sure you go to their website and download the newest version of the software as the one shipped on the CD is a bit out of date....more info