Kidz-Med TeddyCam
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Product Description

A wireless camera hidden inside adorable stuffed teddy bear allows parents to keep a close eye on the nursery and also serves as an excellent nanny-watching system. Special software downloaded into your home PC allows you to view live streaming video of your child and nursery from anywhere in the world via high-speed internet. With this connection and a simple password you can view from any PC, smart phone, or PDA (any video enabled device) from anywhere in the world. The free-standing TeddyCam operates on battery or with AC adapter which is included. The wireless 2.4 GHz receiver may be connected to any TV monitor in the house for video transmission and recording, or to your computer for remote access via internet. Viewing remotely by PDA is an exclusive feature of the TeddyCam. The inconspicuous bear blends into any kids' room decor.

  • Live Steaming video
  • Can use with PDA or smart phone
  • Totally wireless
  • Remote Access Software
  • Unique Nanny Watch system
Customer Reviews:
  • Waste of money - Kidz-Med TeddyCam
    This product DOES NOT work as a inconspicuous nannycam so save your money. Kidz-Med advertises this teddy as a nannycam that is wireless and can run off of a 9 volt battery. What they fail to tell you is that the bear will only last a couple of hours with a battery then it goes dead. The only way to use it is to plug the bear into the wall. Kidz-Med claims this is an "inconspicuous bear", but with a cord running out of its back into an electrical outlet, how inconspicuous can it be? I have been unable to watch what is happening in my daugher's nursery during the day because the battery runs out after only a few hours. After expressing my concerns with the company they now claim that most customers plug in the bear, but my question is this...why would anyone purchase a product disguised in a teddy bear and then plug it into the wall so a nanny could see what it was? Inconspicuous? Perhaps Kidz-Med needs to look up the meaning of that word in the dictionary. Very disappointing to see a company deceive concerned parents in such a despicable way. All they had to do was honestly represent their product. Just tell customers that it works by plugging the bear into the wall. ...more info