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Northern Exposure - The Complete Fourth Season
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The fourth season of the TV series following Dr. Joel Fleischman (Morrow) and the good people of Cicely Alaska.System Requirements:Running Time: NAFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: TELEVISION/SERIES & SEQUELS Rating: NR UPC: 025192829420 Manufacturer No: 28294

Customer Reviews:

  • Music makes a difference
    I honestly don't understand the legal issues with song licensing that are at stake with these DVDs. Clearly, they could legally use the songs in the originally aired episodes, so why they cannot be included on the DVD version seems odd to me. But so be it.

    I continue to live without my beloved Northern Exposure (except season 1, which conspicuously remained intact...) because of this omission.

    Oh, and packaging complaints aren't worth mentioning, even in passing. Content is the only worthwhile aspect to review about these. If only that content were truly complete......more info
  • I Like It !!!!!
    Northern Exposure - The Complete Fourth Season
    Just Like the recent seasons it is very entertaining!!!
    I got the product in a very good condition.Thanks amazon!!!...more info
  • Better to have loved and lost...
    I agree with most everyone's (nearly fanatical) exclamations that stripping out the original music is no less heinous than somehow digitally removing one of the main human characters from the show, but the bottom line for me is that I would rather watch these altered DVD versions than not be able to see it at all. The energy of this show is one of the bright sparks of television. Some will get it, some won't. Northern Exposure has vastly improved my enjoyment of a medium that panders mostly to the lowest common denominator. Speaking of lowest common denominators, how many of you die-hard music fans would be willing to shell out two to three times the price for new discs with the original music? Universal may eventually get it all sorted out, but not likely if they don't see a profit in doing so. (Then it's a matter of reading through all the posts here about how outrageous this is of Universal and how we all feel ripped off.) Universal really can't win, stuck as they are between a fanatic and a hard place. I say thanks to Universal for at least managing to finally get this series out for us to enjoy once again and share with those who may have missed out or have been too young. Ultimately you have to ask yourself, "Is it better to have watched this music-modified version than to have never seen it again?"...more info
  • So lemme get this straight?
    When they are flinging the body of Tooley into the lake with the big flinging thing, they don't play "Whiter Shade of Pale"? Thats the episode I first saw that made me a rabid NX fan. I will be pretty sad if they change that, but I love the show in all it's glory and misery. Hell, I even watched during the Dr. Capra episodes. I need to have this entire show on dvd and I'm glad they finally put it out. ...more info
  • Very disappointed!
    We wasted our money on this set. Side B of the first disc is completely blank. We're missing 4 episodes. So, not only do we have the horrible substituted music to contend with (thinking about that crap they played while Maggie was reburying the artifacts in her front yard and the music all but drowned out the poetry she was reading) but we've been cheated out of having the complete 4th season. I'm very disappointed....more info
  • Need more
    Well, in my house we're down to the last two episodes of The Complete Fourth Season. Just as with the first three season DVDs, we've carefully parceled out the episodes for viewing because we know how unbearably long it is between releases of these DVDs. Sometimes we splurge and watch two episodes in a row. Now, however, we are down to two remaining and once again, I've taken to scanning the Amazon website for any sign of the next DVD in the series only to find disappointment. Why does it take so long between releases of the next season on DVD? Why??
    This is the very best television there ever was - yes, that's right: ever. Do not miss the opportunity to bring the little discs which preserve this television series right into your own home, whether they are encased in parkas (seasons 1-3) or not.
    To those who, DVD release after DVD release, keep carping about the music, I say: please stop. Your point has been made - and made and made. There is nothing to be done about that issue. It is possible that you are affecting sales of the DVDs with your repetitiously negative comments about the music and that would be a terrible shame. The music was what it was and is what it is. Either way, it is wonderful, delightful music accompanying the best television show ever. You are looking at it with the eyes of nostalgia ("things can never be as good as they were; I miss how things were...") versus looking with child's eyes ("isn't this wonderful!")

    I appreciate art as much as the next guy and don't want it "messed with" but, you know, Venus used to have arms. Would you rather not see a work at all because you can't see it the way it once was? That is a rigid nostalgia, isn't it? I agree with your point essentially, but what can you do about it? I also hated - and still hate - the Ted Turner colorization of the great old movies and when I have a choice, I only go for the black and white version. We don't have a choice with these Northern Exposure DVDs and anyway, the fact is that the music on the DVDs is still very good.

    It's an extraordinarily wonderful show, in its original form and now on these DVDs. In my opinion the ONLY problem with these DVDs is that they are so very slow to be released. ...more info
  • Northern Exposure - 4th Season
    Northern Exposure is one of the best TV shows ever written - amazing characters and engaging story lines. Watching the 4th season takes me back to those glorious years when I looked forward to my weekly visits to Cicily, Alaska....more info
  • Incredible DVDs! Don't miss this show!
    I can't believe how petty people are. The music on the DVD is great! If any music has been replaced, the music that replaced it is great. Whoever chose the music did an incredible job. I salute Universal for making this incredible show available for a reasonable price. I watch it on a $25 DVD player and it plays just about flawlessly. Why anyone would choose to not get this show just because they left Whiter Shade of Pale off of one episode is beyond me. Is the music really what the person watches the show for? What show is s/he going to watch instead? Name a better show! Now if Universal took Chris in the morning off the show, then I'd join the chorus of protests. But as it is this show is still the best of its kind. I just wish I could find another show that does an equally credible job of blending fantasy and philosophy into a cohesive, entertaining package. I closest I could come up with is Gilmore Girls. But talk about annoying music! The theme music for that show is enough to make you gag. But once again, I'm stuck watching it for lack of any better alternatives....more info
  • The Season That Hooked Us All....
    Season Four of Northern Exposure introduces us to the strange "Bubble Man", depicts Chris flinging a coffin, and leaves us with a pregnant and musical Shelly. There's lots more to enjoy in this mid-series season!

    Here is a brief decription of each episode (from )

    4.1 Northwest Passages
    To celebrate her thirtieth birthday, Maggie spends the weekend camping alone to reflect on her life and cleanse her soul. Marilyn asks Chris to help her learn how to drive. Maurice rambles endlessly into a recorder about his past in an attempt to write his memoirs.

    4.2 Midnight Sun
    Joel is "light loony" and, with his enormous amount of excess energy, coaches the Cicely Quarks in their annual basketball game against Sleetmute. An old friend (Gillis Toomy) drops in to visit Ruth-Anne and outfits the town from his collection of fashionable ensembles.

    4.3 Nothing's Perfect
    Chris kills a dog with his truck and quickly falls in love with its owner (Amy, the Pi Lady). Maurice buys an extremely expensive Augsburg clock and with its delivery comes a highly trained specialist to install it.

    4.4 Heroes
    Chris must decide what to do with his deceased friend's remains (Tooley). A heavy-metal rock star (Guest star Adam Ant) mistakenly arrives in Cicely instead of Sicily.

    4.5 Blowing Bubbles
    A mysterious new resident (Mike Monroe) quarantines himself in Cicely, arousing Maggie's interest and Joel's disbelief. Ruth-Anne must also cope with a new addition to the community - her materialistic son, Matthew, who gives up his career as an investment banker in Atlanta in search of a simpler life.

    4.6 On Your Own
    The Flying Man returns to Cicely to woo Marilyn; Ed finds a ring that once belonged to Federico Fellini; Maurice has Mike rewrite his will to include his recently discovered Korean son, Duk Won.

    4.7 The Bad Seed
    Everyone is shocked when Holling's unknown illegitimate daughter arrives in town - especially Holling who believed he was sterile. Maggie assists Marilyn in her search for her dream house. Ed is excited about his annual visit from Princess, a crane he took under his wing when she was abandoned as a baby.

    4.8 Thanksgiving
    Cicely readies itself for the annual Day of the Dead parade and Thanksgiving Day feast; Joel discovers he owes the state of Alaska a fifth year of service.

    4.9 Do The Right Thing
    An ex-member of the KGB visits Cicely to sell Maurice his official Russian dossier; a health inspector surveys The Brick for the first time in more then thirty years; Maggie makes a vow to herself to live each day as if it was her last.

    4.10 Crime and Punishment
    Chris' past finally catches up with him and he is apprehended and tried for breaking parole in the state of West Virginia many years earlier.

    4.11 Survival of the Species
    Ed becomes environmentally conscious; Maggie discovers ancient Indian relics in her backyard; Chris befriends a young delinquent and teaches him about life on the road.

    4.12 Revelations
    Chris takes his vacation at a monastery; Ruth-Anne pays Maurice the remaining amount owed on her store; Joel becomes incredibly antsy when he has no patients.

    4.13 Duets
    Ed's spiritual guide leads him to his natural father; Maggie and Mike share their first kiss; traveling piano tuner visits the Brick to adjust its ancient upright.

    4.14 Grosse Pointe, 48230
    Maggie bribes Joel into accompanying her to her grandmother's birthday party in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

    4.15 Learning Curve
    Much to Joel's distress, Marilyn goes on vacation by herself; Holling attempts to earn his high school diploma; the regional teacher spends two weeks in Cicely and almost becomes a role model for Maggie.

    4.16 Ill Wind
    Drastic tension between Maggie and Joel; Maurice is unhappy when Chris saves his life; Ed is intrigued by death.

    4.17 Love's Labour Mislaid
    Maggie forgets having sex with Joel; Ed faces an arranged marriage; a rare bird is seen (a Siberian Tit) and Holling and Ruth-Anne go out to see it.

    4.18 Northern Lights
    Maurice befriends Cicely's first homeless man; Joel goes on strike when his vacation is denied; Ruth-Anne, Chris, and Holling perform their various winter rituals.

    4.19 Family Feud
    When a totem pole is carved for the Whirlwind family, a family feud originating from an incident in 1934 is resurrected, dividing the Native Americans in Cicely.

    4.20 Homesick
    When Mike (guest star Anthony Edwards) gets test results showing he is completely healthy, he feels obligated to leave Cicely and Maggie behind to continue his environmental crusade.

    4.21 The Big Feast
    To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Minnifield Communications, Maurice plans an extremely elaborate party; Adam and Eve (guest stars Adam Arkin and Valerie Mahaffey) return to Cicely with their new baby.

    4.22 Kaddish for Uncle Manny
    When Joel's uncle dies, he discovers that the important bonds in times of trouble are not necessarily from a common religion, but rather a sense of community.

    4.23 Mud and Blood
    At the coming of spring, Maggie and Holling find affirmation of life in Shelly's pregnancy.

    4.24 Sleeping With the Enemy
    Duk Won seeks approval of his bethrothed; Ed makes a movie in Tlinget; Holling wants more sex.

    4.25 Old Tree
    When an old tree considered to be a Cicely historical landmark appears to by dying, Joel dons a tree doctor's hat and gives his prognosis. Joel hurts himself everytime Maggie is nice to him. Shelly starts singing instead of talking.
    ...more info
  • At first I was confused but thees is good
    Hi there... i'm new in this country and miss my old country. They say they have a show that takes place in my old country. Sicily. So i say that would be a nice present. So i get this present and sit down to watch my Sicily. You have to know that my Sicily is hot. But thees Sicily is cold. So cold. And people are not at all like in my Sicily. So i thought maybe i went to a parallel universe or something. Maybe a bizarro universe where everything is different. But you know what? Thees people in this Sicily, theey are very strange people but i grew to like them. And they are good and funny people just like i miss back home. And so it was a good gift after all. And a good Sicily. Even if it is such a different Sicily.

    I am Vito and I thank you and hope you like this Sicily too. ...more info
  • Northern Exposure begins to feel its age
    I'm a little disappointed my box sets no longer come in little parkas, but then I've noticed that amazon doesn't ship exactly the same product overseas that they do domestically. Anyway, that is a small complaint for what was a great series, even if it started to drag a bit in the fourth season. Joel's anxieties get the better of him, and too many episodes focus on his extended internment and antagonistic relationship with Maggie. I wasn't sure what to make of Mike Monroe, either at the time of the show's airing or now. I think they got about as much mileage out of his allergy fixations as they could get, with Mike at one point parading down the main street of Cicely in Maurice's old space suit. Of course, he was the perfect foil for Maggie, who finally had a man sensitive to her wants and needs, but alas Mike had bigger ambitions once Maggie had cured him of his allergies.

    What really makes the show click in my mind is the evergrowing set of relationship between Marilyn, Ed, Dave the Cook and the expanding Native American community. One of the funniest episodes is when Adam Ant comes to town and tries to do a world music project with the Indians, which Ed dutifully films in black and white. However, the signature episode of this season has to be Marilyn's trip to Seattle, where Joel goes chasing after her, thinking she is ill-equipped to handle the big city. That episode really cemented their relationship and revealed Joel to be a very compassionate, if over-wrought, character.

    Along the way we get the return of Adam, the gourmet, as Maurice plans another one of his self-indulgent feasts, Holling trying to plant a seed, and Chris introduces Bernard to the world of fisticuffs, both physical and metaphysical, while still spinning his memorable tunes. Great series but you can see it is drawing to its end in the way Falsey and Brand seem to treat each episode as if it will be their last. ...more info
  • The Weakest Season but Still Worth Watching
    For me, this was the weakest season of NX, but I may feel that way because I watched it after Five and Six, which were great. Some of the scripts seemed forced and just lacked the punch of most of those in the other seasons. The guest actors ranged from lackluster to annoying, too. David Hemmings, the studly star of Antonio's BLOWUP, appears as a dissolute, fat, gray-haired old guy with huge bags under his eyes. Valerie Perrine still looks good and bears a striking resemblance to Shelly.

    Joel seemed stuck in perpetual whinyness, especially when Maggie found a taller, cuter, nicer boyfriend. Unfortunately he, the new bf, had environmental illness and had to live in a bubble, but that didn't bother Maggie who had a nice fling and a break from Joel. Chris had some nice moments, especially when he lit up the town for an art project; that was one of the seasons' few magic moments. Another was when the town rallied around Joel to provide people to help him say the prayer of the dead for his favorite uncle. Ed found his father, which was another beautiful moment. And the Flying Man returned to beg Marilyn to marry him which was charming and moving. Maurice had some breakthroughs of his usual crustiness to show a real heart. Shelly discovers she's "preggers" and sings her way through the last show; some folks found this silly but I thought it was very well done.

    Even if this isn't the best season they've done, it's still head and shoulders above most TV shows and well worth watching. I do recommend watching them in order, though....more info
  • sadly, the change in music greatly impacts this DVD release
    Sigh! To me, the scene where Tooley is "buried" in "Heroes" was one of the most meaningful scenes in Northern Exposure due to its use of Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale". In fact, when I was mourning the death of a loved one I played that track, over and over again, for nearly a day.

    So what does Universal do? It substitutes this silly, bouncy, bit of musical fluff in its place in that scene. It's like chalk scraping on a blackboard.

    I recorded all of NX in VHS and was hoping to replace it with the DVD version. That isn't going to happen.

    If you've never seen the original series, the substitution in music probably won't be as important to you -- but for fans of the series it's a big issue. I can't really say "don't buy it", especially to NX newcomers.

    But something tells me that, in a couple of years, Universal is going to come out with a "special edition" that has the original music...knowing perfectly well that the NX fans, having gritted their teeth and bought the flawed editions, will now buy this new "special edition"....more info
  • Music and Parka's don't matter
    I don't sweat the change in Music or lack of Parka's. The fact is I'm just grateful this show is on DVD. So many other shows still aren't. I'm counting my blessings my family is able to watch and own this show. ...more info
  • Like Comfort Food
    Northern Exposure is one my favorites because it is intellectually interesting and soothing...great comfort. The characters are the best....more info
  • Memories..Pressed between the pages or episodes
    Just got this DVD set and could not be more thrilled, I had read in others reviews many "carping" about the music. I have no such complaints, most of the "missing" music are snippets from folk tunes used in the cut-out to commercial phases and as Chris in the morning would say "Guess what folks... No commercials". This was one of my favorite seasons for NE and I now have 1 through 4 and wait impatiently for season 5 (also a favorite) and even season 6 (the final season Dr Joel goes "native" and is replaced by Dr Capra) This DVD set is definitely worth the money and then some and a must have for all NE fans..... "And Thats The Truth!!"...more info
    RAZORBACK FAN...more info
  • Northern Exposure
    The producers and/or writers of this series went on to create The Sopranos and St, Elsewhere (and previously The Rockford Files). In my experience it is unique and one of the most imaginative series of all time. ...more info
  • Midnight Sun
    I laughed so hard at the episode in this season where Dr. Joel cannot go to sleep because he's hit by the summer fever all Alaskans get. (I've had it for the 3 years we've lived here). It is so realistic, I almost fell out of my chair laughing at him (and myself). This is a great season, and I've only watched 3 episodes so far.
    Seeing Chris's dead friend sing a Bob Seger song while Chris was dressed like Jesus and was sitting at a large table in a club called The Last Supper Club was just too much, too. They've really outdone their Kookiness and ability to portray us Alaskans as we are. Thanks again for a great DVD set. I never saw the series when it had all the music in it, so it doesn't make a bit of difference to me. I'm concentrating more on the dialogue because it is so well written. ...more info
  • Can not wait for all of them to be in my library
    Agreed completely!!! Packaging-shmakaging!!! Price-shmise!!! Who cares? Keep releasing them, "Universal" - true fans will pay whatever... and be happy....more info
  • Keep them coming!
    Hooray! I was wondering about the 4th season; it's good to know they're still coming. I'll buy every single season. I think I'll throw up if I read about someone complaining about the packaging on this one--who cares! As long as the DVDs are being released, don't complain!...more info