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Young employees at shenanigans restaurant collectively stave off boredom & adulthood with their antics. Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 02/05/2008 Starring: Ryan Reynolds Justin Long Run time: 92 minutes Rating: Ur

The bitter, vengeful world of waiting tables gets the Clerks treatment in Waiting.... A new employee (John Francis Daley, Freaks and Geeks) gets trained at Shenanigan's, a banal theme restaurant where the bored employees play a game of flaunting their genitals. The staff includes a snarky waiter (Ryan Reynolds, Van Wilder, The Amityville Horror) who lusts after the underage hostess; a waiter suffering from crippling pee-shyness (Robert Patrick Benedict, Threshold); an oracular dishwasher (Chi McBride, Roll Bounce); and a conflicted waiter named Dean (Justin Long, Dodgeball), who's just been offered a promotion to assistant manager--a job that offers more money, but threatens to trap him at Shenanigan's for the rest of his life. Waiting... is a loose shamble of a movie--the only thing resembling a story is Dean's life crisis--but that's part of its charm. It's a tricky thing to depict tedium without being tedious, but Waiting... pulls it off; some jokes smack of forced sitcom writing, but most of the humor feels genuine, as if it came from writer/director Rob McKittrick's personal experience. A future cult film. Also featuring Anna Faris (Lost in Translation), Luis Guzman (The Limey), and rabidly adored stand-up comic Dane Cook as..a cook. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Yeah! Carpe deez nuts! God I can't wait to quit this job!
    In this movie, Ryan Reynolds plays a character very similar to the character he plays in Van Wilder, only within the confines of a restaurant, rather than a college campus.

    This movie is pretty funny, once you give it a chance. Ryan Reynolds is good in it and his supporting cast is actually pretty solid. Luis Guzman is hilarious, especially when he's describing the different ways to expose yourself to co-workers on the job.

    Although the movie was not quite as good as I was expecting upon my first viewing, I did enjoy it a bit more the second time I watched it with a friend. There is a good cast and some really good moments. It's probably worth watching if you liked Van Wilder - or if you like filthy comedy in general....more info
  • Don't piss off the one that handles your food!!!!
    I have worked in a resturant and these things do go on. This movie is absolutely hilarious!! I sat and laughed all the way through the movie. I am not one for comedies, but this movie is a must see!! I recommend this movie to anyone that has worked in a resturant and wants to see a good laugh!!!!...more info
  • Waiting
    Funny movie with a new outlook to the restaurant business. Makes you think what really goes on in the back....more info
  • good movie but it really makes you think about what really goes on in a resturant kitchen
    I really liked this movie and I would recomend this to any fan of the actors /actresses in the film, but if you watch this be prepared to be grossed out. my best friend actually owns this and after I saw his copy for the 1st time I really began to second guess eating out. ...more info
  • Even better on Blu-ray
    This movie is hilarious! I have borrowed this dvd from my friend over and over again. As soon as found out that it was available on blu ray, I had to add it to my collection. It is just as funny as the first time I saw it and it looks awesome on my 52in LCD!...more info
  • The Waiting Game
    It's hard to believe that "Waiting ..." is billed as a movie. Most movies have, oh, a plot. But who needs a plot when you have penis jokes?

    A shameless excuse to stir together a group of stagnant character archetypes and low-brow one-liners (mostly involving sex), "Waiting ..." has a pretty specific target audience. I guess I wasn't in it. And I'm not sure that those who ARE in that target audience (13 year old males) would (or should) be allowed to watch a film that involves frontal nudity, underaged sex, and the consumption of pubic hairs. If, somehow, a prepubescent male gets his hands on this flick, I can guarantee him a good time.

    God help him, though, if he identifies with any of the characters, none of which seem like anything resembling normal. There's the too-cool-for-school Monty (Ryan Reynolds playing Ryan Reynolds), the stoner bus boys (Milonakis and Kasch, who also perform a moderately amusing music video over the credits), the controlling manager who has made his failure a badge of honor (David Koechner playing David Koechner), and, of course, a cadre of vengeful and horny cooks (Luis Guzman and Dane Cook actually do a pretty good job of embracing their poorly drawn places in the film). Chi McBride (I, Robot) is the pontificating dishwasher, Anna Faris (Scary Movie) is the slightly slutty waitress, and Justin Long (Dodgeball) gives us the closest thing to a story arc with his Dean, a 22 year old who is already suffering a mid-life crisis, God help his whiny soul.

    It's really just another day in the life of a "family" restaurant. This one is named, appropriately, Shenaniganz, and it features, as Moe of the Simpsons would say, "a whole lotta crazy crap on the walls" (including a clever Rube Goldberg-esque contraption designed to pour beer into an empty mug; it's demonstrated after the final credits roll). In-between dealing with rude customers and training a newbie (a mostly mute John Francis Daley), the male members of the staff entertain themselves with a game that involves flashing their genitals at other waiters and winning, in the process, the right to kick the others in the butt. No, I'm not kidding.

    This is the best that first-time director/writer Rob McKittrick could come up with, and although his love of this debut film is obvious on every juvenile frame, it doesn't translate into much more than people being crude and crazy. In a long personal note during the credits, McKittrick thanks one friend for reading over the script and "showing me where the conversations were contrived." Ha ha. The conversations. Right.

    Some critics have compared this movie to others like "Office Space" and "Clerks," but I think that does all of them a disservice. Those other films were trying to break new ground. This one knows its small redundant path and walks it with pride. Those others had witty, snappy dialogue. [...]. Those others had pretty clever plot threads. This one, well, ... did I mention the really cool beer-pouring invention?...more info
  • Pure Genius
    I don't think a more truer or accurate protrait of any particular industry has ever been made. "Waiting..." is EXACTLY what it is like to work in a restaurant. Ryan Reynolds shows why he is the funniest man in Hollywood and Justin Long shows why he is one of the hottest young actors out there today.

    If you want a laugh out-loud comedy, then this movie is for you. With great one-liners and memorable quotes you will be talking about this movie for a long time.

    Buy it Today....more info
  • Awesome Movie for Anyone who has ever worked the Food Industry
    This movie is absolutely hilarious and a must watch for anyone that has ever worked in the food industry, especially in a restaurant. You will find someone in the movie that reminds you of someone you worked with, including the punk-kid bus-boys, the ticked off waitor that gives a bad tip back to the customer, and that annoying girl that flips out about everything. Judging by my experiences watching it with other people, you won't find near as much funny if you have not worked a restaurant....more info
  • Good Movie, But Rent This One (B-)
    I watched this movie on a suggestion from a friend, so that may be the reason I was somewhat disappointed. Sometimes when you go in with a high level of expectations, you get disappointed.

    Overall, I think the movie was a B-. The plot revolves around the life of the staff of a Bennigans-style restaurant, called Shenanigans. Every character has their quirks and back stories. There is no real romance in this one, so if you are get this one hoping for a love story, don't.

    The main issue I had with this movie is that it really does not go any where with the plot. What you basically get is a few days in the lives of the employees at the restaurant.

    The movie felt very much like Can't Hardly Wait (10th Anniversary Edition).

    Overall, it's a decent enough movie, but I would rent versus buy. ...more info
  • Dirty Stuff
    This is more of a character movie, since there is really no plot at all, other than the workers at Shenaniganz(a Benningans type of place) finding ways to expose themselves to each other. You have to like gross out comedy for parts of this film. You will be surprised at how many familar comedy faces you will see. Van Wilder, Scary Movie, Anchorman, Dodgeball, Anger Management to name a few. This wasn't the funniest movie I have ever seen, but it was entertaining enough to keep me watching and it had a few funny lines and situations. This one is worth a watch....more info
  • Funny and bizarre
    This movie is so bizarre but funny in certain ways. Take a chance and rent it, just for laughs. ...more info
  • A Celebration of the Obnoxious
    Obnoxious people doing obnoxious things. There, that's WAITING. Featuring a day in the life of the restaurant Shenanigan's (a fictitious chain based on any number of eateries we all know and love), the viewer is witness to the antics of its screwball staff as they interact with one another--but even more importantly, with the restaurant's unsuspecting patrons. Accordingly we get the typical sophomoric hijinks: From scratching dandruff onto a steak sent back for more cooking, to a nonsensical initiation ritual for new employees. But hey, some of it's funny, some of it's lame--all of it's forgettable.

    An obnoxious film should have an obnoxious cast, and here WAITING doesn't disappoint. Ryan Reynolds as a snooty waiter (who gets the film's best line: "Never [tick] off the people handling your food.") is as good as obnoxious gets. Other cast members include Luiz Guzman, John Francis Daley, Dane Cook, and David Koechner. Come on, that's like the Obnoxious Hall of Fame. Disappointments include Anna Faris, who doesn't get to show off her considerable comedic talents, and Justin Long, who needs to quit with the pity party and grow a pair. And if he did, the cooks in WAITING would no doubt be serving them at the buffet. Bon appetit.
    --D. Mikels, Author, Walk-On...more info
  • WTF
    this movie was more hyped up than it really was. pretty laid back and boring...more info
  • A little fromunda cheese....
    I work in the restaurant business and all i have to say is: Don't F*** with the people that handle your food!!!! lol. ...more info
  • "Waiting" is a great black comedy on hospitality that is so painfully funny.
    The people at Shenanigan's restaurant are an old mix of characters, never making their jobs boring by the amount of shenanigans of their own. The odd mix of characters of waiting makes this such a fun film. It's just not focused upon the three main characters; Monty, Dean and Serena, the background characters have their own personalities and dilemmas, adding so much more story. The development of the characters aren't fully developed, but you can still understand and sympathies to their problems. The characters are clich?d; you have seen a lot of them before; but they are so well placed and interact perfectly; there is realism to them.

    The major point of "Waiting" is the black humor that runs through it. It doesn't work off big set pieces and outlandish situations to make you laugh; the humor organically comes out of the characters from their dialog. A lot of the dialog is perverse, but it never seems out of place. "Waiting" does perfectly reflect the relationship between customer and waiter; well I did. Rob McKittrick unashamedly shows this interaction; the smart-ass customer who always complains, the regulars, and what could go behind the walls when the customers push to hard.

    Ryan Reynolds brings another eccentric performance forward. He had been stuck with that eccentric ego in a lot of movies; but he does it perfectly and does another great job again. Anna Faris had finally lost that ditsy persona and shows a broader range of acting; bringing a great performance. Justin Long does have a puppy dog face a lot of the time, but really comes forward in the more serious moments. All the other actors as the employees all do wonderful performances, making the background character more interesting.

    In many ways this movie can be compared to another successful cult comedy by the name of "Office Space". Both films are about what really happens in a stressful working environment. While "Office Space" and "Waiting" do share similar plots, first time director Rob McKittrick seems to have more of a flare for slacker comedy than Mike Judge.

    This movie can get a tad immature at times, but those who love movies like "The 40-Year Old Virgin" and "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" will absolutely love this picture.
    ...more info
  • Funny And (Sorta) True
    This movie is funny.. but there really isnt a storyline.. its just the day in the life of these diner employees. Thats why it gets 4 stars. It woulda had 5 if it had an actual plot!

    If you have ever worked in a restaurant then youd get a kick out of the movie. Cause some of the stuff is true. lol.. of course the movie takes it to the next level.. but it is 'based on a true story' so to speak. ...more info
  • Too bad I couldn't get a refund for this.
    No plot to speak of. Poorly written and really no story. If your into hearing the F word about every 2 minutes with little to no humor, then this is for you. If you've seen the commercials, then you've seen all of the funny parts.

    They did a good job of advertising this to make you think its funny... its very random and really doesn't follow any point other than to see how many times they can drop the F bomb. Not that there aren't funny movies that use the F bomb, but this one is so random, pointless, and not funny that it makes me wonder if it was written by an ADD pre-teen.

    If you must see it, rent it, you wont want to be out the extra cash for buying it. F-...more info
  • Pretty Funny!
    And Anna Farris is hot!. So check this out!. Makes me think twice about going to a chain Restaurant!...more info
  • Disturbingly funny
    Makes u not want to really go out and eat or get any waiter or the cook mad but i like it didn't think it would be funny but I like it

    Great for DVD collection along with old school, dodge ball, wedding crashers etc........more info
  • This movie is funny and turned out to have a message
    This movie is a feel good movie. There is tons of humor in this movie. I recomend you watch with the opposite sex, maily because some of the jokes are great to lightrn the mood of a date. I realy feel this movie may offend some people but it is still good. I say buy just to add to your collection of movies like american pie or nation lampoons vacations....more info
  • Better than I thought it would be
    I'm as big a fan of the gross out comedy as the next guy, but something about this one seemed like it would stink. With those low expectations, I found myself laughing quite a bit. I've aged a bit past the young man trying to find his place in the world, it still added some weight to an otherwise simple film. Also, when you tuck it back between your legs, it's a fruit bowl, not a donkey. When you then bounce up and down and neigh, then it's a horsey. ...more info
  • "Welcome to Thunderdome B@@@H!"
    I have to admit that at first I did not know what to expect from this film, but as it turns out it was a very pleasant surprise!
    A good comedy, Waiting, brings to the screen the story of the crew manning a family restaurant called Shenanigan's. Things are usually not what they seem at these establishments...
    The acting, the setting, the plot, the dialogues, and the music are all great!
    In short, Waiting is a movie definitely worth watching, as it will surely put you in a good mood! Strongly recommended to those that are working or have worked at restaurants.
    ...more info
  • Classic
    one of my all time favs. this movie never gets old. even better on blu ray....more info
  • One of the most hilarious and right-on comedies in years!
    There was "Clerks," and "Office Space," and now this. While there have been many insider looks into the ironic, satiric, just plain funny twilight zone that is American lower class work/job experiences, few come close to the above mentioned films. While I could relate much more to the clerical-oriented "Office Space," I'd bet this film does for the restaurant industry (and "service sector workers") what "Office Space" did so well for me. But I could relate to this almost as much. It's all just done so surprisingly well.

    While "Office Space" dealt with distinct and very different "work-place" clerical/office environments and characters usually found in both, this movie deals with the food-service industry, especially that within the more seemingly affluent types of establishment culture. Still, despite the expensive looking and seeming quality dining experiences this film's dining business dishes up, like former treatments of this general theme, we eventually learn that perhaps one should eat out less frequently than they do, if ever. And if THEY (those who prepare and deliver your food) dish it up at such rather upscale places like "Shenanigans" in the movie, you may want to see this great film before treating anyone in such a place with anything less than respect and a good tip. From now on!

    There are so many players here that it would be nearly impossible to straighten them all out and comment individually without writing a few thousand words. Throughout however, it really doesn't matter. Virtually every character and the actor or actress playing them, do a first rate job.

    And the script and direction doesn't hurt. While one or two characters stand out, and at times present either comic relief or that of a more serious message about the human corporate working environment and the ever increasing need to always try to get ahead, the entire acting staff give first rate performances. From the smallest part to the majors.

    The script is tight, very tight. There are so many lines, so many situations involving so many different types of people, but while some of the humor may be childish and cheap, everything and everyone is believable in a way and it all works as a whole. Especially for anyone who has ever worked in any office or other consumer serving field. This points to many rewrites, but that's a good thing here, a great thing. As well as the superb direction, fast, furious, and quick-paced, and completely suiting the general ideas here, without drifting too heavily into perhaps more downer, if realistic modes.

    Regardless of this film's seeing almost anything corporate, low-paying job-wise as existing in some bizzaro world (which it actually does), despite some excessive misdirections and plot diversions, anyone who's ever held such a job in any way close to what this film constantly and cleverly shows, will find a lot of value here. Anyone actually who has ever held any kind of struggling, office or "service" job, should love this.

    While the film rarely takes a breath from the continual bombardment of jokes, hit and miss, but mostly hit, throughout, and has only as a side story a more slightly more serious take on one of the employees and his own personal existential angst, even this aspect fits in beautifully, and with the film's fast onslaught of funny tidbits everywhere, even more serious turns only compliment the loads of humor to be found here.

    There are plots and subplots all along the way, and all interesting, some of them seeming to even demand whole films of their own. For anyone who has seen this and liked "Office Space" and/or "Clerks," and liked this, or loved it as I did and do, this is a most definite buy, as it moves so fast with so many subtle lines and situations and interractions, that it demands repeated viewings to collectors with the money to add truly a special and totally unique modern workplace "screwball" comedy to their permanent DVD collection of totally cool flicks.

    I only started watching this film without much expectations, on cable on demand, simply from the brief description of what the movie was supposedly about. Amazingly, I watched it through without hardly a break or pause, and never ever reached for the fast forward button. This is a really funny and at the same time, fairly deep comment on "working-class" America in a dining establishment, and while a lot of it seems a bit stretched as to believability, most of it does not, and for me, I'll forever think twice before ever eating out at a seemingly upscale such place. Let alone one of the fast food outlets.

    A real instant working-class comedy classic, and great comedy in general....more info
    This is a waste of time and money. It is not funny and not entertaining so don't bother to buy or even rent this....more info
  • A New Cult Classic, Cooked To Your Liking
    If you've ever worked in a restaurant, even for a brief period, you will appreciate this movie. If you have never stepped foot in a kitchen or put on an apron and waited tables, you really need to take a look at the way things are. "Waiting" delivers an excellent portrayal of what it is to be a restaurant worker. As someone who has spent six years of his life in restaurants, I can tell you first hand that this movie hits the nail on the head. From the toilet humor of the back-of-the-house to the intolerable demands of waiting on needy people, newcomer Rob McKittrick covers every aspect of the job. Coupled with an outstanding cast and enough jokes to fill a healthy appetite, "Waiting" is possibly the most underrated (but soon to be classic) comedy of the new millennium.

    Now, if you haven't worked in a restaurant, I should warn: you really won't find this movie that funny. And on that note, I don't find this to be the funniest movie ever. Where I got my satisfaction was in the story and how real the characters and situations are. "Waiting" is as true to life as a restaurant can be, even with some characters that seem truly absurd. The restaurant itself, "ShenaniganZ" bears a striking resemblance to chain restaurants in the vein of Applebees (and no, it's not the same restaurant from "Super Troopers") and is a character all itself. As authentic as it could possibly be, right down to the cheesy nostalgia pieces on the wall. The cast is a varied and brilliant one, with Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris taking the reigns, among Justin Long, Luis Guzman, comedian Dane Cook, a pre-fame Andy Milonakis, and Jordan Ladd, among others. All are spot on in their roles, and I swear, all of these characters are true to life, right down the gang-banging busboys.

    The movie could be compared to other on-the-job classics like "Clerks" and "Office Space" and it definitely deserves it's rank among them. "Waiting" is the only movie I've seen that entirely revolves around restaurant work and it is pretty spot on. Don't be fooled: This isn't a "teen movie" or just a "potty humor" movie. No, it goes far beyond such gimmicks. "Waiting" is simply a movie for those unfortunate enough to get trapped in the restaurant world. From the good times to the downright awful, this movie is so good that it hurts....more info
  • The ads made it look terrible,but it's actually pretty good.
    Waiting is basically a day in the life of a group of workers at an Appellebees type restaurant.There is no story,but that's kinda the point.The star of this feature is Ryan Reynolds.Well let's be honest does anything really star Ryan Reynolds.Put it this way he has the most dialogue.Reynolds plays a hip cool waiter and his routine gets old about half way through the picture.He's like a cross between a young Chevy Chase and Val Kilmer,sorta funny but kinda creepy at the same time,especially while hitting on the underage hostess(yeah, our hero). The real laughs come from two other castmembers.Luis Guzman does a good job as a degenerate cook who comes up with "The Game" that is played by most of the males at the resturant.This sport is the funniest thing in the movie,but it is rather filthy and decorum prohibits me from explaining it here.I was most impressed by Alanna Ubach who plays a bitter,foul mouthed burnt-out waitress(I thought only cops and bomb squad members got burnt-out,but I didn't write it so don't blame me).She steals every scene she speaks in and some where she doesn't.She is a gifted actress with excellent timing who rises above the rather thin script and competent directing.In truth the directing is actually pretty good.In fact there is a very nice long shot in the second half of the movie with most of the cast handing off to each other,proving somebody knew what they were doing.I'm not saying its Henry taking Karen to the Copa in Goodfellas or anything,but it is kinda cool. There are a good amount of chuckles in this movie,and a couple of belly laughs.So if you like your comedy full of references to your naughty bits and bodily functions I think you will like this picture if not then keep on searching weary traveler,keep on searching. ...more info
  • Please enter a title for your review
    It would take a strong script to not be overshadowed by such a diverse cast of distinctive actors, and this movie doesn't have it. That's not a terrible thing though, it's still a fun watch, just more memorable for the cast than the script which doesn't seem to have much of a story or many truly distinctive lines or moments. It's a day-in-the-life type thing with sloppy structure/editing where all attempts at character development seem to be immediately abandoned. In one scene Reynolds' lack of sexual prowess is dramatically revealed, the movie then just continues as if it never happened, he's still the cool guy, so what was the point of the scene? They should have either developed the characters more fully and made it stick, or just made them completely one-dimensional. The indecisive jabs at character development were the most annoying thing. The movie's still good for a few laughs though. I think the content is generally more comparable to Meatballs than Clerks or Office Space. ...more info
  • Great funny film. Explores all of the issues we fear occuring at restaurants, so be nice to your Wait staff
    I can't stop laughing anytime i think of this film. I always had thought about these things occurring at restaurants, and this film take everything I thought of and more and roll it into a funny film. I know many a friend that have worked at some point in a restaurant, and yes they told stories, but its much funnier on the big screen. Ryan Reynolds is a killer in this role, and Justin Long fits his role as well. Just a great funny movie, must own for comedy fans. Up their with Office space in my book as far as funny work place movies. Check this movieout...and One kick for looking at this review...at least it was just a review and not a batwing, or a hamburger if you get my drift....more info
  • Another in a Long Line of Tenn Comedies...
    Most reviewers have it right when they recommend this movie for anyone who enjoyed Van Wilder and that genre of movie. If you want to turn your brain off for over an hour and laugh at gross-out comedy and twenty-somethings complaining about their lives (while at the same time enjoying their lives thoroughly because of excessive amounts of alcohol and late night parties), then you will enjoy this tongue-in-cheek movie. Although the storyline is one that is used over and over and over again - in this instance, a guy graduating from college who is working at a restaurant sees someone he went to school with who is much more successful than he is, causing him to question his job at the TGI Friday's type restaurant and in turn his life path - the movie puts together a new spin on some often tired jokes. More than anything, the movie reminds all of us that you should never ever insult or piss off the people who handle your food. Who knows what they'll do to it....more info
  • Boring - Not worth the time
    With the film Waiting, I thought I had ordered a humorous and raunchy farce. Instead, I was served an assortment of shallow, uninteresting one-note characters prepared with a tasteless glaze of sarcasm and covered in a mound of genitalia references.

    This supposed comedy was dull, dreary and, worst of all, not funny.

    Otherwise talented actors, Anna Faris, David Koetchner and Wendie Malick, are wasted in thin characters with nothing funny to say. Luis Guzman is the only one able to generate any laughs.

    Some compare the film to Clerks. The only real comparison is that the writer of Waiting seems to have lifted the character of Jay from Clerks and split him into the two busboy characters who attempt a pale imitation of Jason Mewes.

    If you feel you must watch a movie that spoofs the banal and corporate theme restaurants, watch Jennifer Aniston's scenes from Office Space. You'll laugh a lot more and save yourself over an hour's worth of time....more info
  • When will Ryan Reynolds stop playing the same character?
    At Shenanigan's, dont mess with the people who serve you food. John Francis Daley (Freeks and Geeks) has just been employeed to the place and he starts to meet the crazy crew that works there. There's, of course, Ryan Reynolds (Blade: Trinity, Just Friends), Anna Farris (Scary Movies, Lover's Lane), a sometimes funny Luis Guzman (Boogie Nights, Magnolia), a funny Chi McBride (Boston Public, NARC), the annoying Justin Long (Jeepers Creepers, Dodgeball), Kaitlyn Doubleday (Home of Phobia, Cold Case), the annoying Andy Milonakis (Andy Milonakis Show), the always reliable Dane Cook (London, Stuck On You), David Koechner (Dukes of Hazzard, Anchorman),a crazy Alanna Ubach (Legally Blonde, Johns), Skyler Stone (Comedy Central's Con), Emmanuelle Chriqui (In The Mix, Wrong Turn), Vanessa Lengies (American Drea,s, Perfect Man), Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) and Robert Patrick Benedict (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Tequila Body Shots). The Comedy is shattershot, the gross out factor is just plan dumb and Reynolds needs to stop playing the same character over and over again...gets tedious after awhile. ...more info
  • what great memories.....hahahahaha
    chasing someone down for not paying or giving him/her back a ridiculous tip, stingy tippers, foriengers, counting down the last ten minutes, b@*#$ing your head off then turning the corner to greet your table with a smile, employees hooking up....and so on and so on. The movie hits the spot for those who have worked in the service industry such as myself, I worked 4yrs in restaurants through my college days and have quite a few stories of my own. Though the movie was a little over the top (we never messed with food that way, though there were times I wish i could have), and it wasn't as funny as i was expecting it to be, but it was sentimental and has many wonderful one liners...."welcome to the thunderdome, B!#*$!." Worthy of my dvd collection =)...more info
  • Surprisingly good and very funny
    After watching the first few scenes of Waiting..., the movie's feature quote comes to mind. Never, ever, mess with the people who prepare your food. Ryan Reynolds plays Monty; a smart mouthed waiter at a chain restaurantwhp provides many of the best quips you'll hear in the film. Along for the ride is his best bud Dean (Justin Long, the Mac from the Apple and PC commercials, and soon to be seen in Live Free or Die Hard), former flame Serena (Anna Faris); and plenty of other loose cannons and jokers who all hate their job equally. There's not much of a story, and what there is of it is nothing we haven't seen before, but Waiting's unabashed ludeness and hilarious gags (flashing each other their genitals may sound like it'll get tiring, but it only gets funnier) make it worth seeing for alone. The cast, including Luis Guzman, Chi McBride, David Koechner, and the frequently annoying Andy Milonakis; are very funny, and Reynolds in particular is hysterical. All in all, Waiting... may not be anything we've seen or heard before, but it's a surprisingly good and very funny slob comedy that should be checked out at the very least....more info
  • Entertaining enough.
    This film is entertaining enough as a popcorn movie. The plot and story are basic and the comedy is crude and obvious. It is funny for what it is but certainly not one of Ryan Reynolds best....more info
  • A$$h*le! Shenanigan's!
    So, I get to work both sides of the street; reviewing something I know something about. Hanging out with the staff in the restaurants.

    And I can honestly say, yup, that's pretty much restaurant folk down to a tee.

    You've got your insecure guy who's never seen with a girl and who all the new girls learn right away to manipualte.

    You've got your prankster who's fooled the boss into thinking he's a great employee so he gets to train all the new people, making them little clones of himself. He's also worked his way through most of the girls on staff.

    The foul mouthed, always angry girl who gets down right scaring from time to time...and yet always is pretty dang funny.

    The strung out busboys, the jerk-off cooks, really the only thing I've been missing out on is the game. That'd been great.

    Here's the thing, 90% of the stuff in this movie happens in restaurants all the time. While I encourage you to continue to go out to eat (as it's how I make my livlihood), I also encourage you to remember the age old axims "Treat others as you would want to be treated", and "Ignorance is bliss"! ...more info
  • Light On Plot, Heavy on The Funny
    I think, to fully appreciate the hilarious plight of these characters, you had to have worked at either a diner or fast food place at one time in your life. Otherwise, it might be a bit hard to cheer for these guys as they do disgusting--yet always side-splittingly funny--things to the food of the rude customers. This movie manages to show the bizarre comradery, rivalry, and hilarity that happens in places such as these, exaggerating just enough on certain aspects to make the movie hilarious.

    While there's enough comedy to make the back of your throat hurt from laughing, there isn't much of a plot to be spoken of. In any other case, I'd be disappointed, but this movie actually seems as if it would be better with no over-arching plot. The characters themselves all develop a little by the end of this movie, true, and one of the characters even takes a hilarious stand, but other than that, the movie is simply a really, really funny look into the day in the life of some really weird employees at a not-so-weird diner.

    9/10...more info
  • Loved it!

    This movie got off to a really slow start, and I almost turned it off. Almost. Curiosity kept me watching, and I'm glad it did. I was told this was a good movie, but that it would change the way I view dining out in restaurants like TGI Friday's, Ruby Tuesday and the like. I didn't let that stop me though!

    What I shouldn't have done, however, is sit down to watch this movie only hours after going out to Friday's for lunch. All through the movie I kept going over our experience in my head trying to remember if I noticed any of the behaviors that were portrayed in this movie. Thankfully, I didn't, and we are always nice to our servers, and tip pretty well! I've seen and heard of things being done behind the scenes in restaurants to people's food, and I can only hope that that sort of thing is strictly reserved for those customers who deserve it...

    I loved the story, if you can call it that, and I really like this style of movie. I recommend it to anyone who likes movies about nothing, but that are actually about something, but that you don't have to take too seriously! Aside from being forced to replay my most recent dining experience, I didn't have to think at all while I watched this movie. That's always a plus!

    Also, I loved the ending for this movie! I only just rented this, but now I think I'm going to have to buy it...
    ...more info
  • it's a trip
    having worked at restaurants back in the day this film brought back some memorys at how some folks you work with can trip you out. this film has alot of laughs&will make you look all crazy at your plate the next time you go out for dinner.the Dishwasher is always the Smartest Person it always seems&has the best advice it always seems.this film does bring back some past experiences.it has some hit&Miss elements in it,but overall it's a pretty good film....more info
  • It's okay, more Dane Cook please!
    This was an OK comedy. It could have been way better seeing as it had the benifit of comedic genius Dane Cook and the minds that brought us Van Wilder. If you have worked at a restaurant like Fridays or Applebees, it would probably be funnier, but it missed a mark and leaves the watcher unfulfilled. It'll pass teh time though. I suggest you rent this one....more info
  • not so funny but still...
    ... worths it!!

    i didnt laugh as har as i did with "JUST FRIENDS" but it had some few good scenes ;)

    so watch it if you have not...

    you may find your closest bar or restaurant very friendly ;) lol...more info
  • Gross!
    Get a life reviewers! This film is gross, it's grossly funny. FAF, I like to say. Side splitting and the screenplay is acted well by Reynolds and supporting cast. Truth is funny. This film is, in short, truthfully funny. Watch and laugh. Don't assess like you're sitting in Starbucks, leaning back on lice ridden plush furniture, drinking a $7 cup of coffee, while really only holding it to look cool, tucking your legs under your fat stomach, while watching everyone around you thinking that they are thinking how cool you are........more info
  • Waiting
    I thought it was hilarious, but a little gross. If you have ever worked in a resteraunt it is golden....more info
  • Whippets anyone??
    Best scene in the movie! Um...I've been guilty of wasting a few cans in my day. Also the cooks watching the clock countdown and that friggin' table walks in 2 mins before closing!! I've felt that pain too many times as well!! If you've never worked in foodservice you probaly won't get it, but if you toiled in the front of the house, or sweated your ass off behind the line, you'll love it! ...more info
  • Worth the "Wait"
    I originally caught bits and pieces of this on Comedy Central a few months back. Because I wasn't watching it straight, it was hard to follow but what I had seen was funny.

    So I saw it on here for really cheap and was using up some credit so I decided to buy it. I have to say that once you get into the story it's even funnier. Some of the humor is a bit crude, some of it is gross, but you can easily identify with the characters that are played by some of today's most recognizable comic actors.

    Great movie to watch with a group of friends!

    For more of my opinions on movies, Google: Yank Lime Pie!...more info
  • Funny Movie That Will Leave You Amused.
    Ok, if you are looking for an intellectual movie to impress the new girl your dating this isnt it. If you want a feel good movie that will make you giggle this is it. The characters are very realistic having known people who acted exactly the same way. The story is not very developed, its really a character driven movie with a great cast. I thought all the acting was great but being a fan of Andy Milanokis I was a bit dissapointed. His role in the movie was weak and he wasnt funny. I definetly recommend this movie and it has a lot of good bonus features on the DVD too....more info
  • Grow up!
    Let's be honest here. This is your typical immature teen movie. The "grossness" of this film didn't bother me but rather the immaturity and trite humor that seems to be apparent in every one of these "teen movies"...It's as if they give middle schoolers the task of writing the scripts. It's just annoying beyond belief. I'll admit the only reason I actually decided to watch this movie and rated it 2 stars was because Dane Cook was in. I figured, being a huge fan of his comedy, that this one might actually make me laugh..WRONG. He barely had any parts, and those were the only parts that were funny. But they were few and far between. I also want to note how cheesy Ryan Renyolds charcatar was..I cant quite pin if it was his acting or what, but it was painful to watch. I hope the adults who enjoy this grow up and quit laughing at "wee wee" jokes....more info
  • Formulaic stinker
    Predictable, cheap. Blatant over-the-top jokes. If you loved Meatballs 3, you'll like Waiting.
    ...more info
  • Why this movie is good...
    I Swear, people think some of these events are surreal or unbelieveable. I worked a restaurant for almost 2 years. We had the power trippy manager (well, more like 4) and the kitchy looking floor. We also had the characters left and right that make this movie what it is. We had our own version of the penis showing game, albeit more tame. We had times where we'd rag on the customers behind their back...Nothing we did had to do with manipulating food, because we had an open kitchen, and we werent that mean spirited. We had a back area where 90% of the employees smoked and took breaks. It was sort of eerie how good their realism was here. I saw this film with about 10 coworkers right after work, and we all screamed and talked back to the movie with feverish intensity. It was a time I doubt I will ever forget.
    The story centers around a group of servers who work at "Shenaniganz" an Applebees type chain in the southern united states. They're all in or have just finished college and they all in one way or another hate their job. From the horny cook to the sexually frustrated underage hostess, we get a glimpse at the comradery and comedy that abounds at a restaurant job. Ryan Reynolds plays the ring leader, and is supported well by Anna Ferris and some talented unknowns. Andy Milonakis is surprisingly funny as a diminutive teenaged "wigger." There like stated in other reviews really is no story but this has a more documentary feel in some ways...mockumentary if you will, even if that isn't what the filmmakers intended. The only thing about this movie I didn't like and i'm sure I'll get a few jabs for this, is the casting of comedian Dane Cook in a small role, that still shows people that he is obnoxious, unfunny, and IMHO someone I can barely stand to look at. It isn't until the end when he gets chastized by the newest employee that I feel he is given a proper send off. The film grossed a modest 16 million, but was only in theaters for a limited time, somewhere around 2 weeks. Budgeted at a shoestring 3 million dollars, and picked up by LionsGate after being shelved for an entire year, this was a critical flop, that resonated with workers all around the country, and has become a bit of a cult classic. I visit this film with memories in my heart and laughs in my belly. A really good time, and even more fun to talk back to, this is right up your alley if your sick of all the Scary Date Movies that have been coming out lately...Enjoy!!
    ...more info
  • this movie is hilarious
    this is a really funny movie. although the guy from the mac commercials is a tool, but he is the lame dude in all the funny movies lately, he sucks, but the rest of the movie sucks. oh yeah and dane cook blows too, i wouldnt of known he was the cook if my brother didnt tell me. but besides those two cakes, the movie is really funny worth buying a cheap copy of on amazon fo shizzle...more info
  • Another underated comedy from Ryan Reynolds
    This movie is to restaurant workers as Super Troopers was to cops. A very funny movie. Much love to the goat!...more info
  • Every resturant caught on film
    This film, funny with a very thin plot line, reminds us of every place we have gone out to eat at or even worked at that we have ALL been at that position of life. The actors virtually portray every person we encounter at every resturant with accuracy. I love this film,....not just for the sophmoric-toilet-grade humor,...but for the sheer reminder that I, who works in resturant businesses, should know that it is best to leave a generous tip and not aggrivate the person who is cooking your food for a little floor spice makes everything taste right....more info
  • Good for laughs.
    I sat down to watch this movie with friends a few months ago and only made it through the first 30 minutes before I fell asleep. It was not the movie's fault, I was grossly sleep deprived at the time. It is hard to imagine that I was able to fall asleep considering how hard I laughed through the first 30 minutes. All I can say for sure is that I had to see the rest if the beginning was that funny.

    I've now seen the entire movie and it was funny. I laughed hard and often. I don't recommend the movie to you if you fell in with those who criticized Napoleon Dynamite for its lack of plot. You would be similarly disappointed with Waiting. Sure there is a moral dilemma in which one waiter is entrenched, but the rest of the movie is just about daily shenanigans of a few angsty employees of the food industry.

    If you are naive enough to believe that restaurant dining is 100% clean and healthy, you may want to avoid seeing Waiting as it is an over-the-top portrayal of how sometimes a disgruntled server and/or cook will take a few inappopriate measures to get even with an annoying customer.

    Ryan Reynolds gives a solid performance that, while not his best, goes to great strides to typecast him as the nearly past his prime big man on campus; a part he played perfectly in Van Wilder.

    This will never be listed in the annals of great comedies, but it certainly was good for a few laughs. I am glad I finally got around to seeing the whole thing.
    ...more info
  • Needs more extras
    The blu-ray did not offer any more extras then the original. The movie is still great though....more info
  • The Restaurant Life on the Nose!
    Although most of you will notice that there really is no plot to this movie most of you will find that dull...but who says you need a plot when obviously the point of this movie is to get you to think twice about how you treat your waiter/waitress when they handle your food. This is very true as I would know first hand as I use to work in the food industry, "Don't F@$# with people who handle your food".

    So I'm just going to keep this simple for you. They do a GREAT job of portraying the restaurant life with the witty and divers characters, the great male genitalia flashing game(although thank God I have never personally ran into this game I have encountered many others), and of course the bees with an itch of customers. So all in all good movie to just sit back and have a laugh....more info
  • awsome
    this movie is like holariouse i dont know why i never watched it before and since i work in a restaurant now i have some pointers lol...more info
  • great movie.
    this is a great movie. very funny. if you like van wilder you will love this. dont mess with the people that perpare your food........more info
  • A Smorgasbord Of Tales Crammed Into A Restaurant
    "Waiting" kept me waiting for a long time. I kept waiting for it to become something more than just another second-rate comedy attempting to play to young adults. It has a decent cast, with a few notable exceptions. Justin Long, Anna Faris, Alanna Ubach and John Francis Daley are all fun to watch here. Daley nearly steals the show with his "new guy" persona, Mitch. Long is torn between becoming something special or just sticking it out at the local eatery. Faris redeems herself from the "Scary Movie" franchise and Ubach, though she has very little to work with here, does the best she can with her tired, overworked and slightly psychotic character.

    Those were the good characters. The bad ones are what make this flick almost unbearable at times. Ryan Reynolds plays Ryan Reynolds playing Ryan Reynolds. Give his character Monty a gun and partner him with Wesley Snipes and you have his character from "Blade Trinity." Slap a slab of pizza in his hand and you have the character he played in that "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Parlor." Drop him into your local university and sidle him up to Kumar and you have "Van Wilder." Reynolds was pretty funny the first couple of times I've seen him pull off this gig, but he's really starting to wear thin. I haven't seen him in "Amityville Horror" yet, so hopefully he does a better job in that. Another annoying character was that of David Koechner's Dan, who is, much like Reynolds, basically the same character that he plays in all of his other films. The worst in the bunch was the completely unfunny Andy Milonakis. Whoever thought that this dude is funny should be dragged into the street and shot. Milonakis is absolutely not funny, and his little video at the end is hideous.

    So why give this flick three stars? For the simple fact that Long and Daley manage to hold their respective stories together long enough to make this film remotely interesting. You can actually relate to Long's character who is desperate to break free of his monotonous life, and you can feel for Daley as he tries to make it through "first day jitters."

    In all, I wouldn't recommend this flick to folks who enjoy their humor with a little depth to it. If you thought "Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle" was the funniest thing in the world, breathe through your nose long enough to rent this mildly funny flick....more info
  • I'm Waiting and Waiting and Still Waiting To Laugh
    I knew what I was getting into when I sat down to an evening with "Waiting." I knew it was from the school of moronic, gross out humor. But a friend passed the DVD on to me, so with respect, I emptied my head and put it on. I expected some sophomore pranks, some groaning one liners, and maybe a few chuckles--but I was completely blindsided by a mind-numbing boredom that set it from this film.

    The setup was cute enough and the cast seemed appealing. "Shenanigans" is a great name for the establishment--and there is certainly plenty of humorous material in the corporate world of restaurant flair (already impeccably handled in "Office Space"). But any hopes of a sly satire or a witty commentary on that world were soon abandoned. In fact, go watch "Office Space" again! The few brief moments in that film set in a similarly themed restaurant are funnier and have more to say than all 90 minutes of "Waiting."

    So, as we are introduced to everyone through he eyes of a new employee played by a likable John Francis Daley I still had some hope. But then we are introduced to "The Game," a sophomoric exercise where employees flash their privates. It was enough to make me smile, ONCE. But they beat this not-so-stellar joke to death almost immediately and proceeded to batter and kick and mutilate its unfunny carcass for the rest of the movie. I'm not kidding, eliminate this one clunker of an ongoing joke and "Waiting" probably would have been about 22 minutes! Now that would have been a real treat!

    There is one scene near the end of the film when Daley blows up that I enjoyed. But one scene and a promising but unfufilled setup--do not make up for the other 89 minutes I was waiting and waiting and waiting to laugh. Let me make this perfectly clear--in no way was I offended by the content of this film--I'm only bothered by it's incapacity to engage me in any humorous way. KGHarris, 10/06....more info
  • Funny as hell..
    this movie is hilarious. i thought it was funny as hell. it was kind of disgusting. but funny. I really can't say more than what i did. see the movie man....more info
  • Please tip your waitress
    This movie is classic. What a perfect and stereotypical portrayal of servers in large cities. There's a chain restaurant near me which is a perfect match for this movie. Kids working in any food service job play games, and it's fun while you do it and you're young. Then you grow up and think twice about complaing to your waiter.

    Watch this movie if you've ever worked in the food service industry and had to quit because it wasn't very fun. You'll realize that any job can become a really good laugh, as long as you don't let your boss in on it!...more info
  • Great Film (with the exception of Ryan Reynolds)
    You really have to be in the Restaurant Business to truly appreciate this film.

    BTW Ryan Reynolds is a terrible actor and stinks up every movie set he walks onto....more info
  • Whatever You Do, Be Careful In Waiting For The "Cook's Special" Here...
    About one day in the life of a family-style restaurant, it's employees, and the horrors that happen within the kitchen to those that may or may not deserve it, I found this movie entertaining and like how the filmmakers said in the documentary, alot like Clerks, yet not nearly as clever. Ryan Reynolds plays the exact same character he's played in Van Wilder (and others) here and he's got it down to a sarcastic science. Apple computer lackey Justin Long does surprisngly well here too as the "hero" of the story who realizes this day that his life is slowly wasted there. Alot of other familiar faces spring up here too, and for the gross-out scenes, yes they will teach you not to anger your waiter until AFTER you've eaten. Mildly amusing while not a total gut-buster, gets a whole point for the plentiful bonus features and very inventive menus.
    (RedSabbath Rating:8.0/10)...more info
    It is always a good feeling to watch a movie that you think is not going to be that good and getting more than you bargained for! This movie is pretty damn funny and I laughed out loud many times watching it. Not much plot,just low brow humor at it's best! The DVD has a great transfer and some funny extras....more info
  • Waiting....good movie, great laughs
    If you've ever worked in the restaurant industry you will definately appreciate this film. Take a day in the life of a restaurant(Shinanigans, and if there is no Shinanigans where you are just imagine that its an 'Applebees', 'TGI Fridays' or even 'The 99') and all all its employees, including cooks, waitstaff, management, busboys and how they relate to one another. Whether it be personal or dealing with each other according to the company politic Including promotion, employee to employee relations. Training Videos, rude customers, cheap customers..and employee retribution including the cardinal rule--Don't mess with the people that handle your food. This movie does for restaurant life like 'Clerks' did for conveniance store life. The characters are colorful, the situations outrageous sometimes crude and disgusting, it almost makes you never want to eat out again.

    Ryan Renolds stars in this with Anna Faris, and Justin Long. There are many other supporters in this that are just as funny. Although I liked this film, I feel Renolds is limited with his talents. I felt watching him in this film was like this; Ryan Renolds plays Van Wilder, plays Monty-the character in Waiting. Anna Faris I feel is just a supporter even though shes pictured on the cover of the movie. Luis Guzman is hysterically funny with the new trainee in this film, telling him of the never ending battle for all the male employees to expose themselves to one another. Crude humor at its best.

    Bottom Line........Hilarious, even more so if you work at a restaurant....more info
  • Things you don't want to know about your waiter!
    This is one of those pointless, day-in-the-life-of-a type of movies, and while it does offer some big laughs, it lacks a heart. Raunchy comedy was done much better in "The Wedding Crashers" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin". But analyzing this film on its own merits...

    Ryan Reynolds has the perfect face of a snarky jock-type frat boy who's just enjoying life as he works as the top dog waiter at Shenanigans (a not-too-subtle jab at the actual Bennigans). His facial reactions, dead-on Forrest Gump impersonation, and comments make this film better than it is. I haven't seen Van Wilder except for the trailer, so it looks like he's playing a similar role. He better watch out for his career choices, because he could easily get stuck playing the same "big man on campus frat boy jock" for the remainder of his career.

    The rest of the actors are cardboard cut-outs. There's a waitress with anger management problems; a flirty underage waitress who loves to come on to older men and get them into trouble; comedian Dane Cook plays...get this: a cook! The restaurant manager is a balding middle age man with no friends to speak of so he tries to get socially involved with his much younger employees. I actually thought that was true to life, as several managers of restaurants I've worked in certainly fit that stereotype.

    My favorite scenes were ones with the two white, dishwashing bus boys who act more like rapping b-boys. One of them, T-dog, even has his hair in cornrows. They are often found rapping and throwing insults like a rap star. The rap played during the end credits is hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. The lyrics are downright funny, even if a bit misogynistic, but who cares?

    What I love most about this film are the jabs at various customer types who are extremely picky about the way their food is prepared (if a person is that anal retentive about their food, they should never eat in a restaurant), those who don't leave big tips, those who overtip, and the various ways waiters and waitresses flirt with customers in order to garner a large tip. While I'm certain that servers at restaurant deal with difficult customers through the passive-aggressive practice of messing with one's food, I thought those scenes went too far for my taste. If anything, it serves as a warning to difficult customers, but I certainly hope that no waiter/cook would ever do that to a polite/considerate customer. It's the most unethical thing one can do to deal with a difficult customer.

    What killed the film for me was the stupid game they play. While I'm sure it happens in any industry with immature men who think such things are funny, I just thought they wrapped the whole film around it, taking away from the things they could've and should've shown. However, to the filmmakers credit, the end scene is brilliant and some of the funniest I've seen. Still...I subtract a star for making that game the running gag throughout the film.

    This is okay to see once, but not to own or ever see again. For raunchy good fun, I'll stick with "The Wedding Crashers" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin"...two movies that deliver even bigger and better laughs and a more interesting storyline to match....more info
  • If you like comedies, then get this movie!....
    Oh man, I haven't laughed this hard in a while...!
    I myself workin in a similar situation...know EXACTLY what they are talkin about ! I worked at the Big Toy Store Chain- yeah you know which one...
    Anyways, everything is on the money here!
    From the manager trying to be cool with you, to the new young chicks, to the old angry chick smokin all the time, to the wannabe homies, and and on and on....
    I even matched the characters to someone I knew from my old work place!
    yeah cause I was so cool I got fired! so what!
    buy this movie NOW!...more info
  • Yes, and No.....
    The Furlo guy was right and wrong. This movie is what is is, caveman humor, but very, very funny. That's where he is wrong. You know what you'll be getting in this movie, which is hard laughs at mean people. We have them in Zurich, too.

    Furlo is, however, quite correct in what he said about J. Galloway's book: "Fine Dining Madness, the rules and realities of fine dining." That is that it's the funniest book in at least the last decade, and I too, hurt from laughing while reading it. ...more info
  • very funny, if you like goofy comedys
    this is a great movie. Stupid/funny. But in a good way! Makes you think twice about complaining at a restaraunt!...more info
  • Damn Funny Movie!!
    This one is well worth a look. It made me laugh til I cried.

    If you like ridiculous comedy movies, watch this one. It's out there, and good because of it.

    Highly reccomended if you liked Harold & Kumar or Supertroopers, for example....more info
  • Waiting...
    this movie has me laughing the whole time I've seen it 5 times already, a must have for anyone who ever eats out....more info
  • If you LOVE Dane Cook - avoid this.
    I LOVE DANE COOK and I'd like to keep it that way. Unfortunately I watched this movie and it kinda ruined it a little bit for me but he's redeemed himself many times over!!! Not a great flick. See Employee of the Month, Vicious Circle or Tourgasm instead!...more info
  • Better than I was expecting
    Waiting was a pleasant surprise.

    It's certainly filled with crude humor, but it manages to be funny anyhow. My first job was in a restaurant much like Shenaniganz and perhaps that's why I found the movie so worth watching.

    The game the employees play is over the top, but a lot of the rest of the stuff portrayed goes on. If you're a rude anus of a customer, don't think for a second that the wait staff and cooks won't mess with your food - they will. It pays to be polite and tip well, especially if you are a regular.

    Chi McBride's character as the dishwasher who also dispenses free psychological advice was great, and I thought Luis Guzman did a great job as Raddimus.

    All in all, based on personal experience, the movie wasn't that far off of what really does happen behind the scenes in a typical Golden Corral or Ryan's Steak House. Sure, the characters are over the top, but they are based on people just like some I've known.

    If you're offended by frontal male and female nudity or crass sex jokes you won't want to see this movie....more info
  • A scream
    If you're looking for thoroughly juvenile, filthy humor, look no further. This movie is a delightful guilty pleasure. It almost makes ya want to flash yer buddies the goat!!!...more info
  • A few good laughs
    I love Van Wilder, but this is not one I see myself revisiting. There are a few good laughs, but nothing to make me want to go back and rewatch it. If I happen to a catch it on TV I won't watch it again. This story centers around a restaurant names "Shenannigans", I'm surprised Hannigans or Bennigans didn't sue them considering what is done to the customers food. Actually maybe they did and I didn't hear about it. Teenagers may find this very amusing, until they grow up and someone does it to their food. I was once a Maitre D' so when I caught a bus boy spitting in the potato salad, the rest the staff didn't think it was funny and he was immediately fired.

    You can say chill, it's a comedy, or whatever you like, the bottom line is people do this in real life and "IT AIN"T FUNNY!!!!!!!". So that said, if you find it gross to show people putting hair, spit, and other things from the body in food, you may want to stay clear of this one. Anyone that thinks this is cool should probably be seeing a psychiatrist. Anyone that needs to get back at people by messing with their food has a problem. The only other thing it covers is guys showing their genitalia off so they can kick someone else in the butt in a game of "how orignal can I be at showing them and naming that method". Fair DVD quality and no replayability....more info