TRENDnet Wireless Advanced Pan/Tilt Internet Camera Server
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Product Description

The IP wireless camera is a standalone device that lets you record video on a computer hard drive or view it remotely using a Web browser. The IP Camera has a powerful CMOS sensor that delivers clear and crisp images and with the IP View software you can enable motion detection to automatic start recording, or alert you via email. Users can remotely pan/tilt the camera in almost any direction, scanning sensitive locations for unauthorized intrusions. Having the TV-IP400W gives you security and piece of mind. Wireless Supports WEP 64/128-bit Encryption (ASCII & HEX) 10/100Mbps Ethernet, Auto-Sensing Protocol - HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, BOOTP, RARP, DHCP, PPPoE, DDNS, UpnP CPU - RDC R2880, Ram - 8MB/2MB, OS - RTOS Frame Rate - 30fps@QCIF, 25fps@CIF, 10fps@VGA Resolution - 160 x 120, 320 x 240, 640 x 480 Digital Zoom - 4X Pan - -156 ~ + 156, Tilt - -45 ~ +70 Operating Temperature - 41F ~ 104F Browser Support - Internet Explorer (5.0 or above) or Netscape Navigator (6.0 or above) IPView Software is Windows 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000, XP compatible System Requirements - 128MB (256MB Recommended), Pentium III 450MHz or above, VGA card resolution - 800 x 600 or above 3 Year warranty Unit Dimensions(WxHxD) - 4.6 x 4.5 x 4 Unit Weight - 0.75lb

  • Product Type - Internet Camera
  • Dimensions WxDxH - 117x115x105 mm
  • Weight - 0.3kg
Customer Reviews:
  • this one was broken
    We are contantly resetting and as the light goes down so does the picture quality. Sometimes just dots you have to guess. Someone else in the family has two of these and is not having the problem, only reset once a week and has it on a timer.
    So there must be something wrong with our camera and we will see what Amazon will do to make this right....more info
  • Not what I thought.....Still an average wireless camera
    I bought this camera for the pan/tilt feature, but I found out that it does not work with well with Vista. I also thought the video would be as good as the TV-IP110W fixed wireless camera, but it is not. I am an IT guy and I have used several cameras and this is one of the worst I have ever used. I do wish Trendnet would get their act together and make a pan/tilt wireless with a high quality video sensor. Their other products are much better than this one. Buyer BEWARE.......more info
  • Expert setup needed
    This webcam works reliably for me and does what I bought it for, but the network setup was certainly challenging. To be fair it's the same situation with other similar internet camera products, but I would definitely not recommend that anyone new to networking take this on without expert help. The setup is complex, the manual is sketchy, and there are some bugs to overcome. Once you get past the initial installation and setup, it's easy to connect remotely and see what's going on in the vicinity of the camera (silently though, there's no microphone). I can connect successfully from my WinXP notebook (Firefox), my Nokia N800 linux tablet, or my Windows Mobile cell phone. The picture gets fuzzier in low light, and the frame rate of video is slow over a wireless connection, but it works well enough....more info
  • Incomplete
    I ordered this camera because the product description stated that it allowed "users to access the camera anywhere in the world by using a Web browser." In my work, we are doing a lot of video, audio conferencing using packages such as NetMeeting, SharedView, Communicator and son on. I, naively, assumed that a product making such a claim, would be easily set up in a way that allowed me to see what was going on in my living room while I was at work, on the road or on vacation. What follows, is my story.

    One clarification: I am not a geek, but I am not technologically dumb either. For example, I have some understanding of DHCP, DNS, IP, firewalls, routers and 802.11 but I'd rather not mess up with them.

    I did not encounter too many problems setting up the camera for local use/control. The manual on the disk is a .pdf file in English but I could not say that it was well-written. After about half an hour to one hour of installing the 2 software items and unnecessarily messing with my wireless router, the camera began sending some video to my computer. By the way, the manual seems to be incorrectly stating that you must connect through a wire to your wireless router and gives some very confusing and sometimes misleading advice on how to set up the camera's IP address. In my case, connecting the camera through a wire to my Linksys router PREVENTED the configuration utility to complete. The setup eventually completed but only AFTER I removed the wire.

    The pictures sent to the computer are of a poor quality - and I am a bit generous stating this. The maximum resolution is a poor 640x480. There is a noticeable delay, 1+ seconds in transmission, even when the camera is on a local loop. Control is possible but response is slow. The 'zoom' button does not do anything.

    One other problem seems to be the way this camera works with DHCP. Even though the camera has a unique MAC address, every time the router's DHCP assigns it a new IP address, the software thinks that it sees a new camera. What this means is that you may end up with an undetermined number of 'cameras' in the software interface running on your computer, all attempting to control the same device and you will have to guess which one is the one that actually can connect to the camera, every time you reset either your camera or your router.

    Now... to the "access the camera from anywhere in the world" part. It is VERY DIFFICULT to set it up because the vendor does not provide the software and the IP support needed and expects the end-user to go to 'third parties' for that - which is fine but is not mentioned in the 'product description', on the box or in the manuals that come with the camera. Like someone else who reviewed this device, I had to call the tech support. After some 10-15 minutes of elevator music, someone in India picked up the phone and asked for my phone number, email address, type of camera, date of birth, marital status, favorite food (just kidding). After she was satisfied with my answers she told me that someone was going to call me back later and she hung up. Someone never did. I called again and, to my surprise, the guy in India picked up the phone immediately. I wish I could say that he offered some competent advice, but he didn't. He did suggest that, to make the camera work over the Net, I had to open an account with some independent outfit that allows you to get a DNS name for your device and, therefore, at least in theory, be able to access the camera over the net. It's a cumbersome process and, in my case, it did not work very well. It involves getting and setting up a DNS name for your camera, punching holes into your firewall, regularly running some utility on your computer and updating your information on that site... too complicated and, in the end, not worth the effort.

    To be fair, I believe that this camera COULD be set up to be accessed and controlled over the Internet IF you could afford a dedicated, permanent IP address to it and you properly set up your router and firewall.

    The product gets 2 stars because someone COULD make it work. It's not a defective product. It's just very hard to make it do what it claims that it can do and the vendor's tech support or the provided documentation are not helping.

    I can see how a good market for this product would be those technical schools where the students learn how to set up and troubleshoot these things.

    I titled my review 'Incomplete' because of the several things missing in this package: a usable manual, competent technical support and support for a DNS name so that the camera can be accessed from the Web when a dedicated IP is not a practical option....more info
  • good ip cam
    i have it installed this camera upside down in my hallway facing the door. installation of software and hardware was a breeze. (i do have some limited knowledge and installed routers before) the price is very good! ...more info
  • Can't Beat the Features and the Price!!!
    I bought one for my house 1 1/2 years ago so I could see my cat when I was out on business, then I bought another one 4 months ago to monitor the back entry and traffic area. I haven't had problems with them and setup was relatively simple, after following the instructions.

    I am a very detailed person and compared feature to feature, this product to similar D-Link and Linksys models. TRENDnet beats them on features and the price is 1/2 of that of D-Link.

    You can pan and tilt the camera when you are out on business and it sends me email alerts when motion dection is triggered.

    I wish they had this deal 4 month's ago!!!!!!

    This is an amazing price... ...more info
  • Great Product
    I purchased this for looking at the baby and it works great. I would recommend for purchase. The bang for the buck is best I have found....more info
  • Holy Moly on setting up. Never worked on the internet.
    Eventhough I am limited on setting up these items, I enlisted Trendnet's support for help, as well as an IT/Computer expert, and a video/Tech guy, and the camera was never able to be seen on the internet remotely. I was able to set it up wirelessly, but only locally. I am returning it tomorrow. Definitely not user friendly, and their support is in India. Sorry Trendnet......more info
  • ok camara in day of course
    ok camera in the light day of course. Paid 169.99 for the wireless needed a router! They finally told me the router has to have the same IP address as the camara!
    Had to call trendnet numerous amounts of times in order to get help. TERRIBLE TECHNICAL SUPPORT!They told me the web IP camera only emails you pics. That was a lie it does both records long video and send pictures! The only thing that this cam does not have led night vision lights & sounds. Otherswise it will get the job done!...more info
  • Very Good Camera
    Setup was simple and straigtforward. Everything just works. Some wireless knowledge is required....more info
  • Decent remote ip camera for home applications
    A decent remote ip camera for home applications. Setup was easy, although I have set up similar products before. Shipped camera did not work properly in Firefox, although after I downloaded the upgraded firmware the issue was addressed. Focus is not great in low-light situations, but acceptable. I would recommend for the casual home user, but would suggest a more expensive version for business applications....more info
  • OK product, horrible service
    The product works fine and links into my home wireless network fine. However, I had trouble setting up remote internet use so I called the helpline, waited 15 minutes then someone said that they were very busy and I should leave my number for a call back. I got a call back the next day while I was at work. So I called again and it was the same process over again. When i finally spoke to someone, i received a lot of demeaning tech mumbo jumbo. I am still not set up fo remote use and have been unable to reach a service agent a second time. If you are good with tech stuff, it's maybe a good buy, but if you need support, fuggedaboutit!!...more info
  • Cool, but careful with the Java Applets
    Works as advertised, but the Java plugin is mysterious. I can't get it to work in Java mode on my Vista based PC, but it does on XP. None of my Macs can do it over the web. Active X in Explorer works fine. A bit pickier than the stationary trendnets.

    Camera works great, easy setup, worth the price. Just be aware you're not going to view live motion with anything by Windows Explorer and Active X....more info