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HP Deskjet 6940 Color Printer (C8970A#B1H)
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Product Description

If you want fast, affordable, wired Ethernet printing, plus direct photo printing, check out the HP Deskjet 6940 Color Inkjet Printer. You'll find it easily handles high-volume home office projects ranging from everyday black-and-white documents to large (up to 8.5 x 24"), borderless photos, brochures, presentations, and more. Print laser-quality black and true-to-life color photos with HP's Vivera Inks and optional six-ink color Do things fast with the handy print cancel, network configuration and quiet mode controls Work at peak efficiency with the two-sided printing accessory and extra 250-sheet paper tray (sold separately) Easy print sharing - Make you printer available on a small home or office wired Ethernet network that mixes PCs and notebooks Set up fast - there's no need for additional hardware or software with the built-in Ethernet Enjoy the convenience of wireless printing when you plug the printer networking cable into a wireless router (sold separately) Print from your camera phone or PDA with a Bluetooth wireless print adapter (sold separately) Water and smudge-resistant prints with HP Vivera Inks and HP advanced paper Maximize your ink efficiency - get fast results and superior fade resistance while using less ink with HP's Vivera inks Supported Operating Systems - Windows 98 SE, 2000 Professional, Me, XP Home, XP Professional; Mac OS X v 10.2.3, 10.3, 10.4 Package Contents - HP Deskjet 6940 Printer / HP 96 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge (21 ml) / HP 97 Tri-color Inkjet Print Cartridge (14 ml) / HP Photosmart Premier software / Printer drivers / User's guide on CD-ROM / Setup poster / Reference guide / Ethernet cable / Power supply / Power cord Unit Dimensions - (W x D x H) 17.7 x 14.5 x 5.7 inches / Weight 13.2 lb Manufacturer's One-year limited warranty

If you're looking for a fast and affordable inkjet printer, the HP Deskjet 6940 may be the one. This printer offers an impressive range of features, including wired Ethernet printing, direct photo printing, and the ability to print high volume jobs in full-color or black & white at speeds of up to 36 ppm. The affordable and efficient HP Deskjet 6940 is a perfect addition to any home office or small business environment.

The HP Deskjet 6940 offers:
  • Print speeds up to 36 ppm
  • High resolution photo capabilities up to 4800 optimized dpi
  • Bluetooth and PictBridge compatibility
  • An automatic Duplexing Feature
  • An expandable 150-sheet paper tray

Print directly from PictBridge-enabled cameras. View larger.

The HP Deskjet 6940 is a sleek addition to any home or office. View larger.

Controls are clearly marked. View larger.

Ink cartridges are easy to change. View larger.
Fast, Full-Color Printing Options
The Deskjet 6940 isn't your average inkjet printer. This printer offers the ability to print documents and photos at up to 4800 optimized dpi resolution for exceptionally crystal-clear prints and at paper sizes of up to 8.5 x 24 inches. HP's Vivera Inks and optional six-ink color technology allows for professional quality photos with true-to-life color.

The automatic duplex printing feature allows for printing on both sides of the paper which greatly reduces paper costs. This printer even allows for printing photos directly from a PictBridge compatible digital camera via the integrated PictBridge USB input, bypassing the need to use a computer for printing photos.

Speed is one of the 6940's greatest assets. This Deskjet is capable of printing up to 36 ppm in black and 27 ppm in color which is significantly quicker than other similar inkjet printers.

Wireless Print Sharing and Networking Features
HP has equipped the Deskjet 6940 with plenty of useful wireless and networking features to help expand upon its usability. The built-in Ethernet input eliminates the need for additional hardware or software, and it also allows for easy setup of a home or office network that allows the user to connect multiple laptops and desktop computers to one printer.

Wireless is the wave of the future, and this printer features the latest in wireless technology. Just plug the printer networking cable into a wireless router (sold separately) and enjoy wireless printing. The Deskjet 6940 also supports Blue tooth wireless connectivity which allows for wireless printing straight from a camera phone or PDA device with an optional wireless print adapter (not included).

Award-Winning Support and Reliability
HP has been a reliable and dependable name since 1988 and was even chosen by consumers as the "most reliable" printer in a 2006 study.

The Deskjet 6940 is compatible with both Windows (including Vista) and Macintosh. It measures 17.7 x 14.5 x 5.7 inches and weighs 13.2 pounds. It's backed by a 1-year limited warranty which includes HP's Total Care advice and support.

What's in the Box
HP Deskjet 6940 Printer, HP 96 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge (21 ml), HP 97 Tri-color Inkjet Print Cartridge (14 ml), HP Photosmart Premier software, printer drivers, user's guide on CD-ROM, setup poster, reference guide, Ethernet cable, power supply, power cord.

  • Affordable, high-performance InkJet printer for professional printing at home or office
  • Crisp and clear 4,800 dpi print quality
  • Built-in Ethernet network card
  • Prints up to 36 pages per minute
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great printer but....
    This is a great printer, it is sleek, quick and does a good job. The problem is, is that HP insists on bogging down its units with useless software no one even wants. For instance the "digital image monitor" things like that. All I want to do is print!...more info
  • Good hardware + printing quality. Annoying software + bad network connectivity

    - Good printing quality, reasonable cost.

    - Works from XP, Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux.


    - Horrible bloatware.

    Does HP really really think I need to put 250+ MB aside for a printer driver? I know software is getting bigger, but how many programs need to be loaded every time your computer starts up, just to run a dumb printer? News to you, HP - it's my PC, not yours.

    - Network connectivity didn't work very long at all.

    When I first set it up, it was recognized on the network, including by my Mac. Then, 2 or 3 weeks later, it wasn't anymore, probably because the printer defaults to some ungodly weird IP address, as shown by the diagnostic print page. And there is no indication anywhere on the manual on how you can set that IP address or get it to grab one from DHCP.

    I guess I should now call up HP customer service, be put on hold for 30 minutes just in order to be told how to set the network address. Nope, they couldn't print that on their manual, it would make it look too technical! At a guess, I probably need to run 2 or 3 HP startup programs to allow for autodiscovery. Or maybe run Windows Universal Plug and Play, which is a known security risk.

    So I ended up just using it with an extra long USB cable which I plug in from my various computers as I need to. Not quite what I had in mind when I bought this "networked" printer....more info
  • A great buy
    We have used this printer on a daily basis for a business for 4 years running now. It has only let us down twice but that was due to it getting dirty. We use it in a trucking type atmosphere so diesel fumes and whatnot are usually present in the surrounding air. This printer offers great print quality. I'm actually surprised it is still offered being that it is this old. Usually models are replaced with newer models and discontinued. Not sure why other people had problems with small wires and whatnot. We have had no issues at all. ...more info
  • HP Deskjet 6940
    When I tried to install the driver, half way through the installation it said windows installer was not active. When I went into Administrative tools, Services and tried to start windows installer it said there was a 997 error and would not start. From google I found this:

    Run "msiexec /regserver" from a command line.

    and it worked. I also went to a site that had only the driver so I didn't have to install all of the extra stuff from the cd.

    As far as the printer goes I've only printed a couple of things, but am impressed with it's speed and quality, better or at least equal to my old canon i960.

    for now 4 stars, 5 if you didn't have to change the photo cartridge out to use....more info
  • HP 6940 Inkjet printer
    Once we realized that the HP 6940 inkjet printer was not compatible with the Microsoft Works Suite version 2004, the printer works wonderfully well. However, this was after spending approximately 6 hours on the phone with an HP tech who could not figure out the problem. After installing Microsoft Works Suite 9.0 the printer worked fine....more info
  • The jury is still out on this one
    I purchased this printer for black and white photo printing since it accepts the HP 100 Gray Photo cartridge, I also intended to use it for color printing using the HP 99 Photo cartridge. The results have been a mixed bag so far.

    Starting with the software installation I was nervous (I used the recommended installation not the full), the software said it would take 8 minutes to install, on my first attempt after 45 minutes the program appeared to be locked up I rebooted had to uninstall what was installed reboot again and begin the installation. The second attempt installed but it took the better part of 30 minutes.

    After printing a few pages of text everything seemed to be working fine. I installed the HP 100 gray cartridge and printed a few black and white photos that looked great.

    I switcheed to the HP 99 color photo cartridge and loaded some 4x6 HP photo paper into the tray and printed a very nice looking color print. On the second print the printer stopped at about 25% of the photo, apparently a jam.

    I removed the paper and tried again, same thing about 25% and stop. After 4 attempts I removed the 4X6 from the bottom tray and fed a single sheet through the top envelope feeder. The print worked but had blotches of color. I tried an 8.5 x 11 photo sheet and 90% of the photo looked great but again blotches of color in some areas.

    I ran the printhead cleaning, alignment and calibration routines and now it is printing beautiful prints. Unfortunatly I had to waste several photo papers and a good amount of ink in order to get it working well. My fingers are crossed that I will not have similar problems in the future.

    Regarding ink usage I have printed 8 - 8x10's and about 10 or so 4x6 photos and the estimate shows that approximately 70% remains in the cartridges. Ink for this printer is not cheap at about $25 per cartridge for the photo inks (14ml) which work in conjunction with the tri color cartridge (14ml), the black cartridge is higher capacity (21ml).

    All in all I would have rated this printer higher if not for the software installation issues and the failure of the printer to work with 4x6 paper from the bottom tray (one sheet at a time from the top works but is tedious). The letter size photo paper feeds fine from the lower tray but the 8x10 images are sometimes not square with the page....more info
  • HP Deskjet 6940 Miserable
    I'm in college, and I can't print one document without a paper jam. Its very annoying to not only waste ink, but half a packet of paper and precious time trying to print off an assignment. Look elseware for a reliable, high volume printer....more info
  • Just what I wanted
    This printer was exactly what I needed. It was fully functional and very clean.
    gln...more info
  • No complaints
    I don't use it often but it works every time I turn it on. Prints fast. Easy to load. I use it to print out text but wanted the ability to print color images if I need to. ...more info
  • To install driver only -
    Many people like myself don't want to install the huge 250MB HP driver/software/bloatware bundle. And others have had problems with it. Happily I found you can download only the driver, without the software, on this HP page:

    Note that the date on this basic driver is April 2006 but that is also the date on the latest full featured 6940 driver on the HP site.

    As a basic printer for documents and various home printing chores I give this 5 stars. And I like the flat top to stack papers on. BUT I don't print photos with it so I can't comment on that.
    But I hope this driver-only link will be helpful. Make sure to follow the instructions....more info
  • Excellent quality prints .... but a complete ripoff nevertheless.
    This printer is, in many ways, a true success. It is sturdily made, so far as an outside inspection can determine, quite compact, and has some excellent features, such as the covered paper tray. It's one of the first printers I've had which actually pulls in one sheet of paper at a time if you put more than one sheet in, rather than pulling in a clump and printing the document partially onto three or four sheets. The printer settings on the computer are easy to use, and although only an ethernet attachment is provided, the USB port works perfectly well with a standard USB cable (although it was fortunate that I keep several spare USB cables handy, since it's all to easy to forget to buy the cable in addition to the computer).

    That said, there is one glaring flaw in this printer -- one which, in my opinion, cancels out many of its other excellent features. The ink cartridge is tiny -- I measured it against my old Deskjet 920C's cartridge, and it's only 1/6 the size. There's no room inside to fit a bigger generic cartridge. There is so little ink in this acorn-sized cartridge that I ran out of ink printing 50 pages. These weren't full page pictures, either -- it was text with several small color pics in there. Since the new cartridge costs about $50, that works out to $1 per PAGE -- which is a lot of money for a small business owner like myself, and could be enormously expensive for those who do more printing.

    In short -- it's a wonderful printer if you're the kind of person who prints maybe 3 or 4 pages a month. If you do any more than that (for business, college, etc.), then you're going to find yourself cursing as a $50 cartridge disappears in an hour of printing. Really, would they have lost so much money if they'd built it to accept a cartridge larger than a grape?...more info
  • HP Deskjet 6940
    Excellent product for the price. Easily installed and operation has been perfect to date. Would definitely purchase again, but since my last HP deskjet lasted for so long I probably won't have to....more info
  • Good cheap printer.
    Set this up on my network with ease. It works fine, I got it from the new and used section for about 65 bucks, not bad. Also, to save money I suggest the refurbished or refilled ink cartridges.. much cheaper....more info
  • Good Printer, Tech Support not so much
    I had two big requirements when I started looking for a new printer
    1. I rarely print anything in color so the printer must be able to print with the color cartridge empty or removed.
    2. It must support banner printing. I print a lot of banners, some 8 1/2 X 60 inches long. Most newer printers don't support banners.
    HP Presales Support recommended the Deskjet 6940 as the printer that would meet my needs. After a little issue with banner printing that I had to solve myself, the printer has been great.

    HP's after sales/tech support is pretty typical of what we're seeing these days. If you ask a question that isn't in their script, don't be surprised at the answer you get. I had issues with banner printing and the first support person told me "this printer does not support banner printing". I thought that was strange as the owner's manual states that it will.

    My thoughts, the Deskjet 6940 is a good basic printer with not so great tech support....more info
  • Super Printer
    What can I say? So far the printer has performed very well and I am totally satisfied. I should qualify my evaluation, however, by pointing out that I don't have need for a printer vey often. Nonetheless, this printer has been very reliable and quickly efficient and I intend to use it at least once a week to keep the ink jets from clogging....more info
  • Great printer
    A wonderful printer. Setup was easy and fast. Prints with good color and resolution. A little work horse....more info
  • Reliable printer
    This printer has a small foot print, is stylish, and QUIET! Ink consumption is acceptable. I have bought four of them for use at work and home. Not a single problem. Good purchase....more info
  • HP Deskjet 6940
    Good basic Hp color printer. I don't need the all-in-one solution, so this is a good choice. Recently bought another one when it dropped in price by $50.00....more info
  • If you own a MAC - forget it
    I bought this printer to use with my MAC mini and I've had nothing but problems. Only the top 2 inches of any document containing a graphic (or a PDF) will print. I've been online for 3 weeks with HP and they still can't figure out how to fix the problem. ...more info
  • Dependable Printer With One Minor Flaw
    Yes, the paper will spill over the paper tray, so you have to be there to catch them as they emerge if you are doing a lot of copies. But it's a good buy for the money: faster than my last HP printer, and the print quality is great....more info
  • Great Printer
    This is a great printer. It is a little slower in printing the page than I thought it would be. But it is solid as a rock. No trouble so far....more info
  • HP Printers
    Over the years I have purchased many printers by different manufacturers, and and am now locked in on HP. I have an Officejet Pro, a 3 in 1, and this new one for my wife. They are reliable, easy to maintain, and it's cool when you print out multiple page documents they are printed in order starting with page one when you pull them out....more info
  • poor durability
    Was a nice and fast printer, but died after only a few months. Was very happy with it until then. Quick, networkable, was good for our small office network. Alas, one day just had power and resume blinking at the same time. HP support unable to help much(went thru the whole diagnosing thing with them) and since out just barely out of warranty, had to trash it. Have several HP printers, all much older than this one, and they work just fine(have 820cse that is at least 10 years old), and even a couple of freebie printers that came with PCs have held up better than this....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I'm a history buff so I print out multi-colored pages of text and photos, B&W as well as color. This printer does a good job, spits out the pages quickly, with good tonation. I like the B&W photos, with an excellent gray scale. HP makes good printers (although Canon & Kodak seem to have a good reputation amongst computer people). It's very quiet and starts printing almost immediately. (My old RX500 used to resentfully groan whenever I told it to print.) It sets up with a CD, very easy to do. The price is quite nice for the quality. Because it's an ink jet printer, I give it 4 stars.

    ...more info
  • Fast printer for business documents
    This is a great printer which prints fast in normal mode. It will also print on very small envelopes and note cards (as it can handle small photographic paper as well). I do not use it for photographs/photo paper, so I cannot comment on those features....more info
  • FAST
    Ok, i've had a HP 760 for probably a good 10 years. and actually have had HPs ever since i've owned a computer, back around 1992. It got to the point where my printer took what seemed like forever to print a picture or 2-3 pages of print. and I went looking around for a new one, NOT an "all-in-one" or a "3-n-1", just a straight printer only printer that would do a decent job with photos. Based on the reviews of this printer on here and a couple other sites, I got one and OMG its fast! The paper just seems to ooze out of the printer taking hardly anytime at all! great colour, great printing, easy to set up with Vista. the only thing I dont like about it is that there is no tray to catch the papers when they come out. the little slide out isnt long enuf for regular paper. It has a port for a camera to hook up to to print out, i need a cable to connect the camera to it. USB hook up, software ok--nothing special but they never are. And I like the little popup that shows me just how much ink i have in the wells. I believe it will make it a lot easier than opening the lid every week going 'do i have enuf ink? gee i cant tell about the colour cartridge but the black has enuf" with my old printer. I hope it will last as long as my last one.

    I have to add a couple comments. (this is on Aug 2,08)
    first of all, despite the paper-out tray being flimsy its still holding up better than I thought it would (aka it didnt break yet).
    I have a little less than 1/4 left to go on the colour cartridge and still over 1/2 left on the black on both origional cartridges that came with the printer! and that is from a lot of use over the past several months. But I do use Fast Draft often. I would have already had to change the both cartridges on my old HP printer by now.
    Printed Pics are clear and look great!
    and for the first time today I actually printed ENVELOPES without pulling out my hair. I cannot tell you how much I've HATED printing envelopes over the years & how many I've had to waste due to a bad printjob. The slide through envelope slot makes singles an absolute BREEZE to print!! YAY!
    5 months and counting...I do like this printer a lot!...more info
  • HP printer
    Was looking for a light duty printer to work with Vista and would fit in a small space. This HP does both. Came with disk for Vista drivers although HP rep said they would have to be downloaded. Set up easily and ready to print. I don't plan to use network capability but this one does it easily. Some confusion when printing envelopes as you get an error message but ignore and it prints fine. Quiet and efficient for limited jobs. Have not changed ink yet the lower the price the faster the ink goes!...more info