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Walking in the Air
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Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 01/10/2006

Customer Reviews:

  • Celtic Woman #1
    If you're going to own only one of the myriad of Celtic Woman CD's, this is the one. Yes, there's only one performer; however the range of musical selections is quite large and typical of the best fare on other Celtic Woman productions. It's become my first choice when I'm in this musical mood....more info
  • Walking in the Air
    I adore this CD as does my mom, who I also bought a copy for. The music is wonderful, her voice is magical and it is the perfect CD to listen at night to fall asleep. One of the best CD's I have ever owned. Amazon let me try it out by reviewing the songs ahead of time, which helped me in making the decision to buy the album and not the one song I was searching for - great marketing! Fast service - product was here quickly and as promised. THis wold be a wonderful Christmas present, even for children who like music to help them fall asleep - it is not for adults only....more info
  • Pure, Clear Voice
    Chloe has a very clear voice. She has a voice of an Angel, I'd say. She does do a great job of picking songs that people will like. "To Where You Are" really sticks out to me. It's a beautiful song and she does a fantastic job singing it. I also have the Celtic Woman CD and DVD and she also does fantastically well in those, also. This CD would be wonderful for anybody who is looking for a voice that's pure with songs that are uplifting. I'd recommend this CD to anyone!!!!!...more info
  • heavenly
    This girl is unbelievable, her voice is so heavenly. For me this cd is beter than the celtic woman dvd, if you love celtic woman you must have this one. She has a natural and so pure voice, nature done her best with this lovely girl....more info
  • Walking in the Air CD (Chloe)
    Excellent Celtic sounds of musical artist Chloe. I have dozens of
    Celtic CDs and this, by far, is one,if not the best I own. Her voice
    is wonderful to listen to at any time of the day. ...more info
  • It's like flying!
    Purely magic. Chloe has a voice that makes me feel like I'm walking or more aptly ~flying~ through the air. Her voice is pure. Her talent real. This CD is an incredible addition to the Celtic Woman CD and STANDS ALONE just beautifully. "The" perfect gift for that someone special who needs some pampering or a treat for yourself. Hit the "add to shopping cart" button and buy this one! You won't be sorry. Indeed, my all time favorite CD. ...more info
  • Excellent sound
    The vocal are fantastic, the instrumentation is great, and for once, the recording engineers got it just right. With a good stereo system, you can feel sounds that cannot be heard -- and my hearing is excellent. Cut 11 is especially good. Highly recommend this CD....more info
  • Just as good as her others
    I bought this CD along with her cd Chloe, and both of them are just fantastic. I love her music, and I would highly recommend her cd's to anyone!! Also, make sure you listen to Celtic Woman cds!!! This group and singer are amazing!!...more info
  • This is amazing - Real music from heaven
    I don't have this CD yet and I can't wait until I have it in my hands. This review is mostly about Chloe. She is the sweetest girl I have ever seen in my life (besides my little daughter of course :-)). I watched Chloe on TV Celtic Woman Public Television Broadcast and recently I attended the concert at the Laurie Auditorium in San Antonio TX, although I live in Dallas. She has that pure and honest style and you feel that she is actually singing to you although you are in a crowded theater. I am planning to get every single CD she produces because she is an amazing singer and since she is so young, well, who knows how much more she can give us. Also I concur with other reviewers about that it would be awesome if Chloe and Josh Groban sang together, it would definitely be extremely special. My favorite songs are Nella Fantasia and Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring.

    ...more info
  • Absolutely Wonderful
    I saw a PBS concert on the Celtic Women and fell in love with the pristine sound. But it was Chloe Agnew that made me rush to order more. As we get older our music tastes become more diverse. Notice I did not say change. I still love rock and roll for sure, but I guarantee that this album with it's angelic vocal star is what you need to complete your collection. Her voice is from pure silk. I keep saying that if there is a soundtrack in heaven then Chloe would be right there. Walking in the Air is hauntingly superb, along with the tear jerking yet uplifting Someday through the classic Don Mclean's Vincent make this a must have in your diverse collection. The rest of the Celtic Women are on my radar but you need to start here with Chloe. A face, talent and voice from heaven are all yours to enjoy....more info
  • Breathtaking!
    What a heavenly voice! When I play this CD, my young granddaughter stops everything and sings, too! We are mesmerized by the beauty and tranquility radiated by the very talented Chloe....more info
  • Chloe's Great Solo Effort
    "Walking In The Air," the solo effort by Celtic Woman's Chloe Agnew, has a mixture of all kinds of sounds - Broadway, Classic, etc, and the young lady handles all of the genres with a charming grace that belies her youth and points to even greater things ahead. Like her fellow(but ex)Celtic Woman Hayley Westenra, young Ms. Agnew is musically gifted and seems capable of singing anything.

    "The Prayer," "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring," "Vincent, Starry Starry Night," "Panis Angelicus," and "Brahm's Lullabye" are wonderful renditions, and Ms. Agnew can look forward to many years of performing excellence....more info
  • You've heard some before
    Beautiful music, but many of the selections are already on the original Celtic Woman. Check carefully to see if it is worth it to you to buy this additional album. If you do, sit back and enjoy pure magic!...more info
  • My favorite of the Celtic Woman albums
    Not only is there wide diversity of song material here, but much of it is simply haunting. This is an album that is soft and accessable without sounding overly sentimental. In short, it is music that can be listened to b men and women and it soothes the soul. Listen to the song Walking in The Air, for instance. Sound familiar? Maybe so, because it was used in a lovely animated movie called The Snowman. Other songs will sound equally familiar but subtly transcendent when sung by Chloe. ...more info
  • Walking in the Air - Chloe Agnew
    A perfect choice of songs to showcase the talents of this young "Celtic Woman" soprano. It's a joy to listen to over and over and compliments the other solo CDs put out by the other individuals from the Celtic Women group. So much talent! I will look forward to Chloe's next solo CD....more info
  • Walking On Air
    Beautiful, uplifting, good energy music. When I am down
    it always makes me feel better. My husband and I love to
    hear her sing....more info
  • I Wish More Things Sounded Like This
    I discovered, after hearing my first Hayley Westenra album, that I am easily hypnotized by a high pure woman's voice singing things melodic. For some reason this embarasses me. Of course, I think of myself as one of those godawful intellectuals who have long conversations about Back's inner voices. I have to sneak away from myself to enjoy something that is simply pure and melodic, something which, in this day and age, puts emotion and beauty first.

    Well there, I've confessed. Chloe Agnew does a wonderful job of picking music that fits her voice perfectly and then being perfect with it. The selection runs from classical to popular, and there isn't a loser in the bunch. What I would really like to know is why there is only one Chloe Agnew album on this continent (or any other). She is another young, fresh voice like Hayley Westenra and deserves every bit of recognition she gets....more info
  • Amazon Delivers Again!
    I loved the product, and the website is great. I always get my order before the projected date! I'm a happy Amazon Customer!...more info
  • Fantastic!
    Chloe Agnew has a wonderful voice, and whether you have heard the songs on the album or not before, this CD is worth purchasing. She has a way of singing old favorites that make them seem like new. While I have not been pleased with several of the individual albums that have been released, this is one of three albums I recommend you purchase if you never buy another CD. You will not be dissapointed. From the light "Walking in the Air" to "Going Home" this CD provides something for any mood you might be in. Buy this CD, put it in the player, sit back and relax. It is magnificent!...more info
  • Walking on Air by Chloe
    This was a gift for my husband. He loves the Celtic Women CDs and DVDs, so I knew he would enjoy this CD by Chloe, one of the Celtic women....more info
  • Chloe, a Young Woman with an Angelic Voice
    I listen to this C.D. all the time! I have Celtic Woman and I loved Chloe's voice so much that I had to get her individual C.D. She has the voice of an angel and I recomend it to Anyone who loves Celtic Music....more info
  • Cloud Nine
    This CD is totally amazing! Every time I hear the first song, Walking inthe Air, I feel as though I've been swept off of my feet. My other favorites are Going Home, The Prayer, Starry, Starry Night, Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, Brahms's Lullabye, One World, and Winter's Light. It's so cute the way you can hear the smile in Chloe's voice when she sings ". . . Mother's there, expecting me, Father's waiting too . . ." in Going Home. She really sings with a lot of emotion, and gives a different feel to every song. Sends chills up your spine, and stirrs tender feelings in the heart. Chloe's disinctive British accent is charming. I highly reccomend. Thanks, Choe, for lifting our spirits! ...more info
  • Beautiful voice? With all of the studio enhancement, how can you tell?
    Honestly folks --- I can't be the only one that notices the tinny, electronic overtones that come from excessive studio tinkerings with the human voice. Maybe Chloe Agnew has a nice voice, maybe not --- the powers that be have decided to take no chances & have instead presented the public with something hopelessly artificial. Personally, I prefer a voice with more texture to it.

    To be fair, this crossover stuff really isn't my cup of tea so I am hardly predisposed to give albums like this high marks. My normal inclination would be a one-star rating, but for those who enjoy this genre, this would appear to be a passable choice. The only track which really smacked of true idiocy was the goofy Vivaldi transcription; all other tracks were ambient & generally innocuous --- in other words exactly what we have come to expect from crossover vocal albums. However, I would be hard-pressed to pick this one out of the crossover herd. It has a decidedly average feel to it.

    ...more info
  • Beautiful Voice
    Saw her on a PBS special of Celtic Woman. Was intriged by her beautiful bell like voice. Wanted to own he CD.

    ...more info
  • pure high pitch delicate
    celtic voice of chloe , which sings also almost perfect Italian and Latin, but strangely no song in any celtic language [which i would love still more being a linguist]
    She is anyway fabulous , hope she will go on singing and am sure she can reach the executional perfectness of other celtic greats
    Fr example to my ears she is now at heigth of Moya Brennan
    ...more info
  • Captivating
    Chloe Agnew is a marvelous singer, and this album exemplifies her talent. Angelic shall always be the best adjective to describe this exceptionally talented young woman with a wondrous future. In fact, she has me so entranced I have to admit I'm in love with her!!...more info
  • Walking in the Air
    This is a beautiful album. Young Chole has an angelic voice and her choice of songs is excellent. ...more info
  • Tony's comments on Chloe Agnew's CD - Walking in the Air
    I highly recomment this CD!! Chloe's voice is truely Angelic and inspirational!! Have a great day, Tony...more info
  • Great transaction
    Arrived in stated condition and on time. Would do business with again. Thanks....more info
  • her voice is too thin...
    Her voice not as satisfied as I expected. Bought this because I want the first song:
    walking in the air. Her voice is good for this song, but for the rest of the songs, I think her voice is a little too thin, no strong emotion to support it....more info
  • Age Shouldn't be Used as an Excuse
    Chloe Agnew has a lovely voice, no doubt, and I'm pretty sure she has a bright future ahead for her, but for now, her voice; it's immature, it's weak and it's emotionless at times.
    She's forgettable on Celtic Woman. I don't know about others, but whenever I think of Celtic Woman, the first thing that comes into my head is Meav, Lisa, and Orla's WONDERFUL performance on Harry's Game and Walk my Love.
    Yes, the girl's young, but trust me, I've met other girls who's voices were much more mature than hers....more info