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MacGyver - The Complete Fifth Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 08/28/2007

Desperate times call for desperate measures--and the desperate will stop at nothing to get MacGyver's attention. In the fifth season premiere ("Legend of the Holy Rose"), an old friend releases his houseboat from its moorings--while he's in it. Four episodes later ("Halloween Knights"), an old enemy relieves his boat of its belongings. It works, of course. Mac lives to help people in need, even if those people include obnoxious archeology professor Zo? (Lise Cutter), who enlists his aid in tracking down an ancient artifact, and the mysterious Murdoc (Michael Des Barres), who does the same to rescue his kidnapped sister. Joining forces with arch-enemy Murdoc marks a break with previous seasons. Otherwise, the fifth features the same resourceful secret agent as the first four (though he's relying on those inventive "MacGyverisms" less often as the series continues). MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) still travels the world on behalf of the Phoenix Foundation, while reporting to supportive superior Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar). As before, he goes it alone: no gun, no back-up, no wisecracking sidekick--not counting reckless rogue Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill), who drops by on occasion to shake up MacGyver's well-ordered world.

Aside from a greater interest in socially conscious causes, like the protection of endangered species, the 1989-1990 season also breaks with the past by an episode set in the Old West ("Serenity") and another set in the afterlife ("Passages"). In the former, Jack and Penny (Teri Hatcher in her final appearance) return as prototypes for their present day characters. Murdoc returns, as well--this time wearing a black hat. In the latter, Grandpa Harry (John Anderson) bids adieu. Other fifth year guests include Blossom's Mayim Bialik ("Cease Fire," "Hearts of Steel"), The Exorcist's Linda Blair ("Jenny's Chance"), and Jerry Maguire's Cuba Gooding Jr. ("Black Rhino," "Serenity"). --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • MacGyver catch up
    I ordered the final season to catch up on the best serious of it's time. MacGyver gets you involved and always fascinating to see how he gets out of trouble. I enjoyed viewing the serious all over again and welcome anyone new to watching MacGyver to get a copy, still very up to date....more info
  • MacGyver DVDs-fifth season
    These are a great collection to own. They make great "guy" gifts, too. MacGyver is awesome. ...more info
  • Price hikes explained
    When a new macgyver season comes onto market, their is a discount as high as 30%. As it gets older, the discount goes down, making it more expensive. Because season 5 has not been released yet, their is no stated discount, making this the highest price macgyver yet. But once the discount is established, we'll see which is the most expensive and the cheapest. And if I'm wrong, then I will know as well.

    By the way, the reason I have chosen this format is because, I love Macgyver, and look at this site all the time, but do not have a credit card and am therefore am not yet an Amazon customer. Please do not hold it against me, for defending Amazon's reasonable price on Macgyver DVDs. For all you Kiwis I was the meatloaf guy on NZIdol audition meatloaf....more info
  • Great 80's TV Series
    I now have all 7 seasons of MacGyver. They are well written and well acted. It has action & some comedy. 2 thumbs up from me!...more info
  • macgyver 5th season
    Excellent product and service, Arrived within specified time. Was notified when it was sent. Will use seller again. Many thanks....more info
  • MacGyver -- the Fifth Season
    I have been ordering the MacGyver DVD's "piecemeal" rather than in the complete set, partly because I'd acquired the "First Season" from another source, but could not find the subsequent sets in retail outlets, and partly because I had not got into the "rhythm" of watching the DVD's until recently. However, once started, I've felt compelled to finish, so I am now in the midst of the fifth season and have received the final two sets. I will review them as I view them.

    The fifth season is intriguing in many ways. It deals, as all the MacGyver stories do, with issues of various sorts -- especially social and ecological problems -- that were current at the time of the original filming. I am amazed in retrospect at how extremely timely they actually remain. However, there are some delightful and intriguing plot twists, and I would rate the "Christmas Episode" of the fifth season, "The Madonna", as one of the all-time best stories I've ever viewed....more info