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The X-Files - The Complete Sixth Season (Slim Set)
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 12/02/2008 Run time: 820 minutes Rating: Nr

Following the X-Files feature film in the summer of 1998, "The Beginning" quickly crowbars an attempt at fitting the film into the TV chronology before it picks up plot points left dangling from the fifth-season finale, "The End" (note the guard asleep at the nuclear power plant console is named Homer!). Between arc threads are several pleasing excursions: time travel to a Bermuda Triangle boatload of Nazis ("Triangle"), further temporal escapades akin to Groundhog Day ("Monday"), a demonic baby case featuring genre stalwart Bruce Campbell ("Terms of Endearment"), and Duchovny being able to play someone else via personality switching ("The Dreamland, Parts 1 and 2"). Back in the real scheme of things, Mulder chases "S.R. 819," a Senate resolution tying conspiracies together. "Two Fathers" and "One Son" indicate that the abductee experiments are intended to cure the black oil disease. The year finishes with "BioGenesis," in which we're asked to ponder, are we from Mars? A beach-buried UFO leaves Scully wondering. --Paul Tonks

Customer Reviews:

  • I can understand why this season is considered to be the beginning of the end of X-Files
    While I still enjoyed this season, there are some reasons why it wasn't as good as previous seasons:

    1. Moving to California definitely changed the look of the series. It suddenly became so sunny and clear, the dimness and spookiness of Canada was gone! And it took a while to find good lighting for Scully, for most of the season she looked old.

    2. Too many comedy episodes in the beginning of the season. At some point I started thinking it became some kind of parody of X-Files, not actual X-Files.

    3. The main mytharc was totally finished off, and very quickly. I was very sad to see this story line go. So many years to build it and then 2 episodes and it's all over. Where do X-Files go from here?

    4. Finally, I got really tired of all the flirting between Scully and Mulder. Like many, I wanted them to be together, but I didn't want to be teased. Either go all the way, or let their relationship be the way it used to before, I say.

    That being said, it was still great season, just a little thin on really great episodes.
    ...more info
  • My favorite season
    I've rewatched a lot of these episodes in anticipation of the new movie coming out. It only confirmed my opinion that Season Six was my favorite season of this show, with more stand-alone episodes that I rewatch again and again than any of the other seasons. I love "Triangle," the episode where Mulder finds himself on a World War II era ship and Scully goes into overdrive trying to get him help. "Dreamland Parts One and Two", a sort of body-switching episode, is also fun. "Tithonus" is a spooky episode about an immortal photographer who always knows when someone is about to die and waits around to take pictures. "Arcadia" is the episode where Mulder and Scully go under cover as husband and wife to investigate a series of deaths in an uptight planned community. Very funny. "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" is an X-Files classic, Mulder and Scully scouting out a haunted house on Christmas Eve. "Monday" is The X-Files version of "Groundhog Day," as Mulder lives the same crappy day over and over until he figures out how to stop a bank holdup from turning fatal. Carol Burnett's daughter, who led a somewhat troubled life and later died of cancer, does a particularly good job here as the bank robber's desperate girlfriend. It's creepy watching her, knowing her background and what happened to her a few years later. "Milagro" is a strange one about a writer who fixates on Scully to the point that one of his characters nearly rips her heart out. It's strongly implied here that Mulder and Scully are in love. The two that I rewatch most often are "Rain King" and "The Unnatural." "Rain King" is a valentine of an episode, about a guy whose unrequited love for his best friend results in unexplained weather phenomena in a small Kansas town. It's sweet and romantic and has some great comic moments as the guy and the girl (and Mulder and Scully?) make their way to each other. "The Unnatural" was written and directed by David Duchovny, who is quite a gifted writer. It's a great story about an alien who fell in love with the game of baseball. Duchovny also throws in some commentary about race relations, the meaning of life and love, and the dangers of obsession, all without hammering the viewers over the head with it. The episode also includes some nice scenes with Mulder showing Scully how to play baseball. I don't care for the myth-arc episodes, but those who do should find some meat in "Two Fathers" and "One Son" and "Biogenesis." I thought "Alpha" was a bit of a dog (pun intended) and didn't particularly enjoy "Trevor." "Three of a Kind" is a Lone Gunmen-centric episode and "Field Trip" has its comic moments. If I could only buy one season, this is the one I'd pick.
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  • A New Beginning
    After the success of the X-Files feature film, everyone was ready for the new season of X-Files. But from the first frame we see of the first episode of the season we realize something is different. And that something is the show moved to L.A. This had several fans disgruntled. It had them disgruntled for the same reason more people would be in season 8. There was a change. Not that that was a bad thing. I mean Vancouver was great, but after 5 seasons there it was starting to get old. I actually think that if they would've continued filming in Vancouver the show might have acutally ended after season 7. The episodes of season 6 are lighter, sillier, and have a stronger focus on the M&S relationship. Below as always is a short episode guide of some of the seasons best. SPOILERS FOLLOW!!!!!!!!!

    The Beginning: Mulder and Scully return from Antarctica to discover that no one believes their story. They are put off the X-Files, and reassigned. But they realize that they still have work to do, and the reappearance of Gibson Praise confirms that.
    Triangle: Mulder is stuck in a time warp on a Nazi ship in 1940.
    Dreamland: Mulder swaps bodies with a MIB. Mulder tries to get his old body back, but the MIB doesn't want a thing to change.
    How The Ghosts Stole Christmas: Mulder takes Scully to a house he believes is haunted. The ghosts living there try and get M&S to kill each other.
    S.R. 819: Skinner is infected with a disease that is rapidly killing him, and M&S search for what happened to him, and who caused it.
    Tithonus: Scully is partnered with a Alfred Fellig, a man who mysteriously shows up at a crime scene as soon as it happens.
    Two Fathers: Cassandra Spender reappears, and gives Mulder startling information concerning the impending alien colonization.
    Arcadia: M&S are back on the X-Files and must go undercover as husband and wife to investigate the deaths of several residents in a seemingly perfect town.
    Milagro: Mulder's neighbor becomes obsessed with Scully, and Scully is drawn to him even though he is a murder suspect.
    Field Trip:a couple is found on a mountainside as nothing but skin and bones, and Mulder thinks paranormal phenomena could account for it.
    Biogenesis: an artifact with strange writings on it is discovered of the coast of Africa, and Mulder thinks it may hold the key to all life on Earth. However, Mulder begins going crazy, stopping him from giving out his theory.

    Some great stand alone episodes throughout the season definentely help the series transition to L.A. However, even I have to admit sometimes the show did get a little to light. Never the less, a great season....more info
  • So it doesn't really end with "The End"
    This review is for anyone who thought the show ended with season 5. In a way, it did. But you will rob yourself of a great ending (Hollywood style) that pretty much concludes the story of a human high cabal conspiring with the alien colonists, not to mention a bunch of great episodes. I almost feel like the whole story has been revealed to me with this season (6). The movie, seasons 1-5 and now 6, have been some of my favorite television ever. Even these days, I will still not watch the show on the tube because of the commercials, box sets are the way to go....more info
  • The X-Files Cult Classic
    What can you say about The X-Files??A cult classic that will live on!!This to me was an awesome season a must for any collector!!Gillian Anderson as an actress is the bomb!! Triangle,Milagro and of course Biogenesis,to name a few.If your not a fan you will be!!...more info
  • Oh I know what it is
    Mulder's short hair cut made this season!...more info
  • Strong season for "The X-Files"
    A strong sixth season as "The X-Files" continued to stroll along in top form. Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Vince Gilligan and the rest of the writing/directing/producing crew created a number of strong memorable episodes during season six. While the mythlogy episodes are pretty terrific, the ones that stand out in my mind are the individual stand alone episodes. "The Beginning" manages to fit events from the movie into the series quite neatly so if you haven't seen the film, you'll be able to keep track of much of the action.

    Among my favorites this season included "Terms of Endearment (featuring Bruce Campbell as, well, kind of a devlish guy),the unusual "Triangle" where suddenly Mulder finds himself as a Nazi officer during World War II in a time warp where all the various characters from the series show up. The Duchovny penned "The Unnatural" where we discover that the best player in baseball didn't quite fit into any league at all. M. Emmett Walsh guest stars (Darren McGavin wasn't available to reprise his part). The tongue-in-cheek two parter "Dreamland" is charming and funny. Here Mulder switches bodies with a government agent who's in charge of black ops (and who suspiciously looks like Michael McKean from "Spinal Tap") The Lone Gunmen make an appearence in "Three of a Kind" revisitng where Byers finally meets up with the mysterious Suzanne again (by the way "The Long Gun Men" 13 episode first season is coming to DVD shortly as well).The Suspenseful "Drive" and cliff hanger "Biogenesis" where Mulder seems to be losing his mind and the only clue is an alien artifact uncovered along the coast of Africa. This fine episode leads into the two part conclusion of season seven.

    With season six Scully moved from role of doubter to a believer of sorts. While season seven had its high notes (most notably the two part opener), season six was the last most consistent season of the series (although season seven was exceptionally good as well).

    All in all, a great season that continued to keep audiences spellbound.

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  • Starts very badly, redeems itself completely
    Season 6 had a lot of opportunity to go wrong. Coming straight off the back of a very successful motion picture with an entirely new crew and shooting location, it was clear that people were worried that the magic formula that had made Seasons 1-5 so excellent might be lost. If you judge it by the first 6 episodes, they could have been right.. but they weren't.

    "The Beginning" attempts to link the film into the series, and more or less accomplishes this goal (but doesn't really add anything to the mythology), and "Drive" is acceptable despite lacking any real drama. But "Triangle", "Dreamland I & II" & "How The Ghosts Stole Christmas" are the worst the X-Files had been up to this point. The fact that in the DVD extras these three episodes are not praised for being well written but for how they've been shot says a lot.

    While "Triangle" may be very cleverly filmed, it's a completely pointless and meaningless story that doesn't even make sense within itself (why are people from Mulder's life on this ship, as other people, for example?).

    "Dreamland I & II" takes all the most annoying parts about all the previous comedy episodes, stretches them out over 2 hours and tries to attach a serious story to it, with a solution that doesn't work anyway (SPOILER: if time hasn't really been turned back and everything did occur, as would be suggested by Mulder's apartment still being redecorated, then how come NO ONE asks where they've been for the last few days and there's no repercussions to their actions?).

    "How The Ghosts Stole Christmas" is basically just a way to do an episode without spending much money (they almost come right out and say as much in the DVD extras). Badly paced, pointless.. just downright bad.

    However, once we get to "Terms Of Endearment", the old X-Files magic seems to be back, and every episode from here to the end is excellent, sometimes the best this show has ever been. Highlights for me are "S.R. 819", "Tithonus" and "The Unnatural", but they're all excellent.

    Of special mention has to be the two parter "Two Fathers"/"One Son" - these episodes are so important that they're worth the price of this set alone. The mythology that has been built over the last 6 years ends here. If you had been put off buying this show's box sets through a fear of getting into a story without a satisfying conclusion, as I had, you could end your collection here with One Son if the rest of the seasons don't interest you. Its that big.

    Of course, having effectively ended the most important part of the whole series, they needed to find a new mythology, which is begun in Biogenesis and presumably carries over into the final 3 seasons - therefore it's probably best to leave discussion of that for their reviews.

    Overall, despite a very bad start, the good outweighs the bad by being not just good, but superb. Buy this....more info
  • The X-Files Season 6 - Another brilliant season!
    Producer Chris Carter, for various reasons, chief among them being Fox's probable insistence, has moved the entire production to California from Vancouver. This is notable as some of the scenery for the show changes to scenes in various western states and more prominently in the availability of bigger named guest stars. On the whole though, at least for this first season out west, these changes serve as an enhancement to the outstanding experience that is "The X-Files." Season six is another excellent season that fluidly picks up where the movie, "Fight the Future" left off.

    The mythology episodes:

    "The Beginning" An FBI committee decides that yes, the X-Files will be reopened, they will not however, include Agents Mulder and Scully. Agents Spinder and Fowler will take that role, both with a huge helping of duplicity. AD Skinner is still on their side though and leads them towards a case that involves the Alien/Syndicate conspiracy. Gibson Praise makes a return as well. "SR 819" Krycek makes a new appearance and he targets AD Skinner with alien created nanite technology.

    "Two Fathers" & "One Son" Long awaited truths are finally revealed about the fifty year conspiracy between the syndicate and the aliens. The syndicate is all but destroyed by the alien rebels. Simply stated, these are the two episodes that every fan had been waiting five years for. No disappointment whatsoever.

    "The Unnatural" I list this as a mythology episode, as it simply does not fit as a stand alone. This episode is singularly the best episode of the season as it contains some great humor and one of the most touching endings of the season. We are treated to meeting Arthur Dale or actually his brother, as he tells Mulder the tale of when he met his first alien.

    "Biogenesis" As we learned in "One Son," the Syndicate is gone and with it the Alien/Syndicate conspiracy. Now we're treated to a new track on the mythology, as there still seems to be some sort of conspiracy evidenced by the discovery of an alien ship in Africa and Fox ending up in a loony bin. The conclusion will be on the Season Seven set.

    Stand alone episodes:

    "Drive" Our heroes run into a man who must continue moving west at a high rate of speed or his head will explode. "Triangle" a true X-Files classic as Mulder goes on a search for a ship that's been missing from the Bermuda Triangle since prior to WWII.

    "Dreamland & Dreamland II" Mulder and Scully take a trip to Area 51, where they run into the "Men in Black" and they witness a UFO which literally makes Mulder switch bodies with one of the MIB's. These are simply two of the finest and most hilarious X-Files episodes of the entire nine year run. "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" a beautifully well written episode guest starring Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin.

    "Terms of Endearment" another extremely well written episode as our heroes visit Roanoke, VA and run across a bedraggled demon who is in search of a normal child. This episode has another one of those wonderfully well written ironic endings that only Chris Carter is capable of. "The Rain King" Mulder and Scully take a trip to Kansas to investigate a man who can supposedly make rain at will. This episode is replete with some of the series most hilarious lines.

    "Agua Mala" Mulder and Scully take a trip to Florida in the middle of a hurricane to investigate a family's disappearance and discover a sea creature. "Monday" this is an X-Files homage to "Ground Hog Day," that is superbly written and played. "Arcadia" in this beautiful episode our erstwhile heroes pose undercover as husband and wife to discover why three couples have disappeared from a planned community.

    "Alpha" Mulder and Scully are summoned by an internet friend of his to find a mysterious wild animal that has been shipped to the US that has killed two merchant marines and then disappears. "Trevor" is an intriguing episode in which Mulder and Scully set off to find a prison escapee who supposedly died in a tornado, yet he's on the loose and exhibiting some interesting abilities.

    "Milagro" this is an interesting yet horrifying episode in which a writer, fascinated with Scully moves in next to Mulder and begins spying on her. Meanwhile Mulder and Scully are investigating several deaths where victims' hearts have been removed, but there is no evidence as to how. "Three of a Kind" the quintessential "Lone Gunmen" episode that just shines with a pure brilliance that may well have been the precursor to their short lived spin off series. "Field Trip" our two heroes end up in North Carolina and run into a hallucinogenic fungal mountain. This episode definitely breeches the different barrier, even for this series!

    Special features - Included, as with the other season's boxed sets, are some great special features to include my personal favorite - "Character profile on the Cigarette Smoking Man." The cover art for the boxed set and DVD's is fantastic as well. {ssintrepid}

    Episode list:

    The Beginning {mythology}
    Dreamland II
    How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
    Terms of Endearment
    The Rain King
    S.R. 819 {mythology}
    Two Fathers {mythology}
    One Son {mythology}
    Agua Mala
    The Unnatural {mythology}
    Three of a Kind
    Field Trip
    Biogenesis {mythology}...more info

    This is a new version that just recently got released. These new boxsets don't have any of the special features that were included with the original version of the DVD boxsets; these new DVD sets only have the episodes....more info
  • Season 6 is nearly here!
    Now I know that a lot of people thought that The X-files went bad after season 5, but I love this season! This was the first season of The X-Files I watched, and it's a good thing, cause I was naive and back then the early episodes would have scared the ... out of me!
    This season has some of the funniest episodes, most notably "Three of a Kind" which features The Lone Gunmen. I also like "The Rain King," especially Scully's line: "The blind leading the blind." Buy this season!
    I'm not just a junkie for the new seasons though, I have all the DVDs except season 4. That's probably in the top 3 of my favorite seasons, so why don't I have it? I'm a lazy teenager. I barely have a job and not enough money to buy season 4. I'm going to have to sell some limbs and organs to buy the rest of the seasons... any takers?...more info
  • The first of the last seasons.
    Season six. The season which would, ultimately, be past the half-way mark in the show's life. The first season set after the movie, and the first season to be shot in LA. The first season to give even hard-core X-philes cause for doubt.

    With the show now over, no debates on the ins-and-outs of season six's problems are worth much. It no longer matters whether it was the dramatic shift in location, or a sharp increase in comedic episodes, or even David Duchovny clearly starting to get bored - the show has now ended regardless.

    There are lots of fans who loved - and indeed still love - season six of the series immensly. The 22 episodes this season focuses intensly on lightheartedness (in accordance with the show's new climate) and the increasingly-romantic relationship between Agents Mulder and Scully.

    Gone are the grity and grainy images of night-time stakeouts, and instead we have cheerfully sunny couples holding hands everywhere we look. This is not The X-Files. Only it is.

    It is The X-Files.

    Which is why I can accept it and agree that yes, this is a must-buy for all fans. Every seasons has had its share of bad episodes to be fair, this season more than most. The thing I want to point out is that people who blame seasons 8 and 9 for the show's demise are wrong. The rot started here.

    But, of course, season six does have some good things going for it. Most noticeably writer Vince Gilligan was able to develop into the amazing storyteller he became by the following year. I think it's clear that even the cast and crew were unsettled by the shift to LA, and the stubborn lightheartedness of this season is evident of that.

    In my opinion, the best episodes this season are 'Drive', 'Trevor', 'How The Ghosts Stole Christmas', 'Tithonus' and 'Field Trip'.

    The most over-rated season of them all, and the mythology is at it's worst yet. The whole season is very watchable and remains a must-buy for collectors and casual fans alike, but overall it remains a disappointment....more info

  • A unique and original TV drama series...
    Nominated for 12 Golden Globes and 61 Emmys, including 4 for Outstanding Drama Series, The X-Files is one of the world's most popular science-fiction drama shows. Premiering in the Fall of 1993 on the Fox Network, home of popular programs such as The Simpsons (1989) and King Of The Hill (1997), The X-Files created an entire fictional world of conspiracies and secret organizations, building a legion of fanatic followers as devoted to the series as Trekkies are to Star Trek. Creator Cris Carter, a former writer for numerous TV shows in the late-80s/early-90s - The Nanny (1993) is one example - brings together the finest aspects of suspense-laden spy novels and alien science fiction. The result is one of the top sci-fi franchises ever produced, spawning its own line of merchandise and even a full length feature film - The X-Files: Fight The Future (1998). With nine successful seasons to its credit, The X-Files is one of the longest-running sci-fi series in television history...

    The X-Files follows the exploits of four FBI agents assigned to investigate a series of unsolved and mysterious cases known only as "The X-Files". FBI special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny), Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), John Doggett (Robert Patrick), and Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) are the primary agents investigating these unusual cases which could never be solved by conventional investigatory methods. But Mulder and Scully in particular play prominent roles in the series. The partnership and friendship the two develop during the course of the series sets the tone for their investigations into the paranormal with Scully, a medical doctor, playing the skeptic to Mulder's deeply held beliefs in widespread government conspiracies and alien abductions. Through the course of the series, The X-Files covers a wide-range of frightening and mysterious subjects from killer insects and secret world government organizations to the colonization of Earth by parasitic aliens. In so doing, it adds its own unique brand of humor and an original blend of creativity that fans of the genre will certainly appreciate...

    The X-Files (Season 6) DVD features a number of suspense riddled episodes including the season premiere "The Beginning" in which, much to Mulder's dismay, the Office of Professional Conduct has refused to put he and Scully back in charge of The X-Files project, opting to replace them with Agents Fowley and Spender instead. Nevertheless, the two continue their work off duty while their latitude within the agency shrinks... Other notable episodes from Season 6 include "Rain King" in which Mulder comes to believe that a weatherman's emotions are effecting the weather in a small rural town, and "Alpha" in which an anthropologist discovers the existence of an extinct canine species is Asia and brings it to America where it escapes and begins randomly killing people...

    Below is a list of episodes included on The X-Files (Season 6) DVD:

    Episode 118 (The Beginning)
    Episode 119 (Drive)
    Episode 120 (Triangle)
    Episode 121 (Dreamland)
    Episode 122 (Dreamland II)
    Episode 123 (How the Ghosts Stole Christmas)
    Episode 124 (Terms of Endearment)
    Episode 125 (Rain King)
    Episode 126 (S.R. 819)
    Episode 127 (Tithonus)
    Episode 128 (Two Fathers)
    Episode 129 (One Son)
    Episode 130 (Agua Mala)
    Episode 131 (Monday)
    Episode 132 (Arcadia)
    Episode 133 (Alpha)
    Episode 134 (Trevor)
    Episode 135 (Milagro)
    Episode 136 (The Unnatural)
    Episode 137 (Three of a Kind)
    Episode 138 (Field Trip)
    Episode 139 (Biogenesis)

    The DVD Report...more info
  • the beginning (of the Los Angeles era)
    The 6th year of THE X FILES ( 22 episodes airing in 1998-99 ) was the first and most consistently enjoyable of the four seasons filmed in Los Angeles. A palpable exuberance is on display throughout, which no doubt can be attributed to the excitement the cast and crew felt in working on the series in a new location. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny give performances that are firm evidence of their commitment and in another move highlighting the change of venue, a number of familiar Hollywood character actors are featured. Far from being a gimmick, the casting is quite adept, the right people being chosen for the right roles ( just as it had been with the talented "unknowns" in Vancouver ). And, as in previous years, the considerable creative abilities of the directors ( especially Rob Bowman and the stalwart Kim Manners ) continued to be marshaled in service of Chris Carter's overarching aesthetic vision.

    As with Season Five, the "stand alone" episodes shine ( only five episodes deal with the mythology ). Most of the scripts are of an inventive quality ( a number with comedic overtones ) and presented with the usual style and attention to detail that fans have come to expect of THE X FILES. One could be forgiven, however, for having a quibble with the original airing sequence in the first third of the season; far too many of the "light" scripts were shown consecutively, which lent an imbalance to a series that had previously distinguished itself with impeccable programming. In any case, Season 6 is the last in which "stand alone" episodes maintain a high level of consistency. The following year, many such scripts were noticeably derivative of earlier efforts and often failed to inspire a substantial emotional investment on the part of the actors ( especially so with regard to David Duchovny ).

    Vince Gilligan continued his legacy as the most consistently creative writer on THE X FILES. As in Seasons 4 & 5, Gilligan contributed three solo efforts: "Drive", an exciting throwback to an earlier X FILES era ( wonderfully shot by Rob Bowman ). While "Trevor" is enjoyable, "Tithonus" is a masterpiece. Featuring dynamic performances by both Gillian Anderson and long time character actor Geoffrey Lewis, the episode ( inspired by a Greek myth ) is a bleak but ultimately redemptive musing on the "curse" of immortality.

    Another dark script ( "Milagro" ) concentrates on an "underground" writer of Dostoevskian intensity who, in his obsession with Scully, shines with an intellectual brilliance and psychological insight that surpasses even Agent Mulder. "Milagro", in its spiritual magnitude, is one of the single finest episodes in X FILES history.

    David Duchovny wrote and directed the superb "The Unnatural", a clever homage to America's favorite pastime that incorporates THE X FILES mythology in a humorous but respectful manner. The guest actor who plays the alien ballplayer is wonderful as is the well-known M. Emmett Walsh, serving double duty as actor and narrator.

    Chris Carter weighs in as writer/director with the ambitious "Triangle", filmed ( using the unorthodox "single take" method ) aboard an actual ocean liner. A technical tour de force, "Triangle" is yet another pioneering X FILES episode that defies the usual constraints operating in television productions.

    "Three of a Kind" follows the exploits of the Lone Gunmen "on assignment" in Las Vegas. While not as good as "Unusual Suspects", this episode features a hilarious performance by Gillian Anderson as a ditzy (!) Agent Scully, temporarily deprived of her faculties by a surreptitiously administered chemical substance.

    There are several old-fashioned "monster of the week" scripts in Season Six. In "Agua Mala", Chris Carter favorite Darren McGavin makes a guest appearance as retired FBI Agent Arthur Dales. Set in hurricane-drenched Florida, this episode is a fun send-up of B movies in the "tentacled monster" genre. Similarly, "Arcadia" mixes scares with light-heartedness, as Agents Scully and Mulder pose as a married couple in a gated suburban community.

    A few sour notes are sounded: "Rain Man" is a unique idea for an X FILES story but its satire falls flat. "Alpha" is disappointing as is "Terms of Endearment" to an extent. Fortunately, even these "lesser" episodes are not catastrophic in their failures, a fate that would regretfully befall a number of scripts in Season Seven. The main defects in Season Six are located in the mythology storyline, its longstanding arc having reached its high point in prior years ( THE X FILES movie functioning as a grandiose large screen addendum ).

    The opening episode ( "The Beginning" ) starts out promisingly enough, with a solid script that combines elements from the previous years cliffhanger as well as the ( then ) recently released film. The root of the problem lies in the mid season two parter ( "Two Fathers" / "One Son" ); its "out in the open" explanations regarding the conspiracy are strained and self defeating. Despite a good performance by Chris Owens as Agent Jeffrey Spender, this hastily prepared conclusion to the shadowy "syndicate" suffers from a lack of balance, improper pace and even poor editing in spots ( the jarring cut in the "One Son" car chase scene is egregious and very uncharacteristic of THE X FILES). Yet, in spite of these flaws, something very crucial was achieved. In essence, Chris Carter decided to "amputate in order to save", a calculated gamble that reinvigorated the mythology by cutting away the detritus of the old plotline. As a consequence, a reconstituted myth arc sprang forth in the excellent 6th Season cliffhanger titled "Biogenesis", the seed from which new storylines would grow in the years to come. Carter's bold move was especially important when one considers that, with a few notable exceptions, the new mythology arc ( intertwined with the Mulder/Scully relationship ) would turn out to be the main attraction in the three remaining seasons of THE X FILES.

    ...more info
  • OK: Vocal Film Critic
    This was bought as a requested birthday gift for a college student. Since I did not hear a peep about it, I will assume good things. (The recipient does not hesitate to offer negative remarks about cinema of any sort if they are warranted.)...more info
  • Great... But not the best
    Although season 6 of the X-files provided many laughs and entertaining episodes, it is not the series finest. The move from Vancouver to L.A. gave the X-files a sort of phony look. When the show was in Vancouver it always had a sort of creepy look to it, but in L.A. it just looked like all other shows. But it still remains to me the best shows ever created. And season 6th is definetly an excellent addition to any collection....more info
  • One of the better x-files seasons.
    Being one of the late comers to the show, having started watching it around the 5th season, I decided to watch all the seasons in order, as I would understand it a lot more. Sitting through them all, I would have to say that season 6 is probably one of the finest, and most entertaining seasons of the lot. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson looks like they are really enjoying themselves in some of the most interesting episodes of the entire show.

    The season kicks off with "The beginning" which is sort of a follow up to the movie. Unfortunately, the episode isn't one of my favourite openings, but it was exciting, as it showed the return of Gibson Praise, and also guest-starred one of the aliens from the movie. The next couple of episodes are some of the seasons' best. "Drive" is one of my personal favourites, as it is about a man who is forced to drive Mulder around the highways at high speed, or he will die. The opening scene to that episode is one of my favourites. "Triangle" is a very entertaining episode, in which Mulder crosses through the Bermuda triangle and gets caught up on a ship that was said to have disappeared during world war II. "Dreamland I/Dreamland II" is a very humorous episode, in which Mulder switces body with another man, after a UFO is seen flying over them. And "How the ghosts stole christmas" is an intertesting story were Mulder and Scully get locked in a house which is believed to be haunted by a married couple at Christmas eve.

    Other good episodes include "Two fathers/One son" which basically closes of about 5 years of mythology in the show. The conclusion to the episode is breathtaking. "Monday" is another of my personal favourites, in which a woman has to relive the same day over and over again, until she can save Mulder and Scully from being killed by her boyfriend. "Arcadia" shows Mulder and Scully going undercover as a maried couple to try to investigate the disappearences of people in a small neighbourhood. It starts of very fun, but ends in a sort of disturbing way. "The Unnatural" is a great episode, in which a story is told about one of America's greatest baseball players being an alien. It includes a guest appearence by Brian Thompson as the alien bounty hunter. "Field trip" is a very unsettling and confusing episode, but very dream-like and it ranks as one of my personal favourite episodes ever.

    A few episodes do let the season down: "The rain king" is a stupid episode which mostly revolves around a weather man trying to have the guts his long-time friend out. "Alpha" seemed like a good episode, about a killer dog on ther loose, but it just fell flat. "Terms of endearment" wasn't a bad episode, it was just average really, about a man who just wants to have a normal baby and he will do anything to make it happen. It does have a good guest-starring Bruce Campbell (The Evil dead films). "Trevor" was just boring, and it seemed familiar ("Sqeeze" and "Tooms" from season 1).

    The season-finale isn't the most exciting finale to me, as it didn't really have a good cliffhnager (the best ones would be Season 2's "Anasazi" and Season 4's "Gethsamane").

    Still, this is probably one of the more experimental seasons of the show. Mixed with episodes of comedy, and some just straight-ahead horror stories.

    ...more info
  • Excellent season, inventive and imaginative
    Among X-philes, there are some who see Season 6 as the beginning of the end for THE X-FILES. On the urging of star David Duchovny, the crew relocated their base of operations from Vancouver to Los Angeles, and the move did seem to spark a different kind of spirit to subsequent X-FILES episodes. Not only was the look much bolder and brighter than the usual dark lighting of previous episodes; many of the episodes themselves started to veer into lighthearted comedy rather than the creepiness or dark humor of episodes like "Squeeze" or "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose."

    Some, of course, saw it as a sign that the creative minds of THE X-FILES were running out of creative juice. But, having revisited these 22 episodes recently, I believe that that is far from the case. My final impression of this great TV show's Sixth Season is of a wildly inventive series of episodes that was a step up from what I thought was a comparatively lackluster Season 5.

    Sure, there are not as many of those memorably freaky monsters of seasons past: certainly, the rather tame tulpa of "Arcadia" is no match for, say, the frightening Flukeman of Season 2's "The Host." But, instead of creeping us out on a consistent basis, Season 6 delights us with its ingenuity. Would THE X-FILES of Season 2 even countenanced an episode like this season's delightful "Triangle," which throws a desperate Mulder (David Duchovny) into a time warp in which he is stuck on a British luxury liner during WWII? Instead of another depressing holiday episode like Season 5's "Christmas Carol," writer-director Chris Carter treats us with the heartwarming (despite the spooks) "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas," with Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin as a husband-and-wife pair of ghosts. And Season 6 comes up with the first comic two-parter, "Dreamland"/"Dreamland II," a funny body-switching romp guest-starring Michael McKean as a loser MIB who switches bodies with Mulder by accident, and loves it.

    That's just the tip of the iceberg, though, with the creative treats offered by Season 6. It may not be as creepy as some may prefer, but it is, in many ways, even wilder than anything offered in the first five seasons.

    But, of course, those are just the standalone episodes. The alien mythology also sparks back into life, after the lackluster mytharcs of Season 5. The centerpiece, of course, is "Two Fathers"/"One Son," a convoluted and compelling two-parter that the FOX network touted as "Full Disclosure," as the answer to most of the questions posed by these mythological epiosodes. As usual with Chris Carter, it wasn't exactly that. Nevertheless, it did bring all the plot threads about alien colonization and warfare to a reasonable conclusion (or so it seemed at the time).

    "Two Fathers"/"One Son" left the door open for a new thread to emerge in the Season 6 finale, "Biogenesis." "Biogenesis" is unusual in that, instead of dabbling in confusing conspiracies or faceless aliens, it takes a more philosophical angle in exploring its new thread: the question of whether life truly originated on this planet or not. In the process, Mulder finds himself hearing things in his head and going slowly insane, and Scully (Gillian Anderson) finds herself in the midst of a biological mystery that has her stunned by the implications of her findings. Of course, most of "Biogenesis" is gripping and fascinating, as most of these big X-FILES mythology episodes are. At this point, though, many X-philes---myself included, started to feel that Carter and co. were running on fumes by this point, trying to stretch out a mythology that had already run its course. So, for all the solemnity of "Biogenesis," the episode felt, to me, a little too much like...I guess, padding of sorts.

    Still, those reservations are not enough to mar a strong season of episodes, one that almost consistently surprised and delighted, especially with its standalone episodes. There are so many strong ones in Season 6 that picking a favorite is almost impossible. Still, for my money, the most memorable standalone is not the wacky "Triangle" or David Duchovny's terrific writing-directing debut "The Unnatural." No, my personal favorite is "Tithonus," a moving episode about a weary old man who is simply unable to die, despite his numerous attempts attacting the attention of Death. Written by Vince Gilligan, always one of the show's strongest writers, it has an excellent performance by Geoffrey Lewis to recommend it. Lewis vividly conveys Alfred Fellig's weariness simply through his low, lazy, unemphatic phrasing; he somehow makes the character sympathetic in spite of his cynicism. "Tithonus" is a thoughtful episode about death that, thankfully, never becomes overly religious or preachy; you may not agree with Fellig's assertion that "75 years is enough," but you'll think about how much you value life nevertheless.

    Other highlights include "Drive," "S.R. 819," "Monday" (derivative of GROUNDHOG DAY, I know, but entertaining nonetheless), "Milagro," and the fascinating (if overrated) mindbender "Field Trip." And kudos to David Duchovny for coming up with the most delightful Mulder-and-Scully byplay in THE X-FILES since their first meeting in "Pilot"; their priceless first scene together in "The Unnatural" alone is worth the price of this box set.

    Thus, Season 6 of THE X-FILES, an inventive, consistently entertaining season that gives lie to those who see the beginning of the end in this set of episodes. It may not recall the creepy glories of earlier seasons; still, taken on its own terms, the Sixth Season is, overall, a terrific achievement. Highly recommended....more info
  • An extremely affordable edition of one of TV's greatest masterpieces
    THE X-FILES was one of the first television series to appear on DVD, but unfortunately 20th Century Fox didn't yet understand the market and as a result the sets were horribly overpriced, retailing usually for around $80 or $90 in most outlets, a price that meant that it wasn't going to be widely purchased. Furthermore, the situation was made more complex by an influx of cheap Hong Kong pirated editions, which meant that anyone attempting to buy the series used over the Internet ran the risk of getting tacky editions that lacked special features and where the movements of the actors mouths failed to synch with the sound. Thankfully, 20th Century Fox has finally corrected the situation by bringing out the original DVDs in a new Collector's edition.

    Most serious fans of THE X-FILES, even those who believe, as I do, that the show was at least very good until the very end, that at some point the show failed to maintain the extremely high level it had been at from its beginnings in Season One. My belief is that this happened in Season Six with the ending of the original Alien colonization mythology. The problem was that with the cessation of the colonization arc, there was no successful rebuilding of the mythology aspect of the show to go along with the continuing excellent stand-alone episodes. As any fan of the show knows, the first five seasons consisted of a blend of stand-alone episodes that did nothing to advance the alienation conspiracy arc with episodes that did advance that arc. But that arc comes to an end in Season Six, and while they continued to have episodes that dealt with aliens and the governmental conspiracy to hide the truth about alien visitation, the show did not have a real arc until Season Eight with the introduction of the almost universally loathed Super Soldiers arc. As mythology, Season Six was the last season to advance the original story.

    Despite the end of the colonization arc, THE X-FILES in Season Six remains a remarkable show and contains a host of truly great episodes. This was also the first season to be made in Hollywood rather than in Vancouver. Some see this as featuring into the show's demise, but my own feeling is that the fault lies with the writing. Though it never becomes anywhere close to being unwatchable, there simply aren't as many breathtaking episodes. My own favorite pair of episodes is the delightful "Dreamland" parts 1 and 2. Contacted by an anonymous Area 51 source Mulder and Scully go there only to have Mulder and his contact, played by Michael McKean, switch bodies when a spaceship causes a temporal distortion in their area. The result is both a moving and funny pair of episodes in which the two switchees manage to completely mess up living the other's life, though it is funny when McKean's Mulder cleans out the bedroom that had been used as a storage closet (the show's fans all know that Mulder merely slept on his couch) buys a water bed, a mirror for the ceiling, and other accoutrements to turn Mulder's apartment into a bachelor pad. "Two Fathers" and "One Son" bring the original mythology arc to a close, and while they are wonderfully satisfying and in no sense a disappointment, their cessation left the series nowhere to go. All in all, while this was still a series of the highest quality, by X-FILES standards it is a very slight disappointment. It was the first season in which it failed to maintain its own high standards. The good news is that even in the weakest episodes of the season, the show continued to surpass almost everything else that was taking place on television.

    Perhaps because of the end of the original mythology arc, Season Six saw the repressed romance between Scully and Mulder come a bit more to the surface. There is no explicit romance, but their relationship becomes increasingly flirtatious and Scully, usually serious to an extreme, starts smiling a great deal more around Mulder. The biggest tease might be in "The Unnatural," where Mulder, arms around Scully, tries to give her a feel for swinging a baseball bat.

    I honestly do not believe that there are any seasons of THE X-FILES that can be construed as anything short of Must See. Although in Season Six it finally fell slightly below the astonishing standard it set in its first five seasons, it remains riveting television. And now that it is available at a completely affordable price, there is no reason for any fan not to own their own copy of each season. ...more info
  • The last perfect season.
    This season was excellent. But it also marked the end of The X-Files "perfect season" streak. Seasons 7 and 9 were really good, but not perfect like the previous six.

    In this season, we start pretty much where the movie left off. And we also have a conclusion to the syndicate, and dive deeper into the conspiracy of Mulder's sister. We also find out more about the alien rebels. Lastly, we end the season with a great cliffhanger that takes the season in a new direction, dealing with an interesting (although highly implausible) take on the genesis of life on this planet.

    Great season, great DVD....more info

  • first BAD season
    A new fan of these series I fell in love with the show becoming addicted to it, talking about nothing but The X Files, etc. The movies was great. However the return to the show was very disappointing. I really enjoyed that once in a while there would be a "comedy" X Files episode to have some variety, but on this season they over did it. Most of this season is comedy, and some of them very cheesy comedy. Only a few episodes are serious like the good old classic X Files episodes, and even some of those "serious" episodes have some moments of cheesy comedy that turn you off.

    The 2nd disappointment is something on the "Mulder/Scully" subject (don't wanna go in detail to give any spoilers). Something unexpected is happening with their partnership in the movie. It doesn't get solved in the movie which made me think it was a very smart way to make people watch this season hoping this matter was solved or at least talked about. Wrong, I'm still waiting for that conversation between the 2 of them. This season makes it seem like that moment of the movie (my fav part) never even happened.

    As most fans I used to think "wouldn't it be nice if they did the show again?", but it is seasons like this that make you go "nah, just leave it the way it is".

    I would definitely try to rent this season before wasting your money, unless you are a collector and you must have all the DVDs....more info
  • Quite Possibly the strongest Season!
    While I won't review each episode, I will say that Season 6 really took "The X-Files" and put in on its head. They changed the way they told stories, but without changing the show. They tweaked the formula, and it worked very well. Some of the strongest stories were told this season.

    The DVD quality is solid, and the extras don't disappoint. If you're fan, of course you're going to buy this set. If you're a casual viewer, you won't be disappointed. This might be the last season worth watching as a whole.

    Worth giving a spin......more info

  • Even better than season five...
    Up until a few months ago, I never watched a single episode of the X-Files. However, now that the DVD sets have been reduced in price, I had the opportunity to start watching the show. Right off the bat, I was hooked immediately and with each passing season the show became established in my eyes as one of the best and most addictive sci-fi shows ever created. After seeing the first five seasons, I didn't think that season five could be topped, because it did not have one bad episode. I was also somewhat skeptical about season six, because of how many fans that said the show went downhill after the show left Vancouver to be shot in Los Angeles. I just finished with the sixth season, and it feels like the move to L.A. was a blessing in disguise. The sixth season is without a doubt the best season I have seen so far.

    The thing that suprised me the most about season six, was the fact that there were only three mythology episodes in "Two Fathers", "One Son", and "Biogenesis". Season six was the first season to be built almost solely upon stand alone episodes. However, the three episodes did such a wonderful job with the mythology of the show, that three episodes was all that season six needed. In fact, a season that was mainly comprised of stand alone episodes was definately a nice change of pace. Season six is filled with some of the best episodes of the entire show like "Triangle", "Dreamland" pts 1&2, "Monday" and "The Unnatural". Other episodes worth mentioning are "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" in which two ghosts try and convince Mulder and Scully to kill each other, "Arcadia" in which Mulder and Scully pose as a newly married couple, and "Drive" in which Mulder is trapped in a car with a man who forces Mulder to drive at high speeds to suppress a fatal ear condition.

    Overall, season six of the X-Files managed to be even better than the fifth season and is now my favorite season. With top notch mythology episodes and fantastic stand alone episodes, this DVD set would be worth owning just for the season itself. However, the extras are also great as well. You get two featurettes, deleted scenes, commentary on "Triangle" and "Milagro", and more.

    A solid 5 stars......more info

  • Last of the outstanding seasons at a great price minus the last disk with the some of the extras
    The last truly outstanding season of "The X-Files" the complete sixth season ties up a few loose ends but the series begins to unravel in the process. The seventh season despite some fine episodes would suffer. While the eighth season would get a jolt of much needed energy from Robert Patrick the writing still wasn't quite up to previous years. "The X-Files: Fight the Future" appeared during the summer between season five and six. The set, like the other reduced price sets from Fox, will include all the episodes from season six. You'll be able to access special features for respective episodes such as commentary, deleted scenes and international clips.

    "The Beginning" ties into the movie although the movie could stand independently on its own (which is just as well because despite some marvelous set pieces it basically was a rehashing of a number of alien movies). Mulder and Scully have been removed from the X Files and replaced by two new agents. One of the most interesting episodes includes "SR 819" where Assistant Director Skinner is black mailed into helping an old foe. Skinner has been infected with some mysterious organism that this other person can control to make Skinner do his bidding.

    Bruce Campbell appears as a philandering husband in "Terms of Endearment". When his baby disappears and is apparently taken by a Demon Mulder and Scully are called in by local police to help with the case. Campbell gives an excellent performance.

    The two part "Dreamland" is terrific with a great guest performance by Michael McKean ("Spinal Tap"). A black ops agent switches bodies with Mulder freeing him from his shrewish wife and stuffy lifestyle. Suddenly Mulder becomes a wild and crazy guy.

    The humorous but suspenseful "Arcadia" plants Mulder and Scully in suburbia playing a husband and wife in one of those "planned communities" ruled by an iron fist. Houses have to be a certain color, portable basketball hoops are forbidden and residents who step out of line mysterious vanish or are killed.

    Duchovny's "The Unnatural" is a clever tale involving Arthur Dale (here played by character actor M. Emmett Walsh when Darren McGavin wasn't available in a truly X-files twist), racism and baseball loving aliens set before baseball was integrated. Dale is assigned to protect a African American baseball player who's life has been threatened as they tour the South.

    "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" is a funny and fun episode with guest appearences by Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin. Mulder decides to check out a haunted out on Christmas Eve and a reluctant Scully goes to check on him. The two get pulled into a surreal story which makes them doubt their own sanity.

    For mythology fans the two episodes "Two Fathers and "One Son" closes out the main conspiracy arc of the last five years. While threads remain (and show up in the fascinating "Biogenesis")many of the mysteries of the last five years are nicely wrapped up until we discover that there are aliens on Earth working beside us every day. To say more would spoil it and although it's unlikely you haven't seen it, I'd rather not spoil the conclusion and the set up for season seven.
    ...more info
  • Amazing Follow-Up Of the Blockbuster movie!
    I was rather shocked when i saw negative reviews about season six. This season, starting off with 'The Beginning', is a great twist from the show's old way of displaying the x-files mythology. More questions answered, new doors opened, and the huge conspiracy is finally revealed. Needless to say, brilliant acting by all cast members, influential stand-alone episodes not to mention character twists. This season is invaluable to any x-files passionate collector. The cliffhanger, unlike any other, was perfect in its own way that opened up new avenues to the mythology as a whole. This is a must have, DO NOT be fooled by any negative reviews about this season!...more info
  • Average
    I've come across many fans of The X-Files that proclaim Season Six to be the best season of the show; however, I think it continued the decline which started in Season Five and ended with the introduction of Robert Patrick as Agent Doggett.

    I really enjoyed the mythology this season - The Beginning, Two Fathers, One Son and Biogenesis concluded elements of the myth arc, whilst adding new elements (which were only really taken further in Season Nine). I did find it frustrating that there were only four traditional myth episodes this season - like Season Seven, I felt that it needed more focus on the mythology to keep the story progressing. After "One Son", the conspiracy arc seems to go into remission until Seasons Eight and Nine.

    The standalone episodes are in my opinion, a mixed bunch. There are some really great stories - my favourites being "Drive", "Triangle", "Dreamland I/II", "Monday",
    "Milagro", "How The Ghosts Stole Christmas" and "The Unnatural". But there are also plenty of stinkers - "The Rain King", "Arcadia", "Trevor", "Agua Mala", "Aplha"......

    Like Season Five, its a mixed bunch. Over the course of Seasons Five, Six, and Seven, you get some really great episodes - but unlike the first four and last two seasons, there are more rubbish episodes in each season....more info

  • Pretty good season...
    Season 6 was pretty good, though not as intense as the classics from seasons 1-3. I love some of the comic episodes: Dreamland I and II, How the Ghosts Stole Christmas, Arcadia, and Three of a Kind. "Field Trip" was odd. "The Unnatural" was so, so. David Duchovny does a much better job with "Hollywood AD" in Season 7. The stand-alones were compelling. It's amazing how Brian Kranston can disappear into his guest-star role in "Drive." It's hard to believe it's the same Brian Kranston who plays Malcolm's father, Hal, in "Malcolm in the Middle." Well, I won't comment on every single episode here. I just think this season is another good contribution to the series, especially for those collecting X-Files episodes. If you're just starting to collect X-Files, I highly recommend Seasons 1-4. Those have amongst some of the best episodes of this entire series. For X-Files regulars: get this item if you want to continue following the storyline all the way through. Although, I'd suggest you watch the X-Files movie first because Season 6 is a continuation of that. If you don't watch the movie, you're going to be confused about the first episode. ...more info