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Midland AVPH3 Transparent Security Headsets with PTT/VOX (Pair)
List Price: $40.00

Our Price: $20.56

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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:Two transparent behind the ear microphoneFits directly into the earPush to talk optionVox optionWorks with all Midland GMRS/FRS radiosUsed in the security, hunting, and various activities

The Midland AVPH3 Transparent Security Headsets with PTT/VOX are ideal for those in the security industry or for hunters. A transparent behind-the-ear microphone fits directly into the ear. It includes both a push to talk and vox option. The pair of headsets work with all Midland GMRS/FRS radios.

What's in the Box
Two ear microphones and two push-to-talk buttons.

  • A transparent ear microphone with a behind-the-ear design
  • Fits directly into the ear; ideal for security business
  • Includes push-to-talk and vox options
  • Works with All Midland GMRS/FRS Radios

Customer Reviews:

  • Midland Headsets
    I really like these headsets. They work pretty well. I use it when I go snowboarding and they fit. Great for use in security and when you need to keep your hands free. I really like the function of not having to press the talk button to talk. Just speaking turns it on!...more info
  • PERFECT option for loud events!
    I purchased two sets of these for a very large event. We were not part of security but part of the music program. Four of us had to seat over 400 people in a choir and orchestra in a venue we had never rented before. The headsets were invaluable! There is no way we could have communicated with out them! Over the two day period the ear pieces were comfortable and the microphones picked up every word accurately. Look forward to the next event to use them again....more info
  • Secret Agent Man!!!
    We use these with our Midland radios for the security team we have at our business. The security team are never more than 200ft away from each other and through three floors of building. They are well constructed, lightweight and unobtrusive. The team loves them over the old ones we had where they looked like Britney Spears in a concert (boom mic, etc). Now they can be like Secret Service and can watch our patrons in a bit of cognito. They are well worth the money and we plan to buy more for the other radios....more info
  • Good Set
    Works better than a over the head "Head Set". The ear piece speaker should be a little louder. I use this for when I go ATV'n. Still, does work good....more info
  • Cool but needs some improvements
    My family of 4 bought this for skiing so we can keep track of the kids. Wears very comfortably under helmets and my 180's. The alligator clip is very close to where the button is to speak into the mic and I can't tell you how many times it came unclipped when trying to talk and then you have to fumble around to get it clipped back on. When speaking, it's very clear. We put our mics on the edge of our jackets and lined the wire underneath our jackets so it doesn't get tangled, that worked out great. Overall, it's a great product. My husband is going to have to jerry rig the alligator clip somehow though....more info
  • Ear Piece/Mic
    This product works perfect for the secuirty positions I currently use them in, only one is the cord is a little long in certain areas and not long enough in others, but its a great product and has lasted through the testing ....more info
  • VERY comfortable!!!
    I have tried other kinds of these things and there was always 2 problems. 1 they hurt after a long shift. 2 they made it hard to hear it was as if you had an ear plug in one ear. These worked MUCH better both ways. Because of the acoustic tube you can still hear with the ear that has the piece in it. I found out right away that even after a 12 hour shift my ear was not sore from wearing this. If you want to use a two way with an ear piece this is the only way to go....more info
  • Worse than the ones that came with the radio!
    I got these to replace the headset that came with the radio, so that we could better communicate while riding our motorcycles. We tried them out in the house and immediately put them back in the box. They were uncomfortable for me to wear (though my partner didn't seem to mind) and the clarity was terrible.
    The description doesn't tell you that the mic is actually on the same piece as the PTT button, and unless you are holding it in just the right place when you talk all you get on the other end is whisper on open air.
    I bought them on the strength of the reviewer who claimed to take them on ATV's but on our motorcycles we use full face helmets, no way could we use these.
    Probably these are ok if you are using them somewhere quiet, and don't want to look so much like a pop star, but otherwise these are worse than no headset....more info
  • very satisfied
    I have been very satisfied with this headset purchase. They have worked well for my hunting endeavors....more info
  • Midland AVPH3 Transparent Security Headsets
    First the negative. You must have the talk piece close to your mouth (some more expensive sets you can place away) or you will not hear much of anything. That is it for the negatives. They fit great in the ear, push to talk/voice activated option works great. They have clips to clip the talk and push to talk piece on your clothing/gear. There is plenty of slack in the lines for placing the set where you want to on your gear/body. I have used them while being quite active in the woods and they hold in place and do what they are supposed to do. I have mine hooked up to the Midland GXT950VP4 and they are a good accessory to have. ...more info
  • Just like the CIA
    This product meets and exceeds my expectations for allowing a semi-handsfree way to communicate with others. Unfortunatley, the two way radios i purchsed do not support the VOX option, but that is my fault (I will be buying some eventually that do). I love the clips in both locations which allows for easier affixing to clothes....more info
  • Half way to a great product
    Comfy to wear. The mic is weakest part of the is setup, frustratingly so. It's my first ear and mic set up like this so I can't offer a comparison. It blows away the boom set up included with radios, but I would look around for something with great reviews, I had limited time and it did the job.

    ...more info