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Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Open-air Dynamic Headphones
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Product Description

With a lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing and magnesium frame structure, these open-air headphones produce no sense of pressure on the ears, offering a completely natural listening experience. The sound is smooth and relaxed, with deep resonating bass and vocal projection. The self-adjusting wing support automatically adjusts to your head size for easy-wearing listening comfort. A straight cord at the left earpiece terminates to a mini plug with included ?" adapter.

  • Open-air dynamic headphones for a natural and high quality sound with deep bass and accurate vocal projection
  • Vibration-proof, 3D capsule support housing
  • Lightweight aluminum honeycomb casting with a rigid magnesium frame
  • 53mm neodymium driver, CCAW voice coil
  • Frequency response: 5Hz-30kHz

Customer Reviews:

  • Audiophile Quality
    I recently just recieved these pairs of headphones after a couple weeks of research. After truly starting to get into music and trying to get the most out of my cd's (without putting up a loan) I started looking within the 100-200 price range. I stumbled upon 3 major choices: ATH AD-700, Sennheiser HD-555 and Sennheiser HD-595.
    First, price was a big issue for me....
    I didnt want to spend too high on the headphones, and the HD-595's were quite expensive, but I went to my local audio store and really felt that the 595's put up an overall better sound than the 555's. The soundstage was also amazing for both, but again, the 595's were superior.

    The Audio Technicas however, was compared first to the 555's and I already amazed by the difference. They achieved far better tone in each note, and was able to go much "higher" and "lower" than the 555's making the Sennheisers almost seem flat. When compared to the 595's, it was definitely more difficult to distinguish a difference, but the tones were still clearer in the ATH's, but the 595's seemed to have a slightly better soundstage, and a rich, ringy sound vs the clearness of the ATH's. Because I listen to classical, jazz, rock, and a moderate dash of techno once in a while, I thought that the 595's would probably sound better with the rich, full sounds of classical and jazz, but fare far worse against the 700's in rock.

    After again looking at the price, I decided on the ATH's

    The 595's howerver, did look slightly better and may have felt more comfortable. The ATH's didnt feel quite as secure, but it seems to be doing alright up till this point.

    A highly reccomended buy.

    -Kevin-...more info
  • Ultra comfortable, high quality sound.
    I'm highly satisfied with these headphones. They are by far the most comfortable 'phones I've ever had; the open design breathes well, and the velvet cushions are plush and luxurious. It never presses uncomfortably hard on the top of the head either, which has been a problem I've had with other large headphones in the past.

    And the sound! My, it's like having a set of $200k speakers; the sounds stage is open and perfectly clear, and I find myself hearing new things in almost every piece of music I play through it. Additionally, they reproduce human voices to perfection; along with the comfort factor, this makes these perfect for listening to podcasts and audiobooks. They work perfectly with my Cowon D2, but that is a -very- loud and clear PMP, so your millage may vary with lesser devices.

    These things are an absolute steal at the price quoted. Buy them now!...more info
  • Extremely large...
    I purchased these headphones around Feb. of 2007. I would rate them much higher, except I really didn't get to use them very much due to their extreme size. I'm not certain if I received a defective pair, but when I opened the product and attempted to put them on my head, they were SO big that they fell off my head every time I would put them on. Since there is no manual adjustment to make the headphones fit snug to your head, they don't fit comfortably at all.

    The sound quality on the headphones is excellent, but the headphones themselves are poorly designed. If you like comfort, don't buy these headphones. They're NOT comfortable due to the size.

    However, if you're a teenager and you like listening to music with a friend while both of you have your heads side-by-side, the headphones are plenty large enough to accomidate you. Or if you're a zookeeper and you like to let your elephants or hippos listen to music, these headphones will fit them nicely....more info
  • awesome gaming/movie headphones!
    Well i purchased these headphones becuase i read alot of reviews and recommendation on them. I use them mostly for gaming (xox 360, ps3) and also watching dvds! The sound is awesome! Very accurate and you hear so much details. Games i have been playing for months, i know hear new and different sounds with these headphones on because they are picking out the little things but they do an overall great job! Yes they aren't a bass head type headphone but i think is solid and punchy enough for anyone. I havent listened to much music but i think they did a great job. So yes i highly recommend the headphones becuz they sound great and they are light and you harly notice you are wearing them. I have also come to like their strnage color scheme and think its rather cool now...haha...more info
  • Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Open-air Dynamic Headphones
    Read about these in Sam's Space, Stereophile. They cost one fourth of the highly rated AKGs but are well worth the price and sound amazing. Try them on your ipod, you won't believe how great they sound even compared to some very expensive Shures. They really sound best through a good headphone amp. Comfortable but you probably need a good size noggin for them. I can't say enough about their build and, of course, their AWESOME sound. A nice touch is the multiple screw on 1/4" and 1/8" inputs. A+++...more info
  • Excellent
    Perhaps the best headphones I have ever heard. Excellent sound stage reproduction and beautiful highs and mids. The bass leaves a little to be desired though I have never heard headphones that recreate a deep and thorough bass appropriately.

    I primarily use them for gaming and listening to classical opera. ...more info
  • Inexpensive, comfortable, audiophile headphones
    There is no negative to this product. The only thing you could possibly say is that they're not as good as the more expensive ATH-AD900. But they both have a completely different sound-stage so even that is arguable.

    Bottom line is these headsets look, feel, and sound incredible. Couldn't really be sure from the picture but you really can tell these are high end by just looking at them. The build quality is first class and the wing design distributes the weight very well and results in the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn. Very light and the huge velvet ear-cups will fit around the biggest of ears.

    Audio-Technica's AD line may have very well been the reason Sennheiser dropped the prices on their HD models. And still many owners prefer these over other brand name headphones that cost twice as much.

    There is one review here that says these headphones are too big. Well, they are indeed large but I find that it adds to the comfort. They don't clamp onto your head like some other brands. They rest very lightly around your head but I'm sure most people won't have any problems with them falling off.

    If you've got a good soundcard in your PC and you're looking for high quality, comfortable headphones, look no further....more info
  • You will not regret it
    I have Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 for about a month and quite happy with its sound quality. But it is not worth to have it with mp3 player or PC
    with cheap soundcard, they will not make wonders with bad sound source.
    With decent CD player (I tested and use them with JVC and Sony DVD players
    amplified by Kenwood or Sony stereo receivers) good quality CD's sound great, just as they should: close to a quite good speaker system. With better source the result could possibly be even better. Overall, very good cans, worth the money. They sound better than Bose Triport, though heavier. They are pretty comfortable (though not extremely light and quite large). They are not adjustable, which is an only drawback I see). So, I would rate them by 4+.
    ...more info
  • awesome phones after modification
    Just wanted to reply to everyone that said that these phones are not adjustable. I bent the top wire more narrow, now these phones are super rockin! I would even say as good or better than my grado sr-80's. What I did was fold a towel in fourths and put between the cups so they would not get damaged. Then I bent the top wire inward so the cups fit flush to my head. Be careful if you try it, cause you could damage the phones. It was way worth the risk to me....more info
  • Great gaming headphones
    After quite a bit of research I settled on these for primarily gaming purposes but I have used them for music. After I got the AD700s and a new X-FI sound card the sound quality while playing games is amazing. I can only play Bioshock for so long at a time because the game is simply scary due to the realism the sound system is providing. I haven't tried a ton of other headphones so its hard for me to compare these to others, but I can say with confidence if your looking for a good set of cans for both gaming and music these are not going to disappoint.

    As for size I haven't found it to be an issue. After wearing these for extended periods of time I have never had an issue with comfort and I personally like them being a bit on the large size since a lot of people complain of tightness with other cans. So if you have a really small head or these are for a small child maybe you should look at something else......more info
  • Great Cans!
    These really are for big heads! I am very satisfied with their comfort and sound....more info
  • Great sound, large, weird color choices
    I have been using these headphones for about a full month now for mainly gaming and music. So far they perform superbly and actually worked amazingly well before I bought a new sound card to enhance them. They sound even better now but not enough to justify a $100 sound card purchase. It took about a week to get used to the largeness of the headphones since I have a thin head but they adjusted quite quickly. My only gripe with these headphones is that they look dorky with their gold and purple color design. Who picks those colors for headphones, honestly?! It may have royal colors but they don't really look good with a black case, black monitor, black mouse, and so forth. Just stupid. Oh, they seem super sturdy and I've almost tossed them around a bit and them haven't cracked or made any sign of breaking. The flexibility to them probably has a lot to do with that.

    Defintely a good buy and I don't regret the purchase but the color scheme is awful in conjunction with other parts of your computer. Oh, I upgraded from some $60 sony headphones that I bought from 2003 and it was night and day in comparison when wearing these, fyi....more info
  • comfort, excellent audio
    I purchased these for my 94 year old father. He has age related (dah) hearing loss and hasn't been able to hear televison for years. I recently bought him a laptop and he plugged in a pair of cheap earbuds and he was shocked to find he could hear well enough to watch movies. So I decided to buy him a better pair of headphones to see if this would further improve his ability to hear. However, comfort had to be the priority because he is very frail. He could not be happier with these headphones. The first thing he said was how extremely comfortable they were and followed this up with "its like he's never been deaf" (he can hear again). These headphones have improved his quality of life. I also considered the Sennheiser HD 555 but in reading reviews I felt that the ad700s would be more comfortable. I am very happy about my choice....more info
  • Sound great, a bit heavy, very purple
    I wanted some very large, open, great sounding cans. And these definitely are all those things. So, in a sense, I got exactly what I was after.

    However, The support for them is definitely NOT great. It's two, spring loaded, padded wings. There is no way to adjust their pressure or location. I find that the spot they're pushing on gets a bit tired after a while. I went so far as to put tie them back so that I could at least move them to a different spot on my head.

    They're a bit heavy. A bit heavier and larger than I anticipated. It means that they're not exactly comfortable for long sessions as the weight and heat of having that on your head becomes tiresome.

    And they're purple. That was the biggest surprise. They look like a sort of nice cool purplish black in the photo, but in reality their more of a pinkish purple or anodized mauve. I don't think there could be any worse color they could possibly be. It is quite possibly the most effeminate color they could have chosen.

    If you're at home, listening alone, they sound great. But don't expect to invite your buddies over to look at the new 'phones. Expect to get some stares and, "hey, why'd you buy purple?"...more info
  • Great Sound and Incredibly Comfy
    I purchased these headphones at the beginning of February and I have no regrets at all.

    {sound Leakage} People over exaggerate a bit about how much sound these headphones leak. people will only hear a very quiet tiny version of your music when you have the volume turned up passed comfortable levels.}

    When I was opening the packaging the first thing I noticed was the looks.Now the picture that uses has to be photoshoped. up close these headphones have a really cool shade of dark purple on the grill thing. and the main structure of the headphone is more of a warm, tan camel color.
    As I was taking these out of the box I was really nervous if they were going to fit or not after reading some negative reviews. but as soon as I placed them on my head they were just soOO comfy, and they don't fall of your head like some people say.there so comfy that you just want to hold them against your ears until the end of time! to describe it its kind of like having two pillows around while not squishing your ears. though they are very comfy , they are also pretty big so laying on your side with them on might be pretty uncomfortable.
    Now it was time to plug them in and try them out. When I first played some music on these headphones the sound was just GREAT. I get most of my music of limewire (Sorry but these headphones emptied my bank) and I have a plain old laptop sound card. But these headphones add amazing depth and clarity to all my songs. I am listening to [Matchbook romance] -Monsters- while writing this review and these headphones just add so much life to the song. With my old headphones I would never listen to this song because this song sounded grainy and the guitar nearly washed out the singers voice. But with these headphones the contrast between the guitar and the singers voice is much better. Oh yah I remember reading blogs that imply that these headphones are not meant for rock. Well that Is a load of crap. 90% of what I listen to is rock and it is great to hear a guitar solo accented by the sound of crashing symbols.
    BASS. I know there is an issue about the lack of bass on these headphone and I really can't say otherwise because I have never Owned Bassey headphones. but on all my song the bass really sounds great but you cant really feel some base with these headphones then just listen to some Bass Mekanik stuff and you can feel the headphones shake.

    Sound Stage. I use these headphones almost all the time when I play call of duty 4 or halo 3 and the sound stage can give you a great advantage. It's not an advantage like " Hey Behind you this guy is gonna knife you" but if you turn you volume up to a decent but not ear damaging level then you pay attention you can hear footsteps that are clearly behind you, beside you, in front of you or even above you. And the sounstage seems to get even better with burn in. Along with the bass and the comfort.
    So I will give these headphones a 5/5. They sound great for the price, extremely comfy, Decent length cord, incredibly lightweight too.

    Cons. After an hour and a half of listening you ears will get a little sweaty so you just take the headphones of for a few moments to cool off your ears. second If you have a hairstyle that kinda sticks up a little then you shal be warned that these headphones will leave two flat spots on you hair after a little while. Just like any other headphone though.
    ...more info
  • Awesome!!! Crystal clear sweet nectar for your ears!
    After owning a set of Sennheiser 485's and being quite happy with them, I wanted to try something a little more high end. I narrowed my search down to two choices. These and the Sennheiser 555's. After much research I decided to go with these. I couldn't be more happy with them. The first thing I noticed immediately is the sparkling, ultra crisp highs that these produce and the level of comfort these have. They have velour ear pads, and the floating auto adjusting "wings" offer a loose but ultra comfortable fit. You will instantly forget that you even have them on. They are very big, but far more comfortable than any other headphone I ever had on including the Senn 555's. You hear every miniscule detail of the sound source you are listening to. I personally use these for gaming (xbox 360), plugged directly into my av receiver and they offer great soundstaging for games. These are not bass heavy headphones, but instead offer tight well defined bass that's not overly boomy. Having listened to a friend's set of Sennheiser 555's, I can say these sound very similar to them. One final thought. These are open air headphones and have A LOT of sound leakage. Do not buy these if you don't want to disturb someone next to you.
    Anyone looking for a super comfortable, very light, marvelously crafted, and beautiful sounding set of cans,get will not be disappointed. They are glorious!...more info
  • Comfortable and Clean but no lows
    They're extremely light given their size, and I'd say they're probably among of the lightest full-size headsets. The "wing" design does a good job of setting the height of the earcups without requiring any adjustment whatsoever. That said, the overall size of the headphones is made for someone with a head wider than mine so by default the earcups sit at an inward angle like \ / which put some pressure on my neck. A little careful bending relieved most of that to the point they can be worn comfortably all day at work. Despite the open design, there isn't any airflow so my ears do warm up after an hour of listening, but it never gets uncomfortably hot. The wings also kinda push my hair (very short) toward the center of my skull, eventually leaving me with two hair "sprouts" after removing them.

    Enough about the comfort, let's talk about sound! As many reviews point out, these headphones have amazing clarity. I'm not an audiophile so I'm not going to go on about soundstage and presence or anything like that, largely because I have no idea what those are. I can tell you that sounds are very distinct and I can hear great detail in my music-- really quite remarkable.

    On the downside, these headphones have absolutely zero of what I'd call "punch". I've had some headphones that didn't have much on the low end of the frequency spectrum, but seriously, these headphones have nothing. Nothing. Connected to an Onkyo TX-SR606 amplifier, I have to crank the bass up almost max before I can start to feel any percussion. Some might point out that bass in open cans is never as good as a closed set but I'm telling you this is attenuated to the point of just not being there at all.

    Long review short: they're comfortable and clean-sounding but are missing everything on the low end. If you listen to music with the lowest two sliders all the way down, these are the perfect headphones for you....more info
  • Best price/performance ratio I have heard in large headphones.
    Let me start by saying that I am in now way new to or unfamiliar with the world of headphones. I started my Hi-Fi journey with BOSE thinking that they must be expensive because they were the best, but that couldn't have been further from the truth.

    From BOSE 'phones I moved on to the Denon ah-d1001. Now those things are incredible for the $80 I paid and I use them still today. I was sure that I couldn't find a better set of headphones until the $200 mark. Then I received my ad700. These 'phones are incredible! They are supremely comfortable and lightweight. They provide a crisp and clear reproduction that is very accurate to what the studio intended when initially recording the tracks. You can really hear things you've been missing. The separation is great: the instruments sound like they are coming from different areas around your head rather than hearing a wall of sound so common to headphones from $10 - $500. The soundstage is incredible, it's like I'm in the music rather than listening to it.

    The ad700 measure up to more expensive Sennheisers, Sonys, and Grados such as the sr325. While the other 'phones may do some things better, they do not best the ad700 in every area (while still costing hundreds more!). The only all-around better headphones I've heard aren't headphones at all but in-ear monitors: the Klipsch Image x10. However, the Klipsch cost anywhere from $200-$350.

    Bottom line: the ad700 represent my best spending of $100 during my foray into the world of hi-fi....more info
  • vanished item????????
    I have been charged 430 swedish crowns for VAT and administral costs
    for an item I never received.

    I want to know why this strange company "Beach Camera" suddenly
    withdraw ordered product,so the customs authorities are ripped off
    and thinks I have got the item and charges me for expenses...more info
  • Excellent headphone
    I own the Etymotics ER4P but find myself reaching for these headphones when I am at home. They fit pretty comfortably, but are almost too big for my big head! I'd take them to work, but again, they're really too big to be portable.

    The bass in these headphones is comfortable for me since I don't like a lot of bass. There is excellent sound reproduction in the mids and highs....more info
  • amazing sound ,with a dedicated headphone amp
    I have listened to "cans" that cost 10 times Amazon price,on the AD700, (which is a very good buy), my only problem is to obtain the maximum acoustic performance I have to use a headphone amp, which I have hooked up to a to an old but trusty Pioneer Changer, that has only analog outputs. These are so fantastic sounding that I am going to invest in a very good Headphone Amp/DAC so that I may experience the sound from my Digital sources.
    Negatives would be the suspension system,used to hold the headphone on my head, my lack of hair might be part of the problem,so a ballcap is worn to prevent them from slipping. They are large, not something to travel with ,but I have my ATH-ANC7's for travel which are fantastic, I would not use the Bose Noise Cancelling if you gave them to me, the Audio Technica ANC7's are with me on all flights and traveling. Sterophile Magazine (April 2009) rated the ATH=AD700's amidst cans, costing in the thousands of dollars and they are correct.The other are fancier and might impress someone. These impressed my ears and wallet....more info
    After years of being disappointed with one set of headphones after another, I was lucky enough to find the Audio Technica ATH-A700's. Not only is the sound quality considerably better than the Panasonics, Boses, and Sennheisers, but they are actually comfortable. I was so happy with them, I decided to give the ATH-AD700's a chance. Almost everything I love about the A700's can be found in the AD700's: the detail, clarity, separation, warmth, hearing things that can't be heard with other models, and so on. I've always preferred closed headphones, because the open models I've tried tend to have a tinny, thin sound. This is definitely not the case here. These have a full, rich sound and, if anything, they might have stronger bass than the A700's. There is just one drawback. As Mr. F.Parker pointed out in his review, the ear-cups are tighter at the bottom than they are at the top and do put pressure on your jaw. It's not like it's horrible, but if it's noticeable with my 7 3/4 hat size, I can't see anyone with a small or even a medium-size skull finding these comfortable. Even so, for a large head, these are much more comfortable than the Bose Tri-Ports, Sennheiser HD280's, and Senheiser HD555's. These are very, very nice headphones! If the A700's are (for the price) #1 to me, the AD700's are #1-A....more info
  • Almost perfect headphones with a few unforgivable flaws
    High quality build, good connector (1/8-inch with 1/4 inch adapter), long cord (but doesn't really tangle or get in your way), lightweight design, comfortable on your head, good sound quality (I'm not an expert on this part though).

    The headphones are designed to easily expand to the size of your head without putting much pressure on your ears. The problem is that you need a very wide head to even fit the minimum size. If you don't the headphones will slip off if you move. The have a very loose fit on my head and so there was absolutely no chance of using this with my portable music player. The bass is weak, but I have read elsewhere that it gets better once you break them in for 100 hours (I don't know for sure though). Also, the headphones have a lot of noise leakage. If you have the headphones turned to a comfortable listening level, anyone in the room will be able to hear the songs you listen to as well. They offer next to no noise attenuation.

  • Remarkable product for the money
    These are very comfortable. The headphones are big. They fit completely over the ears rather than on the ears. They earpads are made of a soft fabric that feels like velour. The frame of the headphone is a magnesium alloy and the outside of the earcup is aluminum. The wires to the individual earcup appear to be hidden inside the frame of the headphones. I think it makes it less likely that they will somehow be pulled, stretched to cause a short. I mention this because I have read in a number of customer reviews that after a short period of time, one side of the headphones shorts out. Perhaps this will be less likely. These headphones like most of the Audio-Technica headphones currently being marketed have these "wings" that A-T designed to give you the feeling that the headphones float on your head. The phones fit very lightly and are very comfortable. What I cannot say is whether the "wings" will be fragile if dropped. They look as though they might be fragile. Only time will tell.

    The sound of the headphones is excellent and probably closer to nuetral than many of the other headphones that I have. These phones provide for excellent separation and clarity of sound. It is not clinical sounding,but really very precise. I have the current top end models of headphones for practically all the major headphone manufacturors so that I can make some valid comparisons. The midrange is beautiful, the highs are very good, and the bass is clear and tight, but not really punchy. They are neutral sounding. For some, the bass might not be enough. Occasionally, I have thought the phones could use a little more bass which will be assisted by a headphone amplifier. The battery or AC driven Airhead amplifier is reasonably priced and small enough to fit in a large shirt pocket is perfect for adding a little bass to these headphones. It really steps up the bass in a clean, clear manner. (I have found that using a headphone amplifier--particularly at home where it is convenient is the best choice to ensure full, rich sound on all of the headphones that I have).

    The headphones can be easily powered by an Ipod and they sound very good. These phones are on the efficient side when comparing impedence. You can get a lot of volume with a free-standing mp3 device. The headphones come with a 1/8" headphone jack with a 1/4" adaptor. While they sound even better with a headphone amplifier, it is not necessary like with the Sennheiser 600 or 650 which sounds anemic without the power provided by a separate headphone amplifier.

    I think that the open-backed headphones sounds better than the closed-back headphones. If you want a headphone that is more punchy for rock and roll, consider the Grado SR-80 which is within approximately $10.00. The price for these headphones on Amazon Marketplace is approximately $100.00. The Grado's come in at approximately $95.00 at fair trade price (meaning no discount pricing). For many people the Audio-Technica will be more comfortable than the Grado. If you get the Grados which are really great, they are more comfortable with an insert called "comfort rings."...more info
  • Lovely headphones
    I listen mostly to acoustic music but I do love reggae and great rock drumming. I have found these headphones to be very comfortable and to deliver a remarkable sound. If they are light on bass I can't hear it, there's plenty of depth here for me! I find them to deliver a wonderful fidelity from lows to highs. Listening to the track "John Ball" by Chris Wood, at the end there are multiple vocal tracks both by Chris and also by Karine Polwart, and I can hear them coming through distinctly on left and right. The headphones are large, but light. I prefer this design to having earbuds which always hurt me after awhile. They are a bit warm on a hot day, but that's the only bad thing I can think of to say, and I'll get air conditioning before I give them up! They adjust to your particular head size in an unusual way-- Hope I can describe this well. Generally, headphones I've owned have had the earpieces mounted on rods, and you can pull on the earpiece to extend the length, if needed. With these headphones there are "wings" that go on the top of your head rather than a fixed padded arch. The wings themselves adapt to the correct height automatically. Just put the headphones on your head in a comfortable position, press on the little wings if you like, to snug them up against your head at the correct height and angle (you really don't even need to do that), and they stay there, comfy and light! My total price with shipping was $82.12, an extraordinary Amazon deal! I think they are well worth the $249.95 list price. ...more info
  • Great sound for price, not for smallish heads
    These headphones are great for the price. Thanks to the open design, the sound-scape is wide. The middle, high are great, but the lower register while well articulated is overly light, and I'm no bass fanatic, the music I listen to doesn't over emphasis bass the way pop music does. If you listen to any kind of pop music (rap, techno etc.) I would recommend against these phones, because of the bass issue, but otherwise its not really a problem. Just turn the bass up to max and it compensates pretty well.
    These headphones also sound very well on my 8g walkman, without an amp. They articulate very well, and really are a great value, worth alot more than their price tag.

    *Sound great in all registers
    *Great sound articulation
    *Wide soundscape
    *Good without amp

    *Pretty big, if you don't have a big head (I have one :) don't bother
    *Volume is pretty low on the bass, turn it up all the way and its alright (I never have my bass turned up, so its not a problem for me, but it could easily be a problem for someone else)....more info
  • They're OK...
    I'd rank these as reasonably good sounding headphones. Good for thier price range, but not exceptional overall. Very good soundstage, decent "inner detail", but anemic bass, esp. when compared to closed cans - definitely not designed for rock or pop music.

    And there are other problems:
    They are very loud externally, down right intrusive in fact, begging the question "what good are headphones everyone in the room can hear?". I have several other open back 'phones. None of them even compare to how loud these are externally.

    The cans are also huge, 2x as big in size as any of my other fullsize headphones. Big.

    And that "head flipper" mounting system is a rube goldberg device, a solution in search of a problem. It's just silly and ineffective. I'm a full size male, 7 1/5 hat size, and these are loose on my head.

    The sound is good enough for some music that I decided not to hassle with returning them, but to do over, I'd try something else, maybe Grado SR80s or Alessandro M1s....more info
  • great headset
    great headset, awesome for gaming

    clear and large sound stage

    may not be the best of the best for it but still very good for music/movies...more info
  • Excellent sound quality, very comfortable - no pressure on ears at all.
    Sound quality is better than any Headphones from Boss, very comfortable, soft - no pressure on ears at all (that's why they are big, but I am OK with it).

    "Minuses": if sound quality of your records is not good - you will hear every scratch, noise, etc. No distortion, BASS is OK, but BASS is not overwhelming. Thus, if you want a too bassy sound - this is not for you unless you have a good sound card or a pre-amplifier. No sound-isolation - you will hear outside sounds. It's good if you need to speak with somebody during playback; but if your environment is noisy - choose another one. (They have models with noise-canceling features too.) ...more info
  • Excellent quality and sound but...
    I got these headphone from amazon at a great price. The quality is remarkable, prefect construction and details. The cable is long enough to allow connecting to the stereo while seating in the sofa (unless you live in Versailles Palace).

    I compared the sound with a theoretically much cheaper headphones: Grado SR60. The AD700 offer a much more surrounding sound but depending on the type of music you listen to the sound quality varies. If you mainly listen to pop or rock music, I recommend the Grado SR60 or superior models. The AD700 emphasizes to much the high frequencies and the surround perspective is not helpful at all in studio-recorded music. The SR60 offers a more compact and balanced sound. For classical and live music the AD700 experience is outstanding. The surrounding sound offered by the big can of the AD700 makes you believe that you are in a concert hall. In this sense, the AD700 are superior to the Grado at least than the SR60. My recommendation is to have both types of headphones and switch them depending on the music you listen to.

    One flaw of the AD700 and the main reason by which I do not give 5 star is that while confortable, you cannot really do fast movements with them. I have tried to use them while playing my digital piano and they move a lot. The Grado design even though it looks really ugly when compared to the AD700, is more effective in this regard. However if you plan on listening to them while seated, is not a problem....more info
  • Great - but maybe not if you have a narrow-ish head!
    As others have noted, these are incredibly comfortable head phones, and sound wonderful for the money. They are the first large phones that I can wear for more than a few minutes.

    I personally like the fact that they don't block out outside noise.

    One caveat: These phones seem to be designed for very wide heads, and it doesn't seem to me that they will sit properly on narrower heads. What I mean is that because there are no adjustments to the length of the overhead arches, and because the phones don't tilt, if they can't spread out enough the lower edge will be against the head and the upper edge won't.

    ...more info
  • Great headphones, only .....
    First of all, these are great sounding headphones. 5 stars for audio quality. I have a set of Grado SR-80 and
    Sennheiser HD-555 headphones and the AT's trump both of them in terms of soundstage and articulation.
    You are right in the middle of the music and every nuance is revealed. The bass is fine with me as its presence
    is part of a perfect tonal balance. However, I take one star off because of their size (no doubt a necessary evil
    resulting in their superior sound) which is rather cumbersome (especially when lying down and using a pillow)
    and their construction which is prone to emitting slightly audible squeaks and groans (keep your head as
    immobile as possible). Well worth living with those slight drawbacks in return for marvelous sound and
    affordability. ...more info