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The Room
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Product Description

"The Room" is an electrifying American black comedy about love, passion, betrayal and lies. It has five major characters, Johnny, played by Tommy Wiseau is a successful banker with great respect for an dedication to the people in his life, especially his future wife Lisa. Johnny can also be a little too trusiting at times which haunts him later on. Lisa, played by Juliette Danielle, is the beautiful blonde fiance of Johnny. She has always gotten her way and will manipulate to get what she wants. She is a taker, with a double personality, and her deadly schemes lead to her own downfall. Mark, played by Greg Sestero, is a young, successful and independent best friend of Johnny. He has a good heart, but gets caught up in Lisa's dangerous web and gives in to temptation. This eventually brings him to great loss. Claudette, played by Carolyn Minnott, is the classy, sophisticated mother of Lisa who has had disappointing relationships in her life. She wants her daughter to be married as soon as possible so she can benefit. Denny, played by Philip Haldiman, is an orphan boy, naive and confused about life, love, and friendship. Denny is a very ambitions and also very grateful tot he people who are in his life. "The Room" depicts the depths of frienships and relationships in one life and raises life's ral and most asked question: "Can you ever really trust anyone? Enter "The Room" and leave forever changed!

Customer Reviews:

  • One of the best movies of 2003
    Honestly, I don't even know where to start on how to rate this movie. In one word, I guess I would say ingenious.

    Tommy Wiseau produced, wrote, directed and acted in this film. Is he an Orson Welles? Definitely not. He is more like an Ed Wood.

    That being said, this movie is one of the best cult films ever. One that you should buy and watch with friends. This movie is fun and quotable. You can laugh and make comments and not miss anything. It's a movie that I feel everyone should see. Don't go in expecting something amazing cinematically. If you have no sense of humor and take film too seriously don't see this film.

    Obviously Wiseau thought he had made an Citizen Kane, but when he found most people were laughing at it; realized his film is FUN.

    So buy some beer, gather some friends and enjoy! ...more info
  • Wacky, awful, and sublime
    Let's assume that you've seen The Room. Imagine that Lisa's eyebrows matched her hair. Imagine that Johnny was about twenty years younger and a person that you actually wanted to see naked, with a decent haircut. Imagine that the movie's budget allowed for more than three or four sets. Imagine that characters didn't keep repeating the same meaningless lines over and over again--"Johnny is a good man." "Johnny is my best friend." "I don't want to talk about it." "Well I have to go now." Imagine that instead of being a simple Jekyll/Hyde caricature, Lisa was actually a complicated and real-seeming person, torn between security/domesticity and freedom/passion. Suppose that the revelation that her mother is dying of breast cancer actually contributed to her inner conflict. Imagine that the minor characters were adequately introduced and actually came across as real people with their own problems/motivations instead of simply allowing the filmmaker to kill some time while he waits to advance his plot. What would we have then? A simple morality tale (actions have consequences!) that no one would ever want to buy on DVD. Instead, we have The Room.

    I first heard about The Room in the December 19, 2008 edition of Entertainment Weekly. I immediately tried to put it in my Netflix queue, but it was unavailable, so I came here, to Amazon, and was delighted to find that I could own this intriguing piece of cinema for only 8.49, so I bought it. I have watched it twice and have been trying to figure out what makes this movie so awful and yet so oddly entertaining ever since. Now I must admit I am a huge fan of bad movies--I can debate which is worse, Plan 9 from Outer Space or Manos: The Hands of Fate with the best of 'em. I have a tradition of watching Showgirls with the excellent commentary from David Schmader every Fourth of July, because it's so much better than fireworks, and you don't get caught in a traffic jam. I think it is hard to pin down all the disparate elements that make The Room sublime. Still, I agree with the EW article--it is the Citizen Kane of bad movies.

    For those of you who haven't seen The Room, the plot goes something like this: Johnny is a guy who loves his live-in girlfriend, Lisa. He brings her presents. They have sex to horrible R&B-lite tunes. Their creepy teenage neighbor, Denny, tries to watch them having sex, but luckily they kick him out before things get too hot and heavy. Lisa seems to enjoy the sex, but it turns out Lisa is a big faker. Lisa doesn't love Johnny, but she thinks his best friend Mark is pretty hot, and apparently, no one can resist Lisa. To paraphrase what David Schmader said about Nomi in Showgirls, Lisa immediately pulls people into her orbit and makes them fall in love with her, because...well, we don't know why. Lisa and Mark have sex. Lisa and Johnny have sex again, just to make sure Lisa's duplicity is obvious enough. Lisa's mom is dying of breast cancer. Denny pisses off a drug dealer. Lisa encourages Johnny to drink too much and then makes up a story about him getting drunk and hitting her. A psychologist advises Johnny. Lisa and Johnny make out on the sofa in their house, except now they are played by two entirely different actors. Oh no, wait, these are different, unknown characters making out on their sofa. There is a midly amusing incident with Lisa's mother and the unknown young man on the sofa and his underwear. We see the incident, and then it is repeated verbatim for us in the next scene. Johnny, Mark, and Denny play football while wearing tuxedos--ha ha! Lisa hosts a birthday party for Johnny and announces that she is pregnant, and then confesses to a friend that she's really not. Lisa then hits on Mark during the party, even though they had agreed to end their affair. Johnny finds out his beloved girlfriend is not really a human being, but is instead an evil robot. Disaster ensues. Actions have consequences!

    I find that the movie makes more sense to me if I imagine that the character of Johnny is actually mentally challenged, but everyone is too polite to say this explicitly. (Once you hear Tommy Wisseau's odd accent and the strange cadence and emphases to his speech and his dorky laughs, not to mention what he's actually saying, it's actually not much of a stretch at all!) Johnny maybe has a rich, powerful uncle somewhere who has gotten him a handsomely-paid job fetching coffee at a bank. He's mentally challenged enough that he doesn't realize he's going to be the coffee boy forever, and he thinks his money-saving ideas for the bank are going to get him promoted ("Hey, if we stop giving away free toasters with new checking accounts, we could save money!" "That's a great idea, Johnny. Now go get me some more coffee. And a bagel. Cinnamon. Light on the cream cheese. That's a good man! We should think about promoting you to bank president, eh, Johnny? Heh heh!") Lisa is getting tired of having a mentally challenged boyfriend. Even though he is good to her, he has started to disgust her. And it's kind of understandable, really. It also explains Johnny's melodramatic reactions to everything.

    Anyway, that's the backstory I have invented for The Room, but you could easily invent your own, and that's the great thing about this movie. The gaping holes in character and plot really encourage the viewer to use her own creativity. Whether you're throwing plastic spoons at the screen or trying to make up plausible reasons for the nutty behavior, it's a lot of fun, so buy this movie right now!!...more info
  • Gloriously Camp
    This movie is absolutely the campiest of camp, and the best kind: accidental. Tommy Wiseau clearly has no idea that his ridiculous dialog, acting, editing, camera work.... etc, was so bad when he made it. But thank God. Because his naive ability to produce this- on a very large budget by the way- has created a work of countless quotes such as "Oh Hai, Denny!", "You're tearing me apart, Lisa!", "Well, the results came back - I definitely have breast cancer." to name a few. Even in his interview on the DVD, you can tell he is totally clueless- but in a glorious and amazingly entertaining way.

    Regardless of what you think, this movie has become a cult phenomenon with a huge following and monthly screenings in LA. It's gold for anyone who can enjoy a bad movie or campy movies. It's best watched with a group of people to really get the most from it... because at the end of the day, Tommy Wiseau just brings people together. Ultimately though, if you can't appreciate camp, then this film is probably not for you....more info
  • Amazing
    A life changing movie by a life changing actor/writer/director. You will get nothing but joy out of it....more info
  • oh tommy
    Lol okay so I saw the censored version on adult swim (please refer to Tim and Erik Season 4, episode labeled Tommy, for Adult Swim's logic in airing this)...actually I'm watching it right now and its ridiculous. As much as they try to pass this off as a dark comedy you can tell this film was meant to be in all seriousness, but the atrocious acting and ridiculous story makes this film a laughable entry in its own right. I am almost tempted to get the dvd merely for all the nudity from the random sex scenes that seem to occur every ten minutes accompanied by generic r&b music. I'm not going to provide a very in depth review, since as I mentioned I'm watching this as I am typing. I also see no real benefit in putting that much analysis into something that isn't quite merit of such offense Tommy. As I said, it is amusing, though also a little sad....more info
  • where are the vikings!?
    a freind of mine who usually knows my taste (viking MEN) gave me this. let me ask u a question...
    where are the vikings? i watched it even and i didnt see even one. make sure before u buy that this does not have vikings! dont wast your money!...more info
  • A classic bomb of a movie
    This movie is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Any avid lover of horrible, horrible movies needs to see this. This "black comedy" is ripe with bad acting, poor writing, and, most importantly, some of the worst football related scenes in a movie ever. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys laughably bad B-movies....more info
  • Oh, hai potential viewers.
    This is one of the most artsy, intriguing, striking tales of life, drug use, cheating, friendship, and sociopathic tendencies that I've ever come across. Every American, as Wiseau himself suggested, should view this film not once -- but twice! There is much to learn! Oh hai, doggy.

    Remember, if you like to watch, you'll love to watch The Room.

    [No, but Best bad movie ever. Watch with a group and don't bother if you don't have a sense of humor.]...more info
  • The Best Mistake Ever Made in Film Making
    Tommy Wiseau's acting is equally as poor as his writing and directing skills. This modern day Ed Wood tries to pass this steaming pile off as a "Dark Comedy" when in fact he only began to refer to it as such because of everyone making fun of him. In reality, he thought he had created a cinematic masterpiece in drama.

    Buy a copy, have a few friends over and laugh until you wet yourself at this bomb....more info
  • Bad, in the best possible way.
    The Room is a terrible movie, but if you have gotten this far you probably know that. The good news is that the room is SO BAD IT'S GREAT. The endless melodrama and non sequitur will have you howling with laughter. The back cover of the DVD alone, showing Johnny and Mark photoshoped to look like Fabio and Mr. Darcy (respectively), is worth the price. You may have seen moments of this film on YouTube, but there are parts to this traversty of cinema that can only truly be appreciated if one sits down and watches the whole thing. To improve the quality of this viewing experience, moderate drinking is recommended....more info
  • Wow! Are you serious?
    Okay, this movie is GOD-awful but it is funny as hell. The story line is mediocre, but the horrible acting makes it worth watching.what makes it funny because it's suppose to be a drama. I must say, if u are serious about movies and lack a sense of humor this is not for you. If u want a good laugh, check it out. It's even better with a group of friends because the lines of the movie will be an inside joke for weeks. ...more info
  • The sex scene's alone make this movie worth watching
    Danny says "STOP GANGING UP ON ME". Haha this scene has nothing to do with the movie at all! Did you all see the part where Lisa was talking to her female friend about cheating and some weird thing kept popping out of her neck?!~ Ahhh so many classic lines! Saw this in the theater with fellow tommy enthusiasts and boy was it an experience.
    Things screamed in the theater
    "throw the football!"
    "Spoons!" (people would throw plastic spoons everytime the picture was shown)
    "i've got cancer"
    "go go go go" when the film used panoramic views of the golden gate to changes scene's
    and finally general singing at the oh so sexy lovemaking scene's. *shudder*
    this film is so amazing. Oscar worthy indeed....more info
  • Bad Movie Night
    First off, this rating is for a Bad Movie Night, thusly, I've chosen to invert the rating scale.

    This movie is so horrible it's funny. While watching it, feel free to point out the plot holes, various continuity errors, and just about everything else. The acting is as good as a horrific soap-opera gone wrong -- random movements and actions where they just don't fit in.

    The direction of this movie suggests that it was originally meant to be a drama, however, after audience walk-outs and the cultish following it gained in LA, Wiseau now covers it up as if it was originally meant to be a black comedy....more info
  • One of the funniest movies I've ever seen
    I don't often write reviews for anything on Amazon... but I love this movie so much that I feel it's kind of my duty to write this.

    The Room is without a doubt one of the funniest features ever put to film (or HD Video... or both...).

    The comedy involved probably isn't for everyone... but it should be.
    No one could be genius enough to do on purpose what Tommy Wiseau has created by accident.

    Buy this now (it says it's out of stock... but find it)....more info
  • The Room has a vacancy
    ...possible the best and worst movie of all time. Tommy Wisseau's accent and acting skills are suspect, but infectious. This is the feel bad comedy of the year. I want to watch The Room over and over. There are some serious layers of cinema in this masterpiece....more info
  • Simply Incredible
    Adult Wiseau going at it with pranks of April in green sex pocket. The underwears football went to the brick building. Catching good. Football amazing. Cinema. Total cinema. Watch it for good time of amazingness and happy feelings....more info
  • Soooooo Bad!!!
    Tommy Wiseau may in actual fact be a genius! Sort of like an Ed Wood for the new generation. It takes something special to screw a film up this badly. For he has created a film that is SO BAD, it actually transcends its sheer awfulness and becomes something else entirely; more than just the sum of its parts. Acting so wooden it may give you splinters, a script that makes little sense, characters that just turn up from nowhere and do nothing before dissapearing again, awful greenscreening, cheap sets, more melodrama than a daytime soap opera and the most inadvertantly hilarious one liners you've ever heard.

    Reading these words back, I do wonder WHY its a become the cult classic it has become!?!? It really has to be seen to be believed. But this film will change your life, it will make you laugh, cry...... or else you may just sit in a darkened room wondering how in the hell the film was ever comissioned!!!

    "More passion than Tennessee Williams", says one unnattributed tag line!! COMIC GENIUS!!!...more info