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GE Security 001015 KeySafe Original 5-Key Permanent, Pushbutton, Titanium Gray
List Price: $39.00

Our Price: $27.50

You Save: $11.50 (29%)


Product Description

S5 Surface Mount: Easy access for friends and family Provides scheduled access for cleaning personnel, pool service and household maintenance. Attached securely to most surfaces with 4 wood screws.

  • Easy-to-use pushbutton combination
  • Over 1,000 possible combinations available
  • Holds up to five keys
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Solid, weather-resistant metal

Customer Reviews:

  • A word of caution
    This lockbox has 10 buttons to set the combination, but it's an unordered combination - that is, 1234 is the same as 4213. If you use all 10 buttons, there is a 100% chance that someone pressing all 10 buttons will open it. That said, someone without the combination does indeed have over 1000 possible combinations to try (1023), which is better than a four-digit combination lock.

    Also, this is the same box that the local fire departments use for getting a key into businesses and homes where the owner has requested it, though the fire box uses a tubular key. A very, very solid box with a great reputation....more info
  • Great solution
    Secure and great way to have a key available, yet out of reach. Great product. I highly recommend it....more info
  • *Don' Buy - NOT SECURE
    I just found out this product is not secure. All of your selected numbers can be entered in any sequence and the door will open....more info
  • Substantial and attractive
    We used to hide a key in various places around the yard, so we're much more sophisticated with the GE Security Keysafe. Yes, there may be a few ways to put in the code, but it offers wonderful peace of mind that we will never be locked out. It looks good and is fairly heavy, and in our minds, well worth the investment. ...more info
  • Jammed Lock
    I purchased this product about a month ago and last week it jammed. I combination would work, but the unlock lever would not go down all the way. It had to be drilled into to retrieve my keys. I thought that a key was stuck, but that was not the case. It was a defective lock box. I would like a replacement. Is there a warranty for this item?...more info