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Weber 426001 Q 300 Propane Gas Barbecue
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Product Description

Weber, New Q300, Gas Grill, Silver, Cast Aluminum Lid & Porcelain Cast Iron Cooking Grate, Includes Q Stationary Cart, Hose & Regulator, Flavorizer System Integrated Into Cooking Grate, Large 393 SQIN Cooking Area With 2 Piece Porcelain-Enameled Cast Iron Cooking Grate, 21,700 BTU, 2 Seamless Stainless Steel Burners, Built In Thermometer & Infinite Control Valves, Bolts Into Stationary Cart & Features Removable Side Tables,

Just in time for the cookout season, Weber expands its popular Q liquid propane barbecue line with the Q 300 propane gas grill. This full-size model maintains and often expands upon the tabletop original's conveniences, while benefiting from more permanent patio installation. The liquid propane grill employs two 13,850 BTU burners to heat its 393-square inch cooking area, providing space for several dozen hot dogs or even a medium-sized turkey.

Weber crafted the grill's tall lid and body in tough cast aluminum, framed by a heat- and moisture- resistant nylon frame with glass reinforcement. A simple push-button ignition fires up the stainless-steel burners. Users adjust the burners' output with a control knob and monitor the heat on a built-in thermometer in the lid. Meat cooks evenly on top of the two cooking grates. Constructed in sturdy cast-iron construction and porcelain enameling, the grates resist warping and rusting while cleaning with relative ease. Drip ducts help direct and collect greasy drippings. Two polyethylene side tables attach to create extra preparation space. Spatulas and tongs can be hung from the tool holders on the grill's frame. The provided regulator hose connects the grill to a separately purchased 20-pound propane tank, which stows unobtrusively on a lower shelf. Weber supplies users with hardware to bolt the grill in place and also bestows their Q cookbook. To clean the cooking surface, use mild detergents and avoid steel wool. The grill requires some minor assembly. Weber offers a limited five-year warranty for this item. With the lid closed, the grill measures 44 by 36-1/2 by 22 inches. This product weighs 84-2/3 pounds upon shipping. --Jessica Reuling

  • Full-size model of Weber's popular Q propane gas barbecue; offers 393 square inches of cooking area
  • Durable cast-aluminum body and lid with a glass-reinforced nylon frame; polyethylene side tables support condiments and tool hooks
  • Meat cooks over 2 stainless-steel burners at a combined 21,700 BTU per hour; cast-iron cooking grates with porcelain enameling
  • Adjustable heat output and built-in lid thermometer enable temperature control; requires separate purchase of propane and some assembly
  • With lid closed, the grill measures 44 by 36-1/2 by22 inches with a shipping weight of 54.6 pounds; 5-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Big enough for a family
    I won't elaborate since the other reviews do a great job. Just want to add my 2 cents that the grill is outstanding - gets hot quickly, cooks everything you throw at it, and has plenty of surface space for grilling for about 6-8 people.

    If you frequently throw parties then buy a larger grill, but if you primarily grill for the family then this one is excellent!...more info
  • Some drawbacks
    First, the good news. This grill is stylish in appearance and easy to assemble. It seems to use less gas per hour than other similarly sized grills yet gets as hot as needed.

    There are, unfortunately, two problems with the cooking grates. They are porcelain-coated cast iron. The cast iron is good because it holds the heat. However, the cast iron surface is not smooth, and even with the porcelain coating foods are more likely to stick even with careful use. Cleaning instructions from Weber are only partially successful. (The grill should be run at high heat for at least 7 minutes--more is really needed--then allowed to cool, after which the grates can be scraped with a bronze-bristle brush. The high heat does fully burn the debris on the grates, but it is not fully removed by the brush. Harsh chemicals (like Dawn Power Cleaner) are to be avoided, and dish washing-up liquid doesn't clean much off, so that a layer of burned food eventually develops on the grill. This is unsightly, and is unhealthy.

    The second problem is more minor. Most other Weber grills have "Flavorizer bars" which are inverted-V pieces of metal over the gas flames that prevent dripping fats or marinade from landing directly on the gas and flaring up. The Q-300 uses a different design. The cast-iron cooking grates have wider solid surfaces over the gas tubes, so that drips generally fall to the side of the flames. Generally, but not always, and flare-ups and foul-tasting and unhealthy smoke can rise to the food. In addition, only part of the grates have the narrow parallel bars that give grilled food that pattern. Only occur on 50-60% of the cooking surface of the Q-300 has this pattern-- a minor problem, but not what you expect unless you look at close-up views of the grill.

    I'm not unhappy with the grill, and I've worked around or adapted to these problems, but they are definitely design flaws in an attractive gas grill.
    ...more info
  • First Class Grill!!
    This is a fabulous barbeque! --- easy to assemble, to light up and to control the temperature (I love the thermometer) -- with even heating on the entire surface. Easy to move around and easy to clean (the split grill fits in my sink to soak). I love the smaller "footprint" on my deck, but it cooks like a much larger grill. Quality throughout and well worth the price.

    PS: I'm also really happy I bought the cover --- quality and function are as wonderful as the barbeque itself. ...more info
  • Weber 300 grill is great!
    I chose this grill after reading reviews on many grills and am pleased with my choice. It is hot, cooks evenly, and does not flare up. It is made of quality materials and I expect it to last for years. It is big enough to do the job, but not one of those huge grills that take up the whole garage. We love it, and I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Exceptional value
    After using several cheap brands in the past the Weber Q 300 is well worth the investment. Assembly is straight forward and all the pieces fit together without a hassle...a quality product. And the Amazon price is the best value around....more info

    assembly - easy for me and i get frustrated easily

    pre-heat - gets to 450-500 degrees in 7-10 minutes, 500+ in 10-12 minutes

    cooking - my first grill and i've found it very easy to operate

    clean-up - easy wipe down and drip pan easy to remove

    moving - no handles for moving; although there are wheels, only easy to move short distances

    propane "hider" - cover in bottom to hide propane tank from view is just a flimsy plastic thing...more info
  • Great product // Very easy to install
    I have bought this product 1 month ago and I have to say, it is just perfect for my need.
    It is my first bbq, so without any other experience I cain't compare it to others.
    I really appreciate the way we can cook the meat , with 2 different pipe (external or center).

    I recommand it.

    ...more info
  • Everyone was right
    We've been too busy grilling to post a review.

    My husband is totally impressed by the quick & even heating and one-click start. I was looking for a smaller profile (have you seen the SIZE of some of these grills???) and non-stainless steel as I've heard they're a pain to clean.

    We're very pleased and would buy this again in a heartbeat....more info
  • Big Q
    This powerful Webber Q is a wonderful Grill. It is completely devoid of all the extra "stuff" that I never want on a grill. It was easy to put together --- works really well and is easy to clean. What more could anyone want! The one negative I can say is not Webber's problem but rather DHL delivery service. I have never had problems with other carriers but these folks took the better part of two weeks and required two calls from me just to get the grill delivered. However --- the Grill is wonderful and well worth the wait. ...more info
  • Q300/320 Differences
    Reviewing the various references and Amazon reviews, there is some doubt lingering as to the differences between the Q300 and Q320. The griddle listed on Amazon fits both the 300 and 320, as does the cover listed for both because they are both the exact same external dimensions, as are the primary cooking grills.
    For those interested, the only differences between the 300 and 320 are that the 320 has electronic, battery powered ignition vice the simple push button of the 300, the 320 comes with a warming rack that installs on top of the primary grill, and the 320 has a battery powered light that is installed under the lid handle. The two grills are otherwise identical. Personally, I find the additional cost for the 320 well worth it.
    See for downloading the excellent manuals and specifications for all the Weber grills....more info
  • Great Item
    Have only had it for a short time but my husband cooked me PERFECT steaks. He said the lid could be a bit taller but other than that it's great. Heats up fast and stays hot. Nothing like an instant bbq!...more info
  • only the most minor complaints
    i actually wanted to rate this 4.5 stars but couldn't. i really love this grill & probably use it 3 or 4x per week. i'll tell you that the assembly is a breeze. mine, which i did myself, took approx 90 min. my dad & i put one together (gift for mom) in about 45 minutes start to finish. it's a really nicely engineered product. my only knock on this grill is that i used to have a weber genesis silver, and it had a gauge to tell you when you were running low on fuel. this one does not. i have no idea when i'm going to go out to fire it up and realize there's no propane left in the tank. perhaps they'll add a gauge on future models. other than that, i can tell you that this grill lights easily and grills evenly. i like the layout of the burners and the option to really cook indirectly. whether this is the first grill you buy or you're already an accomplished grill master, you'll be happy with this good-lookin' weber. cheers, & happy grillin'!...more info
  • Weber 300 gas grill
    Works great. This is the second one I bought. I carry a Baby Q in the motor home while traveling. They both cook wonderfully. I especially like the grease catchers-- the small pans. I fold up a paper towel to fit the trays, I can discard it after several cookings. Its a great, fast cooking operation. I highly recommend it, and the delivery time was super. I also bought the custom fit cover-- nice package all together,

    Max H...more info
  • Fabulous Grill.. Easy to Assemble Compact Quality
    First, thanks to Amazon for offering great products and service, and the Amazon community for sharing experiences and tips.. particular thanks to the poster who pointed out the first two screws get the only washers.. and where to find the axle!

    This grill has been well reviewed by many, so I'll keep this to a minimum with a few extra comments.

    1. Fast! I ordered this at midnight on Friday night and it was on my doorstep at 10 AM on Monday morning.
    2. The box is heavy (75 pounds) and large.. no surprise. A suggestion: open the box wherever it "landed" from UPS and bring it to your assembly area in parts. The grills are 30 pounds, so once they are out, the remainder weighs 45 lb, and you can bring the main grill section and the stand box in much easier
    3. Quality. Cast aluminum shell, plastic frame for light weight but threaded inserts for strength where needed. Everything fits together perfectly.... took me only 30-40 minutes (engineer and do it yourselfer, however).
    4. Grill surface is cast, and each "rib" is a wide rectangular cross section where the cooked item contacts the grill. This is hugely important for several reasons: we grilled salmon last night and for the first time ever just plopped it on the weber, and even the soft fish was supported and cooked without issue. Prior, we had to make an aluminum "tray" to cook salmon, otherwise it fell apart and through the grid of lesser grills. The wide heavy grill also allows temperature and flame control: other grills cook only with exposure to the flame, so cooking will be a function of the difficult control of the flame. With this weber, you can put meat on early.. with the grill not so hot... for a slower cook... or you can preheat to have the grill sizzling. Even thought I have only used it once, I can tell this is going to be one phenomenal grill.

    Maintainability. Others have referred to Weber stocking parts. I have rebuilt several prior cheapo grills with parts I had to find at third party vendors... that "sorta" fit. I expect this will be my last grill, and will last my lifetime with occasional replacement parts

    Compact. We looked everywhere for a compact grill that didn't take up half our deck.. and this is the only one that offered quality and compact size. This fits perfectly on our deck without blocking our view of Peachtree Creek nature area. Fold down trays are perfect: there when you need them and gone when you don't No, you can't sit on them but they should support a reasonably heavy platter.

    I could not be more thrilled... and though I am really parsimonious, this is the best $320 + $30 cover I have ever spent!!!!...more info
  • Mostly good
    I purchased a Weber Q 300 Propane grille last month (08/08) and find it to be a quality made, well put together item. The only negative feature is that after only one month the electric ignition is not working, and I have to light the burner manually. I have not yet had the time to check into this to find the cause of the problem. ...more info
  • Propane Tank Size
    I do love this grill...and have started experimenting will grilling potatoes and vegetables along with chicken and steaks. My question is the propane tank size. When I purchased the grill...the salesman told me to get a small tank...which is the only size that fits in the allotted space on the grill. All I can find is larger tanks...which hang over the tank space. Any suggestions of who would sell a tank that fits?? What do you use?...more info
  • Great BBQ
    This is a great BBQ that is so easy to use! It cooks evenly and it's wide grill is excellent - we've even cooked pizza dough on it with superb results! I would highly recommend this BBQ to anyone....more info
  • Beware of fires
    The shape of the grill has a tendancy to trap grease. Last week we got to experience having the fire department put our grill out. Be careful and do not place on a deck....more info
  • Weber Q300 Gas Grill
    I bought the grill to replace a larger Weber that came with my husband. I love the grill - it was easy to assemble, its size is perfect for our patio, and I like having two burners. It's everything I expected from a Weber.

    The only negative I have is that I managed to grab the front of the hot grill rather than the handle. It was a stupid error, but it has certainly made me more cautious about using the handle.

    There are no "deals" on this model because it is fairly new. But Amazon had a free shipping offer, so I feel like I got a bargain. And the grill arrived 48 hours later!...more info
  • One Major Flaw
    This is obviously a quality product, packaged well, and relatively easy to assembly. However, lighting the grill with their electronic push-bottom system, is a problem. It worked for me about 10% of the time and then, after about 15 minutes of retries, I lit the grill with a match.

    Weber has been very cooperative and is in the process of mailing me a new starter kit. This problem has been noted by other grill purchasers of the Q300 grill. I am confident that Weber will take care of my problem and I think that they will come up with a revised (or upgraded) lighting system in the near future.

    This grill is a perfect size for a family of 2 to 6. It heats up quickly and cooks evenly. A fine product. ...more info
  • Best Grill Ever
    I know there are already tons of rave reviews for this grill, but let me add one more, because it is well earned. The cast iron grates are amazing to cook on. Food gets seared properly (I previously bought low priced grills from big box stores, only to watch them quickly disintegrate and operate poorly), I can cook veggies and fish without extra pans or gizmos. I love this grill!

    It was difficult to find a quality grill that wasn't decked out in "stainless" (it's not, it quickly pits, rusts, shows fingerprints, etc.) all over it. This grill is made of sturdy plastic below, steel above, and HEAVY cast iron where it counts.

    The sides fold down, and with it covered (not included, but a good buy) it makes a small footprint out on my deck. It is stingy on gas too, yet cooks better than any other grill I have used, even on cold Michigan evenings (I shovel snow to get to it just to grill during the winter).

    Buy this grill, you won't beat the price and you will not regret your purchase!...more info
  • Great overall grill
    When looking into purchasing my first grill, I went with Weber because I knew I would be purchasing a grill that would last. Every piece of the Q300 is built with quality materials and you can honestly feel the quality when you're putting the grill together. Even the plastic pieces of the grill cart are made of strong, durable plastic.

    Although the Q-series grills were initially meant to be tailgating/portable grills, the Q300 will handle just about all of your grilling needs. This grill is certainly portable and it easily detaches from the cart if you want to make it even more portable. Just remove 4 bolts and you've got yourself a perfect tailgating grill.

    The grilling space on the Q300 is great. With so much space, it's easy to grill something that pleases everyone. I've grilled for 20 people and had hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, and veggie burgers all grilling at the same time. I've yet to find something that it cannot handle.

    I am not a grill-master by any means, but I do enjoy grilling and I try to use my Q300 at least once a week. With that said, I'm not going to say this grill is for everyone, but if you need a grill that is reliable and long-lasting, Weber is the way to go.

    Heats up fast
    Dual burner for great temperature control
    Quality, quality, quality
    Easy setup

    I just wish you could get the taste of charcoal from a gas grill...more info
  • The Best Grill I've Used...
    This is the best home-grill I've used. Super fuel efficient, even heat the whole way across, it stays lit no matter what it's doing outside (I live in Syracuse, NY, so it could be doing anything from blizzard to tornado conditions), and it fires up on the first "click" every time!

    I have been using cheap grills my entire life and I decided to throw down a couple extra bucks for the Weber -worth every penny! Spend the money and get it! If you like to cook on the grill, you will notice the incredible difference the first, and every, time you use it!

    The one tiny drawback, in my opinion, is that, with a 20 lb. propane tank, it is a little heavy and cumbersome to maneuvre around. That, however, would not prevent me from whole-heartedly recommending this to any family, friends, or strangers!...more info
  • Weber Q 300 grill
    The unit was dropped off at our doorstep by UPS with the package obviously damaged as it had been dropped somehow and the corner crushed. We opened the box to inspect and found that part of the handle had been broken. We called AMAZON and they arranged for a pick-up by UPS but we had to repack and re tape the box WHAT A PAIN ! Amazon did reship and we got the replacement unit a few days later ..opretty easy to assemble...more info
  • Great for a vacation home.
    We bought this for our vacation home at the beach. It's perfect for our needs, a quality grill yet portable enough to store during the off season....more info
  • Weber Q 300 Propane Gas Barbecue
    This is a wonderful piece of equipment. Putting it together was a bit challenging (especially for my mechanically-retarded husband!). Otherwise,we just love the way this thing cooks....Great!...more info
  • webber bbq
    Easy to assemble and works great. The size is perfect for my small patio. Just wish it came with a cookbook...more info
  • All-year outside grilling
    Great outdoor propane gas grill. Small enough foot-print to use in minimally-sized outdoor areas, but with enough capability to cook excellent bbqs for parties. My wife and I like to use it regularly (just by ourselves) and it heats up quickly and the dual heat control allows us to cook almost everything that we want. Only thing lacking is an internal shelf. We recommend it to everyone who likes outdoor cooking. (We found it a good idea to also buy the rain-proof cover if you're planning on leaving it outside)
    ...more info
  • Great product
    Over the years I have purchased and assembled 4 gas grills and I have to say this is the first one that appears to be designed by a competent engineer. Everything fit right and is well designed. The liberal use of plastic was a bit concerning but now that I have used the grill for a few weeks I am 100% satisfied.

    This thing puts out some high heat, yet it is very controllable. The cast iron grates do a nice job grill-marking your food. The grates clean up well with a wire brush. There is a large aluminum pan for catching anything that drops through the grate (and the replaceable pan is a standard size you can get at the grocery store).

    One problem I initially had was related to lighting the grill. The manual says to turn on the outer burner and press the lighter button, then turn on the inner burner. That is backwards. Open the valve for the inner burner and it lights up... then open the valve for the outer and that lights up.

    All in all I am very pleased. This is a well designed product that I expect to use for many years....more info
  • comparison shopping- best buy
    What I wanted to tell everyone is that I did my homework before purchasing this grill, shopped around on-line at all the major outlets, and this was the best deal. Everyone except for the one famous 'auction' place had the same price, but with free shipping Amazon was the clear winner. I've always been happy with their service, and I can't say that with the auction place.
    Of course, this grill is a beauty - I love the retro styling, looks great on the little patio I made for it in the backyard. It is a lot of grill for the size (didn't want a monster), and built to last. I wanted a Weber because of the quality, and I'm not disappointed. Went together smoothly, even for one older female person, though by the time I was finished I was too tired to cook. But it lit up fine, nice burners, no problem. The only thing missing, expensive/annoyance, does not include a gas tank....more info
  • Weber barbecue
    The unit is very stylish and works well. Some parts are ordinary steel like the hinge rods and will rust with time but is almost impossible to find an all stainless barbecue without paying over a $1000 dollars.


    ...more info