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In the United Kingdom, New Zealand-born Natasha Bedingfield and brother Daniel Bedingfield have seemingly taken up permanent residence at the top of the pop charts. He's an earnest rocker with a dance music bent. She's an altogether more exciting prospect--a singer-songwriter who refuses to sit still, charging through decadent R&B ("Single"), jittery electro-pop ("I'm A Bomb") and first-class balladry ("I Bruise Easily"), invoking the likes of Beyonce and Gwen Stefani. And, okay, sometimes Nelly Furtado. An all-star production team, including former Robbie Williams collaborator Guy Chambers, makes for a debut that sounds like an instant greatest-hits set--just add cheekbones. --Aidin Vaziri

Japanese pressing includes one bonus track. BMG. 2008.

Japanese Release featuring a Bonus Track

Customer Reviews:

  • fine album by a very special artist
    This album by Natasha Bedingfield clearly shows that she's got lots and lots of talent; she sings and writes with sensitivity, emotion and electricity. This album, entitled Unwritten, absolutely shines bright; and we are all better off for Natasha sharing her gift with us. The quality of the sound on this CD is excellent; and the artwork is very nicely done. The liner notes have the lyrics to the songs and we get the song credits, too.

    The album begins with "These Words;" this song has excellent musical effects and a great beat. The first words may be "threw some chords together," but Natasha certainly accomplished so much more than that here! Natasha sings this with all her might, heart and soul; I love it! Natasha sings of her love for her man; and that's grand. Don't be surprised if you get up and spontaneously start dancing practically wherever you are! "Single" starts with some mighty dark sounding chords as Natasha sings of a woman who can feel good about herself even if she doesn't have a man in her life; I'm very impressed with this tune.

    We then get the title track, "Unwritten." This song is nothing short of a masterpiece. "Unwritten" has Natasha Bedingfield in her natural element; the music is very pretty and Natasha sings this so well it truly takes flight! The organ works wonders for the musical arrangement and "Unwritten" has a great beat--it's very memorable. In addition, "Silent Movie" is quite a pensive ballad that Natasha aces as effortlessly as if it were mere breathing; but of course we know it really wasn't all that easy to produce "Silent Movie." Natasha's talents carry her through; and that lush musical arrangement complements her vocals to perfection and beyond! I really like "Silent Movie;" and "I Bruise Easily" again keeps Natasha squarely in the spotlight. Natasha sings of a very sensitive woman who can get hurt when a relationship hits rough waters; and there's many a person who can identify with these lyrics.

    "Drop Me In The Middle" has Estelle doing more than just her best on this track with Natasha Bedingfield; the chorus is very beautiful and "Drop Me In The Middle" also sports a great beat. "Peace Of Me" begins with a brief but very beautiful piano solo; and when Natasha comes in this number takes off! Natasha sings of a woman who's so much happier when she finds a loving man to make her more complete; and her excellent diction enhances her performance all the more. The music is lush and very pretty on "Peace Of Me," too.

    "Stumble" has Natasha handling this ballad with the grace of a highly seasoned singer; and it's definitely a highlight of this album. "Size Matters" has Natasha performing something more like a dance tune; she handles complex key and tempo changes like the pro she truly is! "Size Matters" is perfect for dancing. The CD ends with Natasha Bedingfield performing "Wild Horses." "Wild Horses" has a fine piano arrangement and again Natasha handles complex tempo changes brilliantly. Natasha sings of a woman who wishes she could cast aside her inhibitions and live life more fully; many people can relate to the lyrics to this song. In addition, if you wait roughly three minutes after the end of "Wild Horses," you get a hidden bonus track entitled "Sojourn." Natasha sings this with panache and the guitar arrangement is very well done.

    Natasha Bedingfield scores a huge goal with this album; and this will leave you wanting more. I highly recommend this for fans of Natasha Bedingfield; and people who want to "discover" a great talent would do well to start with this CD.
    ...more info
  • Naked before God and Man
    A thrill and pure excitement to the soul thru the ears and heart. This is the first young artist composer I've heard that actually is original without being a grill mouthed two syllable pain in the ear. Wonderful lyrics take me back to Carol King,Etta James,and a touch of Janice for pain. Feels like a mix of Reggae,Blues and good ol R&R , like I woke up back in the sixties, seeing the world again for the first time at nineteen, and each song is both past and future for my life in the present as I fly down the freeway to the responsibilities that mask the flower haired young woman within.Great stuff....more info
    Natasha Bedingfield's debut album is definitely one of the best-and underrated pop albums of 2005.All the songs sound great,from her Top 20 hit,"These Words",which is one of the quirkiest pop singles after Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl",to the title track,which has an empowering message of living life according to your own terms."Single" is also a brilliant song,but my absolute favourite has to be "I Bruise Easily", a beautiful love song which showcases Natasha's vulnerable side when it comes to falling in love.Natasha proves that her brother Daniel is not the only talented Bedingfield.This is a great album!...more info
  • Undwerwritten---Natalie
    She is a very good singer I did not know she is the one who plays that lital song and I had to get it when I found out and I really love her sonfs they are uplifing. Great songs Great singer...more info
  • Fast service and Great CD!
    I received the CD in hardly anytime at all, and the CD was in excellent condition!...more info
  • Words that flow like silk
    Natasha is like listening to a dream. Her voice can make you smile and feel good. She has an energy that is unlike many artists that are popular now. Natasha uses that energy to power her music to levels that are sensational and memorable. I am sure most of you have heard at least one of her songs. I am also sure that if you have heard that song you have probably remembered some of the simple yet deep verses. Just thinking of some of her lyrics makes me smile on one of those dark days. I hope that she continues to bring excellent music like this to the public. We deserve more quality musicians like Natasha....more info
  • Deserves to be heard
    Since I hadn't heard much from the radio I'd liked for over a year I found it hard to give into the utter likability of Natasha Bedingfield. Her brother's two hit songs that made it onto radio across the globe did little to make me eager to hear his sister's take on pop music--until my sister started blaring "Unwritten" nonstop after I came home from college this last summer for break. The melody grabs hold instantly to the listener and I myself started noticing I'd be humming the chorus throughout the day. Natasha's singing is quite impressive for a pop star--unlike the infamous pop superstar Britney Spears (hey, I'll credit that Spears did have some good vocal moments on record throughout her career and I am eager to hear new material) to which all female pop stars after are compared, Natasha sounds like an actual trained musician. Her deliciously throaty and smoky sound makes for quite an entertaining and pleasing listen--kind of like Joss but much less affected. The big gem here is the perfect "Unwritten" (evident by how huge the single has become internationally, even breaking into the hard-to-get-in market here in the US) but "Single" is pure girls-rock in 4 minutes, "Stumble" is piano-tinged, "Peace of Me" is a rock song by a pop star and "These Words" is great Hip Hop-infused pop. "I Bruise Easily" and the closing "Wild Horses." Though not a perfect record, Unwritten is definitely an album worth hearing by all....more info
  • Absolutely love this CD
    I'm so glad I bought it! My roommate and I have been listening to it non-stop. Especially Unwritten... that song is amazing and really, really speaks to us right now. And These Words is obviously fantastic. My other favorites are Size Matters (so good) and If You're Gonna. I love every song on the CD. Totally underappreciated. You must buy it! The songs are not only catchy, but the lyrics are interesting, inspiring and real. Terrific album!...more info
  • Not your ordinary blonde
    I do feel that this album was underrated, but I also feel people seen her around. Her music definitely has a hip hop feel to certain of her songs. Her voice sounds like lauryn hill. Majority of her music is pop and rock, but her voice with pop music is amazing. It's good she adapts with different genres. She can really sing, and each of her songs have a positive message. She's number 1 in the uk, us need to give her a chance. ...more info
  • Natasha Rocks
    I love Natasha Bedingfield. I got her CD from my sister. I love all the songs, my faves (hard to pick!) are These Words, Unwritten, Size Matters, I bruise easily and Wild Horses. I have her DVD, I recommend it to all 'Tasha fans. She is a fantastic signer. She knows what kind of music to do, she has a variety, love songs, dance, slow, all kinds!...more info
  • WOW!
    What's truly amazing about the young talent of today is how grounded and committed they are to their sound. Although this is not a deep or penetrating compilation of music (and who says it has to be deep to be good?), the songs work well together as an entire package. And if you listen carefully "Unwritten," has range too. If you want something to listen to as you go about your daily weekend chores this CD won't disappoint. It's upbeat, clean and a whole lot of fun....more info
  • I'm in love with her!
    I think this is such a great album! I liked "Unwritten" when it came out, it was cool and original. Then I heard the amazing "These Words" and now it's one of my favorite songs of all time! This album is good too. The songs are well written, well sung and well produced. I also can relate to her song "Single" as I'm proud to be single too! If you liked "Unwritten" from the radio then there's more to offer besides that hit. Go buy this album, you won't be sorry!...more info
  • Can't get her out of my head
    I first heard Natasha while I was at the gym. Her hit "These Words" were on a music video. Thought it was pretty cheesy the first few times I saw it. Then it was pretty catchy. I had to buy the CD. Now, I skip over "These Words" and go staight to "Single", "Unwritten", and the rest. I'm going to have to buy another CD because I think I wore this one out. Track number 11 (The One That Got Away)is absoulutely awesome. This chick rates DIVA status. I am a geezer who still enjoys the likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, etc. Listening to this album helps me get in touch with my feminine side (?) Go figure. My wife says that if she is stuck in my head, she'll probably die of loneliness. Thank you Sweetie Pie. ...more info
  • Natasha may be a pretty girl!
    but she's no Paris Hilton. haha, I'll thank God for that! Not only is she prettier and nicer but this girl actually has talent! the songs are mixed around, everywhere from pop, to RnB, to rock & a bit of techno style stuff with a beautiful ballad and a hidden acoustic song!

    These Words- It's a dif song. catchy and has a nice beat to it! it's just fun!

    Single- Yah, this song is cool and just as catchy as the last song! pump it up Natasha, haha!

    Unwritten- this song actually got me to like her but now I'm sick of the radio playing this song, ugh...

    Silent Movie- well, she was going for different, she definitely got it with this poppy ballad. It's surprisingly has the right hook!

    Stumble- it's slow because the next couple of songs aren't. it's a nice tune to listen to!

    Peace of Me- def. has similarities to Stumble but then picks up at the chorus and I find it works as a song on its own. I find it a sweet release from the poppier side of Natasha's songs!

    If Your Gonna Jump- talk about a total switch, this song will get you moving!

    Drop Me in the Middle- & this is the most hip song! One of my favs, catchy & cool!

    We're All Mad- well, for a slow song it's got a dif twist to it. I find it one of the most unique slow songs I've heard in a while!

    I Bruise Easily- By far the most dramatic song on the cd. & slowest with the exception of Wild Horses, but they're two dif styles of songs as well. this song is similar to previous types of ballads but has its own hook at the same time! don't listen to it often but I find it to be a great song!

    The One that Got Away- she switches the style up a bit, more techno, not fussy on this song really. the chorus is catchy!

    Size Matters- Good message, not bad music! it's upbeat & fun!

    Wild Horses/Hidden Track- Wild Horses is by far the best song on the cd! it's so pretty and she shows off her great vocals! love it!

    & as for the hidden track, well it comes on about 3 min later. I said it at the beg. of the review but it is an acoustic song and one of the most unique songs on the album because it clearly stands on its own! there's nothing more creative or unique on the cd! too bad its a hidden track cause it's really good!

    & as for the album as a whole, I think it's worth your money! Natasha has a great talent and I hope she sticks around for a while! I rather enjoy her music!...more info
  • Beware Sony's XCP Sony Rootkit trojan!
    I bought this crappy cd, inserted it into my computer- where it could not play- but it did download spyware that masks itself and is not able to be removed, putting my computer at risk and wasting my time every day trying to delete the other viruses it lets in with its security breach. There is a class action settlement that offers a measly $7.50 IF you send the CD back to them after it ruins your computer, even if you have spyware. Don't buy it, it's not worth it....more info
  • Great upbeat set of tracks for Everyday Life...
    This album never fails to perk me up during a bad day. Her voice is beautiful, her lyrics are at once uplifting and incredibly soulful, and overall the entire album is like a spot of sunshine.

    And above all the rest, her song "Single" *always* puts a smile on my face, and reminds me to be proud of exactly who I am and where I am in life...

    Absolutely fantastic. ^.^...more info
  • Good Beat
    This music is enjoyable for listening. The CD as a who,e is not exactly what I expected....more info
  • Almost all great songs...a couple so-so's
    This is a great CD with a lot of great up-beat work-out type songs. A couple of the songs are kind of... blah, but for the most part I would definitely reccommend this CD to a frend....more info
  • A guilty pleasure
    Natasha has a gift for making catchy tunes but she also takes herself just a little too seriously. At times, this works. The title song is brilliant without being overreaching, and is the shining star on what is a solid album.

    At the same time, sometimes her lyrics are embarassingly trite, and her mispronunciation of "hyperbole" makes one wonder how this could possibly have made it to production without someone saying "umm, Natasha..." And she spends too much time writing about the writing process; it's a little self-absorbed.

    But when we stop looking that closely, it's undeniable that the music is infectious and energizing, and the production is rich and flawless. You can groan about liking it, but you will like it. It's fun. If that's not what you're looking for this isn't the album for you....more info
  • "Big up the love...Til it overflows!"
    I first heard Natasha with the song "Unwritten" in the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Then one day I was in the CD store (actually looking at the "Sisterhood" soundtrack) and they were playing the music video for "These Words." I thought both songs were very catchy, and this might be a new artist to get interested in. I went to her website and watched all of her videos (Unwritten, These Words, Single, I Bruise Easily). I was hooked. I bought the CD and was NOT disappointed:

    These Words: a popular single. if you somehow have managed to not hear it, i suggest to go to her website and check out the video. It's not very meaningful except the last line "I love you, is that okay?" but its just SO catchy!

    Single: when i first saw this music video, i did not really like this song. Since listening to it, I can apply to myself personally especially the lyrics "I'm not gonna get hooked up just cuz you say I should." It is very powerful and inspiring

    Unwritten: The song that got me interested in her music. Can get old, I think. A standard song message...but catchy!

    Silent Movie: An average tune, decent, nothing special

    Stumble: Again an average tune, but a really sweet song (topic)

    Peace of Me: Reminds me of Kelly Clarkson's "Addicted." Its not really my thing. The opposite message of "Single." (The contradiction bothers me.)

    If You're Gonna...: FUN, no real message, just FUN

    Drop Me In The Middle: A sort of hip-hop beat. Very good vocals though

    We're All Mad: I think this track can be easily skipped or forgotten, but can provoke some real thoght if taken seriously

    *This is where my favorite portion of the album begins*

    I Bruise Easily: Another song for which you can see the music video for on her website. This was the deciding factor in me wanting to buy the CD. BEAUTIFUL HEARTFELT MEANINGFUL EMOTIONAL. I'm sure everyone can relate to this song

    The One That Got Away: Possibly the MOST catchy. Again, it contradicts "Single" The chorus is long and (i cannot think of another word for it...) catchy. Bouncy track

    Size Matters: Yes I admit I thought of something else when I read the title of this track....don't try to pretend you did not! However, this song is the most adorable thing you will ever hear. Its sweet AND its catchy, just wonderful

    Wild Horses: At first I did not really like this song, but it has REALLY grown on me. Very heartfelt and meaningful

    Sojourn (hidden track): I did not discover this track until recently. I thought it was a manufacturing defect because "Wild Horses" never ended. But around the 10 minute mark, the new song will begin. This song is a little bit weak, but it was a really great surprise for me!

    Overall: There are a few tracks that actually have some meaning for me (Single, I Bruise Easily, Size Matters), but the others are still fun to listen to.
    I recommend that you watch the 4 videos online and make your decision based on if you like those songs.

    Highly recommended for fans of: Vanessa Carlton, Anna Nalick...more info
  • Great beats, amazing voice, a lil lyrically short
    I can say I could listen to the whole CD without HAVING to skip over any tracks. Of course, there are always songs that I go right to when I'm in certain moods. But, for the most part it's a quality record. Her voice is amazing. The production is very well done. A couple of the songs are a little lyrically simple/cheesy, but fun to dance to nonetheless. Wild Horses is a gorgeous song. I'll never tire of that one. These Words and Unwritten are among the songs I NEVER skip over. I'd recommend it!...more info
  • Collective Debut
    Natasha definately has destinctive vocals and makes an impressive debut. I did not hear this offering before hearing her latest entitled Pocketful Of Sunshinez(2008) which is a solid improvement(5 stars). But when you are working from a four star rating(Unwritten) you don't have that much to improve; she proves this with her first two releases. Unwritten is a very thoughtproking song. I especially like her writing ability; althought, they are generally written collaborably, the songs sound like something she would say and that makes listening to her more believable. ...more info