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One of the world's greatest rock 'n' roll bands ever to strut the 50 States, these sharp-dressed Texas titans-Billy F. Gibbons, Frank Beard, and Dusty Hill-are a righteously hell rain' power trio boasting a 30-plus year hit-making legacy, both in the studio and at concert arenas. With their revved up blues 'n' boogie, they always make the most of their Texas birthright with with a distinctive sound that shakes up rock, blues, soul, garage-funk, Americana, and more. Nowhere is their force of nature musicianship better displayed than on these two album classics, revved up wtih red-hot bonus rarities. "You know what I'm talkin' how how how how."

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent CD
    The CD has excellent Sound qulaity. It has been remastered. Frankly I was l little concerned because I read other reviews that stated they went overboard with the effects. It just sounds clean and balanced to me. Plus you get previousley unreleased versions of Tush and Jailhouse rock....more info
  • It changed my life!
    OK, maybe "Fandango" only had a profound influence on my taste in music. While I was stationed in Germany in the early 70s, a friend lent me "Fandango" and "Tres Hombres." (When we get together, he asks me when I plan to return them. I tell him there are two chances of that happening: Fat and none.) I've been a fan ever since. There are many purveyors of Texas-style rock, but none of the others make me just wanna to get up and boogie the way Billy Gibbons (& Pearly, mercy me!), Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard do. ZZ Top's pre-MTV stuff is raw, raunchy, straight to the gut, b**s-to-the-wall, kick-a** rock & roll. Unlike some fans, I think their MTV/RWG (Really Weird Guitars) output is great, too, but nothing matches the foundation they laid down on their early vinyl. So grab a Lone Star long-neck, crank it to 11, and boogie!...more info
  • The Original Mix Is Finally Restored
    After years of only being able to get the bogus remixed and re-recorded versions of the first 6 ZZ records on CD, Rhino has finally begun issuing the Top back catalog (Tres Hombres and Fandango so far) faithfully restoring the original mixes of these classic records. The fact that these fine records were altered to begin with is a complete travesty. I had to resort to burning the original vinyl as CDs because of the previous butchery and doctoring of these vintage 70's recordings. But now the original mixes are finally available and they sound incredible. I hope Rhino doesn't delay releasing the other 4 albums along with Deguello in original mix, remastered form. I can't wait to hear them. So if you are considering buying any of the first 7 ZZ Top CD's, only buy the 2006 remastered, original mix version of Tres Hombres and Fandango, and wait until the others get released in the same format. You'll be glad you waited and saved your money, I can't emphasize enough how terrible the previous releases of these CD's sounded.
    ...more info
  • Part Live, Part Studio
    1975's Fandango! was the follow-up to the band's breakout hit album Tres Hombres. It is something of a mixed bag as it combines live cuts with studio songs. The mix doesn't help the album flow. The studio cuts are first rate including the propulsive hit single "Tush" (which topped out at number twenty), the solid "Hear It On The X" and one the band's best and most underrated songs "Balinese". The live songs are good and show off the band's musical prowess, but they would have been better served releasing a separate live album. The album was their second straight top ten hit, peaking at number ten....more info
  • Great album, great remaster
    Finally... this fantastic album gets the treatment it deserves.

    The echo is gone. The drums are dry (in a good way) and the vocals are right up in front along side the Reverend's holy guitar tone. To sum it up, this remastered copy of Fandango! sounds brilliant.

    The cd artwork is great as well- faithful to the old LP artwork and complete with lengthy and interesting liner notes. The addition of 3 bonus live cuts at the end is excellent. In particular,the live version of Tush is INCREDIBLE. I personally was hoping they would include the entire live recording from which Side A of this album was taken, but I really can't complain with what is here.

    The songs are great (Billy's slide playing on Mexican Blackbird is worth the price of the album itself) and the sound quality is perfect. This copy of Fandango is the complete package. Buy it and throw out your old cd copy if you still have it....more info
  • got ta mellow down got ta mellow down before you blow your top
    Remasters are great. Much better than the older cd. The live side (the first 3 tracks in this case) is alright. It was recorded down in The Warehouse in New Orleans which closed down awhile ago. The sound quality's real good. The studio side is grade A. Most hard rockin cuts are "Heard it on the X" and "Tush" I'd say.

    If your'e a fan of boogie or blues rock this is good stuff.

    The bonus tracks are actually kinda disapointing. I was hoping they'd put on some more recordings from the concert on Side A on this but I don't know maybe they were all real bad or they've lost them. That would be a cool idea for another album, to just be that whole concert in New Orleans. Anyway that's beside the point.

    The live bonus tracks were taken from around 1979 or 1980 I think according to the new liner notes. They're bootleg quality sound and the crowd noise is pretty loud most of the time. The live version of "Heard it on the X" is really bad compared to the studio version. I don't know really why they included ANOTHER live version of "Jailhouse Rock".

    Their are expanded liner notes on this remaster. Much more than what they had in the old cd. Very informative and it has a bunch of photos in it.

    A pretty darn good album overall. Get the remastered version of Tres Hombres too. I'd say it's just about as good an album as this one. ...more info
  • Classic Old School ZZ Top
    This is classic Old School ZZ Top? How old school? They don't have the trademark beards on the album covers.

    This album is so deep it could count as a Greatest Hits for many other bands. Jailhouse Rock covers the Elvis classic. Backdoor Medley, a compilation of John Lee Hooker blues tunes, is my favorite of the batch. Mexican Blackbird is another great tune - is she a lady or a car? Tush, I heard it on the X and Blue Jeans Blues are all true classics - they've survived the test of time and are still staples of their concerts, and classic rock airwaves.

    The album's a must for any ZZ Top or Blues Rock afficianado!...more info
  • FANDANGO! Is Finally Back To Its Original Mix On CD
    It's great to see FANDANGO! restored to its original mix, which had previously been available only on LP and cassette, on CD. The remastering is warm and thick, and you can actually hear every instrument without all the electronic trickery, which is great. The fact that the band's members advocate sanctions on countries which falsely convict foreign visitors, capital punishment/life without parole for aggravated kidnapping, and increased law-enforcement funding makes me hope that the first two albums and TEJAS will get the same treatment as TRES HOMBRES and this one have received....more info
  • Excellent, Excellent Sound....But Where's The Rest?
    The sound quality here is excellent. Much truer to the original ZZ Top vibe than the bastardized version presented on "Six Pack". No ZZ Top fan will be disappointed in this purchase. My only beef is the live part of the album. With the expanded cd format, why not give us the rest of the live show (ala The Who "Live At Leeds" or Skynyrd's "One More From The Road")? I own this cd, and if you're a ZZ Top fan you should too. But as a diehard fan, I'm still holding out for the complete concert. BTW, search zShops for the best price....more info
  • Gotta mella out.......
    ZZ Top - Fandango, right till the end!!! Watch your speedometer when jammin' on this CD! I'm pleased!...more info