ETYMOTIC RESEARCH ER20BP High Fidelity Ear Plugs ( Clear )
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Product Description

Reduces sound 12 db evenly across frequency ranges / Speech and Music stay clear / One-size-fits-most to turn down noise while no muffling voices Sound quality is preserved Speech is clear, not muffled Reduces sound approximately 12 dB at all frequencies

  • Reduces noise while preserving sound quality
  • Ready-fit, low cost hearing protection
  • Speech is clear, not muffled
  • All sound is reduced evenly by 20 dB
  • Helps prevent noise-induced hearing loss

Customer Reviews:

  • Highest Quality Earplugs

    These are without a doubt the highest quality earplugs on the market. They take only a second or two to insert properly. Once inserted, they are completely forgettable, meaning they cause absolutely no discomfort, for as long as you care to wear them.

    Although they are billed as "high fidelity," there is really no such thing as a high fidelity earplug. High fidelity earplugs sound more like foam earplugs with more treble than they do like non attenuated sound.

    Don't bother wearing these plugs with a hoodie or woolcap. They are going to rub against the ends of the plugs jutting out from your ear and generate a lot of noise.

    Can't sleep with them either, since they jut out.

    Overall: best in class, and appropriate for any situation requiring noise attenuation, except perhaps, stupid loud environments. ...more info
  • Great Product!
    Purchased these for a gift - recipient says these work really well and they are much more comfortable than the other alternative earplugs....more info
  • Excellent for a musician
    These ear plugs lower the volume and protect the ears without coloring the tone. Playing in a band is easier because it is possible to hear all the instruments more clearly without worrying about hearing damage from loud cymbal crashes or other sound spikes. You can still hear the full range of frequencies....more info
  • Excellent earplugs and a cheap cost, too!
    I bought these earplugs after a doctor recommended that I use some while listening to music. A site I found via google recommended these earplugs, and I thought I'd give them a whirl.

    These earplugs are a godsend! They don't block out music to the point where I can't hear anything (I can still hear all the instruments crystal clear, only at a lower volume), I can still hear people talking to me, and sounds are clear, only softer. It's like someone turned the volume down, but not to an unpleasant point, either.

    They're also really easy to insert (not painful or uncomfortable at all), easy to clean, and generally can be carried everywhere for possible use. For this price, I'm very satisfied with what I've recieved, and I can't recommend them enough. ...more info
  • headphones a piece of crap.
    far from the sound quality of the ones that come with the iPhone, this piece of junk has ridiculously high treble and no bass. It's a piece of crap. Airplane headphones are better than this and we all know how crappy those are!!...more info
  • Etymotic Earplugs
    These are the best earplugs I've ever used. As advertised, they "lower the volume" of sound without distortion, you don't seem to lose anything across the audio spectrum (bass, midrange, treble). I've been totally comfortable in loud rock shows in small clubs, with no ear ringing afterward. This is exactly why I bought them, and they have completely lived up to expectations....more info
  • Ditch that yellow foam crap.
    These are certainly not top notch professionally fitted earplugs. But, they truly are worlds better than those disposable foam plugs that make you feel like you've got a head cold and can't hear anything anyone is saying to you.

    While not perfect, these filter sound much more naturally. At a rock concert, I can wear these without feeling like I'm missing alot of the sound. Many frequencies are still fairly loud and I can still hear vocals, guitars, etc.. not just bass and a thumping kick drum. With foam pads, I typically took them out between sets at a show so I could talk to my friends comfortably. But with these, I often just leave them in. I can typically hear my regular conversations just fine.

    Another recollection is plane travel. I'll often wear these when I fly to avoid the ear ringing that often occurs after all that engine noise. If I'm wearing these when a stewardess comes by to offer me a drink, I hear her when she gets my attention and once again am able to make the transaction without feeling like I'm talking to the other side of quiet bubble.

    Oh...I've also found the fit to be quite good and secure.

    This is getting wordy.

    Anyway, I highly recommend these to anyone who wants something better than yellow foam, but isn't quite ready to invest in professionaly fitted earplugs. ...more info
  • Wonderful but fragile
    I have been meaning to write this: I bought these earbuds and found them thoroughly satisfactory; they fit well, excluded ambient noise and seemed to have very good sound. But the left one stopped working altogether before they were two years old. They had been treated very well; I couldn't blame my handling for the problem. I used them only when I was at a gym doing exercise that involved only my legs.

    I have found no earbuds since those that are as comfortable and sound-isolating. But my experience with etymotic precludes my buying these again....more info
  • Excllent purchase!
    It is very comfortable and you can fit it as snugly as you like. The sound intensity reduction is not the maximum, but you can carry out a normal conversation with no problem. The quality of music you are hearing through these is fair in my opinion. For this price, it is very well worth it....more info
  • They work, thankfully
    I am a drummer for a very loud metal band (I was originally a jazz drummer, so your groans of disapproval are not completely dismissed) which practices two or three times a week in a concrete walled room. Our sound dampening devices consist of cardboard and old blankets (we are very high tech), so you can try to imagine the sheer volume presented in this small, ten by fifteen foot room by the drums, two full Marshal stacks, a PA, and a bass amp.

    Up until I purchased these, I was using a set of industrial ear muffs which drowned everything out and made it difficult to keep track of where we were in a song. Also, doing an aerobic exercise for three to eight minute intervals over a course of four hours (i.e. playing drums...) tends to make you sweat (profusely, it's gross, but hey I'm human). Let it be known ear muffs are a thousand times more uncomfortable when they are slimy and sliding around your skin.

    These plugs were a double upgrade. They are small and keep my head free and cool (and will not slip out due to excessive headbanging), and as advertised they reduced sound levels without entirely distorting the sound (but not completely, this will not beat an in-ear monitor by any means except in price). I can now hear key parts far better to stay on track.

    The only downside is they are quite difficult to get in and are initially uncomfortable. You might actually have to wet them slightly for them to sit in your ear properly (yes, it's like giving yourself a wet!). Finally, they do not work like foam plugs, so if you are expecting complete sound isolation for something like sleeping on an airplane or drowning out the girlfriend(s), don't waste the money, these are not built for that.

    I would recommend these to any musician looking for a cheap(ish) alternative to hearing the constant ringing in their ears (we've all been there, it sucks) without losing complete fidelity characteristic of foam plugs or industrial muffs....more info
  • nice
    this is comfortable to wear.
    and it makes you comfortable to be in a loud environment....more info
  • Affordable hearing protection for the music lover.
    Etymotic is certainly well know for high quality audio gear, however I'm certainly impressed how inexpensive these were. This is one of the best prices I found. They do appear authentic, of good quality, and come with a small plastic case.

    As a warning, these do go very deep within the ear canal, and as such they may be uncomfortable for those not used to them. It can also take a little fussing to get them how you want them, but that's the rub....more info
  • Pleasant noise reduction
    These are so much nicer than regular triple-flange earplugs. (Which I use all the time at work.)
    I haven't been to a concert with these yet, but mowing the lawn is much more pleasant when you hear all things simply "turned down." That as opposed to having some sounds muffled in a frustrating way that makes you want to take your earplugs out to be able to hear better.
    The paper that comes with these describes how the company's noise reduction rating is higher (around the same as most earplugs) than the OSHA "official" testing that they have printed and advertised. I believe they are right. Getting the plugs in up to the third flange reduces the noise just as much as my "plain" earplugs. It just takes a little wiggling to get them into a comfortable position, as they have a hard plastic section where you grab them....more info
  • Awesome.
    I like these a lot. probably not the best for shotgun ranges, that isn't their purpose. I go to shows and play shows with this bad boys and they are awesome! You can still hear things clearly, they are just lower. Love them!...more info
  • Great earplugs!
    This is the first time I've bought earplugs that are not of the foam variety.
    I'm a drummer and it's important for me to keep my ears healthy. I find that these earplugs do a great job of keeping my ears safe while still allowing me to hear the tone of what my band is playing.
    Great product!...more info