Manga Studio 3.0 Debut for Windows [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Manga Studio 3.0 Debut gives you the power and flexibility to create top quality manga and comic art. Design your comic with precision and freedom, using the same manga drawing software used by professionals in Japan.

  • Includes everything for aspring artists to create manga comic art.
  • Familiar interface produces fast results, single-click special effects save time.
  • Complete control over text, lines, word balloons, and page layout.
  • 1800 screen tones included add dimension, depth, and character to your art.
  • Best selling Manga art software worldwide.

Customer Reviews:

  • e frontier Manga Studio Debut
    This is my first try and computer aided graphics. The program is easy to use. I was able to create some awesome images the first day. I am a little disappointed that NO speech balloons are included with this version. What is a manga or comic book graphic art program without speech balloons? DAH! e frontier could have included a few speech balloons with the Debut version....more info
  • Good at first...
    Well, I bought this product back when I had a Windows XP and it worked great! It had nice brush and pen tools, tones (which I must say I've never used before) and when my Windows XP died unexpectedly, I was surprised to find out that it even work on my old Windows 2000!
    However, I have recently gotten a Windows Vista for Christmas, and I was very saddened to find out that it wasn't compatible with that system. However, for any person here who is wanting to buy Manga Studio, you will have to upgrade to Manga Studio 4, which works on Windows XP and Vista.
    Other than it not working on my latest computer, it is a great product!...more info
  • I love it
    I really like this product. If you draw any sort of comics it's great. You can jump right in and draw, create panels, and worry about all teh advanced stuff later. My 10 year old pastes drawings that he scans into it,creates panels and then touches up and adds to those drawings with the tools included. A great deal of creative fun, for less than the price of a PS3 or X-Box game. ...more info
  • ....................
    although it has many things that you dont need to buy in a store, it needs some other things, too. I bought it and had it in use almost everyday, but then got bored because is hard to find the tools and you dont wanna just have your front page fool of them. I heard that this software had some problems in a windows vista but i found the info after i bought it. still does not represent any problem to my computater. i have found that i need a tablet to work with it but a tablet does not work in a vista or at least a sheap one. one a comment from me buy it if you have a xp since that it was made for....more info
  • Window Vista Alert
    If your operating system is for Windows Vista I'd advise you to stay away from this program! I purchased this program in Feb.2008 and figured I had plenty of time to install it on my computer. Well, it won't install using Vista as the operating system. I'd probably wouldn't have had a problem if I was running it on my old computer, Window XP was it's operating system but I brought a new one. So don't buy this unless you check to make sure it'll run on your computers operating system! I'd rate this 0 stars since I can't use it but the system wouldn't allow it so it has 1 star!...more info
  • Pretty good stuff
    I have used this for about a month now and it has saved me hours of work.The interface took a little getting used to,but thats probably cause I am new to working on the computer.All around pretty good.4 stars(there are a couple things that I want it to do but it wont.I probably just need to learn a little more about it.:)...more info
  • Ugh! Debut 3 and Vista are incompatible
    I bought the program with high expectations, installed it... or, rather, attempted to install it. I got " THE REQUEST OPERATION REQUIRES ELEVATION " error message. After a number of annoying attempts, I check their website. It says to run the program as administrator and shows how to do it.

    So I did that.

    It still failed with the same message.

    I'm returning it and looking for something else....more info
  • It alright for beginner
    I'm good at drawing in real life, but in computer not so will, This software for who want to start making manga or a hoppy. If you are professial, DO NOT BUY THIS VERSION, buy the full(EX) Version. This version contain simple content for creating manga. The good part is a good price $40 at Amazon, other place $50 or more for this software where work wonderfully, but the bad part is import art and use of it, is very hard if you draw in the computer for most people, the import even worst it only import from scanner that had TWIN 32 compliable mean more money to spent.
    A good artist are old school people, pencil and paper are cheap than software, computer, tablet, monitor, and more. But PC give us the perfect of art.

    Recommand for people who is old school, Buy good Tablet Laptop will cost $700-more, No need tablet or scanner for that Just draw direct to laptop screen.

    New school peole Buy good Tablet which will cost at least $150 At Amazon, don't buy the cheap one becase it will be hard to draw in this software, recommaned Wacom Tablet, But Genius is cheapest Tablet out there, if you don't no how to use it well, Do not Buy, because the pen had hard point and not soft, no easer tech, is like a very Hard stick design for a caveman.

    One last thing if you going to do animtion or Comic/manga or other art media for a your futuer careen,
    Buy a Good Desktop and Laptop with good graphic card and large memory, If you know how built PC, buit a good one, Because it will take alot of memory, there no room for porn, game, and others thing you have in computer. Because you will need....more info
  • black and white only Manga Studio
    Manga Studio has a color image on the cover and for advertising. I was surprised that it was only for drawing in black and white.

    However, my kids liked this software and they use it....more info
  • The Manga Edition Of Photoshop.
    This software is basically photoshop, except you can add panels. It has most of the same is very useful to artists. However, it is not very 'user-friendly'. When you want to scan in a drawing, it needs to be scanned in as a certain type of scan, of else it won't work. It is also quite hard to use the features. After you learn to use it, it's a lot better, but it would be TONS better if it would let you scan easier....more info
  • manga studio 3.0
    the order came as discribed.Came in the time frame that it was supposed to get here....more info
  • Digital Drawing
    The best drawing program I've seen. Drawing on the computer is an art in itself, and this program has fewer hurdles to overcome. Happy drawing...more info
  • Misleading Ad
    This is a simple drawing program, much like Paint. Don't be mislead by the colored picture on the cover, it only does black and white. And it has no help in drawing Manga figures. And it is a stripped-down program, at that. The documentation is for the full program, so you can't do much of what you read in the manual and help files. Save your money, this program isn't worth buying....more info

    i want to buy it, however im afraid it wont work with my vista notebook...more info
  • mostly an advertisement for more stuff
    I purchased this item for my classroom. It comes with no printed instruction manual. Besides this incredible inconvenience is the fact that once the program is open, it can not be closed without turning off the computer. I have loaded it on my new classroom computer and had this problem so removed it an loaded it on a new tablet laptop with the same problem.

    What I have seen so far, rather than making this version accessible and usable, is about how they really think you should buy their more Delux version. There is nothing I have experienced with Debut that would encourage me to purchase their more advanced copy. Also, so far I have experienced nothing with this program that makes it significantly better for drawing than photoshop. ...more info