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iHome iH5BR Clock Radio for iPod (Black)
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $41.95

You Save: $58.04 (58%)


Product Description

With its built-in docking station and clean, contemporary design, the iHome iH5 clock radio is the perfect complement for your Apple iPod digital music player. Not only does the iH5 let you listen to your iPod music free from cumbersome headphones, it also lets you fall asleep or wake to music you've loaded into your iPod. You can also wake or sleep to FM/AM radio or wake to a traditional buzzer.

The compact unit measures roughly 9 x 3 x 6 inches (W x H x D) yet comes complete with stereo speakers, drift-free digital FM/AM radio tuning, a multifunction LCD with adjustable backlighting, and the ability to charge your docking iPod's battery right from its center seat. (The iH5 includes handy inserts to accommodate any type of docking iPod: gen 3, gen 4, iPod mini, or iPod photo.)

Immediately upon plugging it in and the clock will set itself, drawing on its factory-installed 100-year calendar (year/month/day, 2000 to 2099). The clock will maintain accuracy all on its own, even self-adjusting for Daylight Savings time and leap years.

Fall asleep to your favorite station or a carefully chosen iPod playlist using the unit's programmable sleep timer (15 to 120 minutes in 15-minute increments). Gradual Wake and Gradual Sleep features will increase (with on wake-up) or decrease (on sleep) the system volume so as not to startle you. Adjustable sleep volume lets you select a comfortable "sleep" volume level without affecting the wake-to or listening volume levels.

A supplied analog audio interconnect affords hookups with non-docking iPods, other MP3 players, cassette players, or other audio devices. Other features include automatic frequency control (AFC) for enhanced FM reception, an amber backlight on all primary buttons, and optical knobs for precise volume/tuning.

For extra security, if you've selected iPod as your wake-to source and your iPod isn't docked, a buzzer will sound instead. The clock also comes with Sure Alarm battery backup--just install 2 AA batteries to activate the feature. In the event of a power failure, or if you disconnect the AC power cord to move it, the Sure Alarm system will maintain your clock and alarm setting for the life of the batteries, ensuring that the alarm will sound at the set time.

The iH5 is "Made for iPod"-certified by Apple.

What's in the Box
Clock radio, a stereo analog audio interconnect, dock inserts for any type of docking iPod (gen 3, gen 4, iPod mini, iPod photo, iPod nano), an AC power adapter, and a user's manual with warranty information.

  • Sleep or wake to iPod, AM/FM radio, or buzzer; auto-setting time and date even self-adjusts for Daylight Savings
  • Sleep or wake to iPod, AM/FM radio, or buzzer
  • Gradual Wake and Gradual Sleep gently increase (alarm) and decrease (sleep) the system volume
  • Clean, contemporary design complements your iPod; stereo speaker drivers in special chambers offer surprisingly good sound
  • Compatibility: iPod nano (1G only), iPod mini, 3G iPod, 4G iPod with click wheel, iPod Color, iPod Video

Customer Reviews:

    The first time I docked my video iPod on this thing, it started smoking and smelled like burnt plastic. I immediately undocked my iPod and returned this item. I got the JBL On Time instead, and I love it....more info
  • ihome is much better than most
    i bought the ihome iH5 for my 16 year old daughter to use with her ipod nano. i had purchased and returned 3 other similar competitors products because they had lots of static and constant humming sound at all volume levels. however, the iH5 sounds amazing- absolutely no static or hum- just good clean, full, rich sound. the iH5 does not have tone control- not a problem with the ipod since it has it's own set of tone controls. if you're looking for a decent sounding clock radio/ ipod player for around $75, look no further. ...more info
  • Excellent Unit for the Price
    I am very pleased with this product. I wasn't sure if the insert for the Nano 2G would be incluced, but it was. The sound quality is quite good for such a small unit under $90 and the remote is a nice added feature. ...more info
  • Caution: will not charge iPhone 3G
    Overall, I have enjoyed my iH5, the sound is adequate but not amazing and both the backlight and volume control could use more fine control.

    However, I recently replaced my iPods with an iPhone 3G, and the iH5 will not charge the 3G. This is due to Apple finally ditching Firewire-based charging with the 3G (some other older devices will not charge the 3G either). At this time iHome has not made any kind of statement on this and has not provided any info on which of its products, if any, support the 3G.

    The 3G will, however, play when docked....more info
  • Great...while it lasted
    I received an iHome for Christmas in 2007. The sound quality was great and I particularly liked features such as the brightness control over the LCD display, gradual volume alarm, and compatibility with my iPod. Unfortunately the device stopped working a few weeks ago. No sound comes out regardless of whether it's set to radio or iPod. I replaced it with a cheaper, truncated iHome model as I can't justify $100 for something that works only a year. ...more info
  • Pretty good Product, Pretty Good Price
    Pro -
    Very easy to use
    3 Display light modes
    Able to charge your Ipod over night
    Wake -up to your favorite music on your Ipod
    Input and output features
    Con -
    No presets for radio
    No bass/treble controls
    Sound quality is so-so

    Before I bought this item there was only one drawback that I could see, its price. I didn't understand what was so valuable about this Ipod/Clock radio combo that I would want to pay $70-90 for one, but I purchased one anyways because I knew that I could sell it on Amazon or eBay for close to the purchase price that I paid for it. I thought that I would keep it for a couple of month and if I didn't work out I would re-sell it. I have let that couple of months tick by and I really happy to say that this was a good purchase and I use every aspect of this device more often than I thought I was going to.

    This includes just being able to use my Ipod more often because the Ihome allows you to charge overnight. Nothing beats to waking up to my favorite band, Dave Mathews thanks to the Ihome because you get to wake up to the music on your Ipod. Of course, you can still wake up to the regular beeping noise also, but I love all of the options that this device gives you. As other reviewers have noted, this model gives you three options as to the brightness of the display light, which is nice.

    The sound that this unit produces isn't mind shattering, but that is not what I purchased it for in the first place and I didn't expect it to be that great. It doesn't have any bass or treble features, so you have rely on your Ipod equalizer settings for different music sound selections. And if you use the radio there are not any pre-sets available, but then again I don't use my Ihome to listen to the radio because I have XM radio in addition to my Ipod. But to its defense the Ihome is capable of being hooked to a larger stereo system because of its output function and you can put other devices into the unit through its input hook-up.

    All in all, this a very capable unit that seems to be put together with quality materials that I expect to have for a number of years. Not to mention that is also compatible with basically the entire Ipod line, which is more than I can say for the Apple cooperation and all of the changes that they have made to their latest 6th generation of Ipods, and what reviewers have wrote about them....more info
  • Good not great

    This clock worked well for about 6 months THEN the circlular scrolling buttons stopped working well. They would move in random directions when you scrolled left or right. (i.e. to change time or volume) and NO I was not hard on them, I take care of my stuff.

    Also the remote is just about as close as you get to being a joke. Hardly works.


    But this clock really looks nice and sounds fantastic

    I got this for 40$ with free shipping, so I'm still happy with it :)...more info
  • Great radio, good design, excellent price
    Very pleased with design and features. The backlit buttons and illuminated display are great. I would hesitate to equate audio quality with that of a Tivoli or Bose radio, but for my needs, the sound is perfectly fine. Easy to operate, and looks great. I recommend this radio to anyone looking for a) an upgrade of their existing clock radio, and b) a simple way to integrate your ipod with external speakers....more info
  • It's okay
    I was really excited to get this product and found it relatively easy to set up and all of that. I use it mostly for the alarm feature at this point, however I can't stand the gradual volume. It goes up very quickly and defeats the purpose of gentle waking you up. THere is also no option to change this feature to just a regular volume and not gradual. This is my only complaint, otherwise I think it is a great boombox for the ipod....more info
  • Not the greatest
    I purchased this item to play my ipod at work. The sound isn't great and the volume is hard to adjust- it's either too loud or too quiet. I'm currently searching for something that won't disrupt my co-workers....more info
  • Perfect for iPod owners
    I've had an iH5 for almost a year now, and it's been great to me this whole time. It melds with my iPod nearly perfectly and it looks awesome anywhere I put it. There is one thing it needs, though: better control over the iPod. If you want to skip a song, there's no button on the iH5 to do it. You need to click the forward/back buttons on the iPod itself. I know, no big deal for most people. So other than that, highly recommended to anyone looking for a new clock radio, even if you don't have an iPod....more info
  • Bad product.
    I ordered this for my son's bedroom, but was not pleased to find that the clock didn't light up like it was supposed to. It appears that the backlight is busted so unless it is day time or I have the light on in the room, I can't see the clock....more info
  • Miss Picky
    I purchased this iPod Clock Radio by SDI Technologies yesterday and... I LOVE THIS RADIO. The sound is outstanding and it has LOTS of little extras that I love too. I fell asleep last night listening to my favorite MP3's using the sleep setting (+ this works with other MP3 players in addition to the iPod). When I woke up this morning it had "gone to sleep" just as programmed. I can get lots more radio stations with this radio. Amazing, so glad I purchased it. I also like the sleek way it's constructed - easy to dust off. The remote control is tiny but mighty. One of my best purchases. ...more info
  • Awesome iPod speakers
    The iHome iH5 clock radio for the iPod, is amazing. I got one for Christmas and recommended to it to a close friend who decided to purchase it. Mine was $300.00 and my friend's was $68.48. My mother is a liar. I AM NOT SORRY MOMMY, I am very disappointed in you and also Santa Claus who only got me a pair of socks and this iHome for Christmas this year. I am very spoiled and what I wanted for Christmas was a pink razr, socks, my own apartment and some cologne. Anywhosees, BUY THIS PRODUCT AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY IN ME AND MY FRIEND who wanted to beroommates this Christmas this year. If we get our apartment you are welcome to come. My friend also wrote a review it says that she thought it was crystal clear and I agree. Our adress is 55 Mikewakowski Lane. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I was impressed with the sound quality, especially for the price! The remote is convenient. I couldn't get the radio station to get a clear signal on the stations I listen to, but that may vary by location....more info
  • IHome Clock Radio for iPod
    This IHome is fabulous. I have an older iPod and it works great in this base. I especially LOVE the remote control!!...more info
  • Cool item for the home
    It works perfect, it sounds nice and full, wish it had a video output and more ipod controls....more info
  • excellent product
    This was purchased for my son who had saved up his money to buy an ihome in a store but found it here on amazon for less money. He was concerned that it would take forever to get here, purchasing online rather than the store but decided the cheaper price was the way to go. The ihome arrived very quickly, faster than the time stated upon purchase. He is thrilled with it, it has everything he wanted, my only complaint is how loud he plays his music but isn't that what most preteens and teens do?!...more info
  • Great Product - 1 Complaint
    I really enjoy this alarm clock / iPod speaker system. My only complaint is that you cannot turn off the backlighting of the push buttons on top. ...more info
  • It's well worth the price!
    Ok, this unit won't do everything for you, and the remote control that came with it is very limited as far as the functions that can control the iPod, but I have to say I am impressed for the $69 that I paid for it.

    Pluses of the item...great sound, including radio reception, easy iPod connection, easy time setting and wake up controls, and the dimming switch for night time viewing and sleeping mode.

    Yes, the remote is very cheap, but at the price I paid for it, I cannot complain. Very nice unit for the budget minded....more info
  • Love It!
    Great, high quality product, reasonably priced, and on time delivery. This is the same product that's sold in stores like Best Buy for about 20.00 or so more. I'm glad I decided to search it up on Amazon and find it cheaper, with the same high quality....more info
  • "Lull you out of sleep"?
    I bought this item for my daughter for Christmas because she specifically wanted a gradual wake up alarm. It doesn't work! In fact, after calling the company we found that this model has no such feature, despite the fact that the box and the description of the model say that it does. According to the manufacturer, "it was a mistake". Bottom line: if this feature is important to you, don't buy this model!...more info
    I bought this Ihome IH5 a few months agao when I had an old 3rd genreation IPOD. Well it was time for an upgrade and I just bought a new 8g NANO. Gues what, this machine does not work on any of the newer IPODS brought out in 2007!
    When I called to complain I was told, "well we did not know Apple was bringing out new versions??? Come on that is just pure bunk!. So I asked so do I just throw out $99.00 and buy a different machine. The answer was well I cannot tell you what to do, but we are trying to test the new models and maybe you will have to download some software. I asked when and they said we do nnot know it will be a few months. So all the money I spent on this machine is totally wasted. DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS, if you have a 2007 IPOD or planning on one for the holidays...more info
  • Product received
    I ordered 1Home iH5BR Clock Radio for iPod and did not receive power adapter to operate properly. I also received a different model than ordered. ...more info
  • A Rooster Would Be More Reliable. "Cock-a-Doodle-DON'T"
    The iHome is quite sleek. Very shiny and black! However, it totally pooped out on me after about a month of use. My ipod couldn't make a connection with the iHome, and it stopped working! Sounds like my dating life :P Also, a lot of dust shows on the shiny black surface. The clock light is very bright, even on the lowest setting. It's like I'm sleeping on the surface of the sun! (but not quite that hot!) Another negative is the size. It's slightly smaller than my 20 pound tabby cat. In summary, don't buy this unless you like alarm clocks that are bigger than a cat and don't work! ...more info
  • great value
    this item was a great value for the price! It was bought for my 11 yr old who absolutely loves it and listens to it all of the time--she even can watch the videos on her ipod while it is on the docking station!...more info
  • Nice features, but fair quality at best
    The features are nice, such as: light dimmer for clock, sleep mode, snooze, am/fm radio. The sound from the speakers is subobtimal. What the clock radios of the old days sound like. The worst part is the docking station. It worked great for the first year. With time the insert became loose and the iPod stopped charging and the sound from the iPod was akin to the radio not being quite on the right station. Putting cardboard between the iPod and dock helped, but just the wrong move and it was back to it's old tricks. I would not buy this again....more info
  • Look elsewhere
    Our iHome is now just a clock radio as the ipod dock has a short in it after about 7-8 months of (infrequent) use. Had this issue not occurred, I would have given it 3+ stars as it is functional, but sound quality is a little lacking and the remote has very limited distance....more info
  • The iHome ih5 is the best iPod system ever!!
    This product was excellent. When I first received it, and was putting it together, it wasn't working. My dad said is the extension cord plugged in? That was the reason. Once I plugged it in, everything worled fine. Anyways, I listen to my iPod everyday and it has crystal clear sound. ...more info
  • Decent, works with iPod Touch
    Okay, there are some good things about this product, and it works with my iPod Touch, which is great, but ...

    what were they thinking with the button layout? The middle row of buttons, behind the snooze alarm, is a set of buttons that you rarely want to use, and which are easy to press by accident.

    In particular, the button on the left, which toggles between which alarms are set (none, iPod alarm, radio alarm, or both) is right in front of the button that plays iPod tracks. So twice already I've accidentally toggled my alarm clock from both alarms being set to no alarm being set when all I wanted to do was play the iPod music. Really bad design.

    It should be a basic rule of alarm clock design that it is difficult to change the alarm clock setting by accident....more info
  • Almost perfect
    I absolutely love this product. First of all, the sound and product quality are spectacular for the size and price. Second, I can tote it between my bedroom and bathroom without a hassle, which is a huge plus for me. My only issue is the remote. Maybe it's just mine, or maybe I'm an idiot, but I pretty much have to hold the remote 6 inches from the unit to make it work, in which case using a remote is kind of ridiculous. If the remote had more range, I would be 100% satisfied with this system, and I'm so glad I got it....more info
  • Disappointed :(
    The reason I purchased this alarm clock was for its gradual wake feature, but I soon found that this is not a strong point of the alarm. The gradual sound increase occurs over only a few seconds, so it is relatively fast compared to the hour-long ipod alarm feature. However, it is still a good, functioning alarm clock and doubles as a docking station to pump out music from our ipod....more info
  • excellent sound and value
    great sound - full and rich compared to other ipod external speakers....more info
  • big as a cinder block and about as useful
    I have had this thing for about a year and a half. The ipod connection crapped out about a week after warranty expired. The company has an after warranty repair/replacement policy set up that costs almost as much as the unit itself. It is now a glorified clock radio that takes up too much space on my nightstand. When I was able to connect the ipod to the unit, the ipod sits on top of the radio and is very susceptible to being knocked off when reaching over to turn off the alarm or something else especially at night or in the morning when you aren't really awake. The only good features are the dimmable display and the switch on the back that lets you instantly adjust the time +1 or -1 hour. Otherwise, the sound is below average and the reception from the radio is poor and it is takes up way too much space....more info
  • Ihome clock radio
    Now have 3 of these units can`t be beat for the money!!!!...more info
  • Does not charge 4th generation Ipod
    bought for my Mom's Ipod (3rd gen. Nano) and it works well. Tried with my 4th gen video Nano... will not charge. This product is NOT compatible with the 4th gen Nano. ...more info
  • Don't waste your money on this one
    The sound quality is poor and we can never listen to the radio without static. You have to hit the buttons twice to turn it off or on. Needless to say, we don't use it any more. Instead we bought [[ ASIN: B000OFSN4G Altec Lansing inMotion iM600 ]] which isn't an alarm system but you can set an alarm with the iPod and whose sound quality is excellent....more info