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Linksys WPC54GX4 Wireless-G Notebook Adapter with SRX 400
List Price: $79.99

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Product Description

The Linksys Wireless-G WPC54GX4 Notebook Adapter with SRX400 will enhance your wireless networking experience. It's got a new technology called SRX, or Speed and Range eXpansion. With an optional SRX router you can achieve up to 3 times the range of standard 802.11g, and up to 8 times the speed of standard 802.11g. The Adapter also uses "Multiple In, Multiple Out" (MIMO) technology effectively doubles the data rate, using signal reflections to increase the range and reduce "dead spots" in the wireless coverage area. A stronger signal means better wireless coverage, which leads to a strong, clear, fast wireless connection. If that's what you're looking for, look no further.

  • High-speed Wireless-G networking with SRX performance enhancement for your notebook
  • SRX technology performs up to 10 times faster than standard Wireless-G (802.11g)
  • SRX also increases wireless range by up to 3 times and reduces dead spots in coverage area
  • Enjoy high-speed wireless network access while retaining true mobility
  • Interoperates with standard Wireless-G, Wireless-B, and other SRX devices

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Product!
    I bought the WRT54GX4 yesterday along with a WPC54GX4 PCMIA card for my laptop. My old WRT54G died after 2 3/4 years of service. Linksys will replace the old unit under warranty, but I run a small business and couldn't wait for a replacement. I also found the wireless link between the WRT54G and the WPC54G to be somewhat spotty with the wireless card not catching the router signal all to often so an upgrade was in order anyway.

    I installed the WRT54GX4 router with no problem and found that my wired connection had better internet response although I know of no reason why that should be the case. I also tested it with the the laptop with the OLD WPC54G card and the difference was amazing. All of the dead spots in my home were gone, the signal was strong and the transmission rate was inproved. If you want to save a few bucks, but need an improved wireless network, the router will do that even with standard G product in my brief experience.

    I next installed the WPC54GX4 card in the PCMIA slot in my laptop. Installation was a breeze. As expected signal strength was strong throughout the house and the data transfer rate was consistantly 240Mbps! To check the range, I put the laptop in the car and concluded I could easily keep connected if I were visiting any of the neighboring houses. The card also picked up a lot of other networks in neighborhood (most of which were not encrypted).

    These are not cheap products, but they work and are well worth the money if you want a great wireless network....more info
  • Solved the problem - was able to connect to the router (2 stars were from my previous review) NOW 555 stars!!!
    my old review "I think it depends what type of router you use: this adapter showed 100% connectivity, but still failed to open the Internet Explorer, siting some troubles with the router! I had run the CD (did everything correctly), but I still cannot use it. Have to use my old adapter..."
    EDIT: After upgrading the router and its firmware, this little adapter is WONDERFUL! Full 5 stars - just great! The range is amazing - I was able to detect some free wifi networks - and this little adapter was able to connect to them even if the signal strenght was 10-20%. Of course, the house network shows a steady 100% signal strenght (all 3 floors), indoors and outdoors. Very reliable!...more info
  • Linksys notebook adapter
    This is my first experience with linksys products. Up until now all I could get was dial up. I found it very easy to set up and it works excellent. It is truly long range. I am very pleased with it and wouldn't hesitate to buy linksys products again...more info
  • Did not receive
    What happened? I was charged but not have received wireless card.
    John ...more info
  • Dead on arrival
    I will never buy a brand new product release from Linksys again. Their Q.C. stinks. I am on the third WRT54GX4 router and it is the first that was not defective. I got it set up and tried my new WPC54GX4 network card(SRX400) and got a weak signal, but I had my second laptop with a WPC54GX card(SRX200) on the desk getting 100% signal strength. I switched cards in the two computers, and the old SRX200 card was better in either computer(both XP Pro). After hours with semi-English speaking techs, they came to the same conclusion I came to in five minutes...a bad antenna in the new WPC54GX4. So once again Amazon will replace a defective Linksys product for me. I had been a Linksys fan in the past, but not any more. Here's a link to a picture of the first router I got and its defect. info
  • Meets all expectations
    Very easy to install, well written instructions. Have had no problems with the product. Does what it is supposed to do....more info
  • Computer Wireless Device
    product received was as advertised, and in great condition. Would buy from this vendor again....more info
  • Great Notebook adapter
    I just installed the Linksys WPC54GX4 Wireless-G adapter in my older (2003)Compaq Presario laptop and linked to my Linksys WRT54GX4 router. It works flawlessly and I am getting 246 mb of speed upstairs and 70 feet away from the router. This adapter and the router exceeded my expectations!...more info
  • breakthrough new technology that works
    Purchased this along with a new Linksys WRT54GX4 router (the latest from Linksys). The installation was easy. And most important the combination reached areas in my home that my old router could not even come close to. In fact I can now go to the barn (200ft away) and go on line. This new MIMO technology is great....more info
  • Buying this item solved my networking problem
    My problems started when I was trying to create a new wireless network at a neighbor's place. I bought a new Linksys router and installed it, but couldn't get my 2002 laptop to connect. Actually, it connected once or twice for a minute and that was it. The weird thing was, the laptop connected fine to my old (2004) Linksys router at my place.

    So I moved the old router to my neighbor's place, brought the new router home, and spent an entire weekend screwing around with it. Despite excellent technical support from Linksys (the main reason I buy Linksys products to begin with), I wasn't able to get my old laptop to connect to the new router.

    At first I thought the problem was with the new router. I even drove all the way back to Walmart, returned it, and bought a different model (I returned a B router and bought a new G router). Unfortunately, after uninstalling all the software for the B router, and reinstalling everything for the G router, my laptop still wouldn't connect to the network.

    But then, on a lark, I fired up my old Windows 1998 computer just to see what would happen (I hadn't booted it up in years). To my amazement, that old clunker, with a 2002 USB Linksys wireless adapter, connected to the new Linksys router just fine.

    That little miracle allowed me to narrow down the source of my problem to the laptop itself. What really threw me in all of this was the fact that the laptop still connected to my old Linksys router. So, I got online and bought this new WPC54GX4 card (and for an amazingly affordable price let me add).

    After it arrived, I plugged it into my computer and at first it wouldn't connect to the network. I was like, "Dammit, guess I'll use it for a hockey puck". Then, all of a sudden "Waa-laa!", the card connected!!!
    It has been working fine ever since and all of my networking problems are solved for now. ...more info
  • Great Card even at $100+
    I installed a wireless network using the WRT54GX4 and three WPC54GX4 cards in desktop pc using a pci to pcmcia bridge card. I also have a WPS54G print server on my network. All use WPA2 for security. The speed is awe inspiring for a wireless network, as well as the range and coverage. I give LINKSYS an A++ on this one....more info