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Tune Belt Open View Armband Carrier for 1G & 2G iPod nano and flash Zune (4/8GB)
List Price: $17.99

Our Price: $11.02

You Save: $6.97 (39%)


Product Description

Enjoy unmatched comfort, convenience & security with the Tune Belt Open View Armband AB7 solution for your iPod nano.

  • Operate nano functions right through protective mylar window
  • Protects nano from bumps and perspiration during activity
  • Comfortable, lightweight, secure and hands-free!
  • Securely stores excess earbud cord to prevent tangling in arm
  • Armband size is easily adjustable with one hand 8" - 18"

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Protection for your Nano and User Friendly!
    I just got a new Nano for Christmas along with the armband carrier. The carrier is great!
    (1) Covers your complete Ipod Nano. The screen is covered as well as the wheel. Even though there is plastic over the wheel, you can still use the control wheel.
    (2) There is an opening at the top of the cover so that you can still use the hold button at the top of the Ipod
    (3) The bottom is open to plug in head phones. You can also open the bottom to plug in the power source cord.
    (4) The back has a clip on it so that you can clip it onto your shirt, pants, purse or use the armband that is provided for you.
    (1) It is a very tight fit to get the iPod in and out of the cover, but really this is not a problem. It keeps the iPod safe so you really wouldn't need to take it out to charge or use.

    This is an excellent product. I prefer this to the armband that Apple sells because it covers your entire Ipod and protects it. I listen to my Ipod when I work out so I know that this case is fully protecting it.
    ...more info
  • Ipod armband
    The Tune Belt Ipod armband is a good buy. It is light weight and very comfortable to wear around your arm. I like the extra velcro flap on the side of the case which is where I put my headphones in. It is convenient when I go to the gym over here in Iraq. Good product! I will buy from Tune Belt again....more info
  • its keep the dust out.
    im a soldier over seas right now and when i go out running in the mourning when the winds blowing it kicks up a whole lot of sand and dust that killed my last zune, after i bought the second zune i got the tune belt to go with it and it work wonders, my zune is almost compltly covered from the sand and dust. my zune will live longer then the last one now...more info
  • Not bad, for now
    Hi, I bought this for my zune 8Gb, for first reason as it the only armband that you can use for flash zune. I tried the universal armband that you can buy at bestbuy, and it was a crap. There are no hole for a phone jack like this one has. The only problem with this one is because it design for ipod, the fit is tight, it needs like 1-2mm more, but it fits. And like I said for now it the only armband for Flash Zune that you can actually use it. Plus it's cheap and quality is pretty good. ...more info
  • Missing Ipod Carrier
    It has been close to a month and I still haven't recieved my purchase. I won't purchase again from this vendor....more info