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Next Generation Remote Control Extender
List Price: $59.95

Our Price: $25.45

You Save: $34.50 (58%)


Product Description

All that needs to be done is just install the Remote Range Xtenderat have to attach anything to the front of your remote or be limited to using your remote in only one room. The Remote Range Xtender

  • Turns any IR remote into RF by simply installing the battery transmitter
  • Go room to room and control your components up to 100' away
  • No direct line of sight needed
  • Includes AAA battery transmitter with AA sleeve and receiver with built-in recharger
  • 433.92 MHz Unit

Customer Reviews:

  • Great with DirecTv DVR.
    I think I have read somewhere that this didn't work with the DirecTV DVR's. Well, Im here to tell you that it does work. I had to set the saucer settings to (C) Sensative Settings, and the saucer had to be about 4-5 feet from the ground.

    As for the IR blasters, I didn't even have to put it infront of the DVR. I just left it on the side and it control it just fine.

    When i 1st installed it, it didn't pick up the signal from the remote that well, but after I kept on pressing buttongs on the remote, it finally caught on and it's been working flawlessly ever since. ...more info
  • Worked well but then stopped......SOLUTION!
    This unit worked reasonably well for about 3 months then began behaving erratically, finally stopped working altogether with my Logitech 676. I tried replacing the RF battery from the charger but no luck. THE SOLUTION: a fresh set of AAA batteries plus the units RF/battery unit. Even though the AAA cells were working they were showing "Replace or Re-charge" when I checked them with my battery checker. A fresh set of AAA cells brought the Next Gen unit back to full operation. It apparently needs a complete set of strong batteries in the Logitech Remote to generate a sufficient RF signal to the base unit. The Next Gen unit now is working as well as it did initially....more info
  • Ingenious
    This is simply amazing. I cannot stress how great this is for anyone needing this type of device. I have all my ugly electronics in the basement, (Motorola cable box, Yamaha components, etc) where they cannot communicate with the remotes upstairs. Now with the RF battery in the remotes, and the base unit facing the components (15' away) in the basement, all commands for volume, source, power and channel selection can be effortlessly made anywhere in my 2200 sq. ft. multi story home. There are speakers everywhere, so this has greatly enhanced system usability. The setup took minutes, and has no lag issues, with my equipment.
    The only downside is that I will probably gain weight not having to run up and down the stairs any longer to adjust the controls!...more info
    Don't waste your money on this product. It works for my RCA DVD player, my Pioneer reciever, but it doesn't work for my Direct TV HD DVR. The whole reason I bought it is to use with my Direct TV HD DVR. ...more info
  • Need 2 frequencies
    Bought two of these extenders. They work great but they don't tell you up front that you need two different frequencies if you are going to have two different cable boxes in the same house. I can't change the channel on one TV without the otherone changing as well. Other than that, the device works extremely well....more info
  • Works with only a few controllers
    I purchased this item to control a UVerse box.. It did not work at ALL. I tried it with a cable box and it works great. For the newer ATT Uverse box I had to buy the X10 Pro Powermid ir extender. It works with all control boxes including the newer ones....more info
  • RF remote
    Product was everything it was sold as. Device was easy to set up and works perfectly....more info
  • works great with Comcast
    Love, love, love this product. Hook up was easy and now I can watch my Comcast dvr and set up new recordings from the tv room, kitchen and bedroom. This just works the remote control so you still need cabling from the dvr to all tvs and use the same remote control in all rooms. It seems to work better when I don't point it directly at the tv. Maybe the dvr gets confused when it gets signal from the remote control extender and the regular way at the same time so don't point it at the tv for best results. The only drawback is the space ship is so cute I'm afraid young children will want to play with it....more info
  • Great Idea - May work great on some remotes
    This may work well on some Universal Remote was only two batteries so it did not work well with 1 battery and the sudo battery. Great Idea and may work better with more than 2 batteries.
    ...more info
  • some bugs I havent figured out
    Simple to set up. Inexpensive solution, where others charge much more. One problem however -I have it hooked up to my a/v receiver and once in a while it will throw out a random signal to power off my receiver or mute the volume....more info
  • This is the one!
    I bought this after buying the Terk Technologies LF-IRX Leapfrog Remote extender. By all means this is more superior. It does not have an external transmitter which is a plus so you don't have to point your control at something all the time. It is very responsive and worked in my entire town house (3 floors).

    Note: I did notice when trying to use it with the Terk, none of them functioned properly. But, when it was alone, it was perfect...more info
  • Works great for my TiVo S2
    I put transmitters in two TiVo remote switches and they both work flawlessly all over my 2300 sq ft house. The system has only been in service five days so I cannot critique the battery life. If changing batteries becomes a significant nuisance I'll report again.

    This is the first time I've written a review probably because never before have I been so pleasantly surprised by the performance of an electronic device; and I have a slew of them....more info
  • Excellent!
    This product is excellent. I don't know exactly how they make it work, but I have had this setup for a couple months now and it works flawlessly. My cable box is in the basement because my flat screen is wall mounted. Response is quick, never misses a command - highly recommended!

    Next Generation Remote Control Extender...more info
  • Actually works exactly as advertised
    Set the base up, put the little battery in the remote, does exactly what it says. I use it with my Tivo remote, and the only problem is if I'm in the same room as the Tivo, it seems to work less reliably, I think because its confused by two signals, one from the remote and one from the extender. Remote actually works best if you aim it away from the Tivo when you are in the same room. Other than that absolutely shocking how well it works.
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    This thing works awesome. It was great to control my Media Center 360 running through my switch from the other room. Plus pretty cheap and it comes with 2 batteries, and built in charger, so you are never without....more info
  • Need 2 different frequencies.
    This is a great product for truly extending the working distance for a remote. I would have given this product 5 stars if I had known I would need two different frequencies to control two separate cable boxes. Otherwise, a great and easy product to use....more info
  • Mixed Results
    My wife hates to view exposed components and this product provides a way to operate the home theater behind closed cabinet doors, so it was with great expectation that we put the device to work. Unfortunately we had problems that never got resolved. My cabinet is not big enough to use the "blast" method by placing the unit in the cabinet but in front of the components. That's too bad because that method (tested by holding the unit in front of the components) proved the radio transmission worked fine. However when we attempted to use the wired stick-on IR transmitters, NOTHING worked. I tried all the fixes in the instructions, still nothing. The company graciously agreed to send me another unit, the newer unit worked better but then it was on to the next problem-- some IR commands would not work, leaving us with a crippled remote. I love the idea of this thing but in the end we had to abandon it. My wife will have to look at blinking AV lights until a better solution is available. I wonder if the Logitech Harmony 890 works better?...more info
  • Next Generation Remote Control Extender
    Outstanding product. Now I can close the solid wood doors on my TV cabinet and use my remote to operate all the electronics because the remote doesn't have to see the sensors. Easy to set up and use....more info
  • WOW!
    I bought this to fix an extended IR system that came with my hot tub. It was a Clarion car stereo with remote. Much to my dismay the remote uses a 3V round lithium battery! Went to radio shack and bought a 2 x AA battery holder and soldered it to the battery clips___ Voila. I guess I would have given them a 4.75 if I could, since they don't have the slim remote battery adapter, but I was so happy to have my hot tub tunes back I gave them a five. ...more info
  • Failed after 4 months.
    Got this 4 months ago and it worked great until 2 weeks ago. Now the red lights on the front blink to show that it has a signal, but the base unit doesn't emit any signal. I was able to plug in the wired extender LED and that is working for now. I was initially very impressed by this product, but after seeing other one-star and two-star reviews on here where they've had the same problem, I'm now not so impressed....more info
  • Not so hot IR repeater
    I ordered this repeater to work with my DTV box and was very disappointed with the functionality of the device. I struggled to change channel with this thing for over a month and finally gave in and put my DTV box back on the table LOS so I did not have to use this thing anymore. I talked with the distributer of this thing trying all their suggestions for making the thing work and nothing helped. The instructions say you can use the emitter from 15' but mine had to be less than 4 inches and usually pushed right up to the IR receiver of my box.

    Buy this repeater if you don't mind having to press a remote button several times to get it to work OR you don't mind the channels changing even when you did not press anything. I gave one star because it can change channels but makes you nuts at the same time....more info
  • Works as well as advertised
    It is so rare these days that some product works exactly as advertised. It is the case with this gadget. Not only it works great, it is extremely useful and well worth the price. Strongly recommend it. I tried other remote extenders and RF remotes. This one is far better and cheaper than the competition....more info
  • Works GREAT, just not with U-verse Cable Boxes
    Well, I have seen this product work flawlessly for both prople that I know that have it. One has it in a basement running a Dish Network setup and the other has it in his office running a Comcast cable setup. I have AT&T U-verse for my cable and this item just doesn't work with the U-verse boxes. Research it on the internet before'll see. In addition, my internet research shows that the Hot Link Pro Remote Control Booster System ( 8225P ) is the solution if you have U-verse for your cable. This product worked perfectly for every other component in my media center....more info
  • Easy.
    Once out of the package, you need to charge the batteries for 24 - 36 hours. Once I did this, it took two minutes to plug the UFO dome into the wall, attached the remote sensor to my FiOS cable box, and replace one of the batteries in my FiOS remote with the RF tube. Your 1st grader could set this up. Works perfectly....more info
  • Had great promise, but didn't work at all for me
    I got this so my remote could shoot around/through a wall in a very small 1BR condo (10 feet). I figured it would be an awesome $30 solution, as opposed to buying a Harmony reomte at $300 or more. Well, i would say that i got what i paid for - a solution that worked less than 10% as well as the thing i should have done in the first place. I am pretty tech savvy, but could have set it up wrong. I had a guy who works on movie sets try to set it up as well, and he didn't have any luck.

    Try to find something else that works better. and if you find it, let me know.
    ...more info
  • Not worth the hype. 400+ reviews couldn't be wrong, right? WRONG!
    I'm not sure if it is the product's fault or it was fault of my current remote because I originally purchased this thing to try and improve the transmission/reception of my DirecTV remote control, regardless, this little device did nothing to improve my remote control capabilities of my DirecTV remote control connected to my DirecTV receiver. Eventually I had to switch the IR transmission coding to RF because this little product did not do what I had anticipated, and in fact once I changed from IR to RF (which was available on the DirecTV receiver remote and although it is not great it surely beats having to basically align my remote IR transmitter to the receiver IR spot) I was able to improve my remote functioning. I must admit that I had great expectations of this product since 400+ people reviewed it and gave it such high regard, but it definitely did not do much for me and my system. The improvement was unnoticeable and I would have to continuously and repeatedly push the remote control buttons and get nearer and nearer the receiver in order for the changes to occur. If there ever comes a time in the future when I might have another dysfunctional IR remote control (I hope to heaven not), I might give it another chance, but for now this one is going back to the retailer for failing to meet expectations and failing to improve my remote control capabilities. The positives of this little contraption is that it is very easy to set up and it is hardly unnoticeable. ...more info
  • The Open Door Solution
    I found this product very easy to install and, contrary to some advance warnings of operational difficulties, this product worked immediately. Instructions were good--all you have to do is read them in advance and the rest is a piece of cake. The best part is that now the doors to the equipment supporting the home entertainment center can be kept closed without holes in the doors for electronic eyes....more info