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The Matrix [UMD for PSP]
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Set in the 22nd century, The Matrix tells of a computer hacker (Reeves) who joins a group of underground insurgents fighting the vast and powerful computers who now rule the earth. The computers are powered by human beings...

By following up their debut thriller Bound with the 1999 box-office smash The Matrix, the codirecting Wachowski brothers--Andy and Larry--annihilated any suggestion of a sophomore jinx, crafting one of the most exhilarating sci-fi/action movies of the 1990s. Set in the not too distant future in an insipid, characterless city, we find a young man named Neo (Keanu Reeves). A software techie by day and a computer hacker by night, he sits alone at home by his monitor, waiting for a sign, a signal--from what or whom he doesn't know--until one night, a mysterious woman named Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) seeks him out and introduces him to that faceless character he has been waiting for: Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne). A messiah of sorts, Morpheus presents Neo with the truth about his world by shedding light on the dark secrets that have troubled him for so long: "You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad." Ultimately, Morpheus illustrates to Neo what the Matrix is--a reality beyond reality that controls all of their lives, in a way that Neo can barely comprehend.

Neo thus embarks on an adventure that is both terrifying and enthralling. Pitted against an enemy that transcends human concepts of evil, Morpheus and his team must train Neo to believe that he is the chosen champion of their fight. With mind-boggling, technically innovative special effects and a thought-provoking script that owes a debt of inspiration to the legacy of cyberpunk fiction, this is much more than an out-and-out action yarn; it's a thinking man's journey into the realm of futuristic fantasy, a dreamscape full of eye candy that will satisfy sci-fi, kung fu, action, and adventure fans alike. Although the film is headlined by Reeves and Fishburne--who both turn in fine performances--much of the fun and excitement should be attributed to Moss, who flawlessly mixes vulnerability with immense strength, making other contemporary female heroines look timid by comparison. And if we were going to cast a vote for most dastardly movie villain of 1999, it would have to go to Hugo Weaving, who plays the feckless, semipsychotic Agent Smith with panache and edginess. As the film's box-office profits soared, the Wachowski brothers announced that The Matrix is merely the first chapter in a cinematically dazzling franchise--a chapter that is arguably superior to the other sci-fi smash of 1999 (you know... the one starring Jar Jar Binks). --Jeremy Storey

Customer Reviews:

  • Matrix
    This movie was just like new .. can not beat the deals on Amazon !!...more info
  • I am outraged...1999 disc in 2008 box-when a 2003 remaster exists!
    I just purchased the newly-in-a- keepcase (not a snapper)edition which has ?2008 on the back cover fine print (Amazon says 2007)
    I had held out because I had heard rave reviews of the remaster for the box set back in 2003-which you could only buy in the set at the time . I already had the 1999 disc-so I could wait
    So, 5 years later a new package, with new package design work, current year copyright,-and WHV sitting on a nice RM for a few years I thought "Aha! Now is the time to get it it!"=thinking that after all the years they would ditch the 1999 transfer.
    I watched the movie and thought, hmmmmmmmm nothing here that outstanding-almost looks like the old disc.
    So I put my disc into my iMac, opened it on the desktop-nothing!
    I use this trick to determine when a discs is remastered.
    They can press the disc for 5 years but the transfer date is the constant on file creation.

    WTF? I open to a blank page! no TS_AUDIO, no TS_VIDEO no .VOB files nothing-these would show dates of creation on them, so one can tell the last time a disc was remastered.
    My long used trick didnt work.
    Then I get the idea to do a 'right click' to 'get info' from the menu

    Lets party like it was 1999! August 2-to be exact. Seems like they were hiding something?
    an 8 year old transfer in a 2008 box......"File creation date-Aug 2, 1999" hmmmmmm is it just me?
    I also notice on the inner ring, a different catalog number-and MADE IN CANADA printed on the plastic)
    Curiously, nowhere on the label is a visible date or place of manufacture-which I thought to be law.
    And the box has the ?2008 date only

    Misspackaging? They should destroy back stock, or stop printinng them-not reship it at this late date as if 'new'
    I dont think the marketseller will refund me-"Whaaaa! I got the 1999 pressing I want my money back"-he couldnt know

    This has me pi**ed because they have been sitting on a remaster for several years-and it should have been made available as a single disc by now- I didnt want the whole box-back then, or now
    After all, it would not be two far out of reason to expect it with new box/design change, that they would use the new transfer,no?
    With an economic meltdown happening right before our eyes-$175 Trillion in bailouts (total so far), consumer spending dropping like a stone,- and the deficits-we sit in a trance and allow this

    I would not offend the still very large S-DVD market which is still 90% of your revenue-BR can never quite keep a continual average of 10% in monthly sales (source: videoscan/endgadget-industry gerbils- for past 6 months ZD Net-a popular widely read IT i-zine' -say 5% 0f the market)-and now you can bet that will drop with the economy.
    a 10% sales drop in DVD sales could be absorbed-a 10% in BR would finish it off
    Sales of players are slow now and will be dead in Jan-you can see the writing on the wall-"BUY ANY 1 BR title AND GET 3 FREE!! Not exactly confidence building- which i s why Ive held off- and who knows how long I will have my job?
    And YOU?
    So Warner-dont pull tricks like you did to 'force' us from LD to DVD-namely-by either giving the BR the special features ONLY, and for SDVD, sloppy pressing and packaging-or not even manufacturing the disc at all.
    BOTH SONY and WHV were guilty of this when DVD started. Some will chime in "Nobodies forcing you to go to BR..." Well, if I like watching moves or getting SEs-and they no longer press them on DVD-I AM forced-into BR-not a very good marketing idea when we may soon see 25% unemployment*-and people will only buy NECESSITIES (nobody in finance the fairy tale calculation models that BLS use seriuosly-which curiuosly make things look 'rosier' than they really are-they ONLY count you as UE if you are COLLECTING UC..the rest of you can get lost for all they care) They say 6.5%! ha!...more info
  • Great Movie- A must see
    Well the movie describes very well how the thing are working in our world. If you are not awaken, you are not able to see the way the matrix works. You are in a dream. It is the time to wake up and the movie can just give you the little hint you need to see the world as it is....more info
  • The ORACLE was in the Matrix!
    as soon as I saw him eat that cookie I figured out how many script errors were made and since I can't read all 3000 reviews just had to add my 2c...why would u bother with a matrix concept if u just wanted to milk babes for AC/DC??? They grow up? Kill em... and that screen depicting the vertical scans of random numbers, and only one quick shot to show how it is really interpreted, as a GD camera!!! and what is with the high tech gear that is available in sposedly '99 (i.e. learn to fly, UFC, etc.) and they use KEYBOARDS!!!! not even ONE voice command??? and that phone booth interface was soooo ingenious, beam me up Scooby Doo...YIKES!!! really luved the scene going thru security post 9/11 with all that commando gear, major yuk of the film...and why on God's good earth would they have one source for the codes to Zion, no super s/w dewey decimal system to encrypt the lat/long??? ack, have lots more but hated to discuss this film with my roomtemp IQ friends, they claim they all "got" it, but don't ask them any of these questions, they change the subject...SCREAM!!!!@@#%%@%! Positives were the high wire acts, the cute outfits in black, the traitor enjoying his fake moo meat, the music, and of course, that babe in RED!!!...more info
  • The Greatest Science Fiction Movie EVER
    "Wake Up, Neo".

    With those three seemingly simple words, the entire concept of the Matrix is born. Part science fiction, part philosophical musing, part action-adventure, "The Matrix" is, pure and simple, the most well-crafted science fiction film of all-time.

    The film, set in a human future where machines control the human race and use humans much like we currently use batteries, centers on the fate of one man, Neo (Keanu Reeves), who is awakened to this terrible existence. Much like the viewers of the film, Neo must figure out what is real and what is not, who to believe and who to fight.

    The real gem hidden within this film, however, is its commentary on the CURRENT human condition, or specifically how we continue to design smarter and smarter machines that may one day be our downfall. Plus, the absolutely unbelievable/horrible future that awaits us is so unforgiving that viewers can't help but cheer for the protagonists, even if we will go back to our AI the next day at work.

    The acting in this movie has been much-maligned, but the characters (while truly not very emotive) are almost MEANT to have a sort of philosophical tone to them. Neo is the confused savior, Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) is the unflappable leader, and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) is the experienced sidekick. Also, the villainous "Agent Smith" (Hugo Weaving) will make you want to see him absolutely annihilated (the sign of a truly good villain!).

    Of course, the special effects in this film are absolutely stunning, what with the use of "Bullet Time" (where the lightning action is slowed down to miniscule movements without losing any clarity).

    Overall, this is a masterpiece science fiction film, combining an extraordinarily engaging plot, very able-bodied protagonists and antagonists, as well as special effects that, at the time of the film's release, were cutting edge. So, if you are looking for a film that will have you deep in contemplation days after viewing, but will also make you say "Whoa" (to quote Neo) while viewing, this film is for you....more info
  • Review
    Excellent movie.
    The sequels have even better special effects, however their stories and plot suck.

    ...more info
  • Ultimate cyberpunk movie
    If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are missing out. It does fall under the cyberpunk genre, but I think it has appeal to quite a few people. The movie makes you wonder about what's real with your own life. It is kind of easy to be critical of Keanu Reeves' acting ability, he does alright in this. If you have seen this and not seen The Matrix Reloaded or Revolutions, then just stop now. The Wachowski brothers got it right with this movie and should have left the remainder of the story up to the imagination of the viewers....more info
  • One of the best movies every made!!!!
    I totally love this movie. It's one of the greatest movies ever made. The Matrix is a profound movie with loads of symbolism that speak to the soul. You will see many philosophical and religious tenets and Jungian archetypes in this movie. I watch this movie from time to time still....more info
  • The best movie of the twentieth century, and perhaps the 21st..
    Lots of books have been written attempting to explain this movie.
    Which is really odd, since no attempt to publish a novelization
    of this movie, it would seem, was made. Also, a Full Screen
    version of this film on DVD is not available, and the Widescreen
    DVD does not contain all the original movie trailers of this film.

    Personally, I think this movie is best explained through the
    words of the character Morpheus, found in chapter 17 of this

    [What is the Matrix?]

    "The matrix is a system, Neo. That system, is our enemy.
    But when you're inside, you look around, What do you see?:
    Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, the very minds
    we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are
    still part of that system, and that makes them our enemy.
    You have to understand, most of these people, are not ready
    to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so
    hopelessly dependent on that system, that they will fight
    to protect it...Were you listening to me, Neo, or were you
    looking at the woman in the red dress?"

    There is more dialogue than this, but that gives you
    the general idea of what this movie is about...Oh, and
    there is this scene where she calls Neo a "copper top".
    (That is what "they" used to call Duracell electric
    batteries.) The message here is: It is wrong to look
    upon another as a resource to be used, exploited, etc.
    This movie condemns slavery.

    "The Matrix has blinded you from the Truth." (What Truth?)
    "That you are a slave."...more info
  • Product arrived in excellent condition.
    Sender took a couple of weeks to acknowledge purchase. Once acknowledged, however, item came quickly and in excellent condition and within the original specified time window for arrival....more info
  • Cyberpunk Gods Have Come To Save You!
    Cyberpunk doesn't really exist in today's culture, but it was so apparent in the 80's, perhaps because it was so long ago, now we feel in shock when we look at the calendar and see the number 2008! I can't imagine what things will even be like in 2010! This movie single handedly slays any of those awesome 80's cyberpunk movies and takes it's place at the right hand of the cyber gods. You're not a real fan if you don't agree, this movie is the best of it's kind, and majorly entertaining, more-so to those that imagine possibilities like that actually being possible in the future. You need to have an imagination to love this movie, and be in awe of all the far out sci-fi ideas, that's what all the great sci-fi movies are supposed to do, awe you with their vision of how things could be in the future. And they say that sci-fi movies quite literally fortell reality! I get tired of medieval movies, and action, but I love cyber stuff so much. It's like the movie Transformers, a typical person will dismiss it as a regular movie, but a real fan will love it so much, and love the music, and love the hot chick, and love the action scenes, and the special effects, and even the story. A real fan watches a movie and gets ideas for his own story from it to turn into a movie. Since watching this movie I've become so thoroughly full of ideas of what could be that I started a website dealing with cyberpunk, all influenced by this movie. It's called: VERSUS. And you can find it at I have my selection of cyber movies, zombie movies, horror, all on site from Amazon! Check it out!!...more info
  • Two Thumbs Up from a Non Sci Fi Guy
    As annoying as Keanu C. Reeves can be, this is his ultimate role! The 44 year old Canadian actor whose middle name is Charles plays Neo who is most unlike his character in the 1989 comedy Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

    Released in 1999 and written and directed by the Wachowski brothers this film takes the viewer into a dismal future for mankind in the year 2199. As ubiquitous as today's World Wide Web is, this film goes in a direction that takes electronic machines and their artificial intelligence to the extreme in which they take captive 99% of humanity.

    As dependent on machines, the internet and technology as we are - could all of that become greater than us and in turn rely on us for its survival? You decide, this movie is in my personal top three movies I have ever seen!...more info
    It's 1999. The worls is about to experience an event that will in many ways, determine the parameters of popular art within the realm of the most popular and influential of the popular arts, the world of Commercial Film. With THE MATRIX the Wachowski brothers create and present a perfect example of what the Sci-Fi Adventure film of the hypothetical future would be in the actual future. THE MATRIX, though perfectly self-contained, and received with enthusiasm by the public, would demand a sequel. The Wachowskis would quickly provide two of them, and these subsequent films would amaze audiences by not only fulfilling the plot and motivatIon factors of the original story, but by becoming in unforseen ways, movies deeper, more profound and intellectually demanding; in other words, superior to the template from which they sprang.

    It all begins with the pulsing of a cursor light on an unattended computer monitor screen.

    Question: What if you woke one day to find and to follow a sequence of remarkale evnts that led to the realizaion that the world around you, including all your most intimate associations, those given to you by your senses, was merely an illusion, a construct desined to control you, subliminally, for the beneift of un-alive, half-beings fundamenally unlike yourelf? What would you do? What could you do? What if all this were "a world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." What then?

    (1) Would you quit your Programmer job?

    (2) Would you Join a band of cyber-space rebels? What if you were invited into it by someone irresistably attractive?

    (3) What if the doping, pleasure-driven Web rebels knew you only by your Net pseudonym, and accepted you totally for what you only partly believed yourself to be? Could you accept them?

    (4) What if the leader of the Web rebels believed in you and your destiny, devoutly, and showed you that he'd been for most of his life dedicated to your appearance, and what if he were able to show you both your orignis and your destiny? Would you believe and follow him?

    (5) And what if this man, this dangerous outlaw, believed you were the savior of "the world" or, of Humanity?

    (6) And what if he were able to show you in a convincing way, what reality was, and how you were trapped in the lie of it?

    (7) And what if he were to introduce you to a clairvoyant who, though socially inappropriate, read the future? Would you accept her message?

    (8) Would you, as one of the fugitive band of time-travellers beyond the Matrix, join in a battle with the mechanized forces of the Matrix itself? Would you confront it's terrifying and powerful agents? At he risk of your life?

    (9) Braving discomfort, bad food, and sensual deprivation, would you risk your identity and your ideal self to battle against the authoritarian agents of the Matrix?

    (10) And would you risk everything for someone who believed in you absoluely, and loved you beyond anything you'd peviously imagined?

    (11) And betrayal? It is inevitable. Will you be able to face it and survive?

    Phrophecy is funny: People only talk about it, when they talk about it, to show they don't believe in it. Mark of a decadent age. A lack of moral imagination is the hallmark of decay. Weep, my friends. But, a voice speaks through the modem. It says, "I know you are out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid. You're afrid of us; afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this will end. I came here to tell you how this is going to begin. I'm going to hang up this phone and I'm going to show these people what you don't want them to see. I'm gong to show them a world without rules or conrols; without boundaries; a world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is up to you."'

    The Wachowski brothers who produced this film are said to hail from Chicago. In that city adults tell children that the (arctic) climate builds character. Perhaps it may. Adversity has strange offspring. Who knows what may, or may not have come out of that brutally cold, utterly corrupt but quintessentially American city?...more info
  • TOP movie on many levels!
    This is still my favourite movie and one that I have seen more than 10 times. It is a movie that can be seen on many levels. Some will see it just as a great action movie which it is, but there is so much more to this film. It is a fantastic depiction of the journey of the spiritual seeker and the difficulties that he encounters within himself as he starts pushing against the prisons of his own mind and the multitude of programs that operates and which keep us small.

    It also neatly depicts the way humans are kept as 'food for the moon' in Gurdjieff's words or simply food for ultra terrestrials. In the film this is depicted as humans, being little less than cultivated biological batteries for the machines.

    The story is part of a trilogy and all three parts are worth watching more than once, as you will undoubtedly see new things each time. Things that start making sense only after some time of reflection and reading. In this regard I can recommend reading the book by Ouspensky called "In Search of the Miraculous", and the book by Laura Knight-Jadczyk called "The Secret History of the World".
    ...more info
  • TOP movie on many levels!
    This is still my favourite movie and one that I have seen more than 10 times, as I went out and got the VHS edition back then before DVD's were in. It is a movie that can be seen on many levels. Some will see it just as a great action movie which it is, but there is so much more to this film. It is a fantastic depiction of the journey of the spiritual seeker and the difficulties that he encounters within himself as he starts pushing against the prisons of his own mind and the multitude of programs that operates and which keep us small.

    It also neatly depicts the way humans are kept as 'food for the moon' in Gurdjieff's words or simply food for ultra terrestrials. In the film this is depicted as humans, being little less than cultivated biological batteries for the machines.

    The story is part of a trilogy and all three parts are worth watching more than once, as you will undoubtedly see new things each time. Things that start making sense only after some time of reflection and reading. In this regard I can recommend reading the book by Ouspensky called "In Search of the Miraculous", and the book by Laura Knight-Jadczyk called "The Secret History of the World".
    ...more info
  • The pure love of violence
    Some may argue with me when I say that this film loves violence. They might use terms like "panders to" and "wallows in" instead. But what convinced me was a single shot: the falling, in slow motion, of scintillating spent shell casings from the helicopter, during the rescue of Morpheus. It was then that it hit me: the Wachowski brothers were not giving us that shot in order to pump up the violence/action. They were doing it because they intuitively understood the sheer, unadorned beauty of violence.

    2007 UPDATE TO REVIEW TO MY 2000 REVIEW: People can be properly disappointed with the second and third installments of The Matrix saga. They didn't live up to the hype and expectation generated from the original. Fair enough, but don't blame the original for the fact that the follow-through was so weak. The Matrix is one of the classics of the sci-fi and action genres....more info
  • Very Disappointed ;-(
    I have never received the dvd. I have emailed amazon and DisCount Goodies; no response. If this is not resolved, I will discontinue using Amazon, and tell everyone I can of my bad experience....more info
  • Blu-Ray release definitely a winner.
    I gotta admit. This movie is a trend setter. Well .... it's more like the movie that popularized a special style or extreme action and eye candy styled special effects. I believe there are a number of good Chinese action films that actually started that trend many years ago. The Matrix took that formula and solidified it in the American market. It was a raging success doing so and brought about a few special effects copycat movies as well as parodies. Aside from this formula The Matrix is a good movie and creative story overall.

    The big selling point on this movie is the concept that what you think is reality is not reality. Unfortunately this mind twisting aspect of The Matrix only lasts about 30 minutes into the movie. After that the air of mystery surrounding what The Matrix is about is pretty much solved. Soon after that the plot ends up leading you by the hand instead of unfolding gradually. I don't mind that the movie does that. It's well written enough to where they are not insulting your intelligence by spoon feeding you too much of what's going on. The one thing that annoyed me is how Neo (Keanu Reeves) finally got his mojo working and became the ultimate butt-kicker. Throughout the entire movie you are waiting for it to happen, and it's kind of a let down waiting for him figure it out. Of course once you get past the "how" Neo kicks major booty for the very short period left in the movie the action aspect is well worth it.

    They picked a really good cast for this. I particularly liked Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) and Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus). Both of them put a lot of style and attitude in their characters. Oh yeah ... this movie has style. It screams attitude and does it well. The best thing about The Matrix is the action scenes. Man! It's action sequences are on high-octane steroids! The way they meld great choreography and special effects is a wonder to behold. Once or twice it gets a little over the top, but that's okay. Though special effects and digital editing used in the fighting sequences are superb the computer generated animation they used were really nothing to write home about. Better CG animation had been done before that movie.

    Now for the Blu-Ray specs. First off the high def transfer is done on the VC-1 codec, which is practically identical to the HD-DVD release. That's a good thing, mind you. If you thought the movie was beautiful before wait until you see it now. Main audio is Dolby TrueHD 5.1 so this movie is still going to be the reference movie for sound systems. On top of that you get Dolby Digital 5.1 in French, Italian and Portuguese along with Dolby Digital two channel Spanish. That's a lot of languages!

    As far as special features are concerned I want to just pass up talking about any special features that were on the previous Matrix DVD as there is plenty already written about that. This disk has the exact same features and commentaries with the exception of the Red Pill function. What you do get above all that is the following:

    In Movie Experience - I think this replaces the red pill and gives you picture in picture documentary content.

    Behind the Matrix - A series of featurettes that seem to focus mostly on particular scenes in the movie including The Dance of the Master: Yuen Wo Ping's Blocking Tapes, The Bathroom Fight and Wet Wall, The Code of the Red Dress, The Old Exit: Wabash and Lake, Agent Down, But Wait- There's More

    Follow the White Rabbit - More scene featurettes and they include Trinity Escapes, Pod, Kung Fu, The Wall, Bathroom Fight, Government Lobby, Government Roof, Helicopter and Subway.

    The Matrix Revisited - Yup... the entire documentary that they sold separately is now included with this one movie; no need to buy the full set to enjoy it.

    The Music Revisited - 41 audio tracks from the film (this is in addition to the isolated music score w/commentary).

    Tons of trailers - Two theatrical and eight TV trailers.

    Marilon Manson Music Video "Rock is Dead"

    A written intro by the Wachowski Brothers

    47 page booklet with photos and insider information

    If you're an action junkie The Matrix is right up your alley. If you are looking for a "what's real is not real" mind twister it's not bad, but don't expect a mind-bender. Dark City did a much better job in that area. The Blu-Ray release is definitely the best offering to date, which is nice considering a lot of movies had a sad initial release with no special features. This one tops previous releases in spades in that aspect. The Matrix is definitely a fun movie to watch. ...more info
  • Action movie disguised as science-fiction delivers the goods
    Beginning this review I was writing the film's title and ended up with "The Mainstream" (100% accident) which pretty much sums up the premise of The Matrix franchise. The Matrix is good in the fact that it takes complex science-fiction from previous 1990s films that didn't quite meet mainstream audiences (Dark City, 12 Monkeys) and merges it with the spectacular CGI effects of an action film. As an action film The Matrix is incredibly successful and deserves great recognition as one of the best films of the 1990s, or the past two decades for that matter. However I do feel let down by the fact that I felt cheated by the story when they didn't try to further flesh out the world it took place in.

    My main problem with the film falls on the fact that, as an avid sci-fi fan, I had already seen most of the concepts The Matrix presented in previous films (go back to the two I listed above). The religious spin on things however does really make it interesting, kind of like a science-fiction version of some religious document, but a human being having special abilities and saving a captive human population from a controlling force which had everyone living in a false reality had already been used in Dark City back in 1996. This, among other things, is one of the reasons I don't give The Matrix a perfect score of 10/10.

    As a sci-fi film it was very good, regardless of how many of the elements that it was reusing from other films, but I often felt like the production team couldn't decide on whether or not they wanted an action picture, or a thought stimulating sci-fi epic. By the end however The Matrix does succeed in balancing these two things very nicely. The CGI deserved its Academy Award, because it really is amazing some of the things they were able to pull off.

    The acting in this film was grade-A, and one of the strongest aspects of the film's production, and there was only ONE performance that failed to catch my attention...sadly this performance (my opinion) came from the star of the film: Keanu Reeves. Reeves has had his moments throughout his career, don't get me wrong, back in the late 1980s (most will remember the Bill & Ted films) he was a rather likable young actor, even in his lesser known performances; he seemed very honest and sincere in his performances. A change came about when he announced he was going to "take acting more seriously". The result, in my mind, was horrific! He comes across now as someone with very little emotion, and just doesn't seem really human.

    I had the same problem with Keanu in the action movie, Speed, which followed the Die Hard franchise, but unlike Bruce Willis, I couldn't connect, or really care about Reeves in this film (similar feeling in Bram Stoker's Dracula, but he wasn't TOO bad in that film), which was certainly on par with the Die Hard films in production and story. Same problem is present in The Matrix. Reeves is trying way too hard to seem serious, and dramatic, and in the end comes across as being artificial, and dull. If that was the director's intention, I don't really care, because I felt this was a character the audience should have been able to relate to and care about, but that's just my opinion and you don't have to agree with me (just giving an honest view from my perspective).

    Okay, I've given my criticisms, but now I have to say what was really good about The Matrix, and there are a lot of good aspects of this film which is why it deserves my high rating (and a spot in my DVD collection). The action is well-done, and truly is an eye opener, and as I previously stated the performances are mostly strong. Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) are very good in their respective roles, and both (as most people will say) are embraced as engaging characters in the mind of the audience, while Reeves was more of a vehicle to channel elaborate action sequences (the highlight, in most people's opinion, of the film). Also the Wachowski Brother's film is simply beautiful to look at, from the all CGI sequences to the live sets. The sequels, which go purely into action, prove that this film could have been a much worse (I don't hate the sequels, they just are not really sci-fi; just action films).

    This film really does have all it needs to work as a successful film, especially in the mainstream Hollywood of this day and age. It would have been braver for the filmmakers to try and expand, and concentrate on the complex science-fiction aspects, instead of the action, but then it wouldn't have been the box-office success it was. I would defend them no matter what, but when you go against the powers if mainstream and the production companies and end up with a good film you'll always have me backing up your film...of course I will be critical if the plot and direction is bad, but at least I'll give you a positive word for daring to be different.

    I can only hope that The Matrix can help get moviegoers into the lesser known art-house science-fiction stories that inspired it, because it's a shame that our modern audiences can't seem to appreciate things that don't fuse with action or comedy, because I don't feel science-fiction was ever really intended to be a genre simply designed to create exciting action sequences.

    The Matrix was a great film, deserving its mainstream applause: Solid 9/10 stars
    ...more info
  • The Matrix Movie Review
    What is The Matrix? Oozing cool, this sci-fi action thriller draws parallels from biblical stories, countless religions and ancient Japanese lore. To say that it must be seen for yourself is no understatement. Revolutionary special effects, spawning dozens of notorious parodies, most notably during a 1999 Super Bowl commercial, ultra hip wardrobes and Gatling gun action firepower, The Matrix single-handedly saved Warner Bros. from a lengthy cinema slump, and put the "awesome" back in R-rated films and black leather apparel.

    Neo (Keanu Reeves) is a computer hacker who is plagued by thoughts of the indecipherability of the real world and the dream world. When he is mysteriously contacted by Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), an infamous and regaled underworld leader, he follows clues and the shapely messenger Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) to unlock the secrets of the Matrix. To know more would spoil the ingenious and surrealism of this masterful film; needless to say, Neo wanders down the rabbit hole to see how far it goes.

    Redefining cool, the action and stunts in The Matrix are nothing short of unbelievable. Focusing heavily on carefully choreographed martial arts battles and highflying helicopter stunts, this film will enliven your faith in the action genre.

    Utilizing slow motion in a dance of magical cinematography, scenes which would otherwise be exceptional are transformed into pure genius. A helicopter shootout on a rooftop with gushing water, blazing bullets, slow motion diving through mid-air, and a plethora of machine-gun bullets kicking out of a mounted Gatling gun so hard and fast that they fall like metal rain, is only one example of stylized action that is truly beyond unique. In perhaps the most famous scene of the franchise, Neo and Trinity march through a heavily guarded security terminal packing dozens of automatic weapons - all in beautiful slow motion. To see the look of shock on the security officers faces as they set off the alarm and open fire on the unsuspecting guards is sheer bliss. What ensues is the gunfight of the 20th century as they defy gravity and blast their way through a hallway loaded with shotgun-toting SWAT troopers.

    Magnificently blending science-fiction action and a good old-fashioned love story, to delve too deeply into the intricacy of The Matrix is to do it injustice. Complex and well-organized, the multiple colliding themes of betrayal, destiny, fate and hope, help to serve up a scrumptious cinematic dish. The detail-oriented acting and character development is outstanding, and drives the film with sincerity and determination. The sinister Agent Smith, played by Hugo Weaving, is immortalized as one of the greatest screen villains and manages to be cool and collected in a disconcerting manner, and startlingly malevolent in his final confrontation with Neo. Laurence Fishburne's Morpheus is stern, resolute and commanding. Trinity is the anti-femme fatale, lithe and sexy in her shiny black leather and skillfully deadly. These admirable and awe-inspiring characters are intertwined into an intricate world magnificently crafted by the Wachowski Brothers. Their previous feature, Bound, proved they had a knack for eye-pleasing storytelling and characters. The Matrix is inspired by many themes and ideas suggested in Japanese Manga comics, but the way the characters and storyline is depicted is a vision for which they deserve undivided credit.

    The special effects are particularly noteworthy as brand new technology and CG methods were invented for several of the shocking fight sequences. During the rooftop melee, bullets pierce the air around Neo and he reels backward in an attempt to dodge them. While ripples of waves circulate around the slowed down bullets, the camera circles around him in over 360. Special features on the DVD supplement The Matrix Revisited delve into the complex camera set up and green screen approach used for this often mimicked shot.

    Few science-fiction films have been so heavily praised, let alone a film from less than ten years ago. The Matrix spawned two sequels, as well as The Animatrix, a collection of animated films, as well as video games, comics, action figure lines and more. If you haven't seen this film, don't delay - The Matrix is waiting for you.

    - Mike Massie
    ...more info
  • essential viewing, this is our reality folks!
    There is no excuse for anyone to have not watched this movie. But how many people who watch it really nderstand that it is gives a superb analogy to understanding our current reality.

    We live in a world of illusion, distraction, economic slavedom and material indulgence. Breaking free from these culturally programmed distractions will enable you to break free from the real Matrix that we inhabit.

    Still think the Matrix is fantasy??? To really explore the reality of our 'matrix' try reading the book by Ouspensky called "In Search of the Miraculous", and the book by Laura Knight-Jadczyk called "The Secret History of the World".

    It's your choice, get swallowed up in the illusion of job titles, pensions and consumption or start living your own truly free life!!!!
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  • What a price!!
    Excellent price on this DVD. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Amazon....more info
  • Very Disappointed ;-(
    I have never received the dvd. I have emailed amazon and DisCount Goodies; no response. If this is not resolved, I will discontinue using Amazon, and tell everyone I can of my bad experience....more info
  • Don't miss a minute!
    Gripping! Intense! Very well written. Every minute interleaves so well with the rest of the movie, that if you leave for a bathroom break, be sure to pause the movie or else you'll miss something important. I enjoyed the movie immensely, but on second viewing noted several parallels to the Bible, down to the meeting with the prophetess, Anna predicting the future of the "Chosen One". One of the better movies I've seen....more info
  • "No Fear, No Doubt, No Disbelief."
    When 'THE MATRIX' first came out, I resisted the hype that began to surround it once all of the reviews--by laymen and professionals alike--started coming in.
    About a year after it's cinematic release, when it was available on pay-per-view, on a night when I was bored stiff, with absolutely nothing else to do, I invested $4.99 just to see what all the hoopla was all about.
    Excuse my French... but, God Damnit! Induct the Wachowski brothers into the movie making hall of fame right now!
    If they never make another film, (which they obviously have, considering that there's now a 'Matrix' trilogy. UGH!)this one fantastic movie, in and of it's own accord, justifies their having a place of prominence in the pantheon of the all time great producers / directors in movie making history.
    Being an intelligent, thoughtful, highly analytical and conscious individual, the mental stimulation which I derived from this finely nuanced film was enough to make me giddy.
    With a superb cast; great acting; a mind-boggling plot; and dialogue that you can sink your teeth into; THE MATRIX gives the viewer a whole lot of everything.
    But, for me, the one thing that it gave me more than anything else, was a sense of empowerment.
    The sense that if we can conceive it and BELIEVE it, that we can also achieve it; and in essence, this film is really just one long testament to my favorite philosophical axiom; one which states that, "The person who thinks that they can, and the person who thinks that they can't, are both right." and for every single character in this movie, it was all about that one simple thing: 'belief'.
    Morpheus, the leader of the group, who was played to perfection by Lawrence Fishburn, BELIEVED so strongly that he would find the one, that he had devoted his entire life to searching for him.
    Trinity, played by Carrie Ann Moss, believed so strongly in Morpheus, that she risked her life time and time again, delving into the matrix as a liaison between Morpheus and 'the one'.
    Cypher, played by Hugo Weaving, believed that their search was so much B.S. that he sold out to the agents, attempting to sabotage the groups efforts, for his own personal welfare.
    NEO, played by keanu Reeves, believed that he was 'just another guy' until the collective belief of everyone around him, particularly Morpheus and Trinity, convinced him that he really was 'the one.'
    This movie is so tightly constructed that even the names of these individuals tell a story that is relative to it's character.
    Morpheus is the name of 'the principal God of dreams' in Greek mythology, and in The Matrix, Morpheus attempts to wake everyone from their dream state.
    Trinity represents the power of alliance, particularly the alliance of three, as in the sun the moon and the stars, the father the son and the holy ghost, life death and rebirth, past present and future, etc... and she serves as the link between Morpheus' ideology, and it's real life application in the embodiment of Neo.
    Neo, literally means 'NEW', and is also an anagram for ONE, and he would be the first person to see The Matrix as it really was, and he would also be the the first ONE to take a step into the heart of THE MATRIX and live to tell.
    Even the name of their vessel, the Nebuchadnezzar, was symbolic, in the regards that Nebuchadnezzar was the name of the Babylon king who rebelled against Darius the great of Persia, who was the most powerful ruler of his 5th century B.C times.
    This s**t is the macrocosm in microcosm, finely nuanced in every detail; and, in fact, if you really want to experience this movie from another perspective, DON"T WATCH IT... LISTEN TO IT.

    NEO: "So what are you telling me... that I can dodge bullets?"
    MORPHEUS: "No! When you're ready... you won't have to."
    When Neo is preparing to jump From one skyscraper to another, and has doubts about his ability to do so, Morpheus tells him, "Don't think you can... know you can."
    When Neo tries to convince himself that he can make that jump, he declares, "NO FEAR, NO DOUBT, NO DISBELIEF."
    And for anyone who is wondering if they should watch/buy this DVD; and whether or not it's worth their time and money?
    Take it from me, (someone who isn't prone to gushing effusively about anything; though you wouldn't know that based on this review) you should have "NO FEAR... NO DOUBT... NO DISBELIEF."
    THE MATRIX is THE ONE....more info
    It's a rare thing to see a film with as much originality as the Matrix and its uniqueness is matched only by its over the top action and superb cast.The story follows a computer hacker known as NEO played by Keanu Reeves as he is shown the "real world" and discovers what the Matrix is.To truly understand what this film is about you must experience it for yourself, ironically like the Matrix itself.Along with a unique sci-fi story, the Matrix features some of the most talented actors of today giving what could be the strongest performances of their careers.With martial arts action that far surpasses anything seen before,a rich story with tons of character depth and a technology pioneering title that includes 360 photography and bullet time, to miss this film would be a tragedy.So jack in and see for yourself what the Matrix truly is....more info
  • Best Sci-Fi Movie EVER
    I agree with the last reviewer that the second and third movies were garbage. It's the first, and only the first. There is ONLY ONE MATRIX. ...more info