Maxxum Swiss Gear by Wenger Notebook Backpack Blue
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Product Description

This sportive backpack is designed to fit notebooks with screen sizes up to 15.4", and includes iPod/Music Player Pocket.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Best backpack I've ever had
    It's the best backpack I've ever had period. Don't hesitate on getting it. It's one of the best backpacks you can get for the price. ...more info
  • Excellent design and construction
    I'm a computer geek and a mountaineer, and I can't find much to fault this pack for from either perspective. I particularly like the external marsupial pouch which has room for a hardcover book or three; it can also be used to stow the morning's jacket or sweater once the day warms up, without having to open the main bag....more info
  • Also makes a great travel diaper bag!
    This makes a great travel diaper bag. It's awesome - it's very heavy duty and waterproof, extremely roomy and comfortable to wear if you're carrying a child and have another carry-on. There's 13 pockets in all to stash whatever you need to bring along.

    I'm able to put a whole day's supplies inside with room to spare:

    * In the computer compartment: 4 diapers, baby wipes, travel size antibacterial wipes, travel sized tissues in the padded computer slot; changing pad in a side pocket; In mesh zippered pocket: thermometer, saline nose drops, pen and notebook; there's additional room left for magazines, books etc in the middle. and yes, a laptop, if you're bringing one.

    * Camera, wallet, travel docs in special shock-absorbing quick access zippered section on top, with bright red lining (you'll notice if it's open)

    * In main compartment: 3 4 oz Avent bottles; Avent formula dispenser with 3 sections, with premeasured powder; 1 jar of baby food; bib; change of clothes; small stuffed animal and Combi teether; Combi's mini food processor (spoon and tongs combo); 1 qt disposible container with: first aid kit of Children's Benadryl, infant Tylenol, Mylicon, instructions for each one (box sides cut out) and band aids.

    * Front zippered pocket with finger grips: cell phone in special pocket; keys on attached ring; makeup in zippered pocket. There's red lining in this section too.

    * Zippered side quick-access pocket #1 - 1 Avent bottle with 4 oz water; 1 travel size 1-serving pack of Similac.

    * Zippered side quick-access pocket #2 - Waterbabies SPF 50 sunblock, small brush

    * Open compartment - travel size umbrella. Can be used to stash the 1-Qt bag with toiletries for security checks, or a small stuffed animal, etc.

    In all, great for traveling when you need a bag that allows quick access, can go under a seat and allows you to have both hands free. ...more info
  • sooo many pockets!
    i bought this pack after looking casually for several months for a backpack to carry my laptop, and eventually lots of heavy law books. i was initially priced out of this bag at Staples, and couldnt find the color i wanted anyway, but found it on Amazon for about $20 less. it has an incredible amount of compartments, pockets, slots, etc. the 'book pocket' is really roomy, easily fits a 4" binder, a 3" stack of papers, and a harry potter book. incredible. the laptop pocket is nicely padded, my 15.4" laptop is pretty snug in there though. the straps and padding on the back are a big plus. also, you can stand the pack up on the floor without support. never considered how much i would enjoy that feature. i would definitely purchase this product again for myself, and for anyone who is considering a bag for transporting a laptop and lots of school or work documents/books....more info
  • excellent
    this is the best backpack my son has gotten. he carries a lot of heavy books, and this backpack is perfect for it. very highly recommended....more info
  • Good stuff
    The bag is really nice compare to the other laptop bags available in the market! I really like the pockets which it has..The shipping was fast as well. And the bag arrived safe and sound....more info
  • Excellent Student Laptop Backpack
    Well made and roomier than I expected. I would highly recommend as a student laptop backpack - mainly because it can accomodate laptop with accesories and some books/notebooks, etc. And, very comfortable to wear for extended periods.

    - well made
    - good zippers - that's important
    - solid brand - I've owned many Wenger products and they last
    - nice support/suspension for laptop protection
    - same kind of support neoprene "hammock" inside for your mp3 player and also has a hole at the top to feed through your headset/remote - very nice
    - very comfortable back padding and strap system
    - good organization pockets
    - water bottle side pockets - a must for mobile phone.

    - nothing significant
    - the fabric is thick but I would have preferred a thicker bottom layer in case you have to put it down somewhere wet.
    - as I mentioned, I think this is better suited for students or for a weekend laptop bag. In my opinion, I wouldn't go into the office with it - my first choice in that respect continues to be the Samsonite "Business Casual" Executive Backpack. All around great bag - you can't go wrong (with either of these)....more info
  • Very spacious, very good looking, cheap.
    This is a good notebook backpack, it's no so expensive and it comes with the Swiss Army seal and proof of good products, I recommend it....more info
  • Best backpack ever in my life
    I love this bag. I'm a medical student and need to be in the library with my huge textbooks all day. this backpack has so much space for my laptop, notebooks and even my lunches and several fruits/snacks. I don't need to carry an extra bag. The price is also unbeatable.

    ...more info
  • Wonderfully useful backpack!
    This is by far the most useful backpack I've had in my 10 year collegiate career (stop laughing!), and I've had quite a few. It is well made, durable, reasonably water resistant (much more so than my Jansport Firewire), and comfortable to haul even when full.
    It is well worth the $50 or so I paid for it. I especially love the retractable stabilizer bottom, I take it off my shoulders, put it right down in the middle of Starbucks, and get surprised looks from everyon who expected it to flop over.
    The laptop compartment could be a touch bigger, but it fits my Macbook, etc. just fine.
    Did I mention I love this bag? :o)
    ...more info
  • Great Backpack
    Great Backpack, It was bigger than i supposed, but very handle. It great for 1 day trip. ...more info
  • This bag is awesome
    This bag holds my laptop and all my university textbooks. The structure keeps it amazingly light and easy to stand upright, no matter how much I'm dragging around. I've been hanging up by the hooks and generally beating it around (dropping, dragging, you name it) and it's pretty indestructible so far. I've already raved about it to all my friends....more info
  • Padding uncomfortable
    I am returning this backpack because the padding on the back is uncomfortable against my back. Other than that problem this is a great backpack. Lots of pockets and very roomy. ...more info
  • Durable backpack, but padding ruined my shirts!
    I have owned this backpack for 1 year now (red version). I bought it to carry heavy school books and my 15.4" Dell laptop, which fit just fine.

    - Strong, durable construction.
    - multiple pockets to hold everything imaginable.
    - side pocket mesh holds my water bottle.
    - Top pocket is small and perfect for a wallet.

    - Heavy. I'm a 5'1 woman and this backpack can be incredibly heavy. It feels bulky even when nothing's in it.
    (Wenger website says it weighs 4 lbs. 3 oz. empty) [...]

    - The mesh padding on the bottom of the back literally "pills" my t-shirts! What do I mean by that? Well, the padding is made of a mesh fabric that has numerous "breathable" holes. However, as the bottom part of the mesh constantly rubs against the back of your shirt, it starts to wear away the cotton, and it pills into little lint bumps! It took me months to find out it was the backpack that was RUINING my cotton shirts! My shirts where the bottom backpack touches look like an old, lint sock!

    If I could, I'd return this but it's too late now.
    Do yourself a favor and walk into a store and actually try these laptop backpacks on yourself to see if they fit you. Some are much too large for certain body frames.
    And DON'T buy this one if you don't want your shirts looking haggard! ...more info
  • 5 Stars isn't enough! This is a great backpack
    I replaced an old worn out backpack with this Maxxum Swiss Gear bag and now I'm the envy of the office.
    The features are countless and well-thought-out.
    1. Lots and lots of pockets for storage, and a nifty open pocket into which you can stuff a sweater or light jacket.
    2. The laptop pocket is supported above the floor of the pack, so no worries about your precious cargo hitting the floor and cracking the case. Excellent design on that point. My Dell Latitude D610 (15.4") easily fits this pocket, so no worries there.
    3. The backpack is light weight and easy to slip on. The chest strap is available if you suddenly have to run for your flight!
    4. The padding against your back is brilliant! No more sweaty backs from lugging an overly clingy backpack through a hot humid airport.
    5. Sturdy zippers and straps. This bad boy is very well made.
    6. Style and color too. It doesn't look like a laptop backpack, so no "red flag" to thieves in airports that say "Hey, steal me!"
    7. I love this feature--it has a floor support that enables the bag to stand up all by itself. No more leaning against the wall. Nice!

    I am more than extremely pleased with this bag. I've contacted my local IT department and suggested it as the "defacto" standard when people ask for a laptop bag. At $53 it's a super bargain....more info
  • Super choice!
    My husband chose this bag for his work computer. It was a gift, and he loves it. It seems very durable and spacious but not overly bulky....more info
  • Great computer backpack
    I just used this backpack to carry my computer and projector to a presentation. Everything fit with more room for surge protector ( a big one). I did not use all the room it has.

    I took it on a trip to Europe. It carried everything: laptop, books, water, cell phone, head phones, locking cables, etc. The only draw back: I wished I had taken a small foldup backpack for day trips since I left this one with everything in it in the room....more info
  • Great bag
    I recently bought a 15.4" laptop and was then looking around for my first laptop bag. I went to a ton of stores that sold computer bags, and I soon found that the Swiss Gear bags by Wenger were the best looking to me and seemed to have the most functionality. The prices were probably mid level, there were always much simpler and cheaper bags at all the stores. This bag has the look of being well made and thoughtfully designed. I was nervous my laptop wouldn't fit since it was at the recommened maximum latop size, but my 15.4" fits in the bag just fine, though if it was any bigger I think I would have a problem.
    I love this bag and all it's pockets and compartments in the bag. I get a lot of compliments as well. Also worth noting, the cushioning on the parts of the backpack that come into contact with your back are awesome.
    ...more info
  • Maxxum Swiss Gear Backpack
    Even though the backpack is big compared to a normal backpack, it's a really nice backpack with plenty of room for my laptop and other things....more info
  • Excellent product fast delivery
    I'm a repeat buyer, this is my second backpack of this kind, and I don't like to repeat things twice... enough said. Everything fits and everything has a place....more info