Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent
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Splinter Cell: Double Agent brings back veteran agent Sam Fisher, for an enemy unlike any he's faced before. To stop a devastating attack, he must infiltrate a vicious terrorist group and destroy it from within. For the first time ever, experience the relentless tension and gut-wrenching dilemmas of life as a double agent. As you infiltrate a terrorist organization in its American headquarters, you must carefully weigh the consequences of your actions. Kill too many criminals and you'll blow your cover. Hesitate too long and millions will die. Do whatever it takes to complete your mission, but get out alive. New authentic gadgets, used by NSA government agents in addition to black-market terrorist weapons

  • Dual objectives to fulfill - NSA government agents and terrorists will each want you to accomplish opposing tasks at the same time
  • Discover the tension of being a double agent - Use actual tactics employed by today's real-life double agents to sabotage the terrorists' plans
  • Branching storyline with multiple endings - Your choices have an impact on how the story and gameplay unfold
  • A world of international espionage - Missions from all over the world, from Asia to Africa to the heart of the US
  • Experience extreme situations -- going underwater or into a sandstorm, hiding behind the dust or smoke and even skydiving

Customer Reviews:

  • Not as good as other Splinter Cells
    The problem with this game is that UBIsoft forgot what made Splinter cell so fun. Namely, you had two dissimilar teams (a spy and a mercenary). Each team had strengths and weaknesses. Double Agent took all that away.

    This game is no better than a shoot em up game. There is no strategy involved anymore. UBIsoft should have just taken their earlier offering "Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory" and done some minor tweeks, like making a 8 person multiplayer (vs the current 4).

    I returned Double Agent a week after I bought it. Don't waste your time on Double Agent. If you want a shoot em up game, get Rainbow 6, or Call of Duty. If you want a great stealthy, strategy game, buy Chaos Theory. Be careful though, Chaos Theory does not work on newer XBox360
    ...more info
  • Disaster
    The splinter cell series double rocks. The double agent double sucks. Just doesn't seem to have the continuity of past games. Then again, save games sometimes don't. Makes it kind of hard to follow it when you're screaming about starting a whole section over again because it didn't save where you left off.

    Pretty much a lesson in how not to code a PC game.
    ...more info
  • Great Game If Properly Set Up
    I have seen some really bad reviews for this game so I thought I'd like to make a few commments. This game is a very competitive Splinter Cell series game, and it does require a very good system to play. Dual Microprocessers such as an AMD X2, and at least a 7000 series or more nVidea graphics card or equilivant are needed!
    I had the same problems as the other comments until !!, I found a way to clock down the graphics for the system I have. Then the game ran quite well.
    I only have a modest system. AMD X2 4200, DDR2 667 MHz, and only a 256 MB 7300 nVidea graphics card !!! I have everything running perfectly fine. Before it did Bug Out. I do prefer AMD. ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I've been a Splinter Cell fan for years until I've played this game.
    Double Agent has stooped to a new low where it's just simply a game of hide-n-go seek.
    I have to admit the graphics are excellent, having realistic content and features and of course the use of advertisements is not a big deal (since splinter cell have been sponsering cell phones mostly, now there's a Chrystler in this game) but the story of it is very dull.
    Splinter Cell has gone from killing spree, funny dialogues, hilarious characters with different voices of stereotypical foreigners to a snore-fest walk.
    What's also infuriating is his lovely walky-talky that now turns into a Stop-n-GO Street Light. Ummmmm... last time I've checked, I don't think anyone would appreciate wearing photocells where it distributes LIGHT and especially in three colors.
    The story is understandable, but Ubisoft can do so much better. The missions are so repetitive to do the same things, just in a different way, just to simply get a wanted man dead. There's really no great end to this game.

    My favorite piece of this game is actually the FIRST mission, and Shanghai, but unfortunately everything else is garbage because of the fact that you'll be stuck in a building filled with angered mobs walking around you all day while you wheel your way around them. That's probably the ONLY stealthy thing in the game, is to simply not get caught. What makes it funny is that you'll be sent out of the area and start over again.

    Finally, the "Trust Bar". It's stupid. I can lower my trust with Lambert as much as I want, and I wouldn't care because it wouldn't end the game. Just to summarize this, the game follows solely on the story line. And what makes it hilarious is that I get to see Lambert again in the end of the game, and it gets me thinking, "Wait a minute, I thought this guy doesn't trust me anymore what happened?"

    Splinter Cell also has bugs that'll just completely send the game into an error zone, even when it's updated.

    I'm sorry Ubisoft, but you can either grab your old team who created splinter cell in the past to come back to work, or just simply stop the game entirely, because I can only imagine how horrible the sequels will be after this....more info
  • Broken game. Pure and simple.
    This game is broken on the PC. I've tried it on two different Quad Core systems using a 8600GTS and a 9600GT card, respectively. On both systems the game was so slow and choppy as to be effectively unplayable. It is not a question of the hardware being unable to keep up - even menu systems, 2D graphics easily renderable by even a decade-old computer, are choppy, slow, and unresponsive.

    Something went wrong when this game was ported to the PC. It is completely broken, which is a shame given the general quality of the Splinter Cell series prior to this Double Agent installment.

    I cannot recommend this title to anyone. I notice that other reviewers seem to be running it without trouble, but given the fact that negative reviews far outnumber positive ones, it seems to be a hit-and-miss product, with the "miss" option being the most likely.

    If you're dying for a stealth game, nothing compares to the Hitman series, which has a proven track record, and is guaranteed to delight and entertain you. Hitman: Blood Money is the latest installment of the series....more info
  • Excelente Juego pero problemas de lectura de disco
    Este juegos es excelente, pero la seguridad que posee el disco DVD es muy problem¨¢tica. Tuve que Crackear un Juego Original para poder usarlo sin problemas....more info
  • Total garbage. Ubisoft should be ashamed to have their name on this thing.
    To sum it up in one word unplayable. Even after the patch running a brand new 8800 gts, quad core and 2 gbs of mushkin 800. Wish there was a negative rating....more info
  • Buggy software and tedious gameplay
    This game has so many bugs which to this date, are not fixed. I have the latest patch which is supposed to have fixed the big ones - such as the safe opening issues - but it hasn't.

    A part from the bugs, the missions are just tedious, not really much fun, like previous series.

    Control is awkward, evidence of a bad port from console.

    My advice is to stay away from this one. ...more info
  • Yeah as others say: Buggy
    Like most folks are stating: this game is full of bugs. The story seems ok, could use a lot more interaction and explanation of what is going on. Its never really clear what happened to Fisher's daughter and why the NSA is targeting the JBA. There are some significant gaps in the story. I missed the news stories from other SC titles that tied up the loose ends.

    I have an Intel X6800 cpu and EVGA 8800 GTX so I have the hardware for this game and it runs relatively well and looks great. Unfortunately the 8800 GTX has issues with the game and you need to run the game with a -LL switch option. So my intro to the game was a crash to desktop upon starting it until I read about the work around. This was just launching the game, goes down hill after that.

    Seems the game doesn't really save, the only saves that work are loaded using the 'Load Last Save Option'. You can't load any other saves. As many fans know, its real important in this game to have lots of save options to try out different solutions.

    Seems the game doesn't like USB keyboards, see gamespy review. This effects some key game play elements such as safe cracking.

    The designers introduced some, imo, terrible elements to the game that are not fun. An example would be a sequence where you need to put mines together. Its not fun, its frustrating and it has nothing to do with what splinter cell fans like. These new elements just slow the game down.

    The UI is also a notch below other splinter cell games and definitely hampered by the console influence of the game. From the option screens to the save and load screens its a bit of a fight.

    As someone else mentioned, the AI has taken a bit of a nose dive. It can be broad daylight and you are jumping in front of the npc's and they won't see you at times. Sometimes you'll be in complete darkness and they'll nail you. The light meter is useless in this game.

    The tutorial is aweful. You are put into a virtual training room that is all white. Kind of artistic but it doesn't do what its supposed to do, provide training for the game. This is one thing the other SC games have done very well.

    I looked forward to this game and was very disappointed with its quality. If you have an XBox 360 I suggest trying that version as I hear its hassle free. I want to make it clear that the story and general game play are still very much like other splinter cell titles, its just that the quality of the pc version is terrible. Maybe we'll see a patch or patches to resolve these issues though UbiSoft has already stated there would not be future patches....more info
  • What has Ubi done to the Splinter Cell series on the pc?
    I was really anticipating the release of Double Agent for the pc. I loved the original Splinter Cell and Pandora Tomorrow. Ubi really made a mistake by using starforce drivers for the third game, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. No starforce drivers this time around, but wow.. this has got to be the worst game of the series by far.

    Double Agent is an obvious console port and NOT ready to be released on the pc. Ubi is not offering any patches to really address the major issues with this game either. This game is HIGHLY unstable on the pc. Several people have had problems with crashes and serious lagging. With the options turned down and no matter what kind of system you have, you will most likely encounter some serious choppiness and lagging. It really starts to get bad in about the third level of the single player game. Also, if you make any changes to the video settings and hit "apply"... crash back to the desktop. This happened to me several times.

    One problem that you will first notice with this game are the load screens. There are two load screens and they take forever! You just sit there waiting and waiting and watching the little circle go round and round until finally the level loads. By the way, I have a great system with an Nvidia 7800GT pci express card and 2 gigs of ram.

    As far as the actual game play... it's not near as good as the first two Splinter Cell games. It's too linear this time around with lots of scripted and timed scenes. In the end, Double Agent was just too unstable. The instability really takes away from the enjoyment factor.

    ...more info
  • What a piece of s***t!!!
    One star is actually too generous but Amazon won't let me rate it at zero.

    Splinter Cell use to be a great series but Ubi-Shanghai took care of that. Between muliple crashes, sound looping that lasts entire levels, saved games not showing up, and video settings not being saved the PC version is completely unplayable. And yes my PC meets the and exceeds the requirements. All good that did me!

    Thanks Ubi-Soft for taking a once great gaming experience and flushing it down the toilet.
    Save your money and time do not buy!!! ...more info
  • Some good, some bad
    I've just finnished Splinter Cell: Double Agent and overall it's a pretty mixed bag of pro's and con's. First the good stuff. Visually its a good looking game. Just a close up look at Sam Fishers face and you can see every crease and wrinkle, thats the kind of attention to detail that was put into game. A word of warning tho, your graphics card MUST support Shader Model 3 for the game to even work. Another aspect of the game I liked is the juggeling act you must keep trying to do your mission while not losing too much trust from either side. There are often multiple choice decisions to be made that affect the outcome of the game. All of which make the game interesting and fun to play.

    Now for the bad. As others have stated there are lots of bugs still in game, even with the current patch. The most notorious are random crashes to desktop, saved games not loading, and not being able to crack safes because the keys decide not to work. Another annoying aspect of the game is you cant reconfigure certain keys. So your stuck moving Sam around with the arrow keys.

    One thing I would also mention is the game is awfully short. One reason may be because of theres a cliff hanger ending that ties in with the sequel thats already in the works. Overall I would say the game is worth playing if you can overlook the shortcomings. If not then I would recommend waiting abit until the price come down and the bugs are fixed.
    ...more info
  • Off the mark but still a good game...
    I've been a big fan of the Splinter Cell series since the first game appeared on the PC years ago. I've played and finished "Double Agent" for the PC three times now and conclude that it really is a good game. Although it still can't compare to Chaos Theory which is considered the best of the series. Double Agent was developed and designed for consoles like the Xbox and just ported over to the PC and it was an awkward switch complete with bugs and design flaws and therein lies its inherent problem. So beware, the retail version may or may not play on your's just hit or miss. I've installed the v1.02 patch and the game runs smooth on my Dell PC with only a couple of bugs and quirks. Once it's up and running the graphics and visuals are a real treat. That said, I also appreciate the new ideas this game brings to the series.

    + For the first time, Sam Fisher can swim underwater and skydive. In some great sequences, he is fully controllable slashing through ice to grab guards and able to flip and twirl through the air before pulling his chute. Odd we haven't seen this before since he is an ex-Navy Seal.
    + Three of the ten missions are real standouts. In the Sea of Okhotsk there are blowing snowstorms, while climbing the skyscraper in Shanghai there are fireworks and helicopters that illuminate the sky behind you and on the streets of Kinshasa there is bellowing smoke and raging battles between rebel and government troops. These missions rate among the best of the entire series...period.
    + Since Sam is undercover, he operates in the open more and this changes the way you play compared to past games. It also makes the story and his character much darker.

    Now for the things that hurt this game and what others seem to have been complaining about.
    - The overall story is pretty weak. A domestic terrorist group wants to blow up New York city...plain and simple. Their motivation is never explained and the characters are never fleshed-out no matter how much information Sam digs up. There is no reason why Sam just can't use the Fifth Freedom to take them out after the fourth mission. We also never learn how Sam was arrested, whether his daughter's death really was an accident and the background of agent John Hodge.
    - The undercover missions for the JBA could have been better. The JBA HQ map is used four times and it's just not cool. Creating mayhem on the streets of NYC, robbing banks and assassinating VIP's would have made the game more exciting and made the JBA dangerous and evil enough to make Sam going undercover really necessary.
    - The developers really don't know the character of Sam Fisher and don't use the voice acting of Michael Ironside to full effect. There is not enough dialogue between Sam and the rest of the characters. The dialogue added humor and fleshed-out the characters in past games.
    - Gone is the old stealth meter and action interface. The new action interface is clumsy and the meters have been stripped down to a single info bar and a colored red-yellow-green dot. This is fine for a console game but not the PC version.
    - The cut-scenes in between missions don't show news reports so you can't relate what's happening in the missions to the big picture. That's important to an espionage game like this and takes away from the movie-like experience.
    - The actual on-screen character is too big, takes up too much of the screen and cuts down on the view. Which is a shame because there really is alot to look at in the surrounding enviroments which are done beautifully.

    So, should you buy this game for the PC? Yes...but only if you're a fan of the series and have the compatible video card to run it. Otherwise it's not worth the money or effort. It's probably time to retire Sam Fisher. After all he is over 42 years old. But this latest game is not the way to do it. The character and series deserve a little better....more info
  • Last UbiSoft Game for me
    After GRAW an This I will not purchase another Ubisfot game again.
    This game crashes more than my teenage son. I have been a long time fan of Splinter Cell but no more they think they can port a console title to PC for some extra cash, and no one can do anything about it because of return policies on software and games. I hope someone starts a class action suit I`ll get in line....more info
  • Bugs mar an otherwise stellar review
    I would love to give this game 5 stars overall - but I can't. The game is exceptionally fun to play, with great graphics and excellent stealth play alongside a well-thought storyline. The BUGS, however, are too much! The game crashes each time a new level loads. At one point it required a complete reinstall, because after one of the crashes it just wouldn't fire up anymore. Save games get overwritten without notice. The "Quick OPSAT" button is buggy. Once I hit reload on my weapon, and lost all weapon functionality entirely - couldn't shoot, couldn't reload, couldn't put the weapon away. These bugs bring my overall review from 5 stars to 2... which is a complete shame. My friend has it on xbox 360 and it's a stellar experience, showing what kind of quality title it *could* have been. It's a real shame that the PC did not receive the same attention to detail and quality production that the 360 did....more info
  • An embarassment for Ubisoft and the Splinter Cell series
    What do you do you for the 4th entry in a series as consistently amazing as Splinter Cell? Give it to a developer who will completely destroy it. Want a game as rock solid and bug free as the first three? It's not here. Want the same sweat inducing stealth action? It's gone. Replaced by a convenient piece of technology that glows green when you're in cover (sometimes) and red when you're not (sometimes). Want to reassign some of the control keys like you can in all the other games in this series as well as every other decent video game released in the last 10 years? Impossible. Apparently, sometimes it works to manually edit an .INI file in one of the directories. You'll have to Google this solution though. You won't hear it from Ubisoft.

    I used to look at the Ubisoft logo as the sign of a stable, quality game. Not anymore.

    Do the research before you buy this game. Even after two patches, the bugs are rampant. And if you haven't played the other 3 games in this series, do yourself a favor and pick them up first....more info
  • Splinter Cell BUG AGENT
    Disapointing, the game is loaded with bugs (already patched 1.02), it's impossible to play 10 minutes (or less) without a crash, running in Dual Core, 4 Gigs RAM, X1600, the game have great graphics and no slowdowns but as the last reviewer, I have the same opinion, Ubisoft just worried about cash and nothing more, worst, since the game get out they didn't worry at all in getting people testing the game and releasing the fixes, needed. Saving the game while playing is just waste of time, the save seems not to be done ??? The new presence system with yellow/red light is stupid, we can be face to face with guards/enemies and nothing happens if the led don't turn red ??? Stupid AI, I was able to open safe box with enemy on the side, blind ??. Well, the game was maded for let them $$$ and don't show respect for players, mainly the fans like me. The game line isn't bad at all, but the bugs kill all the fun. Advice, save the money or get it in next months when they are forced to sell it for $5....more info
  • Fisher's next mission: Assasinate Ubisoft writers.
    Let me first start off by saying how much of a Tom Clancy and Splinter Cell fan I am, and it gives me great disappointment to have to give this game a poor rating.

    Sam Fisher has become my favorite game character ever. Let me also say that it's great that Ubisoft decided to give the SC saga a different twist, rather than the orgindary, straight forward NSA hunt for conspiriters. The storyline to this game had the potential to be one of the greatest, but it turned out to be the worst.

    The storyline in on it's own was well thought out, and most likely by Clancy, but it seems that Ubi took it into their own hands to add these ridiculous missions, and on the same map which is repeated 4 times. If you decide to buy the game, you will see what I mean.

    And also, as many other people have mentioned. BUGS BUGS BUGS! Ubi certainly did not waste any time put this into distribution. I guess perhaps they were more worried about getting them on the shelves of your local EA Stores and Walmarts, than beta testing the game over and over, and making sure the game was 99.9% bug-free (of course, nobody's perfect).

    In conclusion, it is safe to say that Ubi did not pay attention to detail while developing this game. They left too many bugs for the End Users to have to deal with, and an unfinished storyline with many plot holes, and missions you will be asking yourself "What the hell is the point of this mission?" over and over again.

    Again the potential was there, but since they rushed it out the door, Double Agent is completely dead. I would not recommend spending $50.00, or even half that price for this game. I hope that Ubi recognizes the disappointments of the game players, and improves the next Splinter Cell. To make a comparison, Ubi basically built a hot looking Ferrari, but with a V4 engine.

    Bottom line is, if you are new to the Splinter Cell gameplay, get the 3rd one (Chaos Theory). If you are a Splinter Cell addict, consider waiting for the next SC (I'm sure Ubi will be making many modifications). No patch in the world is going to save this game....more info
  • Buggy and not well thought out
    I bought Chaos Theory at Half-Price books for $9, and it was a much better game than the $50 Double Agent. In fact, they should have named this game "Chaos Defined".

    I agree with other reviewers that this Splinter Cell installment is not the good quality experience to be had from the prior SC's. One is never quite sure if Double Agent will fully load before throwing an exception and causing the Microsoft debugger I have installed to ask if it should start debugging Ubi's product. However, one can be quite sure it will throw an exception every time you try to exit the program. Fortunately, exceptions don't happen very often during play, but they do happen. So get familiar with the F5 Quick Save key to minimize frustration.

    The game save system stinks. After finishing the first map, the "Continue" (last game) just says "You don't have any saved games. So I have to resort to bringing up my list of saves and loading from there. You can't name your saved games; the program assumes you want to name them all "Save" and you can't change it.

    Lastly, the story and gameplay can get tedious with too many timed sections. Even if you finish with time to spare, you still have to mill around burning time on the clock before the next sequence begins. It all adds up to a product that feels very much like it was rushed through design, development, testing, and finally out the door....more info
  • Disappointing
    I have been a fan of the Splinter Cell series, but I found this one disappointing. The game drags, and I found myself quitting after short periods of play. In the end I got so bored I never finished it....more info
  • Splinter Cell has taken a turn for the worss
    First off the games graphics are some of the best I have seen the sound effects are great and the story is not all that bad. But! if you are a fan of the old Splinter Cell games be warned this game is nothing like them. The whole way you play the game has been changed, in the previous games it was all about playing the shadows, tricking mercs, and over all pulling off your mission with out ever being detected. This game has totally changed the way you play by replacing our beloved shadows with a far to simple light that is always strapped to your back. How this works is whenever any one starts to notice you the light turns yellow when no one can see or hear you it is green, and when some one sees you it turns red. Now this may not sound that bad but! it has nothing to do with where your character is standing! you could be in the middle of a base standing under a light and have the light be green and everything is fine a guy will even walk right past you because don't worry the light is green! or you could be in the most dark part of the map hanging off a ledge and a have a guy spot you from yards away. if you are looking for good graphics this is your game if you are looking real stealth action move on because they have killed Splinter Cell....more info
  • Complete junk
    I've been a FPS shooter fan forever. From Far Cry to Wolfenstein, I've played just about every one out there. While the concept and idea behind this game is sound, the implementation is terrible. Glitches galore that patching doesn't help. You can't even bind your right mouse button as your forward movement button. How can you create a FPS game now-a-days where you have to use a keyboard key to move forward???? On a demo maybe but for a $50 game? Priceless.
    Just that alone should tell you to steer clear.
    P2P has become so popular just to avoid such rip offs and corporate greed such as this. Try before you buy people....more info
  • Disappointed
    I'm a huge Splinter Cell fan, but this game is so frustrating. It's full of bugs that prevent you from completing missions, and quite often saved games become corrupted. Loading the non-corrupted ones isn't an easy task, either. You have to either die or quit the game and then load. The only exception is "Quicksave."

    My gaming PC surpasses the recommended specs. Yet, the frame rate is choppy even with the graphics turned all the way down. Sometimes Sam turns entirely black, like a silhouette. I have to exit out to get him back to normal. Choices for resolution are limited. All in all, the frustration outweighs the enjoyment at this point.

    Switching weapons and interacting in general is awkward. It seems like the game was made for a console and changed half-heartedly for the PC. I really hate to give Splinter Cell a bad review, because Chaos Theory is my favorite PC game ever. But Double Agent is unplayable. Patch 1.0.1 doesn't fix any of the bugs I've found. I hope future patches will help, because the storyline for this game is great and I'd really like to play it.

    ...more info
  • The worst game in the series
    Splinter Cell: Double Agent is an awful game, from start to end.

    Technical problems aside (and there were many!) the overall enjoyment of this game was disappointingly low. The mission objectives were often vague and confusing. The "mini-games" were a bad gimmick and lacked any entertaining value. The designers basically stripped Sam Fisher of the most unique tool in the SC games, the night vision/heat vision goggles, allowing us to use them only on a few missions. The AI has become increasing more stupid and blind, and the shadows don't have any uniformity throughout the game -- sometimes Sam is completely hidden in partial sunlight, sometimes completely visible.

    I have a high end system that I only use for gaming -- no web browsing, no email, nothing except games. There are no background programs running except for essential Windows tasks. That said, the game crashed several times, I had problems with odd graphical glitches and sound was choppy. Turning down the graphical quality did nothing to fix the problems, and with Ubisoft's lack of a patch (and Q&A testing, apparently) I spent more time restarting the game than I did playing it. One example: leaving the game paused for five or ten minutes causes graphical glitches in the game that eventually caused it to crash. Loading a saved game is much more difficult than it needs to be, and I was often unable to load a game I saved, instead having to restart the level.

    The story/plot/characters were anything but special, and in many cases just got in the way. Every other mission took place in the same hideout/building (way to reuse maps, Ubi!) and REALLY slowed the pace of the game down. These are the missions you'll begin to dread and wish they were skipable (note to self: google for cheat codes next time!). Many of the maps are very linear, which is surprising in this day and age of video games like GTA and Okami -- different genres officially, yet very similar in styles.

    This is the Splinter Cell to skip, although I suspect fans of the series have already bought it and will buy the next in the series on the day of release. I, however, will be keeping my money in my wallet for the next SC, and waiting for the gaming site reviews and Amazon reviews, which have so far painted a very good picture of this game's quality. Double Agent, however, is an incredible disappointment. Buyer beware....more info
  • Definitely a mixed bag
    First off, to those people who've made comments about the game not running on their computer, all I'll say is that if your machine meets the reqs on the box, the game will work. My computer isn't brand new or super high-end anymore, and I have all kinds of programs running in the background, but the worst thing I can say is that the load times are a little longer than what I remember from the first 3 games. The motion and sound work just fine, and that's without any patches.

    My only real complaint is how your perspective's controlled by the mouse. It took some getting used to, but after about 30-60 minutes, I knew what to expect. That's not to say I liked it, though. The only other thing I can say is what happened to the cool intro. I normally skip right through the opening video, but I made a point to watch it on the first game. Now, there's basically nothing.

    As far as not being able to bind the function keys is concerned, it'd be a big deal only if there were cheats. Since there aren't any, all you need is quick save....more info