Sanus Systems VMAA18B Universal Articulating Mount with Extended Reach for 30" to 50" Displays (Black)
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Product Description

Full-motion wall mount for large flat-panel TVs with 19.5" extension. Allows ?6? lateral roll to ensure TV is perfectly level after hanging.

  • Weight capacity: 130 lbs.
  • Extension arm extends display from 3 1/4" to 19 1/2" off wall
  • Virtual Axis? tilt adjustment system
  • Includes mounting hardware
Customer Reviews:
  • GREAT FOR SONY 40 inch TV
    this product is great.
    i put it myself, just needed help to put the actual TV up.
    i know it can be on the way of the cables but you can put the tubes up/down so problem fixed.
    i had to buy 2 extra screws to fit my TV cause just 2 fit. i went to lowes and no problem my TV still hanging and looking awesome...more info
  • Great product!
    I have not had an issue with this prodcut. I have installed a 42" TV with ease....more info
  • A Little Install Trouble
    This is a good rack. Very heavy and very sturdy. I had some trouble getting the cross bars to go through all three sets of holes. It seems like there was just enough flex in the back of my plasma to make the holes not line up. I had to disassemble parts of the ends to make it work. Once it was up, it works just fine. Looks very good on the wall....more info
  • Great TV Support
    The SANUS wall mount is a very well made solid product. It is much better than some of the other wall mounts that I have seen. It is secure and allows movement in several directions. I highly recommend this mount....more info
  • SANUS Systems VMAA18
    Product lives up to most expectations; should incorporate means of leveling (right-to-left). Also, lacking correct length screws for back-of-TV mount bracket ... either too long or too short; request from Sanus Cust. Serv. resultd in screws too long (bottomed out in threaded recept. in back of Sony TV)....more info
  • Functional and strong.
    I bought this wall mount unit for a Sony 46 inch XBR5 which weighs about 73 pounds with the pedestal removed. it comes with a package of universal screws, most of which you will not need. As for the screws that I was supposed to use, I didn't, I bought longer screws from my local hardware store. The screws to secure the brackets to the rear of the TV were too short, they are metric and I needed screws about 5mm longer than what was supplied. The lag bolts that came with it may have worked fine, but since I had 6 inch walls, I decided to get 4.5 inch lag bolts instead of the 3.5 inch that came with the wall mount for additional strength. In addition to the above "issues" I also needed to add one washer to the mount at the point where it rotates clockwise/counter-clockwise. There is a plastic washer here I suspect for ease of adjusting, however it was tightened too much and became more of an obstacle, so I disassembled this portion, added a metal washer to the plastic washer in order to keep the plastic washer flat and in place. This made the adjustments much easier, sliding against the plastic while the metal washer behind kept the plastic firmly in place.

    Also, the sections of this bracket that mount to this particular TV are closer to the center piece that extends from the wall. This leaves the horizontal tubes extending most of the length of the rear of the TV. If you grab the TV from the side to pull it away from the wall, the TV pivots in place and these tubes will hit against the wall. This is simply one of those things you need to get used to, grab the TV in center front from top and bottom and pull the TV straight forward so as not to damage the wall from the cross tubes. I honestly don't see how this could have been deigned differently since the idea is to allow the TV full functional movement, just something to be aware of.

    Outside of the above, which honestly are minor, I found this mount to be strong, easy to position the TV, and superior to some other mounts I have looked at. I was/am more concerned with protecting my TV from falling off the wall with a cheaply made mount and I believe this one fits what I was looking for, as well as the multi-position options....more info
  • excellent mount
    This mount replaced my original flat Sanus mount. It was very easy to replace as the flat mount that attaches directly to the wall was interchangeable with my original set. The articulating feature of the new mount makes watching throughout the room much better. You still need 2 people to lift the flat screen TV onto the wall. I also needed to get longer bolts to screw on the TV attachments to the back of my plasma. What was provided was very short and would be risky to use in earthquake prone California or anywhere else. ...more info
  • Sanus VMAA18B
    Using this mount on a Samsung 52 inch LCD mounted above my fireplace. I works great and seems very sturdy. I mounted the electrical outlet and HDMI outlet behind the left and center holes in the mounting bracket and that works great. I did however have to mount the outlets so that the face plates were flush with the drywall which then allows the mounting bracket to sit flat against the wall. You would probably also have good luck mounting your outlets just above or below the bracket. ...more info
  • Solid choice
    I was looking for a low-profile mount, flexible articulation, and the ability to span wall studs (to support a heavy load). Probably over-kill for our actual use, since we rarely move/tilt our TV and the TV doesn't weight that much anyway - but nice to know I have lots of options.

    Anyway, mounting seemed easy (for a 40" Sony). The mount arm feels solid yet moves with a light touch (eg: good). The arm length is a good compromise between too little swing and the longer swing arms.

    Would buy again.

    ...more info
  • solid mount - good DIY project
    I did a lot of research before buying this mount. My TV is a Pioneer 50". Also I found others using this same mount for my TV model.

    I bought this unit to be able to easily access the back of the TV where all the inputs are. For a 50" TV, the VMAA18B will allow the TV extend out ~20" and turn about 55degrees. Now I can watch TV from the adjacent room as well.

    I purchased the VMAA18B through at a good savings. Retailers like BB are charging substantially more.

    I had one concern about stability and strength. Yet that ended up no problem as after I placed the mount on the wall, I put my entire weight on the arm and bounced hard for a few minutes. I must say this is one solid mount. Also added to my comfort level by doing what others recommended by purchasing at local home improvement center 5/16" x 3" steel lag bolts to use in lieu of the bolts that ship with this unit.

    I have a hutch style cabinet with doors (made by Ethan Allen) that is about 8" deep inside for hiding the TV. The VMAA18B mount hangs on the wall behind the cabinet and the arm passes through nicely into the back of the cabinet. If you plan to use a cabinet like I did, then be prepared to take at least 4 hours installing. Otherwise I think you could install this mount in a few hours. For 50" TV you can save time if you have a helper. For a 50" TV, having a helper will save install time and you'll need it at least when lugging the TV onto this mount....more info
  • works great with my Panasonic TH-42PZ85U
    Installed this puppy with no problem. Instructions were thorough and easy to follow, but hardly necessary. Open the box and the basic parts include the 2 vertical brackets which attach to the rear of the set (4 M8 metric machine screws on my set). Others complained of missing hardware but Sanus must be listening as my box had all hardware organized in one long plastic bag which was segmented and labelled - nicely done. If you're lucky enough to have the same plasma tv I do, use a small spacer between the vertical brackets and the set back - this will give you clearance above screwheads on the back of the set should you decide to slide your arm assembly (the middle vertical) off-center to the back of the set along the horizontal rods. You'll see what I mean as you assemble it.

    Once you have the rods, brackets and arm assembly together as a frame attached to the rear of the set (I had my 42" TV laid face down on a bed to do this), you're ready to use four 3/8" lag bolts to attach the wall plate to two studs. I spent $30 on a decent stud finder which reliably identified my stud centers and drilled 4 holes with a 3/16" drill to a depth of 2 1/2" - making sure the plate would be level of course as I marked my drill holes. All this is a one-man job and not tedious at all. I got an extra set of hands for the crucial part - hanging the tv.

    This was no problem. I took the weight of the set from the front and relied on my helper to guide the arm assembly (which has a hooked top-edge) to "hang" the mount on the wall plate. Now its a simple matter of securing the mount following the instructions (two screws to the bottom of the bracket on the wall plate and then sliding the "safety bracket" into place) The hardest part of this whole job was final levelling of the set which involved loosening two hex-key screws on the arm assembly, levelling and re-tightening. The screws were so tight I nearly stripped them getting them loose. But that was it. This seems to be a once and done issue as my set has retained perfect level for several days now with frequent re-positioning.

    Now, I've got a wall mount for my beautiful new TV which is plenty sturdy and lets me very easily tilt, swivel and extend from the wall. No tools or gymnastics required either once its installed. Highly recommended....more info
  • Nice mount, Great customer service
    I purchased the Sanus VMAA18B (black) for a 46" Sony Bravia LCD. I picked the VMAA18B because it is not as bulky as other mounts (31 lbs), is easy to move/tilt and had a low profile when collapsed.

    Another review recommended against this mount with a Sony 46", but I decided to purchase after trading emails with Sanus technical support (very helpful), who recommended I purchase 2 M6 metric bolts (6 x 20mm) since 2 of the included M6 bolts (6 x 35mm) used to mount brackets on the back of the Sony Bravia were too long.

    I mounted directly on brick - had to purchase anchors (Red Head 3/8 dia x 3" hex sleeve anchor) since lag bolts included with the mount are only recommended for wooded studs. Installation took ~4 hours, mainly due to time to measure best location & drill the 8 holes (4 top, 4 bottom) into solid brick. Some of the instructions weren't clear, but eventually figured out what to do.

    Sanus technical support was great. I received prompt & informative answers to all of my questions -- was even recommended to get advice from a local contruction professional due to variable nature of brick.

    Overall, the mount looks great, is a great full motion mount for the price....more info
  • It does work with TH50PZ750U! Great Product/Price/Service
    I own a PANASONIC TH50PZ750U and the SANUS VMAA18 works amazing with this tv. It was very simple to install, less than an hour with 2 people. Here are some helpful hints to mount the 750U. The Panasonic screen is compatible with the VMAA18 in that the mounting pattern on the back and the weight of the screen are within the specifications for the mount. I believe what many heard could be related to the length of the bolts needed for installation. They include four diameters of bolts, each in two lengths, for attaching the screen to the mount. The Panasonic mounting holes accept the largest diameter, or Metric 8mm diameter bolt. This means that even the longest length of M8 bolt that they send, which is 40mm, doesn't sufficiently engage. In that case, an M8 bolt in a 60mm length is required. Metric 8mm diameter bolts come in two thread pitches. You want a coarse pitch of 1.25. The best places to find these are smaller hardware stores or automotive parts stores. I picked up some up for about a dollar.
    One other consideration for this screen would be the large bulge on the bottom. The screen is mounted using two vertical monitor brackets. To ensure proper fit, you may need to position these brackets (which have slots along the full length for flexible mounting) as far up on the back of the screen as possible. You may also need to use the included spacers between the monitor brackets and the back of screen as well.

    This is a fantastic mount, and provides the sleekest appearance of any full motion mount out there and yet still has full functionality....more info
  • Nice wall mount for Sharp AQUOS 42" LC42D64U
    The mount was very easy to install. You'll need a stud finder, ruler, drill, 3/16" drill bit, and ratchet set (for the lag bolts into the studs) to install it. Make sure you have studs 16" on center for the wall plate to mount on.

    It took about an hour to set up with the Sharp Aquos 42" LC42D64U. Once installed the mount swings and tilts with minimal resistance. The mount is sturdy enough that it does not flex when supporting this TV (~50 lbs.) The wall mount extends far enough to allow my TV to be used in a corner position or when I want to have it lie flat against the wall (the mount adds around 2-3" of depth when it is against the wall.

    The only con with this mount was one of the four lag bolts sheared off when I tried to ratchet it in (my reason for only four stars.) A royal pain as there was no way I was getting that piece out of the stud. Luckily, I had some lag bolts of a similar size from another DIY project, drilled a new pilot hole, and ratcheted it in. It offers a decent value for the price.
    ...more info
  • VMAA18B Product Review
    This is the only cantilever mount that I was able to find to accommodate the HDMI input, on the Sony KDL-32S2010, which is located directly in the center of the mounting plate area. Well-engineered and adjustable in all planes, including 6 degrees of leveling. Sturdy construction, clear instructions with all mounting hardware included and organized in individually labeled packets. Amazon's price was $188 less than local retailer! Note: Despite pre-drilling, the lag bolts easily sheared with little torque - recommend replacing them before starting installation....more info
  • Outstanding wall mount
    I mounted a 47" Vizio LCD with this wall mount. It was easy to assemble, and the swivel function works great (I can swing the TV out perpendicular to the wall easily, and the mount is very solid). I have used non-articulating wall mounts on other LCDs, and I can say that this one snugs the TV up to wall just as close as the non-articulating wall mount.

    The only complaint I had was resolved quickly by Sanus. My wall mount was missing two screws that were not required for assembly, but held a plate onto the swing arm. Upon calling Sanus, I was helped by someone who was competent and proficient, and received the screws in about 4 days through the mail. Very impressed with their customer service and the overall quality of this product. ...more info
  • Great Product, especially for heavy screens requirng full range of articulation!
    This articulating mount is particularly good if you are concerned that a single beam in the wall is not sturdy enough to carry the entire weight of the flat screen. Because of the width of the mount you put up against the wall has significant width, you can normaly find at least two studs to support the weight. Furthermore, the articulating flexibility is great!!! Both side-to-side and up-and-down tilting!...more info
  • So Far So Good
    I purchased the Sanus TV mount for my 42 Panasonic Plasma which was being mounted directly onto a brick fireplace. I used 8 concrete wall anchors purchased at home depot to keep it up and in place. 4 weeks later its still hanging.
    The mount was easy to put together and does a good job of articulating in enough directions to get a good view of the T.V from anywhere in the room. I would use this mount again if I had to do it all over.
    ...more info
  • poor engineering
    Item being reviewed

    Sanus VMAA18 Articulating Mount -this mount does not accomodate consumer reports #1 rated plasma hdtv [panasonic th-50pz700u]. the tv has a bump out that prevents mounting unless you purchase extra hardware....more info
  • Sanus VMAA18 Articulating Mount for 30"-50" Flat Panel TVs - Black
    Absolutely awesome wall mount. The mount is sturdy and reliable. It was recently put to the test in a 5.6 earthquake (centered out of San Jose). The mount rotates left and right and swings out a good 12". The only draw back, as with many mounts, is that you need two people to hang the TV. It took two of us about 1 1/2 hours to hang this badboy. All of the wires are hidden behind the wall and the TV looks great hanging on the wall. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • Sanus VMAA18 review
    Totaly satisfied with the SANUS VMAA18 wall mount.

    The wall mount is very well made and was very easy to install....more info
    This bracket was fairly easy to install for a non-techy and non-handyman. The wall mount part could have been longer to better align with the studs. Also, with my new Samsung 4661F, the bracket bar that mounts to the TV goes right over the bottom third of the "hole" on the back of the TV that contains the input jacks. I just about had a stroke when I discovered this but the cables were flexible enough that it worked. Who's to blame for that? TV manufacturer or bracket manufacturer? Mainly me for not checking it out better. Again, it worked but it was a close call. Tilt, maneuverability left/right work great. It will not spin from horizontal to vertical, not that this was a big deal. The black version (that I bought) was cheaper than a stainless steel-looking variety from the same manufacturer. Buying it from Amazon was by far the best deal....more info
  • Good mount, service could be better
    The mount its self is good quality and looks nice. Also except for one other company I saw out there, the price is lower than most other manufacturers.

    It's pretty easy to install, but the instructions could be much better and more detailed.

    Service is pretty quick to answer the phone and answer any installation questions, but when I called about missing screws they told me to just go to Home Depot, because they're on back order and I don't really need the part that they're used for anyway!

    Also, on some displays the mount could obstruct the cables. They provide spacers, but at least for my display, they don't provide bolts that are long enough to use with the spacers....more info
  • Read the instructions
    The mount works beautifully. It was relatively easy to install, after I found the missing bag of screws hiding under the instruction manual. One thing to look out for: there are several warnings about tightening screws up that refer to instructions AFTER the warning. I had to take part of the mount apart three times before I got it right. Fortunately, I got very fast at it as I went along, and it's not difficult. One of the things I missed was the screws to hold the original table mount. They were easily accessible at one point, and then suddenly half were no longer accessible, causing the last of the take-apart problem. But it all went together really well and works perfectly....more info
  • Do It Yourself Mounting Review
    I got this type wall mount for the swivel side to side and tilt up / down adjustment to view. It has GREAT left / right ( side to side ) movement with OK Tilt adjustment. I have a 50" Pioneer Elite 1140 Plasma ( 80lbs )

    The overall wall mount design is OK, they might have made it a bit easier to get to the connections after the mounting hardware is installed ( that cost them a star ) It appears to be sturdy and robust enough to handle the 50" plasma.

    The manufatcturer does NOT reccomend this unit for brick or mason. ONLY approved for drywall with wood studs installlation

    If you are going to DIY : YOU MUST HAVE 2 need extra hands to move the TV and mount it. Don't try it yourself.

    Attaching the frame base to the wall: If you are NOT handy with tools and measurements, able to use drills, levels and a stud finder....PAY for installation...this is not time to experiment, a failure will be very expensive.

    The wall layout and position of the TV on the wall:

    My wall is a drywall and studs 8 feet high, and 8 feet wide to mount against. My TV is 28" high, 48" wide ( without the side speakers attached, 52" attached ) I decided for viewing, the top of the TV was 20" from the ceiling and the bottom of the TV was 48" up from the floor. I left 24" on each side from the TV edge to the side wall. You decide what position will work best for you and locate accordingly. Take good measurements and double check the math.

    You MUST BE handy with hand tools and know how to find the studs in drywall. Use a level to be certain, the wall is NOT going to be level / square. Level to the wall frame base, not the wall. The wall frame ( base ) attaches with (4) 3/8" x 2 1/2" lag screws. 1 in each corner of the frame and MUST drill into the center of the studs. Use a good quality stud finder and mark you spots to drill. I used a 1/8" drill bit for a pilot hole to be sure I was hitting wood. I used a 18V drill with a 7/16 socket to drive the 4 lag screws into the 4 pilot holes and left the screw out a few turns. I finished tightening them down by hand with a socket wrench, to make sure it was tight fit, but not overtighten and bust the screw out of the wood as the drill might do. ( Hint put a bit of turtle wax or liquid dish soap on the lag screw threads to make them go in a bit easier )

    I was a bit luck here, there was a cross piece of wood between the studs right where I wanted to mount, so I put in an extra lag screw in the frame center from my own screw supply for just in case.

    Attaching the mount to the TV: YOU MUST protect the TV face / screen

    You have to lay the TV on it's face to attach the hardware on the back. Lay down a nice soft blanket, nothing rough to protect the surface and screen. I used the dining room table with a soft quilt. The included instructions were OK, not great for attaching the mounting hardware. BEWARE there is a chance of PINCH POINTS as the mounting hardware can swivel.

    After the mounting hardware is attached, and the base frame is secure to the wall, now is the time. 2 people to attach the TV to the frame base. It attaches easy, but the bottom screws to tighten were hard to turn. Be prepared to catch the TV after first installing to the wall incase of any screw failure or hardware issues.

    Important note: Flush against the wall the TV may be level and when fully extended it may be off just a bit. As the TV get further away from the wall, the arm mount acts more like a lever than a mount and applies force to the base bracket differently than when it is a flush fit.

    There are mounting adjustments to level the TV after wall installation.

    All in wasn't too bad a project. About 2 hours from beginning to end and watching the TV....more info
  • Good Product
    This mount seems to be very sturdy. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Very easy to install, probably took less than 30 minutes. Used to mount my Samsung LSN4051D. Mount fits the LCD perfectly without restricting any of the cables. Mounted on a 40" diagonal wall in family room. Articulating arm makes it nice to rotate for best viewing anywhere in the room. The bolts used to mount the LCD to the Monitor Bracket were too short for the 4051D. It requires a metric bolt. An M6x12 is provided but barely makes contact, if at all, with the threaded holes on the LCD. An M6x18 would be better and a M6x16 may work. I could not find an M6x18 so I used an M6x20 and an extra washer so the bolt would not bottom out on the LCD but would secure it's self using all the threads on the LCD. The Wire tie clips, Wire ties Safety bolts and Preventor bolts were missing. Used what I had for now. Called Sanus and they are suppose to be sending replacements. Ordered through Cost was about 1/2 of what BB wanted. Shipping was excellent. They shipped (plus free shipping)the day I ordered and I received the mount 4 days later. Have always had good experience with ...more info
  • Great product but some parts missing
    The good: great product, well designed and built, easy to read instructions, relatively straightforward and simple mounting, great price through Amazon (saved about $160 compared to Best Buy), free shipping - and item arrived several days ahead of earliest advertised delivery date.
    The bad: some screws and cable ties were missing (I checked under my coffee table three times). I had enough of the right size and length screws to perfectly mount my 50" Panasonic, but I was given only one of two "safety" screws, and I didn't receive the "preventor" bolts or "wire clips". I have yet to call Sanus to see if they will send replacement parts (otherwise I will need to buy some screws at the hardware store, a task made a bit more difficult since the instructions don't specifiy the size or thread gage of the missing screws).
    ...more info
  • Flat panel mount
    Easy to install, and solid construction. Hung a 50 inch Pioneer plasma in about 2 hours, piece of cake....more info
  • Solid!!!!!!
    I found this mount at a local electronics store and was perfect for what I needed. Which was a mount to allow my plasma to be pushed up into a corner. It was heavy and solid and moves with ease. Installation was easy and well documented. I did make sure my model tv was suited for this mount. Samsung 4253 42" Plasma. The local store wanted $400 and I was able to purchase from Amazon for $230.

    Thats a solid deal for a solid mount!!! ...more info
    The price is good the design is nice, but make sure to check their website if this mount is for you. I too thought the screws to the TV was too short like the last customer who rated this a 1 star. I have a 40' Samsung and the bar for the bottom is too long (electric plug is in its way). I will have to cut it one day. I also had a missing piece when I ordered it so I called customer service for a replacement part. MAIN THING IS CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR THE CORRECT MOUNT/MODEL FOR YOU. THE PRICE MAYBE NICE, BUT IT ISNT NICE IF IT DOESNT LOOK GOOD OR SAFE....more info
  • Doesn't work on Sony T.V's
    I bought this bracket and i have a 40" and 46" Sony T.V's and the screws don't go in all the way on the left side which makes me worry about the bracket holding my tv on the wall. don't buy it if you have asony tv....more info