Extra 2.4GHZ Video Receiver and Power Supply By Smarthome
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Product Description

Expand your Day/Night Wireless Camera & Receiver (sold separately) system by adding another monitoring station. The 2.4GHz Video Receiver & Power Supply connects directly to a monitor or recording device (sold separately) for easy monitoring of the weather-resistant color camera's feed. The Day/Night Wireless Camera can transmit to the 2.4GHz Video Receiver over a distance of 325 feet without running any video cables, so installation takes only a few minutes. If you're running other security cameras in your home, it's important to maintain them on different channels to avoid interference. Each Day/Night Wireless Camera can be set to a specific channel, 1 through 4, so up to four can be used in a single home; additional cameras are available to be purchased separately. Each connected receiver can view all four cameras; switch among them with the press of a button.

  • Receiver accepts feed from up to four cameras
  • Wireless connection provides clear video transmission
  • Minimum range of over 300 feet