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Nikon MB-D200 Multi-Power Battery Pack for the D200 Digital Camera
List Price: $219.00

Our Price: $174.95

You Save: $44.05 (20%)


Product Description

The Nikon MB-D200 Multi-Power Battery Pack holds two EN-EL3e Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, effectively doubling your total shooting time or holds the MS-D200 AA Battery Holder (included) so users can use AA batteries as a power backup. The pack also provides an AF-on button, vertical firing release with lock and front and rear command dials. Requires one or two EN-EL3e or six AA batteries (not included).

What's in the Box:
MB-D200 Battery Pack, MS-D200 AA Battery Holder, user manual.

Batteries Not Included

  • Battery holder for the D-200 Digital SLR Camera
  • Provides AF-on button, vertical firing release with lock
  • Convenient front and rear command dials
  • Supplied with MS-D200 AA battery holder
  • Requires one or two EN-EL3e or six AA batteries, not included

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good
    It does it's job very well. It is a bit flimsey, but if it is handled with some care, it should work fine for years. I am very pleased with it and will get another one for another model camera later. I do recommend this product to anyone who takes a lot of pictures....more info
  • D-200 Multi-Power Battery Pack
    The D-200 is a great camera but unlike the D-100 the single battery used in the camera doesn't last very long between charges. The Multi-Power battery pack correct the problem-two batteries instead of one and it also give the camera a better feel when handling. I love it.

    ...more info
  • MB-D200 Essential for your D200
    Amazing, this essential accessory has proven to be more than invaluable. With the MB-D200 attached to your Nikon D-200 you not only have extra power in a small package and an additional grip with controls to take vertical shots, BUT, you also can maximize the battery use and take full advantage of the Nikon built-in battery monitor. This feature not only tells you the percentage of battery life left, it also tells you the number of photos taken with the specific battery. Furthermore, the camera is so smart, that it first uses one battery then the other. Thus making it a no-brainer as to which battery needs to be recharged. In seconds, the battery menu tells you each battery status in one glance. The only regret is the removal of the voice recorder that was included in the MB-D100 battery pack that is for the Nikon D-100. Perhaps Nikon will bring this feature back- it was very helpful when trying to quickly identify photos for assignments....more info
  • D2xs dont flatter yourself
    A very nice accessory for the D200. Doesn't add a whole lot of weight but it does officially make the D200 plus battery pack...slightly taller than the D2x, just slightly. This has the main and sub control dials plus a multi function button. A must have for sports shooters and people with larger hands who want more space for their pinky....more info
  • Works Very Well
    Don't second guess it. Not to heavy,not to big.....just get it. Well worth the money.
    ...more info
  • Essential for vertical shooting.
    1. Makes vertical shooting much easier.
    2. Spare battery is right there.
    3. Easy to take on and off.
    4. Inexpensive

    1. Made of plastic. D200 is made of metal.
    2. White plastic battery clips break easily.
    3. Hard to reach back multi selector control dial with thumb when in vertical position.

    Bottom Line:
    If you shoot verticals or run through the batteries quickly, you get it.

    If you are going to shoot from a tripod take the grip off, its fast and easy....more info
  • A winner for all Nikonians
    I got my MB-D200 last fall and after more than 6 months of using it I should say that Nikon has created a winner yet again!!!

    1. The ability to have 2 fully charged batteries while going out to the field gives you that extra peace of mind.
    2. In addition Nikon has added a menu that will give the shooter a very good indication of the battery power remaining. I have been able to get more than 200 shots in a day starting out with 2 fully charged batteries in the MB-D200.
    3. The weight increase is very minimal and in fact the meager increase in weight enables the shooter to balance the camera better.
    4. It was very thoughtful of Nikon to add the shutter release buttons for taking portrait shots and the main and sub command dials, to the MB-D200. I find myself using these controls quite frequently. If the user had to revert to the controls on the camera it would have been quite frustrating IMHO.
    5. If you are a nature/landscape/wildlife photographer, you can carry additional AA batteries with you in the field and rest assured that you won't miss out on the "Kodak moment" due to a drained battery.

    Some suggestions for improvement:
    1. The first thing I noticed was the latch on the battery compartment. It feels quite flimsy and I wish Nikon had done a better job on this. A latch along the lines of the one found on the camera to release the door for the compact flash card would have been solid IMHO.
    2. Though I mentioned that you can use AA batteries (you will need 6 of them), they can drain out amazingly fast, depending on the type of lens (with or without VR), depending on whether you are using the in-built or external flash and other variables. So you will need quite a few AA batteries if you ever have to rely on them in the field. To overcome this problem I am thinking about purchasing 2 more EN-EL3e batteries as I have found that they have impressive battery life once fully charged.

    Hope that this review was useful to you! Thanks for reading!

    Update as of 12/29/07: For those users who are thinking that this can be used with the new model, Nikon D300, please note that the MB-D200 *will not* work with the D300. The D300 comes with its own MB-D10 which is different in construction from the D200. This is just a note of caution in case you are planning/contemplating purchasing this for the D300.

    Thanks!...more info
  • once you go batgrip you never go back
    Although I've never quantifiable measured number of exposures or time difference between a single battery and using the bat/grip. It feels like 3 to 4 times as much power before I need to change out the batteries. The extra weight also feels good on the camera. As far as the vertical controls, it would be nice if there was a menu/selector button on the grip so you could cycle through things. Also when I'm in vertical mode i tend to push the menu/selector button with my forehead and focal point runs all over the view finder. a little weird....more info
  • Nikon D-200 Power pack
    With the D-200 Power Pack my Nikon D-200 works much faster and I don't have to worry about depleting the batteries. With out the Power Pack, it you use your viewing screen a lot to preview your images you will find out that your batteries dwindle to "0" very quickly. With the Power Pack you have no worries.

    If you are a serious photographer, you really need to consider this accessory it is well worth the investment....more info
  • Aaah... makes shooting verticals MUCH easier
    I've always hated how cumbersome it is to shoot verticals with 35mm and digital: having to contort one's arm over the head, twist the wrist, etc. This pretty much solves that problem. Granted, it is difficult to reach the thumb pad on the camera, but at least you can use the AF-On button and the front wheel to change focus areas. Build quality? I figure Nikon went with plastic to minimize weight and cost. I wish the latch on the battery door were a bit more robust, however.

    It changes the balance of the camera, making it feel much more 'centered', especially with my goto lens, the 18-200mm VR. It also is much better balanced with my SB-600 flash attached.

    Overall, I'd say this is a 'must have', probably the second accessory you should get after a flash unit. Oh yes, it also tends to command R-E-S-P-E-C-T from people, be that good or bad......more info
  • Very good, but has a few of aspects that could be better
    The battery grip is really good to have and I recommend it to anyone who does not have a "Professional-Level" SLR. However, there are a but things that bother me with the Nikon D200 Vertical Grip:
    1. The auto-focus button on the grip is in a weird place compared to where it is on the camera. Therefore, it takes some time and a little practice to get used to it.
    2. The vertical grip is not quite as comfortable feeling as the horizontal grip is. I blame this on Nikon not spending as much time on the vertical grip as they should/could have spent. The vertical grip for the Nikon D300 is noticeably more comfortable and attests to Nikon simply needing to spend some more time.
    3. When looking at the grip, it does not seem as sturdy of a build or as sealed as the D200 camera is. This may or may not matter to you, but it is still a bothersome point to me.

    With every product there will always be "bothersome points". Therefore, do not take my review as a make or break decision for you. You NEED this grip. Even if it is the worst thing in the world (which it is not by far) you would still need a vertical grip! So, buy the grip, you will love it. It will simply take some time and effort to get similar with. Go outside and shoot some pics for a few hours and you will probably have it down....more info
  • Nikon MB-D200 Battery Pack
    Ever since my first purchase of my MB-D100 Battery Pack (for my Nikon D100 DSLR) I have made it a point to get one for every new DSLR that I purchased. I believe I even got one for my Nikon N65 film SLR way back when. I currently have a D100, D80 and a D200 and they are all equipped with the corresponding battery pack.

    Let's face it, the D200 IS a battery hog! Maybe 650-700 shots per battery and less if you have auto preview on or preview each shot. With that in mind, the dual battery compartment makes this battery hog shoot forever! When I shoot weddings, I work all day and take nothing short of 10gb of photos and there is still juice in it when we leave... Impressive. I DO change my batteries half way through the day out of "principality" and
    for more reliability but if you are in a pinch, you can just throw 6 AA batteries in the backup holster and slide that into the compartment. We all know AAs can be bought almost everywhere so you can ALWAYS shoot!
    The most crucial part of this battery pack is the side shutter release button. No longer will you have to uncomfortably twist and turn your right hand to strenuous angles if you want to compose a vertical shot. When you turn your camera sideways, the extra shutter release button is right there where you are used to. When paired with the shutter and aperture command dials you are ready to go quickly and efficiently. Comfort factor is huge with this grip. The grip fits into your hand like a glove and is very sturdy and stable when mounted to the camera itself. I swear I could hold my camera with one well placed finger on that battery grip!

    I did notice that my wife and co-photographer had a bit of trouble couping with the sheer weight of this camera + battery pack but after dealing with it and shooting, she quickly adjusted and now fell in love with the packs as well.

    The other features on the grip are nice to have but not essential such as the AF lock and such... Well done Nikon!...more info
  • solution for hungry camera
    This device is great, it doubles the life of my d200, and it also rounds out the feel of the camera. the vertical shutter button is oddly placed, but i have never felt one that felt right.this is good for some one looking to even out the weight on their camera when using long lenses, or if you need more battery power...more info
  • MB-200 for D 200
    Pro's-If your going to use the camera for a extended amount of time the grip come in very handy, Makes it easy to hold and although I can't prove it I feel as if the batteries last three times as long, Also if you use any large lens 70-200 or larger, the grip give you a more sense of "balance"
    Cons-It adds plenty of weight around your neck, esp with the 70-200 attached. Overall I love it....more info
  • Best way to go if your going....
    This took my D-200 to the final level...great investment...went 2to 3 days while on vacation while shooting 4 gigs a day of this little it allows for AA usage in a pinch..gotta love that......more info
  • Plasticky but nice
    In comparisment to the D200 body this grip feels very cheap and plasticky. Also the doors to the battery compartment look like they won't last long.

    But those are the only bad things about this grip. It works as it should while adding an extra weight and better balance to the camera....more info
  • Got big Hands?
    This is a wonderful addition to my D200.

    It does add weight to the D200 and makes it a rather large camera but for a guy with large hands it feels great!

    The addition battery make batteriers a non-issue with the D200.

    ~e...more info