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Nikon D200 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)
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Product Description

Breathtaking image quality assured by a high-performance 10.2 megapixel DX Format CCD sensor coupled with Nikon's image processing engine and the world's most sophisticated light metering system, the Nikon D200 digital SLR has a framing rate of up to 5 frames per second and minimized (50 ms) shutter lag provide ultra-fast handling characteristics, allowing high sequential image speed for sports, wildlife, fashion and event photography. The Nikon D200 is uniquely enabled to perform to a standard once reserved for cameras costing far more. Image Sensor - RGB CCD, 23.6 x 15.8mm Image Size - Up to 3,872 x 2,592 Maximum Storage Media - CompactFlash (CF) Card Type I and II and Microdrive Sensitivity - 100 to 1600 (ISO equivalent) in steps of 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV with additional settings up to 1 EV over 1600 File System - Exif 2.21, Compliant DCF 2.0 and DPOF Interface - NTSC or PAL White Balance - Auto (TTL white balance with 1,005-pixel RGB sensor), six manual modes with fine-tuning, color temperature setting, preset white balance, white balance bracketing possible (2 to 9 frames in increments of 1, 2 or 3) Picture Angle - 35mm format is approx. 1.5 times lens focal length LCD Monitor - 2.5-inch, 230,000-dot, TFT LCD with brightness adjustment Self-timer - Electronically controlled timer with 2 to 20 seconds duration Compatible Lenses - All AF-DX, AF-D, AF-G, AF-I, AF-S, and AF VR Nikkor lenses provide full AF & metering operation Dimensions - Width 147 x Height 113 x Depth 74mm / Weight - 830 grams

  • 10.2-megapixel SLR captures enough detail for photo-quality enlargements or creative cropping
  • Body only; lens must be purchased separately
  • 2.5-inch LCD display; power-up time of approximately 0.15 seconds
  • Five frame-per-second continuous shooting with a time lag of approximately 50 milliseconds
  • Stores images on CF cards or Microdrive; powered by EN-EL3a or EN-EL3 rechargeable lithium-ion battery (includes EN-EL3a battery and charger)

Customer Reviews:

  • d200 vs d80
    Nikon D80 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera (Body only)

    i bought my d200 more than a year ago. i am in love with this camera. when i first bought this camera i was not sure if i made the right choice. it was right around the time d80 was released and i was asking myself if i did the right choice by buying the more expensive camera. wherever i looked it said d200 for half the price. d80 had all the automatic features but d200 had none. just P, A, S, M, which are also included in the d80.

    my dad is not into photography as i am. he wanted an slr but i thought he would be better off with a camera with more automatic features. i bought him a d80. and i used it for 4 months before i gave it to him. the first time i hold the d80 in my hand i knew that i made the right decision by buying d200 for myself. even when i was using the d80 i never even considered using the options other than P, A, S or M. The focus the durability of the camera and the feeling you have when you hold the camera is completely different. when you hold a d200 you feel like you are holding a professional camera that is build for people who push the camera to the limit. d80 feels like a well built camera that is made for amateurs.

    when you read the specks the only obvious difference you see between d200 and d80 is the burst speed 5fps to 3fps. but people forget to mention the buffer of the camera which is a bigger issue. d80 can take 3fps but if you shoot in raw you cannot shoot more than 4 frames before the buffer runs out, which means you need to wait for the camera to write the data on the card, and believe me it takes longer than what you think especially if you shoot raw. and because d80 takes SD cards not CF the cards are slower as well. d200 can shoot upto 20 images in raw+jpeg mode and if you use a fast card it takes lot less time for the camera to write the data on the card than it takes the d80.

    just to make myself clear i am not saying d80 is a bad camera what i am saying is that it cannot substitute d200.

    if you are not sure between d200 and d80, if you beliave you can do without the preset modes, and if you are willing to pay the extra GET D200...more info
  • Simply Superb
    Having never used a DSLR/SLR camera in my whole life, I was very skeptical whether to buy this camera or not. Then, I did lot of research on different cameras, especially with the NIKON and the CANON cameras. And atlast, I went with Nikon D200. It took some time for me to learn the basic features. But, once I learnt how to use the camera, then I came to know that this "piece of art" was doing some wonders. I'm actually enjoying the photography now. If you can afford to buy this camera then don't think twice. Go for it !!! One last thing, don't buy a crappy lens for this great camera. I bought Nikon 18-200MM lens and this one too is a great piece like the D200 body and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Instant Classic
    I will be very, very surprised if this camera does not end up becoming something of an early DLSR classic a decade or so from now. I have a feeling that like the Canon 30D and 5D this camera will continue to hold value very well even as similar vintage models have lost most of theirs.

    If I had to sum up this camera in one word it would this one: exposure. Exposure is arguably the most important factor in judging the quality of a photo. It is certainly one of the most important if not the most important. This camera has an amazingly great talent at picking the correct exposure. There are countless sites that explain the technical reasons behind this that you are welcome to go and seek out, but I don't want this review to be 3 pages long so I will forgo detailing them again here. Bottom line, you can't ask for anything more in this regard from this camera. You will get shots with this camera that you would have lost with the D40, D50, D60, D70, D80 and D90 due to incorrect exposure. Of course if you had the time, ability, and equipment you could spend 10-15 on each shot to make sure you manually set everything correctly to get that perfect exposure. Most of us don't have the time, however, or don't want to spend the time (and the $300 for a good light meter) so it is a joy to work with a camera like this. The D40-D90s get exposure right too of course, just not as often as the D200 does.

    Low-light performance: I feel like I have to start including this in my camera reviews now since everyone seems to care about this much more than they did just 2-3 years ago. Bottom line, it's real simple: this is not a low-light performer. You know what? I could care less! If I need low-light performance I'll grab a 5D or a D3. Honestly, even when I had a 5D I rarely, rarely ever shot at ISO 800 or higher. ISO 100-400 is how I roll. You know what? The D200 is awesome at ISO 100 through ISO 400! No problem here for me. ISO 800 and ISO 1600 are not good. I would have a very hard time selling a photo made at these levels and an equally hard time making a print larger than 5x7. Again, to me this is not slight. I didn't buy the D200 for low-light performance and you shouldn't either. If you need to shoot at ISO 800 and up then you need to get a faster lens, an external flash, or better yet both.

    IQ more generally: saturation, contrast, color and clarity are great with this sensor, again as long as you keep the ISO to 400 and lower. At ISO 800 the sensor goes from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. Not only do you get a huge mess of noise that renders the pictures mostly unusable, but everything else (except clarity and sharpness) seems to suffer, too.

    Ergonomics: outstanding. I love the ergonomics on the D50 through D700 models. The location of the buttons is also typically Nikon in its intelligence.

    Pop up flash: don't ever use it unless it is an emergency. this goes for every other DLSR pop-up flash, too. They are a joke. Either don't use it or buy an external flash. I don't know of a serious photographer who would use a built-in flash on a DLSR unless it was an emergency and not using the flash meant getting no picture at all (i.e. it's 3:00AM and you are witnessing breaking news).

    Battery life: this may be the one downside to this camera. It is not the best. You will probably want to buy an extra battery. This is one of the worst when it comes to DLSRs I have used over the years. I don't know what accounts for this but thankfully Nikon ironed it out with every DLSR made after the D200.

    I could talk some more but it would be superfluous at this point I guess given that this camera has already been exhaustively reviewed by people much more capable and knowledgeable than I. Bottom line, this is the Pro-Sumer DLSR at this price point. At this price point, you can not buy another better DLSR. If you have $200 more dollars I would probably go with the D90, however. I do think it is worth the extra money. That being said, this is a classic and the fact that 3 years later (a generation in DLSR years) Nikon made the D90 and it came out slightly better does not in any way take away from the greatness of this camera. I mention it merely because the D90 is a current Nikon offering priced not too far above this one and I do believe it is slightly superior in most ways except the exposure. If you are on a budget and need a pro-sumer grade DLSR then this is the one.

    This is one of those rare 5 star products that you can instantly disregard all 4 star and under reviews for. If a reviewer gave this 4 stars or less then they do not know what they are talking about or they simply bought the wrong camera for their needs. At the time of writing this review, only 16 out of 138 reviewers gave this anything less than 5 stars. That's right: 122 out of 138 reviewers gave this camera 5 stars. If this isn't a clear consensus then I don't understand the definition of the word consensus. Sorry, but it's not a matter of opinion--the people have spoken. This is a clear cut 5 star camera. ...more info
  • Still Top Quality
    As the Nikon D200 is no spring chicken in the ever evolving world of digital photography, I shan't go on about the actual functions and statistics, but rather try to talk a bit about how it all is to use in your everyday shooting sessions.

    I've been using my D200 for well over a year now, and it has been my steadfast companion on many expeditions (well, holidays) all over the globe, and in that time, has never put a foot wrong. The quality of the images are, as you probably already have found out, very good, and the build quality very good indeed. What I have found to be most rewarding about this little piece of kit is how practical it is. It is big and heavy enough to feel like a proper camera and have a nice feel in your hands. Ergonomically thought through I would say. It has very easy access to key features via separate buttons on the camera (ISO, picture quality, etc) which makes visits to the dreaded menu system of any DSLR less frequent. It is for example also very easy to delete unwanted photos with a couple of pushes of a button. The outlay and use of the whole piece of equipment is very entuitive and makes it quite possible to take the camera out of the box and start taking photographs almost straight away. Good battery life, on-board flash, high continuous shooting rate, and enough pixels to satisfy the most of us makes this a very decent camera, even today.

    There are newer models out there, sure, but they are not necessarily the better choice. The D300 is a better camera, all in all. Of course it is. But there's quite a bit of a difference in the pricing of the two models. Normally I wouldn't advocate buying an older model when its replacement has been on the market for a year or so, but at this price, I honestly think that the D200 is worth getting. Get the 17-55mm Nikon lens (or any piece of properly sharp glass), and you'll have as good photographs as with any camera. If you're looking for a really good camera at a low price, then I reckon the D200 is (or at least should be) a serious competitor. If you take a thousand photographs a week you'll probably want something newer and heavier, but then again, you probably already have. If, on the other hand, you need a camera for your holidays, trekkings, and the odd sportsevent, this is, in my opinion at least, a very decent choice indeed.

    5 stars. Without a doubt....more info
  • This camera ROCKS!!
    This camera combined with a good lens takes professional quality pictures. I highly recommend this camera combined with nikkor 70-200mm 2.8 vr lens. Also pickup a nikkor 12-24mm 2.8 lens. You can't go wrong with these....more info
  • Professional User
    I am a professional portrait photographer and use this camera. Its a wonderful camera! Highly recommend....more info
  • nikon d200
    Absolutely astounding deal. This camera lives up to the hype. At $800 delivered it is a steal!...more info
  • Photographer's Workhorse
    If you're serious about photography, this is a camera you will really be happy with. Not really for the point-and-shoot person (although you can leave it in Programmed Auto mode for great pictures with no further adjustment). What sets it apart as a semi-professional tool is the ability to quickly adjust shooting parameters through external controls on the camera rather than wading through multiple menus to get what you want, as well as added features such as auto bracketing and virtually limitless control over almost all of the camera's performance features.
    Add to this the magnesium frame and dust sealing, 3D metering and the ability to auto-focus many of the older Nikon lenses (for those stepping into digital from the film world) and you have a solid camera for the serious photographer.
    There are newer models (the D300 and the soon-to-be announced D400) but the D200s are currently going for less than half their price a few years ago. Prices on equipment of this quality are continually rising, so if you can find one for a good price and are willing to spend a little time learning how to use it's full capabilities, this camera represents a great value.
    Don't get caught up in the megapixel wars - the pictures from this camera will amaze you with their quality all the way up to huge enlargements....more info
  • At these prices, EXCELLENT for the non-professional burgeoning artist
    I have being contemplating jumping into the semi-pro/pro body realm since I outgrew my D40x a year ago, but the prices have been unrealistically high.

    The D200, though using nearly 4-year old technology, has been a staple for many Nikonians until the D300 was release in 2007; but I never felt that the enhanced AF abilities and ISO capabilities were justifying the extraordinary $1699 price tag of the D300 versus the D200! So I made the jump when a price drop happened, got the D200 for $599 NEW from a competitor online.

    You can't compare the processing speed or 3D AF of the D300 to the D200, completely blow the socks off of this nearly 4 year old body.

    But if you are a beginner like me and would like a semi-pro/pro body that has ALL of the functions and customizations you could ever think of, this is your time to jump in on a discontinued body. You could get a D90 for $300 more, but that will soon be outdated by the D400, and after testing out the D5000, I am sure the next in this semi-pro/pro series will be AWESOME; however, are you willing to pay the premium for new technology?

    In short,
    The D200 isn't usable without a flash above ISO 1000 (maybe 1250)
    The viewfinder isn't 100%
    Theere aren't dual CF slots

    At the current prices, this slaughters the D90/D40/D60 series for ability to have ALL controls at hand, infinite customization, exapansive information in the viewfinder, unparalleled weather sealing, and backward compatibility to lenses dating to the 1960's.
    Looks cooler than the other D90/D40/D60 series in size, weight, grip, and dimension

    All in all, this body will teach you how to be an excellent photographer and show you your flaws faster than the newer non pro-models ever could.

    Happy shooting!...more info
  • Stunning Camera System
    I bought this from Adorama after 1 full year of review reading. Was a tough decision to spend this kind of money... but several weeks later I'm am blown away by the construction, the features and the picture quality. The colors are stunning, life-like and can be tailored to fit your needs. It doesn't matter what you're shooting - this camera handles anything I throw at it. I bought it with the 18-200mm Nikkor VR lense, and then added the Tokina 12-24mm. Two pieces of glass that completely complement this camera. No regrets, and plenty of learning and growing to do. Highly recommended....more info
  • An amazing camera worth more than the price!
    So few things in life are worth more than they produce. Typically, a camera is one of those things. The Nikon family of cameras however far exceeds the standards.

    As a platform, the Nikon D200 camera is one that is hard to beat. Its a rugged camera that I have had the pleasure of dropping many times, picking up, and continue to shoot (after I replaced the lens immediately). No other camera that I have ever owned has it been so easy to reproduce the colors that I see, the scenes that I envision, and the feelings that I want emoted.

    I can continue with a diatribe of descriptions and technical babel, but as with anything, the best you can do is try it. Take a class on the camera and you will shoot better than you have ever before. I love this camera so much that even though the D300 and D700 are out, I will still buy the D200. Honestly the D200 is all I need....more info
  • Best camera I have owned so far
    I bought the D200 to upgrade from the D50. If you can afford it, make the jump. This is the first camera I have owned of this caliber. It is hefty and well constructed which will hopefully last many years. Still getting used to all of the features - there are many! From what I have used so far, the buttons are well placed and logical. There are many features that you don't need to go into the menu selection for anymore (ISO and WB for example), this is very handy to change these settings on the fly while shooting. The timer mode which I use a lot to avoid shake is better than that on the D50. Seem to be endless possibiliites for custom settings which I haven't even explored yet. Only downfall was having to buy new memory cards as it takes CF cards instead of SD as the D50 but this is a very minor issue with these prices falling all the time. This is a camera I will enjoy for many years to come!

    I purchased the D200 body only and the Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-s DX lens to go with it. Great pair. Very sharp results....more info
  • Fantastic
    Use of use, great pictures, and now a lower price. Faced with upgrading my old D70, I chose the D200 over the D90 because of the non-menu driven interface. For example, I can change the ISO with a touch of a button instead of meandering through a maze of drop down menus. Solid construction and more resolution than I really need (perfectly good enlargements at 8x10), how can you go wrong?...more info
  • Nikon D-200
    My name is Ethan I am 12 years old i own my own website and sell pictures.i used the d-50 before; liked,it didn't love it.Then i got this it is amazing i live for photography and the d-200 made it worth it.10.2mp is top-of-the-line. 50-2000 ISO.Surprisingly light .sturdy flash shoe.crystal clear display.helpful mirror cleaning system.EXTREMELY STURDY.

    [...] ...more info
  • Amazon 's Amazing Product
    amazon are the best website which is provided us nice price and guranted product. there are so many website give you cheap price but you will never receive product and when you will call them they say they don't have in stock and they don't know ehene you will have it but if you will buy with amazon its gutantee you will receive your order with in 7to10 business day and its same that you order ther never try to cheat customer and try to make extra money like other web do .......................more info
  • Very Rugged and Takes Great Pictures
    I love this camera. It produces consistently great shots, is intuitive to use and all the controls have a positive, solid feel to them. I had the misfortune to accidentally kick mine down a flight of metal stairs. The lens did not survive, but the camera's rugged, rubberized body came through without even a cosmetic scratch. I doubt that too many other cameras could have survived such stupidity....more info
  • Best value/quality digital camera on the market
    I've owned this camera now for several years and every time I pick it up I am reminded of what a great choice it was. It works all the time, and after several years, the life of the original battery is still spectacular. You honestly cannot go wrong with the D200.
    ...more info
  • A great camera.
    I finally decided to move to digital for my SLRs after yet another slide processing lab shut down on me. I considered briefly a move to the excellent Canon systems but with a good inventory of Nikon lens that simply made no sense. The next decision was which Nikon. My needs quickly boiled down to the D80 or the D200. I did not need the minor bell and whistle differences of the D200 but I absolutely needed the better seals. Most of my photos are wildlife and landscape and wet, nasty conditions are often the case.

    The resolution is fabulous. I have experimented from 100 ISO up to 1000- all beautiful. To date I have taken shots mostly with a macro 60mm and wildlife with 300f4 with a 1.4 teleconverter. Stunning across the board.

    The ergonomics and control placement are great.(this is a personal matter I know) The camera FEELS like a sturdy piece of equipment. The grip fits my hands well. Perhaps the best thing about this camera for me is the fact that the controls seem to be exactly where I expect them to be. It is very intuitive. Even with only a few hundred shots I am quickly and almost without conscious thought making adjustments.

    In summary- I cannot remember any purchase that I have been this pleased with....more info
  • Great Buy
    Truly a great product. Only wish that Nikon could have offered a compatible case without which, one has to really search to find a suitable one.........more info
  • Blown away!!!
    What a camera! I have leaped from the basic point and shoot into the D200 world and have to say : wow! heavy, solid feel and great choice of lenses just as fantastic as the D200. Pair it with a 18-200VR lens and will for sure be astonished by the photo quality! I could not be happier after 6 months of use in a variety of conditions....more info
  • Can't get much better than this
    I used a Nikon D50 for a couple of years and I did a lot of shooting with a friend who had the D200 so I have had my eye on this camera for a long time. Now that I have it, all I can say is Wow. There are so many features on this camera that it is going to take me a long time to learn them all. I probably won't use many of them though. The 10.2 megapixels offers excellent resolution. Beware that the size of the image files is huge. I bought a 4 gig CompactFlash drive. It also seems to burn through its battery faster than my D50 did. I recommend picking up a spare battery for about $[...]. If you are serious about getting great images then this camera is a great choice. It has a function to lock the mirror in the up position before the shutter opens to minimize camera shake during exposure. One of my favorite features is the back light on the control panel. My D50 didn't have that and I had a hard time viewing its control panel in darker rooms. ...more info
  • Great camera for two years now
    My D200 has been getting the job done for nearly two years as I write this. Ergonomics, build quality, performance are all outstanding. All it lacks is better high ISO image quality.
    I was an early adopter of the D200, buying mine in late December, 2005. It replaced a Fuji S2 Pro which I had chosen over the D100 (in retrospect, a wise choice). I've been a Nikon SLR shooter since the late 1960s, so never considered other than an F-mount DSLR. My camera did exhibit the early D200 banding problem, but only in extreme situations. It went back to Nikon and was quickly fixed.
    Compared to either the Fuji S2 or the D70s I got for my wife, this camera is 100% pro quality in build and performance. Compared to the Fuji, the image quality is improved, but not by a huge margin. Metering and menus are better, as well.
    I'm a part-time pro shooter, doing mainly landscapes and fine art photography, but I've shot a few marathons, and the D200 has the speed and buffer capacity to handle them nicely. Although it's a bit slow switching from my 28mm f2 to my 105mm f2.5, it's great that Nikon accommodated these superb old AiS manual focus lenses.
    One of the appealing qualities of the D200 is the package of size/weight/performance. My last Nikon SLR was the F5. It was a tank, just like the D2X I've used. I learned with the F5 that I was paying too high a price in size and weight for a lot of features I never used. True, the D200 is not a great party camera. But it is the right package for most "serious" photography.
    Since it appears that the D300 resolves my high-ISO complaints about the D200, I'll be adding one of those to my bag in the spring after prices settle down. That will allow me to have the D200 converted for use shooting IR. ...more info