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PRIMO 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool White with Pastel Blue Seat
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Product Description

PRIMO 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer Teach your little one to use the potty like a big kid! The Primo 4-in-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer & Step Stool is the only toilet training system parents will ever need. The unique soft seat is easy to clean and will not rip or tear apart like cushions. The 4-in-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer & Step Stool by Primo provides a stool for extra leg support. This also comes handy for washing little hands at the sink. The Soft Seat Toilet Trainer also travels. Now, vacation won't get your child out of the potty training rhythm. Let your child learn to use the potty. The 4-in-1 Primo Toilet Trainer is the perfect solution to help kids transition into that step. Do to sanitary reasons, the Primo Soft Seat Toilet Trainer can not be returned.

  • Complete graduated 4 stage toilet training system! It follows your child through all of the stages of toilet training. Includes stand alone potty, soft toilet seat reducer and step stool.
  • Unique molded design of the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer will not tear or rip and is easy to clean - unlike many of the vinyl cushioned soft seats on the market today. Fits round and elongated toilets.
  • Handles are integrated into the PRIMO Soft Seat Reducer to provide extra security and stability to the child.
  • Includes Toilet Training Tips, Rewad Stickers and discount coupons for training pants.

Customer Reviews:

  • A+
    this one is our 4-th, and final potty. our child got used to it very fast and loves it. it's a shame i did not find it earlier. highly recommend!...more info
  • Okay seat but needs grip bottom
    We purchased this item for our daughter (just shy of 2 now) so we could ease her into using the potty. It is okay but I am currently looking for something else.

    Pros: Lightweight, no fancy buttons or anything requiring batteries, easy to clean up, separate seat that fits on toilet

    Cons: slides all around the bathroom floor, handle broke off, cheaply made, no storage areas like other potties offer, when lid is down as stool it's too short for my toddler (who's very tall for her age) to reach the sink for brushing teeth/washing hands.

    Overall it's done the job, but when the handle broke off recently I decided it was time to look for something else....more info
  • Pediatrician and mother of triplets
    This is the perfect potty seat. There are no toy distractions, the front gaurd is low enough so that nobody hurts themselves and it catches the occasional misfires (although not all of them for sure). I have 3 2 year olds that are all potty training and we have used the seat as a whole, the detachable ring, and the step stool, and all parts work great. Although there are several parts (three only), it makes it very easy to clean and there are no crevices that can't be reached. Only minor issue is that the bottom doesn't have any anti-slip grip, so it can slide around if you aren't careful....more info
  • Best Potty I've Seen
    I did a lot of research before finally purchasing this potty, and I'm so glad I did! It is by far the best potty I have seen...easy to use, easy to clean, no worries about leaks with the long front splash gaurd and a decent size! I don't normally write reviews, but thought this potty was worth the time. The removable seat is not exactly what I was's rubbery rather than cushie and isn't all one piece...but it is still very good quality and keeps accidents at bay...I've found splash guards to be a necessity for both girls and boys! It's also nice to have something that can transition from the little potty to the big one. My daughter is 18 months old and almost potty trained thanks to an early start at it with this potty. I highly recommend it! ...more info
  • That was easy.
    I'm not sure if this is normal for a child or not, but once we put this next to our toilet, our son started using it all by himself without any kind of "training" from us. Even weeks later, he still runs to the bathroom to use it...

    The other odd part is that he likes to empty it himself. He takes the seat off, pulls out the bucket, dumps it in the big toilet, flushes, and puts everything back together...

    No complaints here!...more info
  • love it
    i bought this a couple months ago for my son & i just love it.
    i like how it is easy to set up & use.
    my son loves to sit on it. he's 20 months old & decided that we want to get a early start on potty training, we look for a potty that we thought was right for a long until we found this i recommend it to any one because it is easy to set up, use & clean ...more info
  • My search is over!
    I did a lot of looking and review-reading before buying a first potty for my 18 month old to 'test out'. The first choice was made hastily and ended up being a poorly designed seat with a flimsy lid and a bowl that was smaller than the seat itself (can you say mess potential!?) This item was our second and last potty seat! She design is excellent - the seat is stable and the bowl is large. The seat is made from a flexible material but not a padded vinyl seat that could rip. The 'pee guard' is built in so there's nothing to fall off or get lost there. The base is wide and has fold out handles that allow you to easily carry the whole thing with one hand. The unit instantly becomes a step stool by just closing the lid. Most models I've seen that boast a 3 or 4-in-1 design cannot be used as a potty seat and a stool without some sort of conversion hence it's not possible to pee then step up in the same visit. The seat fits well on the 'real' potty so when we get to that stage we have a sturdy seat. At this point my son is only really practicing sitting on the potty and getting familiar with the concepts but he happily plunks his cute little hiney on it and opens and closes the lid with ease. I really think we've found the ideal potty for every stage of training!...more info
  • Perfect!
    I purchased this seat after reading reviews for all the different toilet trainers on Amazon. My daughter is only 11 months old, but in the 90% for height. She fits perfectly on the seat whether it is attached to the base or on a real toilet. I'll probably get another one for her nanny's house.
    The seat is very easy to clean, since it is all plastic. After a month of use, it still looks like it did when we got it.
    To make cleaning even easier on us, we put a plastic grocery bag on removable part and put the seat reducer on top of it.
    I also like that it is made in the USA....more info
  • Primo 4 in 1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool
    WOW! Great potty chair! Received quickly and our son's interest started immediately. Cute little potty chair too. Compact, all one piece, no assembly required, cute and versatile. Great Buy!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Great seat
    This is a great seat for potty training. The seat is soft enough to make it comfortable for a little bottom, but not so soft that it falls apart. I am impressed with how easy this is to take apart and clean, yet it is a very sturdy and reliable piece. We have used this both as a potty and as a seat on our toilet and it works well both ways. Since we own a wooden stepstool for our bathroom we have never used it that way so I can't comment on it in that capacity, but as a potty and a training seat we love this....more info
  • Didn't work for us
    My daughter loves this potty. But only to take apart and scoot around the bathroom. The main problem is the seat not being latched to the base. It easily moves around and once my daughter noticed this it became a toy that she takes apart and carries into other rooms. She's gone potty a few times on it and when she notices Mom or Dad going potty she'll pull it out and sit on it next to us, but not for long. I tried putting the seat on our toilet and it fits with a bit of sliding around but no way for her to fall in. Perhaps I'll try that for a bit and see how it works out. Oh another thing, the seat has crannies for pee to get stuck in that make it hard to clean. Not a plus. ...more info
  • very prompt
    I was very happy to see the product was shipped so fast. Great way to get my grand daughter started on her way.It was an xmas gift for her mom and dad. Grand Ma...more info
  • Great potty.
    We love it, it's comfy for my daughter and the handles and lid are a nice touch. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some products, but it looks like a real potty which is what my daughter wanted (to copy us), and it's working great. ...more info
  • My daughter loves sitting on it, and it's very flexible
    The best thing about this potty is that my daughter loves sitting on it. At only 14 months of age, she started sitting on it before bath time, and at 15 months, she started using it for the first time. I've seen many children afraid of the potty, and I think this little trainer has played a big part in making her comfortable with sitting to go. We plan on fully training here when she turns 18 months old this summer, and I think she'll be ready. A little potty like this is perfect for learning.

    I've only used this one, so I can't say how it compares to other little potties. I'm sure many other are really good too, but I'm completely satisified with this one. In fact, I ordered a second one for our second bathroom so that our daughter can go in either.

    When comparing with other little potties, you might like to know the following:

    * It's a good size. It's not too big. Our daughter is small for her age and she still fits. It doesn't take up much room in the bathroom. It's also not too small, as there seems plenty of space for a larger child. Any child too big for this potty is ready for a full-sized toilet.

    * It cleans up easily. Just live the top off and wipe out the bottom (or wash it in the tub if it's really messy).

    * The whole thing, while made out of plastic, is surprisngly sturdy.

    * With the lid closed, it doesn't look like a potty, and it can be used as a stool. In fact, our daughter really enjoys opening it herself when she wants to use it. The stool is very sturdy.

    * The top comes off and can be placed on a real toilet for a good transition. We haven't used this yet, but I'm glad I don't have to buy a separate product when we get to that stage.

    Altogether, I'd highly recommend it. I don't know how it could be more useful in potty training. ...more info
  • Liked it so much we bought two
    My son is just starting to potty train. We initially just bought one potty but figured out it is easier since we have a two story house to have one up stairs and one downstairs. He really likes this potty and uses it as a step stool to wash his hands. It is just perfect....more info
  • Looked Used
    We did not get a chance to use it, because once we opened the box, it looked very used and had a very distinct smell to it, if you understand what I am saying. I am now awaiting a refund and will purchase from somewhere else....more info
  • it's a potty
    What else can I say? no frills or bells and whistles. What do you want for something that's going to end up with pee and poop all over it? It worked great for the potty training thing. I stuck it in the living room (on a hard floor) so that my son would actually stop what he was doing to use it. Then every few days , i moved it closer to the bathroom. Now he doesn't use it anymore except as a stool to use the grown up potty. Hey, one less thing I have to clean, right? WHen it first came, I was expecting it to have a "cushy" seat, that's what I think when I see "soft". It's really just a rubber cover over a plastic seat. it's easy enough to wipe down after each use and I really cleaned it every night after he went to bed, as well as the floor underneath, but he's a boy - not expecting everything to be contained - if his dad can't do it, why should he?:)...more info