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Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair - Tan
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Product Description

The Space-Saver High Chair is designed to provide a full-size feeding experience for a small-size home. It has all of the features of a full-size high chair without taking up the space. Simply strap it to any standard kitchen or dining room chair and adjust it to meet your baby's needs. It has 3 height adjustments, a 3-position recline, plus a full-size one-hand removable dishwasher-safe tray. The full-size pad is machine washable and has a 3-point restraint for additional security. When your baby is older, simply remove the pad and back to make the chair a toddler booster seat. This chair's efficient size makes it easy to store when not in use.

Offering all the amenities of a full-size high chair in a more streamlined, less bulky design, the Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair easily straps to dining room or kitchen chairs. Designed for children from six months to three years, this compact, convenient, and comfortable seat gives your child a safe place to sit and play or eat. Its neutral color complements any decor, and it is portable enough to take with you to restaurants or while traveling.

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair offers:
  • Compact design takes up little space and stores easily

  • Three-position recline accommodates even the youngest feeder

  • Converts to a booster for toddler dining

Straps easily and securely to almost any kitchen or dining chair. View larger.
Compact, Adaptable Design
The Space Saver chair features a compact design that's ideal for smaller kitchens or dining rooms. It also straps to most kitchen or dining room chairs, making it a good choice for restaurants or visiting friends. For added convenience, this seat converts to a booster and stores easily when not in use.

Adjusts to Grow With Your Child
Designed to grow with your child, the Space Saver chair features three height adjustments as well as a three-position recline so your child is comfortable at feeding time and feels part of the family during meals. There's also a three-point restraint system for safety, and a removable pad and back to accommodate toddlers. For added convenience, this easy-care chair has a full-size pad that's machine washable and a full-size tray that's both dishwasher safe and removable with just one hand.

Three-position recline is perfect for babies. View larger.

Easily converts to a booster seat for toddler dining. View larger.

  • Space saving high chair easily straps to dining room or kitchen chairs
  • Pad and back can be removed to create toddler booster seat
  • Full-size pad is machine washable and has 3-point restraint for safety
  • Recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years
  • Age Range 6 Months to 3 Years

Customer Reviews:

  • Great chair!
    We got this for our son and we love it (as does everyone else who sees it)! The shoulder straps are great (one of the reasons we bought it) and the adjustable seat/table makes it easy to level wherever we are. Our son loves having his own table and it keeps him from stealing our food and he likes putting his sippy cup in the cup holders. He has fallen asleep in it twice so far so we just changed the angle on the seat to make him more comfortable. We can and do take it with us although with the back still on, it is a little bulky. Our son can climb into it and sit down on his own when we put it on the floor. A great seat. We highly recommend it!...more info
  • Works great with my captain's chair
    Cons: Ugly color on chair padding; but it is a neutral so it doesn't stick out. I've just been used to buying pretty pink toys and accessories for my baby girl so the tan (that has a greenish cast) isn't very appealing.
    Can't fit chair under table

    Pros: Thick padded seat
    Easily wiped clean and no apparent crevices
    Removable back to convert to booster seat
    Reclines to Upright (three positions)
    Arms Rests Tilt
    Very stable and no danger of tipping on my heavy captain's chair
    Adjustable height of the chair (I like putting her in the chair at
    the highest height so when I'm preparing dinner she's up
    higher and we can make eye contact)
    Roomy enough for my "monster" child who is 20# at 5 months

    No I cannot push the chair into the table all the way, but where I have the chair at it is only out about 4" from where it would normally push in to and with the seat in upright and the arms tilted completely down the chair is in more than enough for when my baby is ready to eat at the table without the tray.
    Yes the tray is smaller than the one on my old bulky high chair, but then again, I did buy it because it is a space saver and my 3 year old still drops things on the floor despite having the whole table top in front of him.

    I bought this for my fourth child. With my first child, I used a big bulky plastic high chair that took up way too much room and was always in the way. As soon as she was ready I transfered her to a booster seat. With my second and third child, I didn't even pull the old high chair out of the basement. I put them right in booster seats. The booster seats would get all crummy in the crevices where they folded up--yuck! I had really wanted a wooden high chair that would match the dining room furniture and take up less space, but couldn't justify buying one when I already had one. Well, I gave away that old chair when I found out I was pregnant with number four so I could possibly get my wooden high chair. I found one on clearance for $40 and I was going to buy it, but then I thought, what will I do with my other dining room chair? I bought a cheap plastic booster that claimed to have a padded seat. Well, it was awful so I returned it. I searched on-line and found that Eddie Bauer sells a wooden booster, but the reviews were that the padding wasn't thick enough. So I went to Toys R Us and found this seat. It was everything I wanted!...more info
  • Very Practical and Nice
    I received this as a gift and love it. The chair can work with pretty much any chair. It is very easy to use....more info
  • Works very well and saves us space!
    We love this chair -- we use it on a chair at the kitchen table so it saves us floor space without compromising on the functionality....more info
  • Good Space Saver
    This chair does exactly what it promises. My sister owned one, and after using it with her children, I decided to purchase it. I did not want to have one of those homes where it's hard to find the couch for all the baby paraphernalia, so instead of a full sized chair I purchased this product. It is compact, extremely easy to attach and remove from a chair. It takes up very little room, and is very easy to clean. The tray can be removed with one hand or two, and is top-rack dishwasher safe. On occasion I miss having something on wheels that I can bring into the living room or the kitchen without a lot of work, and it does take up a chair when it's in use, but the reclining feature allowed me to use it almost from day one. ...more info
  • Great space saver!
    I have a small home and our son's belongings take up most of our room! We have a bar height dining room table and this chair is perfect. I can tilt the arm rests downward and slide the chair under the table so that he can eat off of the table or use the tray. He loves it and it saves us tons of room that we don't have. This is the only way to go for high chairs as far as I am concerned. Why buy another product for your child that takes up your valuable space?...more info
  • Awesome Chair
    This is a great chair for baby as young as 2-3 months. Because the chair can be reclined, even when baby was not eating yet, she could still sit at the table with us while we are eating. Now that she is eating, it is large enough for her to not feel cramped. Cleans easily and doesn't take up any extra room. Love this chair....more info
  • Great High Chair
    I purchased this high chair after reading several really good reviews on it. My son was 7 months at the time (he's now 8 months old) and we love it. It was extremely easy to assemble - took me all of 5 minutes. It takes up very little space - fits directly onto the chair - and is sturdy and secure. The only thing is that my son is still a little small, so I don't use the tray that much because it's too high for him to reach over. However, once he gets a little taller, we'll be using it more often. I would highly recommend this high chair....more info
  • grandma's helper
    was looking for a high chair for my 7 month old granddaughters visits. my daughter in law recommended this chair. we love it. it is so easy, the baby loves it and so easy to store away and also becomes a booster seat when she is older. my daughter in law wishes she had it rather than the cumbersome one that takes up her kitchen. you can even transport in car easily, it straps on to any chair....more info
  • Wish we'd bought this earlier
    We bought this highchair for our four-month old baby to get him used to sitting in it and joining us at the table. If I had realized that the reclining seat and the five-point restraints mean that he could have been in this chair even before being able to control his head, I would have done this much earlier. Now he can sit at the table and watch us cook and eat our meals, rather than being on the floor in the bouncy seat where the view is less interesting.

    The chair is very easy to assemble and set up. My son seems perfectly comfortable in it. We can adjust the height of the seat and the arms to work with our kitchen table.

    All in all, this is a great piece of baby gear. My one complaint: the tan vinyl seat cover is about as unattractive as you can get without making it all the way to "ugly." We have a Fisher-Price swing and Fisher-Price bouncy seat so I know that Fisher-Price is capable of coming up with something a little more pleasing to the eye. ...more info
  • Easy, Compact and Grows
    I own 2 of these chairs for our twins. When I got them I didn't know I would have to put them together but If I hadn't found that out I don't think I would have realised they could be used as booster seats later on. This revelation is great! Now I won't have to buy a whole new seat for a booster. Space is at a premium with twins so I definitely don't need extra things laying around. I love that this seat has 3 heights and 3 stages of recline. I can feed the boys their bottles in full recline and then with just the pull of the lever I can feed them fully upright. The cushion these seats is another plus. This is the seat with the plastic type top coat on it so it is very easy to just wipe down and not have to stick it in the wash. I have not traveled with this seat as of now but it does have a convenient handle built into the back so I bet it would be pretty easy to just pick it up and go. For small spaces or for people who need to conserve time and money like me these seats are the best thing out there....more info
  • Great Chair, Great Price
    This chair has gotten me through 2 sons....

    I love this chair!

    Great Features, Easy to Clean.

    ...more info
  • perfect
    I live in a condo and our space in limited with all the baby stuff so this is a perfect option for us. she is happy sitting in it playing with toys or eating. ...more info
  • Perfect for my small dining area
    I have had this high chair since my daughter was just starting baby cereal. She is now 21 months & I feel just as confident with it as I did when she was smaller. I have a family of six with a small dining area & could not begin to imagine trying to figure out where to put a self-standing high chair. She can easily climb in & out of it herself and loves to buckle herself. On the plus side, she CAN'T unbuckle it herself! The only real problem I've had with it is that it holds tomato sauce stains better than I would like :~ I lost the manual to it & Fisher-Price immediately sent me a replacement with no problems. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a high chair that goes from baby to big kid and has limited space!...more info
  • Perfect for feeding and beyond!
    While I haven't actually used this chair for feeding baby yet, (he is only 3 months old) I use it almost every day. It is a lifesaver when I need to make dinner and he can't stand laying on his back for one for minute. He is content to sit in the chair fully reclined and watch me or when that doesn't work I attach the tray to hold toys to keep his attention. He seems quite comfortable. Can't wait to actually start using it for it's intended purpose. ...more info
  • Great High Chair
    This was a great purchase! Great price, very functional, easy to use, portable, and saves space. I have recommended this product to all my friends that are currently shopping for high chairs. I like that it is easy to get my baby in and out and the tray is dishwasher safe on the top rack. Before purchasing this product I read that the seat is easily stained because of its light color, but my son has not messed it up enough to stain it yet. Even if he does, I don't care, it is a great product and I'm glad I bought it!...more info
  • I returned it
    This chair has too many crevices where little bits of food would be caught. The plastic-y backing is easy to wipe down but is an eyesore. The Fisher Price Space Saver booster is a better bet if you do not want another standalone piece of furniture.

    After returning it, I went for a wooden convertible high chair to chair piece that has a removable tray and have been happy with it....more info
  • Plastic type is a company secret....
    Functionally, this is a 5 star product. I give it 2 stars for the following reason:

    Recently, the safety of certain types of plastic, mainly baby bottles, have been called into question. So, I looked on our daughter's tray for this identification/recycling number. There was none. There was no identification/recycling number on the product instructions. So, I went to the fisher-price webpage, found the customer support number, and called it.

    The "customer relations" representative told me that it was not available for public knowledge, that it was company proprietary information (in other words, it is a secret what plastic your child is exposed to, as far as this product is concerned). She also told me that she could not get the information for me, and she told me that the product was safe, nontoxic, and tested, yet she couldn't tell me her references or provide information to me on this product. Hmmmm.... I'm really disappointed, seeing that my child eats virtually every meal from foods contacting this tray.

    Don't believe me? Give them a call at [...]. Obviously, an anonymous caller does not get such information, but if there are others who call, then perhaps they will come forward with this information....more info
  • Perfect for our peanut
    This has been a great addition to our kitchen. We are still able to seat 4 people at our kitchen table by using this versatile high chair on an extra chair. We have a large kitchen so space saving wasn't as important as safety but we found both in this item. Highly recommend!...more info
  • LOVE this chair!
    I bought this high chair for my son when he was 3 months old. The chair reclines, so I could strap him in and he was able to watch me do things like wash dishes or cook dinner and actually see what I was doing. Now that he is older and eating solids, I sit across from him and he is at the perfect height to feed him--no reaching up like a regular high chair. The best part is I can take it anywhere! It is super easy to set up and easy to clean. Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's my son joined us at the table. Restaurant dining? No problem and no need to use those icky wooden high chairs that are too big for kids until they are a bit older. Mommies from my mommy group were so impressed when they saw it at my house that they went out and got their own. Like the title says...I LOVE this chair!...more info
  • Great High chair
    I really love this highchair. I don't have a lot of extra room in my dining room so this works great! It also gives my son a since of sitting at the table with me when we eat. It is very easy to use one handed and easy to clean up afterwords too....more info
  • Fantastic for visiting Grand Children
    Fantastic for visiting grand children. When he goes home, I can put the seat in the closet. The only problem is that when he (nine months old and active) is facing the table, he can kick the table and tip the chair that the feeding seat is attached to. Solution is to face him side ways away from the table. Later on we can use it as a booster seat....more info