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Apple Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.6 (Mac DVD) [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Mac OS X 10.4.6 Tiger incorporates a wide range of new updates and fixes into the world's most advanced operating system. The 10.4.6 Update is recommended for all users and includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes for multiple applications and technologies. Instantly find what you're looking for. Get information in an instant with a single click. Mac OS X Tiger delivers more 200 new features which make it easier than ever to find, access and enjoy everything on your computer. Preserve your iWork '06 and Microsoft Office documents with Spotlight Save your Word documents automatically when using a network home directory Create your own Automator workflows for iPhoto 6 Synchronize contacts and calendars to. Mac and mobile phones Mounts and unmounts iDisk volumes Compatible with multiple 3rd-party applications and devices Includes previous standalone security updates NOTE - If you use iSync, you should perform a full sync with your devices (such as phones) before installing this update -- no. Mac sync is required

Simply put, Apple Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.6 will change the way you use a computer. Breakthrough search technology, stunning graphics and media, unparalleled connectivity, an intuitive user interface and a virtual toolbox chock full of cleverly integrated features -- all atop a rock-solid UNIX foundation -- give you the most innovative, stable and compatible desktop operating system on the planet. Period.

The new Dashboard hosts nifty mini-applications called widgets that keep you informed.

Spotlight is a lightning-fast search technology that illuminates every corner of your Mac. View larger.

Safari boasts powerful RSS support. See more Safari features.

iChat AV supports multi-party, high-quality video conferencing.

QuickTime 7 features user-friendly controls and pristine H.264 video.

Mac OS X Tiger is the most family-friendly operating system ever developed, thanks to Parental Controls. View email protection.
Dashboard: Get Info in a Dash
The new Dashboard hosts nifty mini-applications called widgets that appear instantly and keep you up to date with timely information from the Internet. View stocks, check weather forecasts, track flights, convert currency and units of measure, even look up businesses in the phone book. Similar to Expos¨¨, the Dashboard zooms across your desktop at the click of a function key. Your favorite widgets appear with up-to-the-second information, then disappear just as easily, so you can get back to what you were doing.

Dashboard is home to widgets: mini-applications that let you perform common tasks and provide you with fast access to information. With a single click, Dashboard appears, complete with widgets that bring you a world of information -- real-time weather, stock tickers, flight information and more -- instantly. Dashboard lets you play, pause, skip forward and backward through songs in your iTunes music library using a simplified controller. You can view weather conditions around the world or check temperatures, expected highs and lows, and a six-day forecasts of cities around the world. A translator widget lets you translate words and phrases instantly between English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian. And you can use Dashboard to search the phone directory by name or category to display the phone numbers and addresses for publicly listed U.S. businesses in your area. And best of all, Dashboard disappears just as easily as it appears, so you can get back to what you were doing.

Tiger includes a suite of widgets to get you started, and you can add more anytime. With so many widgets at your disposal, the Widget Bar comes in handy. Click the plus sign and Dashboard launches a Widget Bar displaying every available widget. Drag widgets from the Bar to the Dashboard and watch as they appear with a cool ripple effect. Once you have your widgets where you want them, just close the Widget Bar with a single click.

Spotlight: Find Anything, Fast
Tiger introduces Spotlight, the lightning-fast search technology that illuminates every corner of your Mac, displaying results as fast as you type. Search everything on your system: Files, emails, contacts, images, movies, calendars and applications appear instantly. Just as you find songs on iTunes by name, artist or album, Spotlight results take you way beyond mere filename and location: they include all the metadata inside files, including the kind of content, the author, edit history, format, size and many more details.

Spotlight for Mac OS X Tiger lets you blaze through your files and applications and see results as soon as you type the very first letter. That's because Spotlight indexes files on your computer transparently and in the background, so you never experience lag times or slowdowns. And when you make a change, such as adding a new file, receiving an email or entering a new contact, Spotlight updates its index automatically, so search results are always up-to-the-moment accurate.

When you search via Spotlight, you're actually accessing a comprehensive, constantly updated index that sees all the metadata inside supported files -- the "what, when and who" of every piece of information saved on your Mac. Most documents, including Microsoft Word documents, Photoshop images and emails, already contain rich metadata. And because Spotlight indexes content as well, your search results include what appears inside a file or document, not just its title. You can also use descriptive words to get amazingly targeted results, even across thousands of files. For example, to find everything from a colleague, type the person's name. Spotlight returns documents she authored or edited, images she emailed, messages she wrote (and messages you sent to her) and her contact information. You see results in sorted categories for easy browsing, picking and clicking.

Tiger: Your Communications Center
Tiger turns your Mac into a communications hub. Safari RSS for Tiger features built-in RSS feed detection and display. Mail and Address Book incorporate Spotlight technology to help you organize your contacts and correspondence. And iChat AV lets you video conference, audio chat or send instant messages with friends and colleagues. Add a .mac account and make the most of Tiger connectivity with iDisk storage, a email address, your own home page and powerful syncing capability.

Works Well with Others
Mac OS X Tiger boasts better compatibility than any other desktop operating system in the world. You can share files with Windows users, connect to any network and communicate automatically with other Macs using Bonjour technology. And thanks to its solid UNIX foundation, Tiger offers a powerful security architecture that protects your data from prying eyes.

Experience Mac OS X Tiger for yourself, and see how it changes the way you work, play, search and share on a Mac. Can't find what you need? Spotlight makes fruitless searches a thing of the past. Think you can't write an automated script? Try Automator and think again. Want to share media with friends and family? Tiger's integrated features make it simple. In fact, Tiger offers a feature for every reason you use a computer and then some.

  • Advanced OS combines power and stability of UNIX with elegance of Macintosh.
  • Fast Web browser with built-in RSS support; easy-access Dashboard.
  • iChat AV brings multi-way video and audio conferencing directly to Desktop.
  • Plug in nearly any device, plug into any network; no configuration, no hassle
  • Breakthrough new desktop search technology; uncluttered workspace.

Customer Reviews:

  • Buggest software around
    Unreliable software. It hangs up frequently. iCal is the worst scheduling program on the market. Expect it to duplicate events every time you sync with your phone. On a related note. Expect to pay for 3rd party software in order to sync your phone if its not a iphone....more info
  • Apple Mac OS X upgrade
    Udgraded from 10.2.4 to 1o.4.6. Cannot see all the benefits yet. Needed to upgrade to run selected sofware i.e. google earth, but lost my wireless connection. After spending almost 15 hours over the phone with Apple I was never able to reestablish the connection. ...more info
  • Just what I needed
    Needed this upgrade, tried several places to get it including Apple but found it here.
    Was everything advertised, came promptly and I am completely satisfied....more info
  • Mac vs Windows
    I have been working with computers for 33 years. I have programmed OSs in assembler so I think I can say a few words about the operating system of a computer with a modicum of authority. While Mac OS X "Tiger" isn't perfect, each time I have to use WinXP I thank God that there is an alternative -- Mac OS X "Tiger"! There are so many aspects of Tiger that are just right vs so many aspects of WinXP that are just WRONG! It's scarry to think that Microsoft -- with 15000+ programmers working on a project to essentially copy the Mac OS -- could miss so many points in it's effort to clone the Mac OS. Imagine how bad it would be if they doubled the size of their staff?!? WinXP -- and Word 2003 for that matter -- are the true weapons of mass destruction. Just get a Mac! And thank you Amazon for allowing me to say all of this!...more info
  • overpriced
    Built on top of free unix technology, add that to overpriced software bundles and limiting compliance to vendor supplied hardware and you've got a real winner. Ubuntu 7.04 PC Edition is basically the same technology under the hood and is going to save you some green....more info
  • System Update
    This is a product that I actually N-E-E-D-E-D in order to keep up with the technology required to operate my new Epson Scanner & Printer. Over and above that there are too many features to address specifically that make my Mac work faster....more info
  • Very, Very Pleased!
    I also have not had time to discover all the new things on Tiger. I upgraded from Panther on a souped up G3 imac special edition DV. Instead of buying a new computer for thousands, it cost me about $300. So far I'm finding it well worth the price. It's faster and Tiger is running well. There have been no problems and I'm reading the book Tiger for Dummies to get a better handle on things. I am a veteran Mac user and while I am familiar with Windows, prefer it immensely. ...more info
  • Great product and great service from John Kreutzer
    I was upgrading Pro Tools (recording software) and needed to upgrade my Apple Mac operating system. This was exactly what I needed. After ordering I was waiting for both this software and the Pro Tools upgrade. I was getting anxious since I was ready to begin recording again (haven't in about a year and a half). Anyway, I sent an email to John Kreutzer (the third party vendor I was ordering from). He was exceptionally kind and answered letting me know it had shipped a few days before and that I should get the software the next day. Well, low and behold, it was at home when I got there that night. A day before promised!!! That's refreshing these days. It installed with no problems and I updated from Apple any patches that have come out since then. It works flawlessly and I am happily recording again and thoroughly enjoying myself.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone that needs this upgrade. In this case, Pro Tools has not certified it's product with Leopard yet so this was best for me.

    My thanks to Amazon and to John for making it happen timely.

    Doug...more info
  • Mac OS X Tiger
    I am holding onto my G4 Mac. Don't need a G5 to change my whole life and cause me to upgrade thousands of dollars worth of software applications just to conform to the new OS for the G5. Everything seems to work fine right now, so why would I need to change anything? Tiger OS System takes care of everything for me and after 25 years of computers, I don't need to upgrade to something that has to have all the bugs worked out for the next 2 years. I think Apple is more concerned about iPods than making a better Macintosh. I visited an Apple store in Ft. Lauderdale and could not get help with information about the new G5 computer. They just tried to sell me an iPod. The iPod is the last thing I will need on this earth....more info
  • Absolutely not accessible
    I have had a Mac for several years but have not been able to use it lately. I also have a PC which, because Windows is so unreliable and unmaintainable, basically compelled me to try the Mac again by installing OS X Tiger and hoping the Apple had improved their accessibility for epileptics.

    1) Allowing to disable blinking caret
    2) Allowing to disable useless spinning icons during startup and when busy
    3) Allowing to disable totally useless "ripple" in progress bars

    People with photosensitive/pattern sensitive epilepsy MUST have an absolutely QUIET screen all of the time with absolutely none of the above. All this idiot blinking/rippling/scrolling make the Mac absolutely inaceessible.

    I have to give up on Apple once and for all. It is a waste of time hoping for real accessibility from this company. Almost $10,000 investment down the drain for no reason other than stupid marketing gimmics as that is all the above are.

    BTW, Windows is BARELY accessible with the meaningless progress bars with the relatively rapidly moving progress indicator that moves back and forth ( and conveys no meaningful status other than the computer is still powered up since it does not indicate any progress at all ) and their various worthless animations such as when you copy files. Despite the fact that Windows is a terrible system I am stuck with it.

    Sorry if this is not as well written as it should be but right now my brain has been juiced from Apple induced seizures....more info
  • Mac OS X 10.4.6
    I upgraded OSX 10.3.9 without a hitch....well I did have to rework a few items (drivers for my 2496 sound card and a few apps.,etc...) to function however it wasn't that bad. After upgrading I can now use my wireless network printer. (Yuppie!) This OS kind of looks the same as 10.3.9 but it has many new features I like and use. I highly recommend it.

    I mainly use my computer for Music (Digital Performer 4.6) and home video projects (Finalcut Pro 4.5HD) I also use it for surfing the Internet, Design and Word documents among many other things. My Mac is and has been the main item of my home recording studio. (G4 800 Quicksilver) I am very happy so far with this upgrade and recommend it to all G4 users waiting.

    Hope this helps,

    mvh : )

    ...more info
  • The Best OS
    Do I really need to review this? It is by FAR the best OS out there (until October when the new one comes out!).
    LIttle to no crashes or problems. Easy for beginners on a computer. Won't scare away the timid. Makes setting up your computer a breeze!...more info
  • Another good OS
    I upgraded my mini to Tiger and haven't finished learning the new features. The dashboard is nice, and more useful than I expected.
    I'm a little disappointed that the upgrade seems to have broken my file sharing with the Windows systems in our home. That is, I cannot connect to shares that are on the Windows systems. These shares did work before the upgrade. I'll fix this when I get a chance; I don't need to share files that often with the Windows systems anyway.

    I was happy with 10.3, and I'm happy with 10.4. I expect this stuff to work and it does!...more info
  • Pleased with Tiger
    I always dread the updates on my computer, because it's Murphy's Law for me. Something always goes wrong. However, I was very pleased with Tiger. I followed the instructions and installed it without a hitch. I'm thrilled with the new "goodies", too. I like Dashboard that allows me to check up on the weather, time, and other options at the click of a button. I use the dictionary and calculator often, because they are so easy to access. Mac did a nice job on Tiger 10.4.6. ...more info