Garmin StreetPilot 7200 7-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
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Product Description

The StreetPilot 7200's huge 7-inch touch-screen display means you'll always see where you're going, from anywhere in the vehicle. Designed for larger vehicles such as RVs, semi-trucks, and buses, it is a premium automotive unit that comes preloaded with City Navigator NT detailed maps of North America. With the purchase of an optional sensor (not included), the unit notifies the driver of accidents, road construction and weather-related traffic delays before they are encountered (requires subscription, traffic service only for select cities where coverage exists). Either of two optional purchase sensors can provide these features, the GTM 10 FM TMC traffic sensor or the GXM 30 Smart Antenna (separate purchase required). In addition to traffic data, the GXM 30 provides real-time satellite weather information. The 7200 model features all of Garmin's well-known GPS functions, including intuitive navigation and automatic route calculation; voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions; 2D or 3D map view; and automatic rerouting if a motorist strays off course. With its POI Loader software, users can load custom points-of-interest such as school zones or safety cameras. The StreetPilot 7200 also includes entertainment options, including an internal MP3 player, XM radio, and playback of audio books. The built-in MP3 player lets users browse music by artist, album, song, or genre. The XM Radio (with the optional GXM 30 Smart Antenna and XM Satellite Radio subscription - not included) features 150-plus channels of commercial-free entertainment. The StreetPilot 7200 is also compatible, a subscription-based audio book service. The face of the StreetPilot 7200 only has one button, an on/off switch. Using simplicity to manage complexity is a hallmark of the quality from Garmin, the premier maker of GPS products.

With a massive, seven-inch touchscreen display and groundbreaking traffic information, weather and entertainment features, the Garmin 7200 is the essential tool for all your travels. Garmin has designed the 7200 specifically for larger vehicles such as RVs, semi-trucks, and buses. It offers premium features for those who spend lots of time on the road and demand the best.

The Garmin 7200 is ready to go right out of the box.

Navigation begins with a simple screen. View larger

Thanks to XM- or GTM-powered traffic data that is integrated into the unit's 3-D map display, you can see what hazards or traffic disruptions are in your area. View larger

Load up your favorite MP3s and play them. View larger

Or, listen to programming on XM radio. View larger

And don't forget to check the weather, which is also powered by XM. View larger
The Latest Traffic Technology
The 7200 offers a choice of mobile traffic information options. First, you can choose an optional GTM 10 or GTM 11 FM antenna that allows you to get traffic alerts broadcasted by Clear Channel in select U.S. cities. This service will display congested areas on a color-coded map, allowing you to avoid traffic by simply pushing a button that calculates a new route.

If you want to step up to the next level of driving data, choose the optional GXM 30 antenna, which provides compatibility with XM satellite radio services. XM NavTraffic is the first nationwide satellite-based data traffic information service to enable an onscreen overlay of current traffic conditions. The 7200 uses this data to automatically calculate and suggest faster alternative routes long before traffic starts backing up. Accidents, road construction, or other incidents affecting traffic are graphically represented as icons on the navigation map. Precise information relating to a traffic incident is also available, including the exact location of the incident, the lanes affected, and the predicted duration. What's more, roadways are color-coded to indicate directional traffic flow speed.

The 7200 can also keep you up to date on weather conditions, thanks to XM weather data. Current weather conditions for over 2,000 locations and weather forecasts for 162 cities are displayed on the screen. United States county storm and flood warnings are also highlighted, giving you the best and latest information available for your travels.

The 7200 can also serve as a powerful entertainment device, as it offers more than 150 channels of XM satellite radio channels, featuring 100-percent commercial-free music, as well as more than 30 channels of news, sports, and talk. You can send XM and navigation audio to your car stereo through the StreetPilot's integrated FM wireless transmitter or via an integrated 3.5 mm stereo headphone/line-out plug. And if that's not enough, the 7200 also comes equipped with an MP3 player that lets you take your personal music collection on the road. Loading music from your computer is drag-and-drop easy, and there's no need for special software. The 7200 also works as an audiobook player; you can download books from and enjoy your favorite authors on the road. Plus, thanks to the 7200's AV in connector, you can connect and play portable device, such as a DVD player, on the unit's massive screen. For safety's sake, entertainment audio is muted when navigation instructions are given.

Top-Tier GPS Performance
The 7200 is a high-end GPS navigation device with text-to-speech functionality that allows the unit to audibly announce the names of upcoming streets and points of interest. This lets you keep your eyes on the road while navigating through busy traffic and tricky roadways. The 7200's 480 x 234 widescreen, automotive-grade touchscreen display automatically dims and brightens based on ambient light conditions. An included wireless remote control can be used to operate the device's functions.

Finding your way with the 7200 starts with inputting a location on the touchscreen. Next, the unit's text-to-speech feature speaks to you just like a back-seat driver, telling you the names of streets and when to turn and in what direction. And if you happen to miss a turn, don't worry--the 7200 automatically calculates a new route to your destination. In addition to point-to-point navigation, the 7200 can calculate the most efficient route between multiple destinations--a real time saver for realtors, salespeople, and errand runners. You can also tell the unit to avoid specific areas or road segments when calculating a route. With the 7200, you have the option of choosing from a three-dimensional mapping perspective, or from one of several 2-D overhead viewing options. What's more, audible and visual navigation instructions and warnings help you navigate more quickly while you keep your eyes on the road.

An integrated dash-mounting system provides easy adjustment and quick release, and an integrated speaker enables the 2730 to deliver voice prompts (or, as mentioned, you can use the built-in FM transmitter to route commands to your vehicle stereo system.) An internal antenna that communicates with up to 12 GPS satellites is provided, as is a USB port for PC connectivity. There's also an MCX-type connector for hooking up an optional external GPS antenna, as well as a SecureDigital (SD) memory card slot and a headphone jack.

Another time- and frustration-saving feature of the 7200 is the database of preloaded maps and points of interest. Gone are the days of uploading partial maps from your computer to your GPS device: the 7200 has them all built in. The unit comes preloaded with Garmin's highly detailed MapSource City Navigator NT North America maps of the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Finding points of interest along your route is made easy with the 7200's huge built-in database of nearly six million hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions. Garmin has also made it easy for users to upload custom points of interest--now you can add school zones or safety cameras to your database. You can even turn on a proximity alert to notify you of upcoming custom points of interest.

Note: Subscriptions are required for XM NavTraffic and XM Radio services. A subscription may be required for use of the GTM 10 or GTM 11 traffic services, which are not available in all areas.

What's in the Box
StreetPilot 7200, MapSource City Navigator NT North America maps, integrated FM wireless transmitter, alphanumeric remote control, 12-volt adapter cable, USB interface cable, A/C power adapter, quick-release dash mount, quick reference guide, and owner's manual.

  • High-end automotive GPS navigator with 480-by-234-pixel 7-inch color TFT touch-screen display
  • Text-to-speech technology announces the names of streets and delivers turn-by-turn directions
  • Integrated XM radio receiver delivers real-time traffic info, weather, and entertainment; built-in MP3 player
  • Includes MapSource City Navigator NT North America software with maps of U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Built-in A/V input for connecting portable DVD player; 7.5 x 4.5 x 2.2 inches (W x H x D); 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Not just for rvs or large trucks
    Garmin StreetPilot 7200 7-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

    We like the larger size of this model. It is easy to read and follow and we easily use it in each of our cars. It is advertised as a model for rv's and trucks, but works well in any vehicle. It had all the features that we need in a GPS....more info
  • Usage
    I was an early Garmin customer but strayed over to TomTom (big mistake).Garmin mapping is by far the best and I AM BACK....more info
  • Garmin GPS
    This is a nice unit. However it is too large for a standard vehichle. It blocks your view. Also it does NOT have the elevaton as the older smaller version had. Very easy to see the screen.
    This unit should only be used for motor homes....more info
  • Great product, better than OE's in new cars
    The Garmin StreetPilot 7200 is is a super navigation system, it works great, the screen is bright enough to be seen in the bright California sun and the map and the text is plenty big enough for a 75 year old man to read while diving at 80 down the freeway. It has a cool big sticky-back base so that it can be mounted on your dashboard almost like a head-up display so your attention is not drawn away from the road. I had already mastered the system in my new Corvette so that learning how to operate the Garmin proficiently only took me about ten minutes. I bought it for my motorhome but I have been using it in my old van to check it out and I am delighted. One of the nicest things about it, that is not in the Corvette system, is that you can save your routes after you put them in. This makes planning a big vacation an in-the-house job done well before you leave. All of your proposed routes can be saved into the system ahead of time. I bought a Garmin because of the excellent service I got out of my old hand held GPS and I bought the "big-screen" so that I could read it better. Both were clearly the right decision. This is a first-class piece of gear and I recommend it highly....more info
  • Garmin 7200 GPS
    I purchased the unit for use in my motorhome. The screen size is perfedt and the unit is very easy to operate. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Garmin Street Pilot 7200
    We purchased this GPS for use in our Class A motor home. We have now used it for over 1400 miles and it has worked flawlessly even in the trees of at our camp grounds with out an external antenna.
    We love the display size and the ease of use. My wife loves the fact she can stand behind my and use the remote to put in a new address with the remote while going down the road. ...more info
  • 7200 is OK!!!
    So far - so good. I've hooked it up to the Aux input to my car, so the XM comes in nicely. Haven't used the Nav that much - but works (receives) well with suction cup windshield mount.

    Recommended....more info
  • Easy on the eyes...
    There were a number of reasons that went into my decision to get the 7200, not the least of which was its size. I had previously decided on the 7500 because of the dead reckoning ability, but that is an option that must be hard-wired to a single vehicle and actually makes no sense on a portable unit. Before I go much farther I would like to clarify something: some reviewers have incorrectly stated that there are no street names displayed on the 7200/7500 units. Don't you believe it! As with other units not every street name is displayed, but many are. You will find fewer street names while using 3D mode and more if using 2D mode, but street names are there!!! It's funny, but I knew how large a 7" diagonal screen was before this thing arrived and yet it still managed to look big to me. I think it's because the items being displayed are all large. What I mean is that even though the screen is about twice the size of most other portables you don't get twice as much information on the fact, you get just about the same; things just look bigger. That, I am sure, is in keeping with Garmin's intended purpose for this unit: large trucks and buses where the unit is located pretty far away from the driver. I purchased the XM radio antenna along with this unit so that I could have traffic updates as well as good programming while travelling. Having a remote control in addition to a touchscreen is a nice thing and should be offered by more manufacturers, but I'm sure it won't be. In case you're wondering, yes you can use this unit with a bean-bag mount. That is precisely what I am using and it works just fine, despite comments by some folks who claim it won't work. Garmin makes a good bean-bag and it's up to the task! The first time you turn the unit on it takes a good bit of time for it to get its bearings, but after that you'll have fairly short start-ups. I purchased a Gilsson external antenna for $16.95 and am quite astonished at the difference it makes. The Garmin antenna is almost $60.00 and will do the same thing. When looking at the GPS details page the bars go from few and small with no external antenna to many and almost 100% filled in with the Gilsson attached. I actually bought the antenna so that I could locate the GPS on the transmission hump rather than on the certainly works for that. Now that gasoline is obscenely high priced, being able to navigate around traffic jams, via XM and Garmin, is a more compelling argument than ever before; and the 7200 is at a very attractive price considering what you get. Now, if it only had BlueTooth...! ...more info
  • Flawed, but still awesome
    This screen is just huge, the graphics are simply great, and the voice is an order of magnitude improvement over older models (plus you can turn the darn thing down - it used to scare the life out of me if I went off course). I will list my complaints below, but for the most part, this is a terrific unit. It also has a great remote.

    The side buttons are gone that were present on the smaller units. They seem proud of this, but now you get buried deep in menus and have to press "back" a dozen times. VERY annoying (remote to the rescue, if you happen to be holding it).

    The default for finding things is now "near here", instead of "near current route", which it used to be (if a route was active). This makes me want to scream, since I use this feature at least a hundred times a day on a long trip. Wish I could have the choice of defaults.

    On the smaller screens, when a list of restaurants (or anything else) came up, there were about 6 or 8 showing. Now there are about 3 on this HUGE screen, and you have to scroll and scroll and scroll..... What's that about??

    They have a nice section for "favorites". But the only thing that can be a favorite is a place. Well, you KNOW how to get to your favorite places most of the time!! I need favorites to be "gas on current route", or "McDonalds on current route" (have to have their coffee..) or whatever. When traveling, you have to go through looking for gas, food, hotels and rest stops over and over, and it isn't quick. Especially rest stops, which have been buried deep in the menu system on every Garmin I have had. Please Garmin, let us set up favorite searches, not just places.

    I got the bean bag holder, since the other one makes it too hard to take the unit on and off. You will want to take it off, because there is no hiding this monster!! I have had no trouble with it, but I did add some velcro just to make sure. I wish the design of the unit was more bottom heavy. When you press the keys, it feels unstable. Haven't ever had it move around corners or anything, though. Also, it doesn't tilt backwards and forwards like the smaller units, and I miss that.

    Regardless of complaints, I really like it, and would buy another.

    Oh yeah, it has all kinds of media stuff, but all I want is an iPod connection. Sigh.

    ...more info
  • Garmin Streetpilot 7200
    Thanks for the great service and prompt deliver. Purchased from Beach Cameras on Saved over $200.00. This GPS is fantastic. Great for our RV. Large screen easy to see and program. Also came with remote control. ...more info
  • A perfect GPS
    The GARMIN Streetpilot 7200 GPS is a perfect GPS. It has all the features you could every ask for. I read one review (after I ordered mine) that stated a problem with the display of street names, not being available. So had some second thoughts, till I recieved the unit. I have no idea what the reviewer was talking about. I found the street names with no problem the unit is absolutly perfect for me.....more info
  • fantastic
    I absolutely love the Garmin 7200 . It is so easy to use ,especially with the remote control. I am sharing it with my brothers who are equally impressed and plan to purchase their own....more info
  • this Garmin is a real lifesaver
    This 7200 StreetPilot if a real lifesaver to a motorhome pilot who has to navigate alone. It is large enough to see easily and for the most part is perfectly accurate. I would never travel without it....more info
  • Overall Great
    I Love this GPS it is very easy to use. I have not as of yet got around to trying the MP3 player or any thing else it comes with. So far I have used the map part only. The reason I gave it only four stars is that I have tried a couple of address that it does not recognize other than that it is great. The price was also unbeatable compaired to any where else.
    Avanda...more info
  • Great gift for Electronics-Gadget Guy
    Bought this for my father-in-law who just turned 70. He's a tinkerer and inventor and needed the bigger screen to see it better. He loves it and has become a fan of Garmin. This is the same size screen that is in a Lexus and Camry navigation cars....more info
  • Garmin
    I purchased this product in January 2009. The maps were outdated and I was unable to download new. I found the screen to be too large for my Honda....more info
  • RVer Review for the Street Pilot
    We love our new Garmin street pilot. It is invaluable for RVer's especially if you have a big rig like we do. Our biggest plus is knowing whether our next turn will be right or left and if totally eases our mind that we are going the right way. It's visibility is great and it is easy and FUN to use. We easily transfer it to our tow vehicle and find it invaluable there as well. Hubby keeps saying its the best birthday present he ever got and I think so too. ...more info
  • Garmin 7200 GPS
    I am an over-the-road truck driver in the moving & storage industry. I use my new Garmin GPS 7200 in my Volvo truck and have the XM attachment. I am not new to XM, so I was already familiar with my favorite XM channels. Using the 7200 is quite easy after you learn the basics.

    Their are a few gliches in the programming, so it pays to verify your directions.

    Overall, the unit is very much worth the investment....more info
  • Great piece of equipment
    I've had my 7200 for over a year now and it has been put through the works. I'm a state trooper in a rural area. I don't go to work without it now. If I forget it I go back home and get it. Besides having a great screen that is easy to read while driving at high speeds, it will also display the 911 address on a side box. All of the extras like xm radio, audio books, mp3 player just make it that much more useful for those long nights when there aren't so many people out and about. One of the more useful features is the "Where To" feature. The 7200 has a touch screen qwerty keyboard that the letters are big enough because of the larger screen to enter streets, cities, addresses safely. No, it is not recommended this be done while driving in heavy traffic, but sometimes it is necessary because of the nature of police work. One of my favorites is the "Go Home" button. That gives me peace of mind when my wife has taken a trip to the "big city" and it does simply what it says. Part of the initial installation is programming what the user considers their home address. Push the "Go Home" button and that's where you are going. No scrolling through check points, favorites, reference points, or entering addresses. The 7200 comes loaded with the maps installed and unlocked. No more unlocking maps and being limited by memory capacity. I recently spent a stint on border security that involved 13 hours a day in a patrol car, patrolling some very remote areas. If I hadn't of had my 7200 to keep me mentally stimulated during those long days it would've been more mind numbing than it was. As it were I learned about the Battle of Okinawa in Bill Sloan's excellent book "The Ultimate Battle" and "Washington's Crossing" by David Hackett Fischer.

    All of that being said, the Garmin 7200 is not a MAP! It is loaded with an unbelievable amount of information and its routing capability is first class. The Garmin 7200 doesn't, however, know where bad neighborhoods are, it doesn't work if your car's electrical system quits, and it doesn't change flat tires. Electronic equipment is making our lives easier and safer, but it isn't the end all. Anybody who takes to the roads for any trip needs to plan ahead. All of the checking tires, oil, gas gauge, fluid levels still need to be done. There are some bad people in this world and they look for people who put themselves in bad spots and are easily taken advantage of. One of my favorite learning points as a trooper was stopping late at night with what appeared at first glance to be a blonde female looking under the hood of what appeared to be a disabled vehicle. When I stopped and turned on my takedown lights the blonde woman stood and turned into a 6 foot something outlaw motorcycle member with felony warrants.

    I strayed from the topic, but I meant well. Technology will never take the place of good common sense. I don't think they sell that at Amazon.

    The only feature the 7200 doesn't have that I wish it did is NEXRAD weather radar. The weather feature of the 7200 uses weather symbols that are similar to those seen on weather forecasts from the 1960's.
    ...more info
  • Nice but could be better
    I have had this unit for a while. The screen is awesome. I attach it to my vent to keep it near eye-level in my Acura TSX, and it works very well to get me where I'm going. BUT -- it lacks a lot in the usability department. If you want to insert a point in the middle of another route, it takes like 7 or 8 clicks. Then once you do it, you have to hit the Back button about 6 times to back out of every last little choice you made. Literally every last choice. There is no "just get back to it" button. Once you get over the crappy UI, though, the unit is very usable. The mapping works fine, the routes are pretty reliable, the screen is large and it does what it needs to. I'd just test the unit before you buy it to make sure you can stand all the damn menus. ...more info