Agri Zap RZU001 Rat Zapper Ultra
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Product Description

The Rat Zapper Ultra is an effective, clean and humane method to kill rats and mice. Unit kills over 3 dozen rodents on a single set of batteries.

  • Perfect for larger rats (and mice too!), ongoing rodent infestations and commercial applications
  • Bait with ordinary pet food
  • No blood, no gore, no mess, and no poisons to endanger your pets or the environment
  • Flashing kill light tells you when you have a catch; simply tip the Rat Zapper and let the dead rodent slide into the trash can
  • Approximately 30 kills with one set of 4 alkaline "D" Cell batteries (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Does A Great Job!!
    Works as advertised. Even now, just about a month later, it's still working...when turned on, the green light stays solid, then goes out, denoting it's ready for use.

    Using only regular Energizer batteries, it took care of five mice so far. Great product!!...more info
  • no dead gopher yet
    I am hoping to use the rat zapper ultra on my ongoing gopher problem. I baited with peanut butter like everyone did in the many reviews that I have checked out. Twice now, the red light would be blinking but no crispy critter inside. I will keep trying. I tried everything from macabee traps, victor easy set traps, revenge traps and all kinds of gopher bait. No cigar so far. I am pinning my hope on the zapper to get the gophers. So far they are outwitting me. ...more info
  • WOW
    The Ratzapper works so well it's unbelievable. Unfortunately we have rattlesnakes that come to the front porch to catch the mice that are living on our front roof. We have no choice but to eliminate the mice in that area to keep the rattlers away from the front door. The Ratzapper is easy to use, quick, and does not poison the animals that eat the dead mice (yes birds and other animals will eat dead mice). I no longer use bait and get at least one mouse a night. Note: Use the right batteries, it really does make a difference!!!...more info
  • This thing works
    Follow the directions. Put the trap out first with no batteries, but w/ some bait first outside then as they take it get them to go all the way into the trap. My rats didn't like the dogfood that came w/ it but they love peanuts. I've been getting one per night. 7 so far.
    They are very destructive creatures. They like to get in your engine compartment, build a nest, then eat the insulation off the wiring. In just one night they were under the hood of my new Prius. My only concern is that I am attracting them with the food. Once I have gotten them all (if that's possible) I will remove the trap and food, clean up good, and watch for more poop....more info
  • Works like a charm!
    Ok, so I was completely skeptical when I purchased this, but since it had pretty good reviews I thought I would take a chance. We live in the country with many sheds, and places for those little buggers to breed. We set up in an outdoor shed that was close to our old compost bin and followed the directions completely. Once we finally turned it on, we have caught 2 mice a night for the past month. Within the first hour of the sun going down we get usually get our first one for the night. It works so well I think we might purchase another for the barn. CATCHES MORE THAN OUR BARN CATS! We haven't caught any Rats but any little disease-carrying critter will do!

    Highly recommend! Easy clean UP!...more info
  • Rat zapper zaps nothing
    I bought this product due to other customer reviews stating that within hours your pests would be caught. I've had the rat zapper for over a month now and have not caught one mouse - and yes, we do have mice! Ended up using poisonous bait after all and have been watching the bait disappear. Don't spend your money on this!...more info
  • Works just like it is supposed to:
    Had a couple rats in the basement I could never catch with other traps. Got this, and simply followed the instructions. Works just like it is suppose to work.

    I put it in place for three days before baiting it. Baiting it without turning on once. Then baited with unit on. First night it got one big, huge rat. Next night it got another large one. Then what I thought was two turned out to be 5 rats. The other 3 were smaller.

    The fourth was caught just a few minutes after removing the third. I re-baited the trap, and was at a workbench. I heard a high pitched "eeeck!!!" Turned around to see the red light flashing indicating a kill. It zapped that sucker good.

    No mess from any kills. Just pour the dead critter into a trash bag. Rebait it and wait for more rats to get zapped. Someone has designed a better mouse trap and this is it. ...more info
  • A success story!
    I have owned the blue Rat Zapper for years and it did the job well however required frequent cleaning of the zapper parts other wise it would not kill the rat. I decided to give this one a try and it is a much better trap. Kills quickly and without a mess. Much more humane than a traditional trap that breaks the neck and often times decapitates. I am getting great battery life with this one too. The review says up to 3 dozen traps and I bet I have doubled that before I have had to change the batteries. I have an on going problem as I have an aviary full of exotic finches and not only does the seed attract rats but the rats get in and kill my baby birds. Since using this Zapper I get a rat every night and when I can keep up with the emptying and resetting I can get several a night. So I'm going to purchase 3 more. Who knows maybe I can put a dent in the rat population and I won't have a problem anymore. Wishful thinking I'm afraid!...more info
  • really smart rats!
    Ok, well this didn't work for me. Not, I think, because it's a bad product, but we apparently have ROUI's (rodents of unusual intelligence) and nothing worked for me - not peanut-butter in snap traps, not a plank to a trash can with dog food in it, not this trap, nothing. I think our only hope is a cat.

    It might work better if you never touch it - IE use latex gloves while opening the box, loading it and moving it into position.

    But the bottom line is I tried this trap several times in several locations with several different types of baits and never once did it trigger.
    ...more info
  • Mice. What Mice.
    I am glad I found the Rat Zapper as my husband wanted to use those cruel glue traps to catch the mice in our house. I was dead set against it so I researched the Zapper. The Rat Zapper is perfect. It is the most humane way to rid your house of mice besides the havaheart traps (which are less effective towards the population of rodents). The best part about the Zapper is you don't even have to look at the carcass. Just get a bag and dump the end of the Zapper into it.
    At first it was hard to catch any mice as you need to find out where they are coming in from or congregate. We needed to find areas that our animals would not interfere with the trap as well. It took us placing it in several spots until it became "very effective". Once we placed it in the percise location, it was successful many times. I do suggest using crackers with a tiny bit of peanut butter on it to lure the mice into the traps as the bait that came with the Zapper did not appeal to them. It won't be long between the Zapper and our cats before our house will be pest free. Thank you Rat Zapper.

    ...more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I'm returning this item. It does not work - haven't caught a mouse yet even though I know they are around because I can see their droppings. May as well use the regular mouse traps - at least they catch the mice!...more info
  • not one zap. not even one!
    this thing has been locked and loaded and ready to go for over a month now, and not ONE rodent has been trapped. i've tried different baits, different locations - nothing. the mice just navigate their way around it, continuing to drive me completely insane. thinking of returning it to get my money back.

    ...more info
  • Rat Zapper
    Don't know if it works or not. Set it up next to my other mouse traps and nothing has caught a critter so maybe I haven't had any in the house. Will let you all know in the fall when they start to seek shelter.
    Can't give a rating because of this. ...more info
  • The magnificent ratzapper
    This thing works great, five rats in five days, all I had to do was change the baiting material which came with it to corn which I purchased from a local feed store... bingo, five rats in five days...Would highly recommend it......more info
  • Rat Zapper
    At first we thought the Rat Zapper wasn't working. Then after five days we zapped a rat for twelve nights in a row. We would not be without one now....more info
  • It simply didn't work for us.
    We've got a pretty intelligent rat. Despite following the instructions diligently (baiting but not turning on, etc.) and patiently, changing batteries, changing bait, this thing sits empty week after week. It did fire once about a week ago but the trap was empty, so I figure that made the rodent even more wary. Really disappointed....more info
  • works like a charm
    This is so much cleaner and faster than traditional mouse/rat catching solutions. Also, no gore. Set it up the way the directions read and wait.

    I've used the older rat zapper model and am now upgrading to this stronger version. Be advised that amazon has marked up their prices on all of these models some $7 to $10 per unit or more over the retail price you will pay for these anywhere else and they don't offer amazon prime, so you don't get it back with free shipping.

    They don't last forever and they will do false positives (blinking light but no dead mouse inside). They also get dirty and are impossible to clean well, so if its going into a place like a garage, don't expect more then 5 to 7 years tops out of it before you just can't clean it well enough to not trigger the sensor. (When it gets dirty on the inside, it'll read a false positive from the moment you turn it on). Otherwise, great!

    Had mice in the garage and attic that outfoxed traps of every kind, but not this.

    Follow the directions and it will get your varmint and then you just empty said varmint into the woods or the trash....more info
  • Didn't work for rats
    It simply did not work for rats. Twice a day for 4 days straight the rat walked into the trap, got the food and walked out. The trap past the spark test, so the trap was working properly - it simply did not zap the rat. I contacted technical support as suggested in the manual, but got no reply. I gave up and bought the old fashioned 'snap trap' for $4.99 and 8 hours later was rat-free. Save your money....more info
  • There is a better mousetrap and this is it.
    I first tried the Pro Ketch Trap with Clear Lid - Mouse trap but my mice ignored it. After a few weeks, I decided to throw away being humane and just kill them. Normal kill traps didn't appeal to me but the RatZapper just seemed perfect for my needs.

    It took awhile to figure out what my mice would go after and where they were, but once properly baited and situated, it caught 4 mice in 36 hours. I thought I finally rid of them until a mouse decided to step on my foot. A bit wary she would just wouldn't go into the RatZapper. Now I hate peanut butter as a food, but as mouse bait, there isn't anything they seem to want more. I just fill a 2liter bottle cap with PB and put it inside.

    Once primed with peanut butter, the 5th (big mama) mouse was zapped. Then a few days later, the kids from her last litter started to miss her and came out and got zapped as well. Now I just keep it baited and wait for a victim.

    When the RZ fires, it lasts about a minute and sounds like a fan blade rubbing against its housing. You hear a buzzing and will be going "WTH just broke?".

    Now I'm thinking of getting one for the gargage......more info
  • Rat Zapper
    I sent this trap to my son who lives on Maui, HI. He is very pleased with the performance of this trap. Rodents are a huge problem upcountry in Haiku where he lives. He likes that he can dump the dead rat into a plastic bag then into the trash with such ease. Since last week he has caught 5 of the little $#@%^ already. :)

    Jeanette Gibson...more info
  • Finally peace of mind after almost a year
    We have had a problem with mice for about a year. Like many of the reviewers, we too tried everything from traps to poison and even having an exterminator come with their sprays, special poison triangular traps, sticky traps and even some pellets to drop in the wall. Nothing was working. I had become so disgusted and frustrated so I started to do some searching on the internet and came across the Rat Zapper. At this point, money was not even going to be an issue, but to my surprise the cost of this device was nothing next to what I paid for the exterminator. It was worth every single penny, and then some. Our mice problem began in the downstairs and after finally blocking holes, getting rid of food items, the little critters somehow got upstairs into our kitchen. I heard them at night chomping away and then very noisly finding their way back to wherever they had called my home. When my Rat Zapper arrived I was a little scared to use it, but I started by putting it in the cabinet where I found that the mice had been partying in. I left it baited with the dog food but did not turn on. For three nights in a row the food was gone. After the third night I put in the batteries and turned it on and sure enough, the party was OVER. We caught a total of only 3 mice, BUT I have not had any coming back so far for three nights.... AND no noise at night from the once noisy house guests. Although I'm sure that we are not completely free of this problem, I certainly am very relieved after a year of dealing with this. We will continue to leave the "Rat Zapper" out just to be sure. ...more info
  • Clean, fast, gone
    I bought this several weeks ago. It works as advertised. I had rats in my attic in an area where I didn't have access above my bed. I removed a ceiling speaker and put the Zapper through the hole and attached the optional Rat Tail. I used dry cat food for bait since they had been eating that. The first night I put it up I came up empty. The second night I heard a loud buzzing sound and the Rat Tail lit up. Next morning I pulled it out with a dead rat and dumped it into a trash bag. Next night the same thing except the Tail didn't light up. Damn rats chewed the cord on the Rat Tail. Next day I got 2 more. Anyway I got a total of 6 in 5 days. I now am rat free after sealing up all the holes where they can get in. The customer service is first rate. I can't recommend this enough. My only regret is you have to empty it after each kill so if it is in a hard to reach place you have to pull it out and reset it. It's expensive compared to a spring trap but there is no gore or danger of smashing your fingers. It was worth every penny to sleep in peace again. ...more info
  • Awesome
    Best device on the market for killing rats...I love going to my crawl and seeing the eyes on the rat tail blinking...I have gotten more with this device than any traditional traps...If you through away your traditional traps this device will eventually pay for itself......more info
  • It Works
    I use this outside in a covered patio area. I live up against a wide open area to the country side. I easily get a mouse or a rat every week. This works better than anything else. It is also easier to use than anything else. The battery life is about 3 to 4 months and 20 kills....more info
  • fantastic
    This product saved me from deep despair. I had a rat living in the engine compartment of my car. the beast chewed through the fuel injector wires, costing me $500 to repair,.also started on the firewall insulation, and used the engine for a toilet. I tried poison, all kinds of spring loaded traps, nothing worked. My next move was to pray someone would steal the car. I went into a different hardware store (OSH), and saw the rap zapper. I went home and googled the device, and found letters praising the device. The next day I returned to OSH, and they were sold out. I then ordered it from Amazon requesting next day delivery. It came on time. After installing the 4 D cells, I put a piece of Tillamook sharp cheddar into the bait area, next morning I checked under the hood, and claimed victory. The rat was history, I love this device, and have mentioned it to several people. the secret is do not use peanut butter, or dog food, just good cheddar cheese....

    ...more info
  • This is a god send - really works as advertized
    I followed directions. Actually let them take the bait two nights in a row (give them a chance to spread the good news to their cousins and aunts ... smile)

    They did not like the dog food but I found the best bait - chocolat. One small mini-chocolat bar. Unwrap, put at back of trap and come back in a few hours. So far, two within 24 hours.

    I bought this because I hear noices in the walls. Hard to know where to place the trap but once you find the right spot, just leave it. I want to try another place as well so I am buying a second trap.

    It it worth the money to get rid of my problem and have peace of mind and a good nights sleep. Anne...more info
  • Actually Works Well!!
    I got this product because other products didn't work in our warehouse. Within the first week, I caught 5 mice. I haven't caught any more after the first week, but I know there are some more mice. We will see if it catches any more, but I still feel that this is a great investment if you want to get rid of some rodents....more info
  • Waste of money
    Rats won't go near this thing. We've had it in continual use for five months (occasionally replacing the batteries) and haven't caught a rat. We've tried a variety of baits and followed the manufacturer's sections for where and how to place the Zapper. We've caught rats now and then in snap traps and in a Hav-a-heart trap but never in the zapper. Rats won't even touch the bait we leave scattered outside the zapper in an attempt to lure them in. Don't waste your money....more info
  • This thing works!
    We had been hearing critter noises inside our walls for couple of months, and conventional mouse traps didn't seem to accomplish anything (I wasn't willing to try the gruesome glue traps). Thanks to the large number of good reviews Rat Zapper Ultra had received I decided to give it a try -- if it worked it would be a lot less expensive than calling an exterminator service AND it works poison-free (which is important when there're children and pets). And work it did! After unpacking the device and inserting four D-batteries I sprinkled few pieces of the included bait (dry dog-food pellets) into the device, flipped the switch to ON, and placed it where we knew the critters visited. The first victim (within few hours of taking Rat Zapper into use) was a large rat! It was followed by a mouse just few hours later, and yet by another mouse the following day. Then nothing for about a week, until another mouse was caught. We still heard an occasional scuffle inside the walls until about two weeks later the second large rat walked into the trap to be zapped. Now it seems the infestation has been clearead, but since the zapper takes little energy to be in ready-state, I keep it running in case any new unwanted guests find their way into the house. I'm also considering purchasing the plug-in indicator that can be threaded from the closet (where the trap is) so that I can easily see when it needs to be emptied and reloaded with dog-food pellets. I highly recommend this device! Amazon delivered it quickly enough, but why don't any national hardware store chains (Lowe's or Home Depot, for example) carry it?...more info
  • Killing Machine!!!
    This is just simply the best killing machine for rats! i love this product! You must get this if you want to get rid rats/mice! You will get what you paid for!...more info
  • Two down so far
    We have had a rat issue in our attic for the last year or so. The pitter-patter of their paws was quite annoying, as they were scampering directly above our bedroom. I tried a few deterrents, including one of those products that creates some sort of ultrasonic barrier on the home powerlines. That seemed to work for awhile, but the rats were back as of a few weeks ago.

    I baited the Rat Zapper with cashews for a week (non-activated) and let the rats get accustomed to it before activating it a couple of days ago. The next morning, the Rat Tale (I dangled it down throug the attic door) was blinking furiously and I had dead rat #1. As others have mentioned, cleanup is easy, and not nearly as gross as other extermination methods woudld be. I re-baited and came home from work yesterday to find dead rat #2. No pitter-patter of little rat feet to wake us up last night! ...more info
  • Finally!!!!
    I have been trying to catch the rats in my garage for weeks. I put out 10 big glue traps. They ate all the bait from all of the traps by just leaning over them. I didn't catch anything. The rats even moved the glue traps from against the wall, so they could go agound them.

    The very first night I put the Rat Zapper Ultra out, I caught one. I'm so excited. I love this thing!!!!...more info
  • Rat Zapper
    It works but does not always turn on after catching a mouse. I have to let it sit and then the green light will come on again. I would also like to be able to use rechargeable batteries.
    I have only caught mice but the neighbor borrowed it and caught a rat and is planning to buy one....more info
  • It works, but break less then a year
    The zapper works, catch both mice and rat. The problem is it just broke less then a year of use, I clean it and use new battery, the red light is blinking, the bait is gone, the rat is having a free lunch, after several nights having the same thing happen I know the zapper no longer works any more.
    A trap cost so much and last so short, very disappointed, another bad experience with stuff made in China, they always go bad after a very short use.
    I am searching one that is made with better quality, any suggestion?...more info
  • Smart rats beware!
    After the flooding in the river valley in the area that I live in I had a mysterious creature that woke me up by chewing on the foundations of my house. I feared it was a beaver it was so loud. I called my friends and had them come over to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. Indeed they heard it too.

    I sat up all night listening to the horrid loud chewing noises fearing that this thing would eat my cats. My cats were not interested in this noise and found it weird that I was up. The second night I was fed up, hadn't slept in a day, and very tired. I tried to sleep but couldn't through the chewing that was now in my walls and more than one place. I thought I was in hell and this was going to be the end of my ability to sleep. Try as I might and stomp through my house like a 2 year old without a nap, they didn't leave!!

    Third day in and my friend called an exterminator.. Rats, they said. Ugh, I replied. At this point I'm sure I looked like Cruella Deville walking into the local hardware store asking where the rat traps were. I stared at all the pinchy, snappy, poisony different options till I was sleep walking in the store. Decided against poison since we have Feral cats on my property and my cats indoors. I picked up a handful of different snappy traps. Baited them and put them about the inside and outside of my house with peanut butter.

    The next morning all my outdoor traps were missing!!! The ones in the house had been thefted of their contents and un-tripped.

    This went for about a week before I declared war on my inhabitants.

    I bought this electrocution machine because I was unwilling to settle for something that had anything less than a "5-star review" and my god! It's worth it.

    I put it out last night with an inch of string cheese and shoved it under my house. I just came inside from doing the "happy dead rat dance".. I walked out, moved the panel that leads inside and OMGOMG! red blinky light!!! Yup, you got it.. one ugly light brown with white belly rat - approx 4-5 inches long sans tail.

    I have now re-baited this godsend of a rat trap and am waiting for rat #2 to fall victim to my exciting new friend.

    ...more info
  • Mouse armageddon.
    I have a mouse problem in my garage.

    I got the rat zapper through the mail a couple of days ago. Yesterday morning I baited it with a plastic bottlecap filled with peanut butter and turned it on.

    As of leaving for work today, it has killed 5 mice. In one instance, I threw the mouse away reset the trap, walked outside to bring some stuff back into the garage and it had already caught another one by the time I got back. I have a feeling the device is held back only by my inability to instantly reset it whenever it catches a rodent.

    This is an outstanding device, and I hope the inventors enjoy rewards in this world, because they're going to be plagued by a million-strong ghost rodent army in the next.
    ...more info
  • Oh yes! It does work!
    My storage garage has the smell of rat urine and lots of droppings everywhere. I use to have the snap traps but clean up is a mess and it's too much of a hassle.

    Bought the Rat Trap from a popular auction site and got it in about 2 days. Put the batteries and dog food pieces and less than 24 hours later I see a red LED lit up and a tail sticking out of the Rat Zapper. It got it's first kill and many more to go.

    UPDATE: As of 05/05/08 the Rat Zapper Ultra has zapped 4 large rats and 6 smaller ones. ...more info
  • Fricaseed rat
    Works great. So far have zapped 5 wood rats on same set of batteries. Rats were feeding underneath our birdfeeders. Peanut butter coated dog food sticks together and is a great bait. (Or, if you use the right peanut butter, you won't need the trap.) Should not leave it out in the rain, or cover it if you do. Will zap anything that crosses its contacts, of course. Add a couple of lizards to the 5 rat tally....more info
  • Caught two.
    If the instructions are followed, the Rat Zapper will do its job. It must be kept dry,and if there is a heavy rain, a Ziplock bag is not enough. ...more info
  • Amazing mouse trap
    Within 30 seconds of setting this thing up i caught a mouse. Within two weeks, we stopped hearing, seeing, and finding droppings from mice in our city house. That's amazing....more info