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Garmin MapSource City Navigator, North America DVD-ROM for Garmin StreetPilot GPS Units
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Product Description

A GPS navigator is only as good as the maps it employs. Enter MapSource City Navigator North America, which comes with fully routable maps of U.S., Canadian, and Puerto Rican metropolitan areas. The detailed maps offer the perfect way to get around almost any North American city (and some countrysides, too), while offering more than six million points of interest, including restaurants, bars, hotels, attractions, movie theaters, gas stations, shopping malls, campgrounds, and more. Need a good back-seat driver for your next city-hopping road trip? Look no further than this DVD-ROM.

Designed specifically for Garmin's StreetPilot III, StreetPilot 2610, and StreetPilot 2650 vehicle GPS navigators, the disc also boasts detailed information on highways, interstates, business roads, and residential roads, with such attributes as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance, speed categories, and other navigation details. In addition, each DVD offers automatic routing, so you can easily generate point-to-point routes in MapSource or on the compatible navigators. And thanks to the trip and waypoint management feature, you can also transfer waypoints, routes, and tracks between your Garmin GPS and PC.

Other details include supplemental coverage of Hawaii (using unverified government data) and an Unlock Wizard that guides you through the unlocking process (required when downloading data to a data card or Garmin GPS). As with all Garmin Products, City Navigator North America comes with a one-year warranty.

Important Note about Map Updates: Due to our high volume of sales, almost every Garmin portable GPS navigator sold by will come with the most recent map version. If you ever need a map update, you can get one from Garmin at You will need to have your device's serial number ready.

  • GPS mapping DVD-ROM with fully routable, detailed maps of U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Premium maps cover metropolitan areas, rural areas, highways, interstates, residential roads, and more
  • Automatically creates point-to-point routes in MapSource or on compatible Garmin GPS navigators
  • Includes more than 6 million points of interest; intuitive trip and waypoint management feature
  • Designed for Garmin's StreetPilot III, StreetPilot 2610, 2620, 2650 and 2660; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • User Interface is Almost Useless
    This is an extraordinarily bad product that makes me question my recent purchase of the Garmin 60 CSX.

    The problem is the extraordinarily out of date user interface. For example, in order to get directions to a specific address, the address must be specified in separate fields for the street number, the street, the city, the state, and the ZIP code. Even worse, you cannot simply type a street name but must then select from a drop-down list of every street name option in the database.

    In Google maps, I usually find what I'm looking for typing the street number, street name, and ZIP code and pressing enter (without regard to "Rd." or "St.", even with misspellings). in City Navigator, this requires at least five different steps and use of multiple drop down menus -- effectively making it useless for me.

    I give the product two stars rather than one because it is quite handy to have all the preloaded points of interest. If I am driving on the highway and would like to get something to eat, I can browse a list of restaurants near my current location and then easily have the GPS direct me there.

    More commonly, however, I need to find directions to a specific address, and -- despite spending nearly $500 for a device and software to do this for me in real time -- I usually use Google maps and prints the results....more info
  • Decent but way overpriced
    To begin with, I own several mapping software products including Microsoft Street and Trips, Delorme Street Atlas as well as a number of Garmin products. In typical Garmin fashion they are charging their customers 3 times more than these similar products which retail for about $39.95. However, since Garmin intentionally designed their GPS units to only work with proprietary software they are essentially holding their customers hostage. Their mapping is accurate but no more so than the other products. Also, Garmin is not very quick with updates. A major highway bypass near me was finished almost a year ago and is still not updated.
    I'm the type of consumer that believes that if I'm forced to pay a premium price I should receive premium service. Unfortunately, no one taught Garmin that marketing lesson. As Garmin continues to see their market share erode due to the onset of competitors and the proliferation of GPS equipped cell phones, maybe they'll stop gouging their loyal customers....more info
  • The iQue 3600 is still supported!
    Nice to see that Garmin is still providing a map product for this older platform. It's a backup to my newer Nuvi 760 but still works well especially after a battery transplant. The updated maps database and points of interest are nice to have. The only reason I knocked off a star in the rating is because it takes (in my case) HOURS to upload the maps to the SD card. But once it's done, you're good to go. Thank you Garmin!...more info
  • Do not buy a Garmin!
    I had an older Garmin GPS, and and older Mapsource product. It worked great for years, and I was able to seamlessly transfer maps etc to and from my unit. I got a new eTrex Venture CX unit last week and bought the Mapsource City Navigator product for it. Now days Garmin requires you to "unlock" the maps, unlock the GPS unit, and register before you can use it. The problem is that during this long and complicated process if anything goes wrong you are locked out of using your new maps with your unit. I've spent the last 3 hours trying to get my new unit working with my new maps. This process is extremely frustrating, and of course Garmin's support website is horrible, and they only have support available during business hours while I'm at work. I am extremely disappointed in this company and will not be getting another product from them. Garmin is more concerned about "security" and "profit" than usability and customer support....more info
  • Google Maps has nothing to fear
    When it comes to setting up a more complex route, Google Maps beats this hands down, but if you want that info in your Garmin GPS you don't have much choice than to use this. Only shows the total distance for a route, not to the different waypoints you might have programmed. Adding a waypoint requires you to find it first, save it, and then add it to a route. And if you interupt a route along the way, when you resume it your GPS will try to get you back to the original starting point, and then it will skip all the remaining waypoints in your route, only showing the final destination.

    In a nutshell, the user interface needs a serious overhaul.

    Wish it was Mac compatible. Works OK on a PC, but the transfers of data can take up to 20 minutes (when routes that touch 7 states are in the system), and if you try to skip the maps part thinking they're already in the device you will be sorely disappointed. ...more info
  • As good as any other vehicle navigation software
    I've used this product for about 3 months. It works excellent in routing and rerouting, giving instructions, etc. (make sure your unit is compatible for that function). I've got it installed in my GPSMAP 60 csx and it works great. Lots of POI's. Only one complaint with this: You can't use the Topo at the same time in the same area. So if you are a hiker and use Topo maps, you'll have to manually switch in and out of City Navigator to get one or the other to work. They do not overlay. Kind of a pain - but that's what we have to deal with. I recommend this software to someone who wants both geographical use and road use for their GPSMAP model 60....more info
  • Excellent product but sneaky Garmin
    I can see why people are POed about this. I am giving this 5 stars based on the quality of the product, because it is very nice, and not for the sneaky marketing schemes of Garmin, which would get -5 in my book. The base map that comes with a Garmin GPS is rubbish. Not just with respect to it not having any city streets but even the lakes are all deformed and inaccurate. While motoring out of our dock the GPS showed us going over land! City navigator fixed all this and it quite impressive. So ... this software is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE if you are going to buy a Garmin Mapping GPS. This is something that Garmin neglects to advertise since they know you will have to buy the mapping software once you bought the GPS. Luckily I paid half retail for my GPS unit so I am not quite as ticked. The software unlock process is unnecessarily absurd as well....more info
  • Not the latest version.
    I used to be a huge Garmin fan, but they have really mucked this up. The version that gets sent to you is v8. As soon as you install it, they tell you that v9 is available and that you "may" be charged $75 for the upgrade. (To which I inquired and let's just say you "will" be charged.) I then found out that the v9 is actually a stand-alone, and not an upgrade version, so I could have saved money by going straight for the supposed "upgrade." I think at this point I'll save the $75 and put it towards a non-Garmin unit.

    I am also having major problems with it in Vista, but hope installing it on my XP Pro laptop will at least make the DVD usable.

    Disappointing, at best....more info
  • ? A little glitchy for modern GPS software
    It has all the points of interest that I am looking for and the maps are very detailed but the mapping software has some rather annoying glitches when it comes to entering addresses. You almost have to trick it with certain addresses to get them to show up while creating a route. ...more info
  • Watch for outdated editions
    I purchased this map set for my eTrex Vista HCx unit on 8/4/2008. It worked fine, but it was not the latest version. When I installed it I was immediately notified by the installer program that there is an update available. Next I got on Garmin's web site and it said you can get a free upgrade within 30 days of purchase. I called the next day and was told that, unfortunately, free upgrades do not apply to maps purchased separately from a GPS unit. The update to City Navigator North America 2009 would have cost me $75 on top of the $80 I just paid Amazon for the DVD. It seems like this is probably a common problem (stale versions in inventory), but the fact that you immediately have to pay for an upgrade to get current doesn't sit well with me. Most other software products include at least one free upgrade so you are starting with the most current version. I think Garmin should be dinged for this unreasonable policy. As a result of this situation, I returned the City Navigator 2008 version and will order the 2009 version directly from Garmin. I am not happy about this, but I like the GPS unit, so I will begrudgingly go through the hassle....more info
  • Mapquest in the palm of your hand
    I wanted to include a "My House" map with the pointer at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC, but I couldn't get a screen capture.

    I loaded as many maps as I could fit in my eTrex, and I'm amazed at how up to date the maps are. There are businesses on the map that weren't even built until recently.

    One of the things I enjoy doing with it is to plot a route to a place I know well, and then take a different route. The eTrex calculates a new route quite quickly, but it sometimes takes a little while to convince it I am NOT going to make a U-turn.

    The software on the computer is not quite as friendly. The routing tool hangs on to the mouse pointer and that sometimes results in unintended waypoints.

    Good GPS software and almost good computer software....more info
  • Good map for GPS navigation
    This map, in my Garmin eTrex Vista Cx GPS receiver, served my son well in his trans-American bicycle trip, and for my local bike trips, geocaching, and business travel. Make sure you buy a large enough memory card (2GB) so that you can go ahead and copy the entire US on it at one time, to avoid the necessity of switching maps when you go on a trip. The data on gas stations and other businesses is not perfect, but good enough to be very useful. Routing for car or bicycle is good, although the GPS sometimes fails to complete the route for a long bike ride in an urban area. I guess it has too many small streets from which to choose. In that case, you just have to break the trip up into separate segments. ...more info
  • What a crock!
    There are two problems here. One is that despite the reviews of others, I didn't get a 2008 map despite ordering and receiving it in the last 2 weeks. The copyright on the unlock coupon is 2007 but when you actually install and unlock the map, garmin tells you that this is actually the 2007 map produced in April 2006. In order to get the 2008 map you have BUY the update from Garmin for $75.

    Second is that even on the 2006 map I can't get the map, neither on the handheld nor on the PC, to find addresses I want in NYC. I tried my own address (this building went up in 1927), but I can't even get the street. I tried a resturant on Union Turnpike in queens, there is no Union Turnpike listed.

    I am underwhelmed by the handheld 60CSX as well but I could live with the onscreen keyboard if the maps worked.
    I was thinking to go for the new Edge but after my experience with this map there is no way I'd ever deal with Garmin again....more info
  • Beware! v8 is NOT the latest version!
    I just purchased v8 assuming it was the currently latest version. The only identifier that I could find on Garmin's site to tell me so was the part number. However, after I received and installed the software, when I went to register it to get the license for my GPS, I was told there was another update that would cost another $75.

    So I called Garmin and explained the situation. Thankfully, they're sending me the newest 2008 version fee free. However, while I was on the phone with the rep, I searched on Amazon and other sale sites (e.g. dealtime) and could find no one selling a 2008 version.

    Apparently, the only way to get the latest version (which, as I found it, has been out for at least two months now) is through Garmin's website. And even then, you won't know what version you bought until you actually receive it.

    My rating in this review is not really for the product itself (which I would only give 3 stars at the most) but for the major hassle it was to figure out what the latest version really was and finally receiving it. BTW, this quest started about the middle of August and I still don't have the latest version....more info
  • Great maps
    Despite the discrepancies in the pictures on the site, I did receive the 2008 edition of City Navigator. The maps are great. Detail is excellent with the tiniest streets being displayed as well as not only parks but also cemeteries being shown in green. My only complaint is that you have to upload maps to the GPS in predefined areas. I would like to be able to choose my own perimeters to send (i.e. 5 miles around a highway for a long road trip) but it's a minor issue, especially for those whose GPSes have large memory cards.
    My Vista C after loading the maps is a far more useful tool. Just figure these maps into the purchase price of the GPS. If you're only geocaching you don't really need maps (although they are very handy) but as a driving/navigation aid, the maps add a whole new level of functionality. I should have bought these almost two years ago when I got my GPS....more info
  • 6k miles, 1 month, make sure to turn off dirt road routing!
    I went 6k miles with a pop up camper and it worked flawlessly. Got me everywhere I wanted to go. Only catch is onetime it took me down a 4x4 only road and I was towing almost 3k lbs. Um... 6 miles 40 minutes. My fault for blindly trusting and not turning avoid unpaved roads. I admit there are some areas that are not mapped properly, but overall it is a good software. I did have issues installing it, but with a 5 minute phonecall to garmin, they resolved it quickly. I think that Garmin charges too much for the software then doesn't provide updates often enough, but I guess they need to make a profit too. I too had to upgrade to a CSx to get a 2 gig card in my gps so I could go cross county, but it was worth every penny. No more "Um where are we?" or "Did we miss our exit, oh crud, now where do we turn". It has kept me in line for far too many miles.

    The installation issues, the cost, the unmapped areas, and the map size are most of the reasons I didn't give this a 5 star. It's worth the cost, but there are a few things to tolerate....more info
  • Their software is very bad. Difficult to use, expensive, full of errors and gives a lot of problems (a package costs over $100 a
    Their software is very bad. Difficult to use, expensive, full of errors and gives a lot of problems (a package costs over $100 and it doesn't even work)....more info
  • Garmin DVD software for eTrex Ledgend Cx
    Very difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE to use. The unlock feature of these products is so good, even the leagl user can't use them!...more info
  • I Love this database
    I have only owned Garmin products but I have to say. I love this thing. Loading it into the computer and then into the handheld took a call to tech support but I was not on hold for more than a minute and they got me straightened out right away. They are very worried about CD's being used on more than one unit and the installation process is accordingly complex. But the software works wonderfully.
    I'd recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Random
    You might receive the 2008 version. Apparently Amazon has mixed stock. I recieved the v8 not the v9 ordered on 10/27/07. I called customer service, and they could not assure me which version I would get if they sent a replacement. Sent my v8 back and will wait until I can get what is listed. Amazon needs to pull the old stock and sell as such. ...more info
  • Does what it should
    This is by no means a cheap product, but it does what I need and is easy enough to use as well. My GPS would be worthless to me without this software, kinda catch you with that as the devices usually come with basically nothing as far as map and nav goes....more info
  • Just OK....
    #1 Expensive! But it's your only option if you want your 60CSX to have street maps and turn by turn directions. You would think Garmin could bundle this if purchasing them both.

    #2 Pain to get downloaded to 60CSX. I got it unlocked easy enough, got it installed on my laptop, but ran into major problems when trying to transfer to the device. tried to for a few hours without luck. Finally called Garmin tech support and after wainting on hold for 1/2 hour they were very helpful and polite. Said they have seen the problem before and it is a problem with the latest version on some models. Ended up having to use the device as a mass storage and transfer the maps directly to the SD card without using the software.

    #3 Not to current. Even with version 8, I have already found a couple of addresses not in the data base, guess that is to be expected with all the new growth in Vegas.

    Having said all that, I don't have other mapping software to compare this to, it seems to work ok. I would buy again and Amazon was fine with product and shipping. ...more info
  • Great but...
    Great product and works well on my hand held Garmin Legand HCX but unfortunatly it does not update or you can't download updates...more info
  • Delivers What It Promises...
    The software delivers high quality maps and the auto routing does a great job creating sensible routes with very little effort. Purchasing at least a 1GB SD card is a must to ensure plenty of room to upload all of your favorite maps....more info
  • Works Well!
    I really like this product - it does what it's supposed to do and does it well. Easy to use....more info
  • Wonderful program
    We just purchased the North American map for our Garmin GPS and we had such a great time using it. We saved time finding streets and we didn't have to stop and ask for directions. Great program. One great feature is that it lists hotels, gas stations, ATM's and all types of shopping for every exit. It was wonderful. No guessing games or taking chances with gas stations....more info
  • garmin mapsource city navigator north america,v.8
    This software works great in my garmin vista cx gps. I recommend this product to anyone, you will never get lost again....more info