PetSafe Comfort-Fit Bark Control Collar
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Product Description

Six levels of self-adjusting correction, automatically adjusts to your dog's temperament starting at the lowest level. Progressive correction feature increases correction to next strongest level if dog continues to bark. Safety time out will shut off the correction for 3 minutes if the dog barks more than 15 times in 30 seconds. Uses vibration sensor to sense for barking. Perfect Bark technoiogy for the most reliable bark detection. Low battery indicator. QuickFit buckle provides a quick release and a pef ect fit every time. Durable, waterproof receiver collar. Adjustable collar provides a comfortable fit - for neck sizes 8"- 28." Not recommended for use for more than 8 hours at a time. Dog should be at least 8 lbs. Uses PetSafe battery RFA-

  • Cure your dog of excessive barking safely, comfortably, and stylishly
  • Progressive correction feature adjusts to stronger level if dog continues to bark
  • For dogs 8 pounds and heavier with neck sizes between 8 and 28 inches
  • No assembly required
  • PetSafe RFA-67 battery included

Customer Reviews:

  • petsafe bark collar
    I have a 75 pound lab. she barked all the time. bought the collar two months ago. saved my sanity. she barks once and stops. small corection with the shock. will recomend....more info
  • Shipping rip-off
    This product, which is good, is artificially priced low, and the shipping will kill you. Buyer beware!...more info
  • Horrible collar
    We bought this collar as a replacement for an innotek one that broke. This collar is inhumane. This collar is activated by normal motion. You can see this for yourself by holding the collar in your hand and shaking it a few times (certainly less than your dog would shake it by running across the yard). It will shock you with just a few shakes. Go with a more expensive collar (the innotek one worked great). My dog was terrified to move when she had this collar on because it is triggered by normal motion, NOT just barking. ...more info
  • Worked
    (September 2006)

    I got a warning note from the city that my dogs must not bark at all times. This was rather unsettling, because I rarely hear them bark. They stay inside with me at night. The only time is when the dogs from my new neighbor behind me come and scratch on the fence, to attract my dogs. My dogs go over and for a short time once a day have a morning barkfest. (last 5 minutes). That is pretty much what the community officer said when I called her, that the neighbor who complained said they only bark in the morning when the other dogs come out.

    I live alone, have to work for a living. I cannot stay home to make sure my dogs are quiet, so this was very upsetting to me.

    I bought a couple of these bark collars. It took several days before I cold figure out if they worked. I eventually heard the neighbor dogs scratching on the fence. My dogs showed no response. These collars really worked for my two border collies. I take the collars off at night, and put them on in the morning when I leave for work. When I do I tell the dogs 'no barking,' which is something they understand.

    I have read these are better than the citronella spray collars, because they give the dogs an immediate static queue when they bark. If the dogs don't bark the collars don't activate. The problem with the citronella collars is that the uncomfortable spray lingers after they stop barking - which can confuse the dogs. (the deterrent doesnt go away when the dog stops barking).

    I have put these on my neck and tried to get them to activate. I did twice - it was uncomfortable, but nothing that lingered very long. It is mostly an attention getter.

    I recommend these collars. They are waterproof and an indicator light every five seconds tells you that the battery is ok. I have had them for three weeks now, and the most my dogs ever do is bark once or twice and stop - about every third day.

    I think it is a little strange to have a neighborhood so darn quiet. I would prefer to let my dogs bark at disturbances, but with complainy neighbors, I had no choice but to do something. I just don't want trouble.

    These collars may have worked so well with my dogs because they are smart, and quickly figured out that barking caused the static in the collar. (at which point they might have remembered Dad said no barking when he put them on us).

    Be sure not to play with your dogs when they have their bark collars on. You don't want them to bark while playing and activate the collar.

    Addendum, February 20, 2007

    Last weekend I noticed my girl border collie was barking up a fit at the dogs behind us. She had her bark collar on. I checked it and the light wasnt working. I took my other dog's bark petsafe bark collar and put it on her. She ran out and barked twice, and then looked at me like 'ok Dad, I was bad,' and stopped barking and went up to the deck. More proof that these collars work.

    I replaced the batteries in the nonworking collar, but that didn't fix it. I went and bought another one, and when I did I noticed it mentioned lifetime warranty on the package. (I had not kept my original packaging like a dummy). I called Petsafe and to my surprise they said they will sent me another collar at no charge, since I just bought the collar last September. All I have to do is send in the nonworking collar.

    I will keep the third one I bought, just to have a spare. Its very important to me that my dogs don't bark, because I don't want any trouble. (just want to be left alone and live in peace).

    Addendum October 20, 2007

    I have found these collars work better when they are kept snug on the dog's neck. If not I think the dogs figure out a way to keep some separation and then bark away. It is good to have some spare batteries handy. The batteries generally last two or three months. (The batteries won't last as long if the dog tries to bark very often, which mine don't at all with these collars on)....more info
  • works just fine
    I have had a pcb-102 for years now, it works great... I just bought a second one as well. I have a newer model that has voltage variability but this product definitely has what it takes to keep my barky dogs quiet.

    I feel bad that the other reviewer had such a problem with their unit, I also bought replacement batteries that were bad directly from the manufacturer. when I bought the newest replacements they were wrapped in tape and worked great. the batteries will only last as long as your dog test the system, so the deaf dog must have been barking quite a bit....more info
  • Not for small dogs
    I bought this collar to control three of my 15 lb. dogs, a dachsund and 2 bichons. The collar is huge. After cutting off about 14 inches of excess collar the fit is oblong and appears very cumbersome. The first battery lasted over a month. I admit the collar does work well at controlling the barking. I've been switching it between dogs and each dog has it figured out and knows when they are not wearing it. I'm back looking for a smaller and better fitting collar as I will not buy another of this model. I recommend it to larger breeds, even though it says 11 lbs and up, hesitate to buy it for a dog under 20#....more info
  • not good at all
    my dog is deaf and has a terrible high pitched bark. she ran through her first bark collar in about 8 months. i got this one as the replacement and it stopped working after about six weeks. when i bought replacement batteries, neither seemed to work so i took them back and exchanged them, thinking they were bad. still didn't work. now it's 3 in the morning and she's barking and whining and i can't sleep. i DO NOT recommend this product....more info
  • My dog suffered from this product
    I have a crazy beagle that barks non-stop so we got this product and it worked wonders! But after using it for awhile, my dog had a seizure. We have no known reason why this occurred but when talking to the vet they suggested that the shocks from the collar were most likely the cause. We are now looking into the citronella bark collars. Please look into that as well for your dog before trying the shock collar. I would hate for your dog to be one that has seizures as well....more info
  • Country Bark Problem
    Good product, and was as advertised. Put it on my dog that likes to wakes us at 3am barking at critters. The first use was during day when I was around. Barked 6/8 times and quit. Put it on her 1:15am one morning and she barked once. Last time I put it on with no battery and that worked also, smart dog....more info
  • PetSafe Bark Control Collar
    Very effective product. We purchased this for our 2 1/2 years old lab, Millie. She would howl when left in her kennel in our RV this winter, while in Florida. Not acceptable, as we have close neighbors.
    She learned the first time it was used....more info
  • Yappy dog trained after one zap.
    I have a dachshund mix that is scared of children, other dogs, neighbors...pretty much anything that moves. His incessant and loud barking was making people cry (literally), so I bought this to try and help. As horrible as shock collars seem, I have to say this worked better than any other training method I've tried. Thankfully it only took one or two barks for him to get the picture. Now, I just put it on him with it turned off and he knows what "could" happen so he won't bark, but isn't scared to bark when its off of him (say if he hears something at night, which is good for security). This training method rides the fine line between clever and cruel though. I would use this as a last hope. It did work and I like the fact you can set the level of strength. He's barely big enough for this collar. If you have anything smaller than a beagle or large dachshund, I would use one for smaller breeds. This would fit my 96 lb German Shepperd mix better, but he will stop barking when I tell him to, so I've not had to put it on him....more info