RJ45 to Quad RCA Cable (Audio Distribution)
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Product Description

RJ45-to-RCA cable provides audio distribution from up to 4 Cat. 5 cameras. If you have installed a Cat. 5 Camera Microphone into the Greyfox cat. 5 cameras that keep an eye on your home or business, you'll be able to access the audio as well as the video feed from the area around the camera. The audio is distributed by the RJ45 to Quad RCA Cable, a three-foot cat. 5 to RCA patch cable that delivers audio from up to four cameras to your structured wiring distribution system. All elements that comprise the Greyfox distribution and camera systems are not included. Four discrete RCA output jacks deliver audio from 4 cameras; each RCA output jack is labeled for easy camera identification.

  • 3-foot Cat. 5 to RCA cable
  • Provides audio distribution from the Cat5 camera module
  • Delivers audio from up to 4 cameras