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Compatible Canon BCI-24- 3 Color & 3 Black Ink Cartridges 6 Pack - Pixma iP1500/iP2000/MP130/MP410/MP430
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Product Description

Compatible Canon BCI-24- 3 Color & 3 Black Ink Cartridges 6 Pack - Pixma iP1500/iP2000/MP130/MP410/MP430/Pixma MP110 / Pixma MP410 / Pixma MP430 / S200X / S330D / Smartbase MPC190 / Smartbase MPC200. These are new compatible cartridges (not OEM / not remanufactured). Full 1 Year Warranty & 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.(Image as shown will be EXACTLY what you receive). In Stock for immediate shipping!

  • New OA100 Compatible cartridges - Up to 80% off OEM retail prices
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certified
  • 2 Year Shelf Life
  • 30 Day Risk-Free Buying
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Low price, low quality
    I just plugged it in and I cannot get it to print blue color correctly. As far as I can tell CYAN is way too green and the tone is changing as you print. Ridiculous. It is OK for draft quality prints, but not for anything else....more info
  • Works fine for me
    I have ordered 2 sets for these cartridges and all have worked just fine, and I love the price. Seem to last just as long as the name brand that I was paying through the nose for!
    ...more info
  • Was skeptical but now I'm sold
    I was pretty skeptical about getting these "brand X" ink cartridges but they work and that is the bottom line. The price was a steal and the cartridges work fairly well. For what I use my printer for which is general printing tasks (nothing fancy or elaborate for work or anything special) the cartridges fit the bill totally. ...more info
  • Works great
    While I was a tad wary of non-Canon ink, the 2 cartridges I have tried thus far work perfectly. I would gladly order them again....more info
  • Good, but....
    It's obviously a product that isn't up to the real canon standards. The ink and presentation is fine in black, but it smears when you highlight anything. Meaning my highlighter is ruined and I've got black ink running across the page. When printing there are signs of wispy ink traces too. It's a fine product for basic page printing. Nothing wrong with it. But if you're doing resume building, or need something for a presentation, I'd say go with the real canon ink, and not this brand. For as cheap as it is, it's great for the basics.

    The color tends to smear and be really grainy, especially on regular paper. ...more info