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Ergotron LX Desk Mount Arm - mounting kit ( 45-179-195 )
List Price: $223.65

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Product Description

Change the way you view the world! Sleek and streamlined, the LX frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity. Reposition your LCD with just a touch. Up. Down. Forward. Back. The LX provides unparalleled range of motion.PRODUCT FEATURES:Upgrade LCD monitors and TVs with improved ergonomic adjustment;Patented CF motion technology provides premium ease-of-use display adjustment;Cable management feature routes cables under the arm, out of the way;Extends/retracts LCD up to 24"; push your display out of the way when not in use;13" height range meets the ergonomic needs of more than nine out of ten adults;Compact design frees up space.

  • Upgrade LCD monitors/TVs with improved ergonomic adjustment
  • Patented CF motion technology provides easy adjustment
  • Extends/retracts LCD up to 24 inch
  • Cable management feature routes cables under the arm
  • Compact design frees up space

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice monitor arm.
    It's a bit pricey, but worth it. I mounted this on a computer desk I got in my living room. It works well!!!...more info
  • Flexible options and mounting.
    I was a little confused which type of desk-mounting options this arm featured. The reason was it features both clamp and pass-through grommet mount (or bolt-through-hole). Also it has a platform for laptop mounting. So, essentially you'll have leftover bits whichever way you choose.

    The desk clamp can be taken apart to pass through a very small space if you can't move the desk surface. This is great for cubicle or fixed spaces. You may need an extension arm if you need to mount this in a corner.

    Installation was very simple and it easily holds a Viewsonic 19" LCD monitor, freeing up a lot of desk space beneath. Since I use my desk for multiple purposes, I really needed to get the bulky LCD base off my desk.

    The arm seems very stable and secure mounted on my desk....more info
  • Spend a little more, you'll be happy
    After a horrible experience with the much cheaper, and lesser quality, Ergotron 45-174-300 Neo-Flex LCD Arm-Extension Grommet Desk Mount, I reluctantly decided to try another product from this company. Needless to say, I am much happier with this new arm. I have had it for about a month now and it hasn't failed like the cheaper arm. It won't hold my 22" monitor too high off the surface of the desktop (about 10" max) even thought it is well-below the weight limit, but it is working fine for what I need.

    If you're considering an arm, don't go cheap, you may be sorry....more info
  • An excellent product
    This arm works great. It frees up a lot of deskspace and has an excellent stable range of motion. I have had no problems with it holding my 17" Dell monitor. I had purchased the extra arm but did not need it so unless you're sure you need the extra length, don't worry about getting the add on. A great value for the price....more info
  • Exactly as advertised...
    I needed a monitor stand that would permit my wife and I to use the same monitor. We have a 19" NEC that weighs 14 lbs. She likes it pushed way back on the desk, I like it more up close. I think it has to do with how our eyeglasses were made. She has to have the monitor down near the desktop, I like it about eye level. This Ergotron stand allows us to move the monitor where we need it. It is strong and well built. Everything about it is well made and I am completely satisfied. Amazon was the cheapest price, and the free shipping offer was much better than I expected--I ordered the stand on Wednesday, 1/2, and it was delivered here to Houston area on 1/4. Fantastic!...more info
  • Performs excellent on an Acer 22" LCD monitor.
    I purchased this item to save desk space. I reseached a lot of potential LCD arms and this one seemed to provide the best value. It arrived on time and packed securly. I rarely read instructions but I noticed that some of the comments on Amazon indicated people having trouble adjusting it to work with their monitor so in this case I read the instructions closely and carefully. The instructions are fairly short and pretty straight forward. The arm easily installed as advertised and supports my 22" Acer monitor (model AL2216W) perfectly...after making the proper adjustments which were very easy to make. It is clamped to the back of my desk which is 3/4" thick press board. Make sure you check the dimensions of your desk before ordering. In making the adjustments I would suggest testing the holding strength frequently so that you don't unecessarily overtighten the springs. I would also suggest not tighting it so the monitor can be set extremely high unless you really use your monitor set at a level above your eyes. I took a chance since I have no idea what my monitor weighs and the arm is supposed to only be good up to 20 lbs. I figured I could return it if it did not work. I highly recommend this arm....more info
  • splendid ergotron
    i could say that i am more than satisfied with this product. it's material and quality are excellent. there is nothing less than it is described on the ergotron site. in fact the package contains "more" than i have expected. it contains all the accesories and tools that ate needed to mount yor monitor on the arm.(2 sizes of vesa mount and 2 types of desk mount[on the side of the desk or through a hole]). some may say that it is expensive but i dont believe that i could find something cheaper but that good.
    top buy...more info
  • No mounting bracket included for 24" monitor
    I'd give the arm itself a 5 star rating. Not disappointed in it at all.

    I just want to warn people that if they have a large monitor that they may need an adapter plate (bracket) that is NOT included with the arm.

    I have a Samsung SyncMaster 245bw that needs the wide bracket. The Ergotron company's suggested retail price is $50. Amazon charges $43 (if this is even the correct part) "Wall Mount Bracket Kit" found at the link "Other products by Ergotron"

    ...or if you have a few tools, you can do what I did and make your own out of a piece of scrap metal for $1....more info
  • Very nice desk mount
    I bought this arm to desk mount a second 24" monitor for my 24" iMac, and it works very well.
    Easy to set up, adjust, and use. Seems to be well-constructed. Everything included to do several types of mounts. The monitor can rotate so I can use it in page view, which comes in handy every now and then.
    Having a dual monitor setup is great - I can't imagine going back to a single 24" screen. Having both mounted on articulating arms makes the whole setup even more effective.
    Highly recommended....more info
  • It works with the greatest of ease.....
    ....holding my Dell 2007WFP flat panel monitor. This is a well-made piece; it is very adjustable allowing you to place your monitor anywhere within the range of the arm and allowing both portrait and landscape positioning of your monitor. As a previous reviewer stated, you need to do your homework before you place and mount this monitor arm. I had to drill a small hole through my desktop as the edges of my desk would not allow clamp mounting. If it is obvious you cannot clamp mount the arm, then you need to ensure you can safely drill through your desk, be able to reach the mounting bolt and be able to tighten the nut. I chose to discard the somewhat small wing nut and use a larger nut and washer; I tightened the whole assembly with a wrench. In addition, the instructions show a "straight on" positioning of the arm (the arm is directly behind the monitor) but you might want or need to mount it to the side (like I needed to). If you do this, make sure the arm will position the monitor to your liking within its range of movement ...a bit more homework for you. When properly mounted, the arm is rock-solid and once you get all the joint spring tensioning squared away your monitor will move with the greatest of ease. ...more info
  • Really happy with this

    I'm really happy with this arm. It is expensive so it would be easy to be disappointed, but I like it a lot.

    + well-built (solid) - I have a 22" Dell Ultrasharp attached to it
    + easy to install (does require some assembly)
    + very flexible in all three dimensions
    + nice thumbscrews to attach the monitor to the mount
    + rotates 90 degrees easily as needed
    ...more info
  • Should've bought this earlier
    This is an excellent arm, easy to assemble, and my Dell 2407 stay exact same place where I left it. I can't be any happier. It does what it suppose to do....more info
  • Ergotron
    Great product, however the packing of the product needs some help. Out of three the three products I got two had cracks in it from the way it was packed, it needs a better packing method between the base of the main shaft where the foot is and the main control arm. Amazon has great customer service. I have not yet had a problem working with Amazon and have done business with them on several occasions. Thanks for the superior customer service.

    kinjimoto...more info
  • Ergotron LX Desk Mount Arm
    I bought two to free up my desk space, easy to install. You may need longer DVI to reach your PC. Solid arms...def recommend. ...more info
  • Nice monitor arm!
    I previously purchased the cheaper Ergotron model and was unsatisfied with how clunky it felt. I purchased this model and was impressed and very satisfied with how smooth it was. It has handled my Dell 20" monitors with ease! Oh yea, I bought two because I liked it so much! I'm thinking about buying another one (I have three Dell 20" LCD monitors side by side using a MacBook Pro and a TripleHead2Go to extend the display) Awesome setup! As a matter of fact, I think I'll have to do the same at work! The only thing that I dislike about the arms are the plastic covers on the outside of the arm. They seem a little fragile to me. Oh, a cool feature is that they are very adjustable. If you don't like how springy they are, you can adjust the tension. Very Nice!...more info
  • Love it
    This is just what I needed. It works great. Quality construction and materials. In fact, I will be buying the laptop arm next....more info
  • Expensive but worth the money
    This is a very sturdy mounting kit for my monitor. I have a 22 inch monitor and have had no problems with the arm "sinking" or losing tension. I have it set up on a small table to the side of my easy chair and I can move the screen to virtually any tilt to make it easy for gaming, surfing, working or occasionally spinning around to show someone something cool online. If I need to get up, it easily moves out of the way.
    This arm was a good solution for me because I had neck trouble and headaches trying to read my monitor when it was set up in a static position on my desktop. The screen used to be too far away to easily read without wearing glasses, and turning my head to the left constantly caused muscle problems in my neck and shoulders. This arm puts the screen front and center at any distance I want. I'm glad I spent the money on something that works so well for me....more info
  • Very Good Monitor Arm
    I'm using this Ergotron LX Desk Mount Arm to hold up my Sony SDM-X82 18.1" LCD monitor. It works very well. I don't have any problems with it, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

    - Make no assumptions about where you will mount this arm. For both this and my nearly identical notebook arm, I glanced at the desks where they'd be used, saw they had edges, and assumed all was well. Well, I was wrong. There were supporting panels below the desk that interfered with proper mounting. With some finagling, I managed to get both arms mounted. But, I highly recommend you crawl under your desk and make some measurements before buying this. If you intend to clamp it to an edge, it looks like you'll need (optimally) about 3-1/2" of lip (the desktop should be between 1/2" and 1-7/8" thick). If you intend to mount it through a hole on the desk, make sure you have access to the underside of the desk where that hole is (or will be -- I ended up drilling a 1/2" hole through my desktop for this option).
    - You WILL have to adjust the various tensioning screws. If you don't, the thing will probably droop down to your desktop at the first opportunity.
    - Before buying, go to Ergotron's site, look up the product, and then go to Support Center | Display Compatibility. There, you'll be able to see if the arm can support your monitor. Most LCDs less than 24" are probably good out of the box. But, bigger LCDs will probably require an additional 200x200 VESA mount (or maybe even a higher capacity arm).

    I'm very happy with this arm. Outside of what I noted (and those are my problems and not problems with the product), it works well and looks good. I rate it a Very Good 4 stars out of 5....more info
  • Works great. Good value
    This thing works perfectly for me, along with the optional extension arm I bought to make it longer. I've had it for nearly a year now, and I never think about it, which means it's doing just what it should.

    Be sure to adjust the tension in the arms as shown in the instructions to get it give the right amount of support for your monitor.

    ...more info
  • Even better than expected
    I read the reviews here and was happy to see someone else using the Ergotron LX with the Samsung 245BW 24" monitor. I was a little hesitant to buy one but based on that review I took the plunge.

    This thing works great. It goes together nice and easy. You can attach the arm to your monitor without trying to hold the monitor in the air like some other arms I have used. I laid my LCD face down on the desk, attached the arm and then lifted the whole thing and lowered it down onto the upright post.

    Make sure you get the lift tension adjusted right. It's in the instructions but it's close to the end so you might not get that far. With it set correctly it's having no problems holding up my 24" monitor and it moves around nice and easy. I can even rotate 90 degrees for portrait mode.

    Right now I have it clamped to the edge of the desk but I may switch that for the hole mount option. All the hardware is included for that.

    My one complaint? The included 100x100mm plate wouldn't work for my monitor necessitating the purchase of the 100x200mm adapter. I knew this going in but the adapter is an extra $50. For some reason it's not black so it looks a little tacky. I should be able to fix that with some black spray paint.

    Overall I am very pleased. The stand for the 245BW takes up a lot of space and the ability to move the monitor to where ever I want it is going to be great.

    Definitely worth the money!...more info
  • Beautiful, solid equipment
    I did a lot of research before settling on the Ergotron LX. I bought two, one for a 23" Apple Cinema Display and one for a ViewSonic VP201b (20"). The arms handle the weight of each monitor wonderfully and they have a very attractive modern look.

    The setup for each only took ~ 10 minutes. I thought it would take an hour when I first opened the box and saw the three thick manuals they included. The manuals were in multiple languages which explains the number of manuals. The installation guide was very easy to follow, sort of like the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. Each step presents you with a style A or B. I chose to just use the mounting bracket style instead of drilling through my desk, and setup was very easy.

    I wish I had found these sooner. I love my desk again and the new space underneath the monitors makes room for all my gear. I no longer have neck pain since I can adjust these to the proper height.

    I keep the tension key nearby but have not had to use it since installation. Good work, Ergotron....more info
  • Best computer investment I've ever made
    I have the Ergotron Desk Arm with the extra extension. The desk arm is very sturdy and relatively easy to set up. You only need the included tools plus a philips head screw driver for the job, should take 20-30 minutes. The Ergotron LX is a truly amazing device that will help your posture and neck if you want. It can allow you to rotate the monitor up to 90 degrees so that one may view it in portrait mode. If you use a computer for more than 20 minutes a day, the arm is well worth the $120. It will completely change the way you use your desk space. My desk is now completely empty except a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

    I am a PhD student with a one-bedroom apartment. My 22" Gateway LCD is the sole hub of electronic entertainment in my room serving as a computer terminal, DVD player, and media center for enjoying music through my home theater. The Ergotron is extremely flexible and can bend in many angles, such as facing directly up to the ceiling, tilted way down, to the left, right or whatever. There segment closest to you allows for further height adjustment and all the wires neatly tuck away. It is designed so well that you can place the LCD in nearly infinite positions and the position is easy to change, frequently if you like. Just make sure your power and DVI cables are long enough to supply the arm, especially if you get the extension you may need to move the desktop.

    After using a tablet PC for one year I became spoiled in wanting to have an LCD I could spin around like my tablet. I have a new Gateway monitor which can be used in landscape/portrait mode so I can view webpages very easily, you don't have to scroll as much.

    The extra arm allows you to extend the LCD even further from the desk, reaching aboud 3-4' off the desk, in the air whereever you like. Mine can be viewed now from my bed and with my gyroscopic Logitech MX Air I can surf the internet like a real bum, in style!...more info
  • Excellent support arm
    I have this for close to a month and am loving it. It's bought to support a 24" LCD monitor and doing a great job at it. I first try the clamp type mount at the edge of the desk, only to find its footing being readily shifted when I move the monitor about. The weight of the monitor may be the greatest contributor to the matter. I ended up using the drill-through-the-table mount_be careful and plan accordingly before drilling if you had an expensive desk to deal with. Also note that the center of the foot of the mount needs to face squarely to the position of the monitor. Otherwise, you would see it weighs heavily on the side the monitor is at. Only minor details one must pay attention to. Other than those, this mount looks and works great on my desk. It's quite awesome that the monitor can be completely moved out of the way when needed....more info
  • better than advertised
    The device is beautiful ,it handles a 14 lb flat screen with ease and the amazon price was by far the best on the web.a perfect purchase....more info
  • Holds heavier monitors than the Ergotron indicates
    Ergotron LX Desk Mount Arm - mounting kit ( 45-179-195 )
    I bought this for a Samsung 245t (fantastic 8-bit, 24"monitor), which is not only heavy, but is 3.8" in depth. the Erogotron site (and I called them) says 2" is recommended and they can't guarantee it will hold it w/o drooping. But it does with no problem. You just have to tighten the head joint (which they provide an allen wrench for) and it hangs wherever you want without budging, yet still moves around very easily. These things are rock solid metal with heavy duty spring joints. I bought two singles, rather than the double arm, to hold two samsung monitors.

    Now, if you're using a monitor like the 245t (24"), it may have a 200mm plate on the back of it where it's original stand is attached. This LX arm comes with a 75mm AND a 100mm plate for attaching. DO NOT go to the Ergotron site and buy the $40 200mm adapter kit! I went to a site at [...], and bought a Skunkworks conversion adaptor (SKU #170EB-80, for $10 plus shipping. It's two simple metal bars that you screw onto your monitor after you take the original stand off. This gives you the holes you need, in the right place, to use the Ergotron supplied 100mm plate and you're good to go.

    Other things to your cable (whether VGA or DVI) long enough to go from your computer, snake through the LX cable channel, and still allow enough slack for you to move and spin your monitor around freely? Mine were not, so I ordered two 10' (3 Meter) cables from a company called CableCity, here on Amazon, for around $10 each plus shipping.

    Otherwise, I have one arm 'clamped' to my desk (for the 22" monitor), and the other is mounted 'through' the desk through a small hole I drilled. Both are very, very solid. I have no concerns about them moving or not holding.

    Highly, highly recommend this product, and $114 with free shipping is a great price. They ship out of Nevada....more info
  • very satisfied thanks Ergotron and Amazon
    This is really a great product! The setup is extremely easy and this thing works truly like its description. If you have a large desk this will change the way you manage the space of it. If you have a small desk this is a must because it will create much extra space for you. Either way this LCD arm is worth the money. I know this thing is not cheap, but is probably the best thing you can own for < $150. I am so happy for making this purchase. Thanks Ergotron for such great product and Amazon for trouble-free ordering and lightning-fast shipping!...more info
  • A winner!
    Every now and then I get lucky and a product exceeds my expectations. This is a quality mount and works great with my Samsung 17" LCD. My display is held in one position permanently, so can't say how the mount might hold up if you're moving the monitor a lot. The instructions are the size of a small book and are typical of their Chinese origins. If you are at all mechanically inclined, you can set the instructions aside and assemble the unit by just looking at the drawing. You'll find extra screws and the allen wrench provided may or may not fit into the screws, which don't seem too have precision hex holes in them anyway. ...more info
  • Better than sliced bread
    I bought this to support a 19" LCD Planar touch screen monitor. It is super well constructed and it and works as advertised. Ergotron makes a super product. It came with all necessary pieces for clamp or through mount and is a an absolute pleasure to use....more info
  • A purchase for a lifetime
    I debated about which monitor arm or mount to purchase for a Samsung 20" monitor, finally deciding to spend the extra $$'s for this Ergotron model. The arm is solidly constructed and extremely smooth in movement. Up, down, left, right, rotate 90(I especially like this option for full page work), draw it in close, push it back, tilt the screen up, tilt the screen down... it does it all. Another unforseen advantage is the wide open space I now have on my desktop ... room for more personal clutter!
    I can see eventually buying a new improved monitor, but fully expect this arm to last me the rest of my days. I am glad I spent the extra. ...more info
  • Great product
    I'm using a 22" LCD monitor(CHIMEI) and the mount has no problem holding my monitor. I change the position of my monitor quiet often and the joint of the mount has no sign of getting loose. I recommend it!...more info
  • Simple installation and works great with 22'' monitor
    It was really simple to assemble and install (simple clamp) on my desk. Materials are of sturdy/solid and high quality metal. It came with a bagful of misc. hardware and tools for other mount types. It works with my 22" monitor without any tension adjustments. Now I can have infinite positional adjustments to my monitor to suite my view angles and hopefully helps to ease the strain of my neck and eyes! Highly recommended.

    5/26/2009: It works so well so I bought a second one today for another 23 inch monitor. ...more info
  • Super adjustable stand
    This stand lives up to its billing. It is ultra adjustable and very easy to assemble. The quality is excellent also. Definitely a good buy. ...more info