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Ion TTUSB Turntable with USB Record
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Product Description

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! See the first USB turntable for converting your old vinyls directly to CD or MP3 with the included recording software (No special drivers needed!). It includes Audacity software for Mac/PC for recording and a trial of Bias Soundsoap 2 for cleaning and restoring vinyl quality. In addition, the ION iTTUSB turntable also has line level output for connecting to any home stereo with CD or auxiliary (AUX) inputs. It is compatible with any software that supports USB audio input sound cards. CD with Mac/PC recording software 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. Adjustable Anti-Skating control for increased stereo balancing High speed vinyl recording Line level RCA outputs 1/8 stereo line input so you can digitize music from cassettes or other sources Computer Requirements - PC running Windows 98, 2000, or XP / Mac running OS9 or greater / One available USB port Set-up required to mount turntable and adjust tone-arm

The first USB turntable that lets you convert your old vinyl collection directly to CD or MP3, the Ion Audio iTTUSB is a must for people who don't want to deal with clumsy adapters or mismatched software when transferring formats. Requiring no special drivers, the turntable comes with Audacity, a recording application that works with both PCs and Macs, as well a trial version of Bias Soundsoap 2 to clean and restore vinyl recordings. As an alternative, the turntable also works with any other software that supports USB audio input sound cards. Once connected, the turntable transfers both 33-1/3 rpm albums and 45 rpm singles to digital formats in mere minutes.

The iTTUSB also offers a few hardware extras, such as an adjustable anti-skating control for increased stereo balancing, an adjustable pitch control (+/- 8 percent), and support for high-speed vinyl recording. And thanks to the line-level outputs, you can connect to any home stereo with CD or auxiliary (AUX) inputs--no phono inputs required. The turntable comes with a cartridge and stylus, 45 adapter, and USB cable and is compatible with PCs running Windows 98, 2000, or XP and Macs running OS 9 or greater. All computers must also have at least one available USB 1.1 port.

The iTTUSB's master carton measures 20.27 by 6.85 by 17.16 inches (W x H x D) while the turntable itself weighs 7.7 pounds.

What's in the Box
Turntable, tonearm counterweight, platter with belt, slipmat, cartridge premounted on headshell, RCA cable, USB cable, software CD-ROM, 45 adapter, quick-start guide, user's manual.

  • USB 1.1 turntable that makes it a snap to convert vinyl collection to CD or MP3 formats
  • Includes Audacity PC/Mac recording software and trial version of Bias Soundsoap 2
  • Adjustable anti-skating control for increased stereo balancing
  • Support for high-speed vinyl recording; works with both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm speeds
  • Line-level outputs for easy stereo connection; 1/8-inch line-level input; weighs 7.7 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • So-So Product
    To me a good product is 4 star, something exceptional to make it 5, one off for each significant drawback. The two with ION TTUSB:
    -the EZ Vinyl Software generates frequent 'cannot convert file' messages when converting to itunes, whereupon it must start over converting the LP, even if it successfully converted several tracks. Eventually it gets through all the tracks in an LP, then you have to sort through and get rid of the tracks it successfully converted on the failed tries, to avoid clutter in your itunes: workable but annoying. I've heard suggestions this is caused when itunes was already installed before you got EZV, but it's just poor design not to have thought somebody would already have itunes installed and not want to mess with it.
    -faint ground loop hum noise on the recordings. Again possible extraordinary measures would fix it, but it just shouldn't be there.

    Otherwise the EZ Vinyl software is also clunky to use in more minor ways (for example inevitable long pause in your MP3 file at end of an LP side while you quickly flip the LP), but workable. The turntable basically works. My old LP's have wear and occasional damage, a super quality turntable wouldn't help that much. Besides the two specific problems mentioned it would be a 'get what you pay for' situation in a fairly cheap product. But I'd check out competing products which might not have those problems....more info
  • vinyl heaven
    I am finally converting my vinyl collection from the 60's through the 80's to CD. I have had zero problems with the ION iTTUSB turntable. The quality of the recording is amazing and I like the Audacity software. Easy enough for a 50 something to use.

    Dan S.
    Seabrook Tx...more info
  • Buying more records
    I'm no professional DJ or music producer, I'm a music buff indeed. So, I just needed a fast, easy, clean and cheap way to get my record collection into MP3...
    I'm REALLY happy about the results I got, in fact, buying more records. ...more info
  • The Purchase from HELL!
    This is the worst purchase I ever made. The quality is terrible - and if there's a way of changing settings, the manual does not mention it. THERE IS NOTHING INTUITIVE ABOUT THE MENUING SYSTEM OR USE OF THIS PRODUCT. If a month or so goes by, I have to re-learn how to use this all over again. And to add insult to injury, you have to completely reconfigure your sound setting in control panel to be able to listen to your recording while you're recording. DON'T BUY THIS unless, of course, you're the person who has no life whatsoever and enjoys spending ten or twelve hours trying to get twenty or thirty minutes of music recorded. Oh, am I a neophyte? I'm a software designer!...more info
  • Works as advertised
    The setup of the hardware and software was quite straightforward. Though I am a tech savvy person, I actually bothered to read the instructions and found that they were quite complete.

    The conversion is a two-step process - you initially record your albums in raw digital format and then convert them to the "real world" format of your choice - e.g. CD, MP3 etc.

    (You don't necessarily have to keep the original raw recordings as they can take up quite a bit of space.)

    CD digital conversion is supported out of the box but you will need to download a conversion add-in for MP3 - the one suggested by the Audacity software worked fine for me.

    The Audacity software works well - see my notes below to help you optimize your experience.

    Some things to keep in mind when converting your records to digital format:

    The physical condition of the record can make a huge difference in the amount of noise. If you can, (in case you've forgotten about this practice) make sure you clean your records before you play them.

    Even if your records are in great shape, digital recordings made with this turntable can reveal poor quality in the original recording. This is particulary true if you choose to record in CD quality WAV or high-bit-rate MP3).

    The Audacity software lets you create CD quality (actually Super Audio CD quality) WAV files as well as ultra high bit rate MP3's. These files can get quite large. So, think about what you will be listening to your recordings on - if it's just your iPod, to save space you could get away with a lower quality conversion. If you intend to listen to your recordings on your home stereo, use a higher bit rate for MP3's or create CD quality WAV files and burn your own CDs.

    Use the "amplify" feature in the Audacity software to make sure your recordings are all at the same level - will save you turning the volume up and down.

    Quibble: It's too bad this version of the turntable doesn't have a dust cover....more info
  • Very good product
    I like this turntable. Sound quality is very good and the software is simple to use (iTunes required). Once you have installed the Audacity software, the drive belt, and balanced the arm (about 15 minutes), you're ready to begin transferring albums to your computer. However, you should expect to experience a few minor glitches when the music automatically transfers into iTunes. Since the software uses Gracenote to find the album info, it's often wrong more than it is right. The good news for non-iPod users like me is that Windows Media Player will automatically convert the music from iTunes over to an MP3 format. One last note: you record the albums in real-time, so this can become somewhat time consuming. I'd also like to see ION add a dusk cover. ...more info
    The turntable took a little while to set up and synch with my PC, but worked great once I figured it out. Can't say the same for the editing SW (Audacity) that came with it. This is the most complicated, non-user friendly software I have come accross in a long time. That they have the audacity to ship it with such a great turn table is beyond me. Unless you plan on recording everything perfectly from the turntable or allowing yourself several hours/days to figure out the SW or find another way to edit your songs, don't buy this product....more info
  • ion turntable
    A good product for the price.It does a really good job turning you old lps to cds with some nice features. It has already paid for it's self. However it has no dust cover and is belt driven. I'm waiting for the belt to stretch or or fly apart..then what? But I am satisfied and would reccomend it only for recording old LPs to CDs. It's durablity is questionalbe....more info
  • Ion Turntable
    This turntable is more efficient than I expected. I am quite
    pleased with it and have recommended it to several friend at the university....more info
  • Glad we got it
    When I heard about a turntable that could turn our old LP's into MP3 files I was thrilled. I read all the reviews and went ahead and bought the Ion. After setting up the turntable my son and I went right to work recording some of my collection and it was easy.
    It takes time and if you want to separate each song (track), you need to be there to click the arrow on the screen. If you have the time, and you have enough vinyl, the machine pays for itself in i tune purchases alone....more info
  • Junky
    Mine came with EZ Vinyl Converter and Audacity. The EZ Vinyl software did not recognize my turntable with the USB connector. As a matter of fact it hoses my Vista Laptop when plugged in. From experiance this is the sign of an incompatible driver.

    The Audacity software is actualy freeware software and can be downloaded from their web site. Its problemmatic at best.

    The unit is very cheap. 99% plastic. I do like the fact that I can plug it into a reciever or other preamp and not use the flaky USB interface. It has a switch that lets you turn on and off the built-in preamp. There was a slight hum when the preamp was engauaged.

    While the tone arm does have an adjustment I found it to be somewhat sticky.

    I cant tell you how well the USB inteface worked as I could not get mine to work.

    BTW I purchased mine form Best Buy for $170.
    ...more info
  • Simple yet fantastic
    Using the built in audio processing abilities of my MacBook the USB turntable impoerts sound to the built in A to D board which then appears in one of the two programs that come with the turntable. While both programs work well, the more complex program Audacity promises to be more helpful for cleaning up older recordings. ...more info
  • ION USB for 78 RPM
    I am well pleased with the turntable. Easy to set up and quick to start capturing sound. The software appears to be robust but recommendations on how to clean up the sound took a lot of digging on the web and trial and error. I now have it down to about 5 steps that provides acceptable results on 95% of my 78 RPM collection. Now working my way through over a thousand 78's....more info
  • Pretty Good Stuff
    This is a good product. The software could have better documentation but all in all this was worth it. The merchant shipped quickly and delivery was just as it said. ...more info
  • software easy to install but...
    I bought this to turn my lps into cds, but the crackle and pops that needed to be removed were not easy with using the software that came with this hardware. I will continue to study and try....more info
  • ION gets the job done
    I've got a huge vinyl library that dates back to my life in the 60s. We've moved a few times and always carried our collection with, damp basements, hot barns, the records have been everywhere. We've added music over the years because some things are just not available on CD. Well, recently we changed our audio setup and we no longer had room for our turntable. I use a Mac so I picked up an iMic but was never happy with the quality or the software.

    I decided to go with the the Ion because it looked like a simple setup and it worked with Macs. It is a little larger than I expected, but I got over that. It came partially disassembled, but the directions were clear and the setup was easy for me. The adjustment of the tone arm took the longest, but I wanted to make sure it was right.

    The Audacity software loaded and works fine on my MacBook Pro running Leopard 10.5.4. It was intuitive and easy to learn although I have not used it to it's full capacity yet. What I like about listening to records is to hear the faint pops and cracks and the full deep tones. Audacity lets you clean all of that up, but I chose not to.

    Once you rip the album to your hard drive, you can do the cleaning, add track numbers and names or add some of the many filters available. The ease of importing to iTunes was important for me, too, and it works great with Audacity.

    I should mention that the ripping is done in real time, but the software allows you to speed it up is you wish. Again, I chose not to because I wanted to listen to the music as it was transferring.

    I'm very happy with the purchase and find myself just listening to music that I haven't heard in years, even if I decide not to transfer it to my Mac. The turntable also has regular RCA connections if you'd want to add it to your stereo system....more info
  • Good deal
    Works as billed. The nice thing is that you can just plug it into your stereo and use it to replace your old turntable, when not using it to convert your vinyl to mp3. It was about as cheap to get this replacement turntable as it would have been to replace the cartridge and needle on my aging 80s-era model. ...more info
  • turntable with USB record
    I had so much hope for this turntable, which would have enabled me to listen and convert my beloved lps to cds. What a disappointment when I hooked it up and found out that it doesn't work. I had to return it for a refund. The one good thing about this purchase/return experience is the amazing speed that Amazon processed my order. The product arrived within a day of ordering, and I received notification of my refund days after I returned the product. Oh well....more info
  • phono to disk recorder
    The instructions are a little flakey, but doable. Great way to salvage the investment in your old lp's....more info
  • turntable
    Came instantly but it is a May Birthday gift. We have not installed yet....more info
  • Total Crap
    I bought this for my wife for her birthday. We spent 4 hours trying to get it to work. No sound was ever detected through the USB connection by any of the software. We are not computer illiterate idiots...I work in software. After much web research and getting through to the manufacturers Level 2 support, they thought it was probably a hardware problem with the product. I managed to get some sound through a receiver connected via the RCA cables but it was then that I realized the 33 1/3 speed was WAYYYYYY off. It sounded like listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks. It feels cheaply made and it is. I returned it to the store (The Source by Circuit City) with no problem, picked up $100 Nextech turntable then went to Staples and got an ADS InstantMusic USB A/D convertor. This set up cost me less than the ION piece of crap, the turntable was better quality, the ADS had better software (auto-track detection, unlike the stuff with the ION) and worked immediately. DO NOT buy the ION USBTT...while it may work for some, their quality control is atrocious....more info
  • confusing
    Hello, this seemed like a good idea, but we've spent so much time fiddling with the thing trying to get the program right in the computer for it actually to record. I'm sure it works, but it's been so much hastle trying to do so that I've had it sitting under the plastic for 6 months collecting dust. ...more info
  • Works Great! Very Good (Not excellent) sound quality
    Once you figure out how to record, this product works great. The sound quality is very good but not excellent. I use it to move my music from the vinyl format to digital (itunes). Had I not had itunes I would be in a real "pickle". Beware to find an instruction manual somewhere! I had to "mute" the sound from my laptop to prevent "conflicts". I use a set of desktop speakers directly wired to the turntable to monitor the sound....more info
  • Good product
    Software easy to install. The RCA output is not amplified so you need to connect it to an amplifier if you really want to listen, other thing that I haven't found how to do is to listen to the LP's thru the computer without having to record the music "listen only mode". Other than that the turntable is awesome.
    ...more info
  • Now I Need an iPod !!!
    This turntable and the enclosed software make it easy as pie to turn a vinyl record into an mp3... or a .wav file, but they're ten times bigger. Best hundred bucks I ever spent, electronic gadget-wise. I was hearing my old albums within 5 minutes of unpacking the Ion ittUSB turntable.

    Then, just a few minutes after you've played the albumen, you're done. They say that mp3's are not as audiologically accurate as the cd (which is what the .wav file is supposed to be), but i really couldn't tell. Of course I wasn't trying to hear the difference. It'll take another set-up to do that and I was having too much fun listening to records I haven't played in over 20 years (I have 3,000 of them -- remember Stuff, the original SNL band?).

    With my little Monsoon speakers that came with my 'puter, the new mp3 file I created sounded just fine. Now I have to figure out what to do with the $450 ADC turntable and the $120 aftermarket cartridge I just had to have, all those years ago.

    And I have to get an iPod....more info
  • Very Pleased
    To start, I only gave 4 stars as I've not used the turntable or software for an extended period of time yet so I want to be fair.
    However, I found it very easy to assemble and it worked perfectly once that was done. I accidentally started off using the "advanced" Audacity software for recording and found it not only easy to use but actually a bit fun. Great amount of control over your recordings. I'm enjoying the process of converting all the stuff on vinyl that I don't have or won't find on CD. The only complaint I have is the the 45rpm insert is just a tad too small and allows for movement when playing 45's. Just used one I already had and still happy.
    ...more info
  • One of a kind
    I bought this turntable to convert over 200 records into a format that our MP3 players could use. In no time at all we had it up and running digitizing the music unto our computer. I especially like the feature where you can record a 33 1/3rpm at 45rpm and then convert it back to 33 1/3 after digitizing it. It cuts the recording time by 26%. Another nice feature is that you can filter most of the extra noise from scratches out of the recordings. I would highly recommend this product....more info