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World Tour XCG4 Folding Tripod Guitar Stand, Black
List Price: $20.00

Our Price: $9.95

You Save: $10.05 (50%)


Product Description

Prevent your guitar from getting damaged. The World Tour GS1 On-Stage guitar stand holds virtually any acoustic or electric guitar or bass. The GS1 is a tubular metal stand with black velveteen rubber padding, heavy-duty sheet metal leg housing, security strap on the top yolk of the stand and a matte black powder coat finish. Setup and height adjustment is easy with its non-scratching friction knob.

  • Flush end caps to protect your instrument
  • Security strap
  • Black velveteen rubber
  • Matte black powder coat finish
  • 17mm tubing (top section)

Customer Reviews:

  • Positive Review - Folding Tripod Guitar Stand
    I purchased this stand for my 13yo son; he received an electric guitar for Christmas. It works great for this particular guitar and I'd highly recommend it. However, it is not quite big enough for his acoustic guitar. Thank you....more info
  • Just what i was looking for
    I'm a bit of a minimalist so I preferred this stand over other stands with shiny chrome finish and thicker tubes. Having my guitars out in display reminds me that I need to play them more, very simple design--- easy to take out, and easy to put away....more info
  • Great value for price
    its a no-nonsense bunch of tubes that holds your guitar.. um. works perfectly fine for my stratocaster lookalike. and it's cheap...more info
  • Does the job
    Good quality and sturdy.

    I'm using this with my Ibanez bass and it works great.

    Like other reviewers stated, it doesn't like acoustic guitars. My Silvertone acoustic wouldn't fit in the stand.

    I will definitly invest in more of these for my other electric guitars. ...more info