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External 5.1 USB 3D Audio Sound Card Adapter for PC Desktop Notebook Laptop
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Product Description

Great high quality product! Eliminate the need for a traditional sound card with this USB to Audio adapter. Real USB plug & play to upgrade any on-board soundcard to 5.1 Digital Surround Sound without any hardware installation. Connect a speaker or headphone directly to the adapter and enjoy 3D positional sound and virtual 5.1ch sound track. Use the USB port power directly.

  • Instantly creates a microphone in and audio jack out from any PC USB port
  • Plug and Play. Easy installation
  • USB powered, no external power required
  • Compensates any desktop speakers with 3.5 mm cable
  • Supports 3-dimensional sound; Virtual 5.1 sound effects

Customer Reviews:

  • What Cheap Can Buy
    I won't beat around the bush, this is a terrible product. I was looking for something to allow Mic level recordings on my computer (Macbook Pro) and I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money on an iMic. I found this remarkably cheaper device, and decided to try it instead. When I got it, the first thing I thought upon seeing the packaging was how un-professional it looked. The box looks like something someone printed off their computer, and it even had spelling errors on it. When I popped the device out of the box it came apart in my hand. Right then I knew I had made a mistake. It comes with a minidisc that 1. doesn't fit in a mac, and 2. only had PC software on it. Of course the box and the product page don't say what platform this device is for, and indeed my Mac did recognize it when plugged in. However, when I switched over to USB audio out, my ears were nearly blown out. There was absolutely no way to control the volume. Upon plugging in a Mic, I found the device didn't even respond The audio in channel lights up half way as though it's picking up some signal, but it doesn't make a sound (tested with Line In and Garage Band and no response). This is a shoddy, unprofessional product that should be avoided at all cost. Don't be cheap, I'm sure the iMic is loads better....more info
  • Ugh. A terrible waste of money.
    I purchased this item to convert my expensive Sony headphones to USB.

    First of all, by default, the left and right stereo channels are REVERSED. The only way to change this is to manually change where the speakers are "virtually located" in the accompanying software. It was then that I knew I had purchased a piece of junk :(. You can only do this in the emulated "5.1 Stereo Surround Sound" mode. Unfortunately --

    Second, THE 5.1 STEREO SURROUND SOUND MODE DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY. It causes everything to come out very "tinny", as if you were trying to run your sound through a Sega Genesis or something. Terrible.

    Third, the volume defaults to INCREDIBLY loud! I am glad that I had not put on my headphones yet when I started playing sound, because without exaggeration I honestly believe that it would have caused permanent damage to my hearing. The only way around THAT is to really mess with Windows Volume Control and turn everything down to the absolute minimum. And by everything, I mean the Wave volume, the Synth volume, AND the main volume. What on Earth? Why did they do this?

    Fourth (Yes, there's more!), there is a barely audible but extremely annoying "click" sound out of the right (er, excuse me, left?) speaker. Constantly. It clicks about once per second. Argh.

    Fifth, this may just be my personal set-up, but if you try to increase the main volume at ALL, there is a very audible buzzing sound behind the music.

    Lastly, for some reason this thing is not properly compatible with the volume buttons on my keyboard. Instead of raising the volume by one bar, it raises it by two. And because of the aforementioned needlessly loud default sound setting, two bars makes a HUGE difference in volume.

    This thing is unusable and useless. If I can't get my money back, I will be extremely sad.

    In conclusion, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. The previous review leads me to believe it for whatever reason operates properly on a Mac, but on my Sony VAIO Desktop PC, it's useless.

    I wouldn't have taken this if it were offered to me for free.

    STAY AWAY. This is NOT the solution you're looking for....more info
  • Works great with my 3 laptops!
    Easy plug and play mini microphone. As I got tired of hooking up a mic on a stand or putting a headset on this little guy conveniently plugs into one of my USB ports and I forget about it - nothing that dangles or flops around. The sound quality is very nice and volume easily adjustable. One of the reviews here have been negative but there are two products - one is a mic and the other a playback only device which I have not tried. ...more info
  • All around awful
    The headphone jack in my computer broke, so I needed an alternative to be able to plug in my speakers. I would have been better off just buying new USB speakers instead of trying this. WOW the audio is bad. Just really, really, really bad. When playing video, the audio is tolerable, but playing any music is out of the question unless you like garbled, fuzzy, crackling sounds. Ugh. I guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • Perfect for a PPC Mac mini
    I bought this so I could use my Mac mini (PPC), which doesn't have audio input, to talk via Skype with a friend in Tokyo. I couldn't be happier. Out-of-the-box OS X (10.4.9) recognizes it as a "C-Media USB Audio Device" and System Preferences allows me to configure it for audio in or (optionally) audio out. Most important of all, Skype works.

    I gave it four stars rather than five because the woefully lacking documentation says nothing about what headset/microphone/earphone combination can be connected. In the end, I found a standard gaming headset--an Optimus Nova 80 picked up for next to nothing at Goodwill--worked fine. I suspect almost any standard, two-plug recently made headset with 3.5 mm plugs will work, but it'd have been better if the manufacturer had said so.

    Last but not least, I ordered from one of the Marketplace sellers, Cubeternet. It shipped that same evening first-class and arrived four days later. Highly recommended!

    --Michael W. Perry, author of Untangling Tolkien: A Chronology and Commentary for The Lord of the Rings...more info
  • Don't bother....Microphone input generates high noise
    I tested the product with both my desktop and laptop, and the recording
    from the microphone generates tons of's simply not acceptable.
    ....just no way that I can use it to talk through voip... :( ...more info
  • Thought It was a good value at first but.....
    My headphone jack was deteriorating to the point that I had to hold down the jack to get the contacts to touch properly. I was about to buy USB headphones, but I decided to give this a try out since it was a fraction of the cost. I was surprised that this thing even worked! I plugged it in and voilla! It worked like magic without having to use the driver installation CD that it came with. I will discuss the product in the order of the way I discovered its different faults.

    The first downside is that it is a little wide and it may prevent other USB inserts that you have. I use a wireless mouse with an also relatively bulky USB insert. The audio USB adapter and the wireless mouse USB do not fit when inserted in tandem so I had to move the wireless mouse USB to the back. However, other regular USB plugs for something like your printer do fit.

    Other things you may want to be aware of: It somehow amplifies the volume and is louder than usual so you have to adjust your settings. The other thing I noticed after a while was that when you raise and lower the volume, the volume levels do not seem to react at a measured pace. The manual volume control (knob or buttons) do not work as well as using the volume settings directly on the computer.

    I then tried using the microphone for recordings as well as on Skype. In the recordings there was this noise that sounded as if an enormous UFO was hovering above the house. I then tried calling a friend on Skype and she heard that similar noise, with nothing else coming out the other end resembling my voice. I tried plugging in the microphone into the old jack, since that was still functioning, but it didn't work either when the USB audio adapter was plugged in.

    If all you want is to be able to hear sounds from your computer, then maybe this could be a product for you. But without a functioning microphone its utility was cut in half. ...more info
  • Great value for cost
    You can't go wrong with this little adapter. I am using it on my iBook G4, for audio input (microphone). It works just fine. I looked at a number of other items which were more pricey and had cords to mess with. This adapter plugs right into the usb port and you mic or headphones plug into it. It works great for my needs. I've also checked it out with headphones, and it works fine. I recommend this item. ...more info
  • Lo-Fi and Generates Interference
    This USB mic input and audio output appears to have promise, but the audio output level is too strong for headphones and it generates electrical noise from the USB.

    Apparently, they could not decide between driving headphones or speakers, so they picked speakers and that means the volume level must be turned almost all the way down so it does not hurt your ears when good headphones are used. The audio output quality seems very muddy.

    I bought this because my MacBook Pro does not have a mic amplifier, but when the device is plugged into the USB, electrical noise, a continuous buzz and click, is picked up by my headphones. The noise occurs even when my headphones are plugged into a different audio out and the volume is turned all the way down, so the interference is probably electromagnetic noise.

    I don't know if this noise problem occurs on other laptops, but the device is in an unshielded, un-grounded plastic case, and that is a recipie for electromagnetic interference.

    The "3D Sound" hype is a marketing gimmick since the outputs are still only stereo....more info
  • USB audio adapter
    This is great. I wanted to use it for external speakers (I ordered a docking station online at amazon and stupidly didn't realize that it was all USB ports and no other connections, so I had to get extra connectors for everything) and they work perfectly. ...more info
  • Good product
    I was convinced the only way I could ever get my sound back on my laptop was to get it fixed when my audio input jack was broken, but after doing some searching I found a product like this to try out. It has worked wonderfully and saved me a lot of money since I don't need to get the whole computer fixed now for sound and I don't have to deal with no sound at all. The speakers are a little more sensitive when you turn them up with this (it can go from being really quiet to suddenly pretty loud, but not that bad), but I would gladly pay the few dollars for this alternative for paying a few hundred dollars if not more to get the audio input jack fixed, which actually requires replacing the whole motherboard or something extreme like that if I remember correctly....more info
  • This product is just what I needed
    When I switched Laptops from PC to a MacBookPro I was very disappointed when I realized that I couldn't use my cosy top of the line Sennheiser headset to speak via Skype because there were no audio and mic jacks on my mac but USB ... I couldn't imagine that nobody had invented a little adapter... and there it was. It works just fine. I got exactly what I wanted!...more info
  • Great Product!
    I have been trying out osX86 on my laptop and the built in audio doesn't work with it, so I tried this. Works like a charm. I haven't used the mic yet, but if you need a quick fix for audio, this is it....more info
  • Horrible Sound!
    The sound is scratchy, extremely shockingly loud. Adjustments to the sound mixer cannot fix the sound. It seems like there is normal good sound coming through but then there's this raspy 8 bit sounding fuzz that shadows the sound constantly. I am sure they could have eliminated the raspy fuzz with a simple filter but for some reason decided not to. I would not suggest buying this unless you enjoy raspy scratchy sound....more info
  • Not worth the money at any price
    I bought this gizmo because I managed to blow up my sound card and thought this would be an easy fix.
    It does work though the instillation is not user friendly;HOWEVER,the sound quality is VERY POOR -- not good enough to listen to music.
    Good enough for Skype? . . . well yes BUT I found the same problem as another reviewer -- the microphone input adds a high pitched whistle and hiss to your voice.
    So if you want to sound like your calling from an old pay phone at the end of an airport runway this might be just the thing!!!!
    I tried it out on a couple of PC's with the same result -- SAVE YOUR MONEY...more info
  • usb audio adapter
    it works great, i'm using it as 2nd audio channel instead or adding a new audio adapter board...more info
  • Works great with my Macs
    I picked this up to try to use it as an auxilliary sound device for my Macs after my iMic died; I figured that if it didn't work, I wouldn't be out much. But it works very well; plug it in and it's recognized, without any driver installation. The out-bound sound quality seems very good. All in all, you can't beat the performance for the price....more info
  • Sound is Great! Instalation fool proof!
    I upgraded my home theater pc to vista with a sound card that was incompatible. Plugged this thing in and instant sound. Sound is great. I do not use a mic so cannot comment on its quality. If you want sound from your computer do not hesitate to buy this! ...more info
  • Buyer beware... This looks like the bootleg stick I bought elsewhere...
    I got one for 3 dollars on Ibiao dot com with FREE shipping and surprise, surprise, it did not work. And YES, it was the exact same as the one in the photo above.

    A "real" one can be found for not too much more money and will work far better.

    Try Griffin's iMic....more info
  • Well worth the money
    Well, what more can you ask for? I mean, I got it for $5 shipped. The next best price I could find is about $20. I know the microphone quality is not perfect. There are little static. It's small so I don't really care. All I use this for is to chat on PS3 using my regular headset. As long as the people on the other side can understand me, and I can understand them, I am happy....more info