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Jeep All Weather Umbrella Stroller, Ice Pink
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Product Description

Introducing the first all-weather umbrella stroller that keeps baby cool in the summer and protects baby from wind in the winter! Features Cool-climate roll-up exposes mesh for better air circulation and creates a head rest Sunrider canopy adjusts to block sun All-terrain wheels Reclining seat for naps 2 removable cargo bags for storage Parent cup holder Comfort-grip padded handles Quick, compact umbrella fold Light weight at 12.75lbs Colors: Ice Blue or Ice Pink Gift Wrap not available Shipping Note: This item ships via UPS Ground within contiguous United States only. Cannot be shipped to AK/HI, PO boxes, US territories, or APO/FPO addresses.

The Kolcraft Jeep All-Weather Reclining Umbrella Stroller is safe, lightweight and highly maneuverable. Featuring a unique system that helps your baby stay cool on hot days and warm on cold days, this all-weather stroller is a practical choice for you and your adventurous child.

The Kolcraft Jeep All-Weather Reclining Umbrella Stroller offers:
  • Cool-climate panel with mesh back.
  • Three-point quick release safety buckle.
  • Comfort-grip foam padded handles.

This Kolcraft stroller is safe, lightweight and highly maneuverable. View larger.
Safe and Comfortable for Baby
This unique All-Weather Reclining Umbrella Stroller features a one-of-a-kind cool-climate panel that gives your child a cool ride on warm days. When the panel is rolled up, a specially designed mesh back is exposed, increasing air circulation for your child. On colder days, you simply roll the panel down to keep baby warm and protected from the wind. A sunrider canopy adjusts to guard baby's sensitive skin from sun, and the comfy reclining seat features a three-point quick release buckle for added security.

Convenient for You
With a removable parent cup holder, two removable cargo bags that keep baby's gear easily accessible, and a comfort-grip foam padded handles, this comfortable and convenient stroller meets your needs as well as your child's.

The stroller's over-sized all-terrain wheels mean that you and baby will be ready to go anywhere. Once you arrive at your destination, umbrella style folding makes storing this all-weather stroller an easy task.

Also available in: Abyss

  • All-terrain wheels for a smooth ride
  • Seats recline and sun rider canopies easily adjust to block sun
  • Removable parent cup holder for drinks while on the go
  • Two cargo bags for gear
  • Three-point quick release buckle

Customer Reviews:

  • So Easy to Use !!
    I really love this product is so easy to use and it stay so clean too!!!
    I really recommended to anyone ! ...more info
  • C¨®modo para los beb¨¦s y para los pap¨¢s
    No solamente es un coche muy bonito, sino que tabi¨¦n es muy c¨®modo para los beb¨¦s (con 2 posiciones en la silla) y para los pap¨¢s muy f¨¢cil de manejar (suave en la direcci¨®n) y f¨¢cil de guardar en el ba¨²l del carro.
    Los colores son muy bonitos....more info
  • Great umbrella stroller
    I ordered this stroller after I saw the lesser model in the store. It was shipped free and quickly - Thanks Amazon. I am very pleased with sun shade. I like that it can be adjusted to block the sun no matter where, even my big deluxe stroller does not have that option. The height of the handle bars is a nice surprise as well. The super cheap umbrella strollers always have short handle bars and I end up kicking the wheels and cross bars. I have neither problem with the jeep umbrella stroller. It also folds up compactly and fits into the back of my vehicle nicely. Only negatives are width and color. The stroller could be made a little wider to allow baby/toddler more room and it is a little too pink for me. But, what do expect for an umbrella stroller!...more info
  • marissa wants stroller right away
    my 1 yr old daughter wants her stroller right away and we should've got it right away

    i'm sorry

    she's a bit young for this...more info
  • just what we need
    We have been using a Jeep Stroller before and where very satisfied. Now we got the pink model, which our daughter loves. It could be slightly wider but besides that all the features are handy, especially the "air conditioning". We use the stroller every day and it never lets us down....more info
  • Great until 6-9 months
    We loved this little stroller until my daughter turned about 9 months. It is too narrow so we now have to purchase another light stroller. One of the seat belt buckles also broke too. Also, the umbrella shade thing is a bit annoying....more info
  • OK for what it is
    For what it is, a lightweight, throw in the trunk spare stroller, it's just fine. If you're looking for more out of it, you're going to be disappointed.

    1.The canopy is a waste. I took it off and threw it away, and living in Los Angeles, I could use a sun protector, but this was such a pain, it wasn't worth it.
    2.I'm 5'7" and I kick the wheels constantly, which is a complete pain in the neck.
    3. There is no basket. In it's defense, most umbrella strollers don't have baskets, but it's still something to consider.
    4. The bar on the bottom that you need to pull out to collapse it is very tough to do. I wish I had tested it first. They MUST be easier ones out there.
    5. On the plus side, it's compact, lightweight and does it's job decently. ...more info
  • The Cadillac of umbrella strollers
    This stroller lives up to its reputation. It is much sturdier than the cheap $10 umbrella strollers. It's worth the extra money. I also have one of the cheap umbrella strollers and after less than a year, the wheels are no longer turning properly, rendering it useless and destined for the trash bin....more info
  • So cute, but too short :(
    We ordered this because it looked very similar to a stroller we had looked at already. The one we had looked at was perfect for our four year old who gets tired after about 15mins of shopping and needs a ride. This Jeep stroller ended up being too short. Not sure why they put the strap for feet so high, but it made it useless for us. Other than that it was great. Love the look and all the other functions on it. Would be fine for a small child I think....more info
  • Just what I was hoping it would be! Love it.
    I was looking for a lightweight, EASY TO FOLD stroller that didn't look like a piece of junk and would fit in the trunk of my car easily. I thought that would be too much to wish for, especially online for under $50! (And free shipping.)
    With this that's exactly EXACTLY what I got. Love the padded handles, (I wish there was a bag or basket for better storage-my only complaint)
    It even reclines, I absolutley love it. It folds very easily, fits in my trunk easily (I have an E-class Mercedes, hardly any trunk space)And it's not even too pink, if you take the sun shade down it's just on the trim.
    Definitley worth the money!...more info
  • Lightweight YES ... Comfortable NO
    I bought this stroller based on the reviews and once I receieved it, I was thrilled to see that it was exactly what I had hoped. We will be spending 4 days walking around downtown Chicago and I wanted something compact yet comfortable. It was super easy to assemble and SO cute! My hopes were dashed when I placed my 15 month old daughter in it. She's 26 lbs and 33 inches long and this was WAY too narrow for her. I felt like she was crammed in the seat. It wasn't as deep as I would have hoped as well. You can't beat the price and it was a pretty sleek stroller, just not the one for me. I returned it today and order the Combi Flare Lightweight stroller. It's double cost but I'm hoping for a bit more room for my daughter.Combi Flare Lightweight Stroller in Mandarin...more info
  • Nice but very narrow
    I was looking for a nice umbrella stroller. I have the one in black color which doesnt recline , but it`s fine since my baby is old enough to sit without reclining.. I love everything about it - color , look , the handles are high enough , i dont kick wheels while walking.. I bet cup holder is a good thing to have on this stroller , caz black one doesnt have it , the only concern- it`s tooo narrow , baby in her winter outfit dosnt fit in there .. :(( And i m looking for a new stroller - if it was a lil bit wider it would be a verry good stroller!! ...more info
  • please do NOT buy this stroller
    I purchased this stroller about 6 months ago for my then 12 month old son. It was a decent stroller for the price. However, this past week, my son, now 18 months, was sitting in the stroller when the seat fabric ripped. The rip was down the side of the seat causing my son to fall backwards and into the hole in the fabric where his head became lodged. I had to literally cut the rest of the seat off in order to get his head out of it. Thankfully he is fine, minus a cut on his ear. I, of course, was not so fine and promptly called Kolcraft upon returning home. They were non-apologetic and could have cared less about my son's safety. After some badgering, they offered to send me a new seat. No thanks, I'll find a new stroller...
    ...more info
  • Glad I bought it
    A warning before getting to the good stuff. When you buy this stroller be careful when folding it up the first few times. The sun shade will pop off and can smack you in the face. After it has been folded a few times it stops though. Other than that I am really glad I bought this. I had plain-jane umbrella strollers with my boys and this one is so much better. It steers easily and I love that it reclines. I wish it had the 5 point harness and a basket under the seat though. My daughter is almost 2 and when she has her winter jacket on she almost doesn't fit in it though. I assume in about 6 months she will outgrow it. For the money this is a really good product. I like it much better than the one I paid 80 euro for in Italy....more info
  • Comfy and good looking
    I got this stroller for my friend's baby girl and she loves it. She says it's comfortable for her 3-month old and it folds up easily and compactly. I highly recommend to all moms....more info
  • Light Weight, Easy to Store, Strolls Nice
    I love this stroller. It is light weight, easy to store, easy to travel with and has a smooth ride. My baby is 5 1/2 months and fits in the stroller safely and has lots of room to grow....more info
  • Good Stroller
    The Jeep stroller is a really easy to use and set-up stroller!! If you are looking for one just to run around with instead of the bulky big strollers then this is a good choice. I love the way it rides, the wheels are great not sticky like most umbrealla strollers. The one thing I would want different is the sun shade, I wish that was bigger and that there was a bigger space to hold things. I would recommend this one because it is not "cheap" like alot of others its size....more info
  • Okay for what it is
    If you are buying this as your only stroller I would suggest spending a few $$ more and get a "real" stroller with baskets and a real canopy. If you are buying it to have a smallish funky throw-in-the-trunk stroller then just buy a cheaper umbrella stroller. JMO. I returned it and just bought a $10 umbrella stroller for vacations and travel as I found this one did not fold up very small. The Jeep stroller though is way better quality and is super cute, but just does not fold up very small which is why I wanted an umbrella stroller in the first place....more info
    Love this stroller. The handles make it so much more comfortable to push. My girls; 2 and 5, fight over who gets to sit in the pink stroller. No underneath storage which was a bummer. But is great as an everdayday light weight stoller or as a back up. We bought it for our 5 year old when she got tired of walking around the amusement parks. Husband not to keen on the color or to be seen pushing a pink stroller, but oh well thats what happens when you have all girls. Definetly would recommend it, both of my strollers are by Jeep and I love them both....more info
  • A great gift
    Some good friends of ours had a baby shower and had registered for this cheapy unbrella stroller that looked like it could fall apart at any time. So I went out on a limb and reserched unbrella strollers and found this one. I purchased it for them and had it sent to their house. They called us telling us how happy they were with the stroller. They actually took the one they registered for back saying that the jeep umbrella stroller was so much nicer to move, their baby preferred being in it, and it was a better height for both of them. Every time we are out there one of our friends are asking us about where we got it and that we can get them one when they have kids. It's going on my list for sure....more info
  • Pretty in Pink!
    Beautiful. practical and inexpensive. What more can I say? If you have a toddler, you need this item....more info