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GMC Denali Road Bike (Medium 22.5"/57cm Frame, Blue)
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $150.97

You Save: $49.02 (25%)


Product Description

Hi-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims; Shimano 21-speed derailleur; 700c hi-performance tires; Shimano Revo shifters; Alloy water bottle cage

  • Alloy calipers and alloy brake levers with hi profile alloy Vitesse racing rims
  • Shimano 21 speed derailleur
  • 700 mm hi performance tires
  • Shimano Revo shifters
  • Alloy water bottle cage

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Bike for the Price!
    This is a great starter kit for those who want to buy a decent bike for a great price. I picked mine up at a local walmart last year for $147 and this bike has never failed on me, no matter how hard i go on it. I upgraded the tires to Continental Ultra Sports, 25C on the back, 23C on the front. After the tire upgrade, it brought out a lot more performance. With the stock gearing, it tops out at around 35MPH. The rear hub of this bike features an easy to upgrade cluster to make this bike go even faster. The 2008 model features a new paint finish. All the black is removed and replaced with a cool silver. The Vitesse rims feature a new logo and the rims are silver. I also managed to see a 6065 Aluminum version of this bike as well at Walmart for the same price as the 7005. This bike is a steal for the price!!! ...more info
  • great deal
    Great bike for the price, actually costs more now for some reason than what i purchased it for... rides smooth, only the front tire is off but never hits the brake pads so its within spec, brakes are ok, shifting is perfect, only gripe i have is when you shift from 2->3 in the front sometimes the chain gets caught in the plastic piece, either leave it in 3rd or remove plastic piece (3 screws easy!), other than that its perfect and can hold its own at the velodrome/bike path I easily kept up with a guy on a trek road bike, take that skeptics! why pay more?

    Update: I imported this bicycle to eastern europe where the roads are subpar but the bike paths are perfect, however the non-bike path roads add, not to mention cobblestone streets etc. I straightened the front wheel for $7 and the bike has held up nicely for the 2 months i've had it here plus the month I've owned it back home, rims are still straight after repeatedly hitting high curbs(skeptics say the tires tubes would the only problem that I've encountered were the shifters going into higher gear sometimes get stuck between the last gear and the frame/plastic piece in front, so you have to stop and invert the bike and take out the chain, but if thats the biggest problem I'll encounter, I'll accept that I've saved well over $600-9800 :)

    ps this thing can ride faster than every bicycle and a couple of cars on the road I beat my friend in his VW GTi running parallel with him I assume I hit between 40-50 mph down a hill...more info
  • 10 month review update
    What works: speed, handling, price, new brake pads, impressive looks
    what doesn't: brake pads (must be replaced), random squeaks from bottom bracket, shifter skips and chain gets stuck sometimes, stiff ride hurts

    $7 - front wheel alignment (bent from factory)
    $15 - front and rear brake pads (factory ones required a strong grip)
    $3 - bicycle grease (makes you go 32 mph)

    odometer: 300 miles
    ...more info
  • Not worth the money!!!
    Don't waste your hard earned money on this bike. I rode the bike for a few miles then I realized that I should have went to a bike shop to get a road bike. This one does not pre form the the presicion of a the Trek 1000 that I test road at my local bike shop. The Trek has it beat by at least 5 pounds and the Shimano Sora shifters work far better than the revo shifts (who puts grip shifters on a road bike anyway). They you can't shift gears when you are in a aero position and the only way to brake is by being in the drop outs. Yes it cost $140 but it will only last a year. Spend about $650 and get yourself a good bike that you will be happy with....more info
  • stay away
    Yes the pricing on this bike for an entry level road bike looks tempting, but honestly you get what you pay for. The bike looks all shiny with stickers and such but after months on the bike it starts to fall apart HARD. as the other reviewers have mentioned brakes on this bike is terrible, but thats the least of your worries. i think the biggest problem on this bike is just poor build quality. everything will eventually break whether it be your seat, handlebars, or the craptastic gear system. also the rims on this bicycles are perfectly designed to puncture your inner tube so get ready to patch and replace the inner tubing often. To sum things up, beautiful bike terrible quality. stay far and clear....more info
  • Pretty nice for a cheap bike
    I received my bike and set about assembling it. The first thing I noticed was that one spoke on the front wheel had gotten bent in transit. The bike assembles very easily with 1 size wrench and 2 sizes of Allen key.

    I have many of the same complaints as the other reviewers:

    -Derailleurs are off a little bit
    -Front brake needs some serious adjustment
    -Plastic shield on the crank gear is in the way
    -Seat does not adjust forward or back(though I didn't feel the need to tilt it while test riding it)
    -Braking position is awkward

    The above having been said, what do you expect out of a bike that costs anywhere between $90 and $145? This is your standard, run of the mill asian import bike. It needs adjusting, correcting and sometimes, the parts need replacing to work right.

    That is just what I expected when I made this purchase, and so far I'm satisfied....more info
  • Manufacturing Defect / Bad product
    The bike i received was defective and the wheels were the wrong size for the frame. i couldn't make a revolution of the pedals without hitting the tire with the pedal.

    the shifters are horrible and in a really bad location.

    brakes are crap.

    get this if you have no money and aren't worried about crashing it....more info
  • Ok to start with.
    Arrived in one piece
    easy adjustments
    nice color

    crank warped (not damaged by shipping)
    both Tires misaligned (not damaged by shipping)
    china Break pads ...more info
  • GMC Denali-It works
    We bought two Denalis a year ago for our two sons at Walmart. I've ridden bicycles on rallies for 25 years and own an expensive aluminum bike and was impressed with the features of the bikes. At $150 it had everything you could possibly need in a road bike. To be brief the only thing that the one bike has required in the last year is some adjustment of the shifter cables and some tightening of various nuts and bolts. I've been waiting for my second son to grow into his bike to see what sort of problems he can inflict on it. So far the bike is "Kid tested, kid tough". I would seriously recommend this bike to anyone who wants to ride. It's good enough to ride all day or to the corner store. ...more info
  • Did not last 2 moths
    Save your money and buy road bike from bike shop, GMC bikes are same poor quality as walmart bikes, customer service does not exist, impossible to get them on the phone they play same recorded message 24/7.
    I had this bike for 8 weeks, now i have problem with bottom bracket, cheap components, not worth $140 paid....more info
  • How can you beat this for a starter bike?
    I was skeptical what I would actually get for $150. I wanted something that we could use and abuse without regretting spending a lot of money on.

    When the bike arrived, after minor assembly (you will need your own allen keys), I was on the road.

    Like "Andrew" who wrote about the manufacturing defect/tire hitting the frame - I had the same problem, until (doh!) I reversed the direction of the front strut (attaching to the front wheel), and... perfect. No problems, plenty of clearance.

    I have used this for a couple weeks now, along with the women's version for my wife, and an "iBert" child seat attached to the front strut for my 1 year old son. The three of us could not be happier. The bikes are sturdy, a light weight frame (for bikes under $3,000) anyway, everything works like it should, gears are in a logical position, and all around gives a great ride.

    The only possible complaint would be that the wheels are "nutted" vs. attached with quick-release levers. In this price range you cannot beat this bike, but that one small change would make a almost perfect under $1,000 bike, well... perfect. ...more info
  • GMC Denali Road Bike
    This is a great entry level bicycle. I knew next to nothing about bicycles but was in a position where I needed a bicycle to take me to work every day (two miles) and school every other day (eight miles).

    This bike arrives pre-assembled (for the most part) but be prepared to adjust several functions; such as: the brakes, the crankset, and the chain guard. I spent hours tightening and loosening my chain guard because it was rubbing on my chain, making an awful sound and a vibration I could feel all the way through the bike. I got it to where I can have a decent range of gears, but not what I expected.

    Also, this comes with somewhat flimsy schrader tubes. I suggest investing in an immediate conversion to presta tubes and buying spares.

    All around a great entry level road bike; it just needs a little love.
    Enjoy....more info
  • You can't go wrong buying this bike
    This bike is wonderful the only reason why i think people do not like this bike is because they received it defective one way or another. I have had this bike for 29 hours and i have put over 35 miles on it. I love this bike! the only problem i have which is not too big of a deal is that the gears sometimes slip when i change them but i think that is because i have not adjusted them properly. I have never had a road bike before and this bike has made me a true fan of road biking. The quality of the bike is good and the ride is smooth. Bike can reach over 30 miles/ hour on straightaways (if the wind is not your enemy). my only advice is if you are seriously in the market for a cheap road bike this is the way to go. ...more info
    Great beginner to road biking bike. Just get it professionally put together and it will work very very well....more info
  • Great for the price
    This product was an amazing purchase. I have always wanted to go cycling but did not have the resources. This bike has been a great solution to that problem....more info
  • Overall decent, but skimps on quality parts
    The bike is fine, and I ride it often. It comes with cheap tires and no tube strips inside the wheels. After I got that taken care of, I quit getting flats. Now I can ride and its fine.

    I called the service line provided and they referred me to someone's email address to get help with the parts / service. I RECIEVED NO RESPONSE.

    The bike is great other than that. Grip shifters on a road bike is a little weird, but they work well. The handlebar grips were not wrapped very vell, but that is a no bid deal.

    Bottom line: good value but expect cut corners...more info
  • broken parts
    When I received the bike, it looked nice and I was excited to get it put together and out on the road. However, after taking the time to get everything attached and ready to go, I discovered some broken parts. I instead decided to send the bike back for a refund- I don't want to deal with the possibility of another bike with issues....more info
  • Buying a road bike is different than buying a cruiser
    I'll set aside the fact that this bike is cobbled together with the cheapest and least durable of components. It's a 'mart bike, after all. That's to be expected. A lot of people don't realize that bikes come in different sizes, like clothing. If you buy a bike from a reputable shop(even the cheapest of their bikes) the shop will make certain the bike fits you, or you fit the bike. That requires putting you on the proper size bike, and adjusting the seatpost and adjusting or replacing stem---even changing the handlebar if necessary. People with wider shoulders need a wider bar. The chances of this bike fitting most people is pretty slim. Nothing will take the shine off riding like a poorly fitting bicycle. There are other options. If you learn how to determine what size bike you need, and there are plenty of online computers to help you do that, you can find a nice used bike on eBay or Craigslist. Better yet, you can look at some of the online-only bike sellers, like bikesdirect dot com or ibex bikes dot com. They have bike shop quality bikes for pretty cheap prices--some as low at $300. That's more than the Denali but those bikes come 95% ready to ride--with shifting and brakes adjusted. Much better than the Denali or the Schwinns Amazon sells. ...more info
  • Good for commute
    It is a great bike for commuting, very sturdy and easy to assemble. The breaks are away from the gear, so you have to switch hand position to use them. It is not a bike to race or ride 60 miles, because it is a bit heavy, but for me, it works great for my every day 5 mile commute. ...more info
  • Very nice bike
    This is a beautiful bike, it looks great and rides great. It is quick, tight and nimble and a nice weight, it was lighter than I thought it was going to be. Very easy to assemble, but if you're not a bike mechanic I would strongly recommend bringing it to a good bike shop to tune it perfectly, it will be worth it. The brakes are effective but feel a bit inferior, for [...] you probably can upgrade the pads. If I were handed this bike from a bike shop and rode it, I would guess it would be a $600-800 bike. Well worth the money!!...more info
  • Worth the money!!
    I did research on the bike for a couple of weeks before purchasing. I am just getting into running and riding so I did not want to spend big money. I purchased two weeks before a triathlon and I'm glad I did. The only problem I have had to date (a month) was a flat tube. After inspecting, I believe the drill-out shavings from the spoke holes rubbed the hole in the tube. Metal shavings were not cleaned out. I took both wheels apart and thoroughly cleaned. All and all I am pleased with my purchase of the bike and expect many more miles on it. Some have complained of the Revo-gears; I like them right where they are, it takes little movement to switch gears....more info
  • Is this a good bike? It depends
    I started cycling to loose weight and I successfully lost over 60lbs in less than 3 months by riding 100 miles a week. At that time I was riding leisurely on my own and I had faced a couple of problems during that time. First, I was constantly breaking spokes on my back wheel. I can understand that though because I was 280lbs. After I got down to 230, I was still having the same problems. One day I rode 60 miles without knowing I had broken spokes. As I was returning home my back wheel was so warp I could no longer ride. I had to walk the rest of the way home. ( thank God I was only 2 miles away). Another problem with this bike is with its brakes which are horrible. The brakes are so bad I felt like Fred Flintstone using my feet to assist me in stopping. If your are heavyset person and you get a stronger back wheel and change the brakes this bike won't be so bad for some one who will use if for leisurely rides and wants to save money.

    As I got into cycling even more I met a lot of cyclist along the way, I realize that this bike is no longer for me. I started joining group rides and realize that compared to other cyclist my Gmc Denali bike is extremely heavy. My 32 lbs bike made it harder to keep up with everyone else 20 lbs or less bike. Even though I was 230 lbs I am strong rider. Grip shifters made no sense on a road bike.

    So I believe that if you're going to use this bike leisurely than at this price it's a good deal.

    But later on you might be tempted to really get into cycling and then you will then realize that you need a 1500 bike.
    ...more info
  • Good, but the breaks are troublesome
    the overall product was good, and i'm happy with my purchase. The only problem are the breaks when the bike is put together, they won't stop the bike. ...more info
  • Nice bike
    I purchased this bike primarily to get to work this summer, iv had it for 2 months and i managed to put 360 miles on it over the summer. It's a very good looking bike, and it can definitely pass for a bike that cost 3x as much. I really enjoyed having this bike, however, there were a few disappointments.
    After the 1st week, the tape on the steering wheel began to come off, later the shifters began to malfunction, the shifters are the ones where you have to turn up and down, not like the more expensive bikes where the shifter is made into the brakes. In addition to the shifter problems. when you want to go to higher gears you have to twist that cheap nob really hard so when you do that it feels like its going to break off.
    Furthermore, the front derailleur would scratch against the chain making an annoying sound and damaging the chain at the same time. I spent 15 dollars on a tune up, which didn't fix the derailleur problem.
    And finally, this is the reason to why i had to return this item, my front wheel could no longer hold air and the wheel itself cracked a little after i bumped into a peace of contrite sticking out on the road. ...more info
  • Most inexpensive NEW road bike currently available.
    At $158, it is the cheapest road bike currently on the market. Your next closest is the Schwinn Varsity at around $250. Everything else is $500 and up. It sucks that road bikes used to be the only bike available in several department stores and now you can only find them at bike shops @ $1,000+.

    The bike is a good value for the money. I cruise at 16-22 mph depending on wind direction and have a top speed of 30.4 mph on flat land.

    My gripes: The bike arrived missing one brake shoe, the rims were totally warped, the derailers were way out of alignment. All was fixable by tuning it up.

    The bike does look like it costs $1000+. ...more info
  • Potentially a solid road bike after much needed upgrades.
    I purchased the 26" GMC Denali at a local super center for $176 w/tax. My first day of riding, I noticed that the brakes were less than adequate. While attempting to adjust, I found that the front calipers were bent. So I removed them, and reluctantly rode with just the rear brakes. Secondly, I noticed that when shifting, it either misses the gear, or the chain would slip off the crank. It's safe to say that's not so good when you got a 16 yr old driving behind you in traffic. Finally, there was a weird noise coming from the bottom bracket and the chain would sometimes rub against the front derailleur.

    Anyway, I called a local bike shop and they quoted me $75 for a tune-up, which you must have for any pre-assembled road bike, or $400 for the upgrades. So, rather than spend the extra money, I returned the bike back after riding it for about two weeks. I went ahead and spent the extra money ($600) for a Schwinn Carbon Fiber 1000, and have no regrets. I absolutely love the Schwinn. It's partially carbon fiber, the components are better quality, it shifts like it's designed to, the ride is smoother, and the bike only weighs 19.5lbs. Perfect!

    The Denali could be a decent bike, but you'd have to upgrade all of the components. And I mean all of them! This upgrade should include the shifters, both derailleurs, the rear cogs, the bottom bracket, and definitely the brakes. Now if you can find the parts used, or maybe locate last year's stock, you could probably spend less than $300 to upgrade, excluding labor cost. But keep in mind that these newer bikes are not like the ones I rode back in 1980. They're far more complex, and require more technical skills. But why go through the hassle?

    I'm not knocking the Denali, because not everyone can afford to pay $600+ for a bike. But eventually you're going to spend that amount in repairs, tune-ups and upgrades. The good thing about road bikes is that their prices usually remains the same throughout the year. So why not wait, save up, and purchase a better bike. Check online stores like[...] for price and component comparisons.

    Although, the Denali frame is solid and it carries a lifetime warranty; the break downs will take the fun out of the bike. Therefore, I would only recommend the GMC Denali to those who have the skills to upgrade and/or repair it. Other than that, the average person will be constantly visiting the local bike shop and spending unnecessary money.

    Finally, the Denali is actually a two star road bike, but I gave it three stars because of it's potential. However, my review is based on the 2008 model. The 2009 models may be better. I would suggest you do some research first, before deciding. Compare the 2008 components against the 2009 models. Or, even better, go visit your local bike shop and see first hand, the difference between the GMC Denali and a $700 quality bike. You'll be amazed! Enjoy life and ride safe!
    ...more info
  • great bike for the price
    I got the 22.5" denali about a month ago. I ordered it with the super savers shipping, and it still got here in less than 5 days. I took it to a local bike shop to have some of the parts put together and they also tuned the gears and the breaks.

    First impression of the bike is that it looked great. I'm a pretty strong guy, so the bike feels like a feather when I lift it. To me, there really didn't seem to be much of a difference in weight from this bike and some bikes at the bike shop I took it to, which go for about $800-1000. I asked the guy at the bike shop what he thought about my bike. He said that for every day riding and training, it's a great bike, but I shouldn't expect competition performance out of it. Since I don't care to compete and I'm new at the sport, he said the bike should suit me just fine.

    The bike rides extremely well, and it's very sturdy too. I haven't had any problems with it, except the breaks aren't the best. I'm going to get new break pads when I have the money. The gears all work properly, except for 3-7, which takes a bit of time to shift. Other than that, it makes some noises in 3-4, as if the chain is scratching against the gear, but it hasn't hindered the riding. It has a water bottle holder, which is truly a blessing. I took it out for a couple of rides of 6-10 miles, and in 80+ degree weather, that water is a godsend. The gearshifting is a little funny, seeing as how it has revo-shifters, which are mostly used on mountain bikes. Also you have to put your hands into the drops to access the breaks, which is a bitch when your back is hurting and you want to rest your hands on the top handle bars.
    Speaking of, the ride quality isn't exactly the best, but that's because of the stock seat that comes with the bike. It's hard as a rock, and it's non-adjustable, which can cause QUITE a bit of discomfort if you're a guy.

    Other than that, the bikes runs smoothly and almost effortlessly on level ground. I can go for miles and miles without feeling pain in my legs on level ground. The hills are another story, but that's not because of the bike, but because of your fitness level.

    I hit more than 30 mph going downhill with this bike, and its truly a rush. I think I may have hit more, because one time I even had to slow down because the car in front of me was going too slowly.

    Overall, the bike is excellent for beginners. I'm in decent shape, and yet this bike still gives me a great workout. I paid $147 for this bike, which is truly remarkable. It's probably the cheapest road bike you can find out there, but it's sturdy and it will last you a long time if you take care of it. ...more info