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Wonder Washer
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Product Description

No washing machine? Use Wonder Washer. BIG BUCKS OFF! No more quarters! Just plug it in, fill with laundry, add soap and water and close the lid. Swish, swish... things are better already! Won't wash as much as at laundromat, but it'll get a load of socks and underwear fresh and clean fast. Holds 7 liters (1 3/4 gal.). Great for dorms, apartments, boats and RVs. Quiet and super-portable at under 9 lbs. 13x18 1/4"h. Weighs 8 lbs., 6 ozs. Don't risk an underwear crisis! Order Now! Wonder Washer

  • portable washing machine goes anywhere
  • Ideal for small loads and delicates
  • Plastic 14 x 14"

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonder Washer
    This product was advertised as new but it was used. It arrived in a box that was totally used and abused (I thought it was the fault of UPS) until I used it. It leaks water long after drained and was apparently returned to the store that I bought it from because of this. I read reviews on it before ordering but wish I had known how difficult it is after washing since you have to rinse and wring separately. It's less work to just hand wash altogether. ...more info
  • It's ok...
    It works if you really need something like this. I agree that the knobs are kind of hard to turn. It's really heavy once filled with water. I live in an apt. and purchased it to wash cloth diapers, but it takes way too many refills to do a decent rinse. This would be the perfect little machine if it had a rinse and drain function....more info
  • NOT a WONDERful Washer
    With "NO drain" and "NO spin/wringer" capabilities, the filled unit must be "lifted, dumped and refilled to rinse" (with MANUAL wringing of items each time)! No better than a bucket and paddle, it is "NOT a WONDERful" washer. If you have strength problems with your back, arms or legs, DON'T BOTHER !...more info
  • wonder washer
    The wonder washer gets clothes clean BUT leaves them soaking wet. It does not spin the water out like a regulare washer. AND does not rinse the soap out. ...more info
  • If you camp...this is a great purchase!
    I just got home from a week-long camping trip in which I had my hubby and four kids in tow. This machine was wonderful for keeping up with the dirty underwear, sandy bathing suits, and numerous washcloths we went through. It really works. To use it, I would lift the bucket from the base, fill it halfway with water from the pump, toss in a little detergent, twist on the lid, set it back on the base, and plug it in. I filled a separate bucket with clean water for rinsing. Once I'd wrung out the items, I'd throw them up on the clothesline that I'd strung between two trees. Even the dirtiest clothes came out clean. Towels and sweatshirts are too much for this machine, so I set aside a hamper for all of that. Once we arrived home, I was thrilled to see I had very little laundry to contend with. I love this thing! ...more info
  • Wonder Washer a success!
    We bought the Wonder Washer to use as a back up while sailing in the tropics. It's proven to be worth it's weight in gold for us. It does, however, require a little work to wring the clothes out by hand, but we mainly only use it for small items such as shorts and t-shirts, so not a problem....more info
  • Don't buy this!
    I used it a few times. Doesn't wash much laundry, and it walks while washing! Literally walks across room! Also noisy. Doesn't wash well either (I used it for underwear, socks, pantihose). They come out soggy and you have to wring them. Cheap prodcuct....more info
  • Great Product
    I use the Wonder Wash for my son's school shirts since he wears a clean shirt to school everyday. I am very satisfied with the Wonder Wash because it washes the white shirts very clean unlike the public laundry. I wash three shirts at a time and it does a wonderful job. This product is not ideal for big and heavy loads. It is great for clothes like socks, stockings, three shirts (kids) at a time - and you cannot go wrong. I would also recommend using it to wash baby clothes, but please do not full the bucket to the brim. Follow the loading instruction carefully and the results will be great. ...more info
  • Wonder Washer Performance
    The product is great when you are in between visits to the laundromat. But, it hard work. Having to fill the bucket, empty the bucket, etc. is very hard. Plus, it shakes when it is working. I place mine on the floor. This helps some. Other than that, it works well. Wonder Washer - portable cyclonic washing machine...more info
  • One Great Little Washing Machine
    I have used mine for serveral months now with no complaints. Be sure the bucket is into the base well.You can fill it first before adding clothes. Just fill it to the line adding detergent about halfway. I can put in a plus size pair of knit slacks, a shirt and a pair of undies. Then put the lid on, plug it in and set it the way you want it. I do 2 loads in the same water unless clothes are more soiled. Just wring each item of clothing out well over the bucket (unplugging first), then add another load. You can have first load rinsed and hung up in the meantime. Not anymore work than taking everything to the laundrymat and a heck of a lot cheaper....more info
  • Great value washer as a supplement to the laundromat!
    I bought this "wonder washer" as a means of alleviating the laundry load I would accumulate in the 2 or so weeks I would go to the laundromat. Like many people, they don't have laundry facilities in their apartment/home and have to walk/drive to the nearest laundromat.

    This machine works great! You simply fill it up with detergent and water (I use warm to hot water) and then put your clothes in; set the timer and wash cycle and that's it!

    I know many reviews on this item are several years old, but as a supplement to your regular clothes washing, it works great. It may not have the power to wash really thick articles or a lot at once, but it does the job well!

    ...more info
  • Awesome
    What a great little machine! Not able to have a washer and dryer in my own apartment, but I have two small children. This little washer is perfect for washing their clothes and the smaller items. Instead of lugging tons of laundry back and forth to the laundromat with two small children in tow, and wasting quarters, I am able to use this little washer for almost anything. As it is plastic, and the agitator is flat, I was very surprised when the clothes came out very clean and bright, more clean than a regular washer would have gotten laundry. I put it in my bathroom, and used the tub to empty and refill water. Sometimes I add the clothes back in with fresh water for rinsing, and sometimes I just rinse by hand. The knobs are hard to turn if the machine hasn't been in use, but it gets easier really quick. It is hard to turn if your hands are wet.
    ...more info
  • Tiny washer
    I gave this to my daughter because she cannot have a regular washer in her apartment. I didn't think too much of it at first but she wanted it. All I can say is she loves it! She even washes jeans in this machine. ...more info
  • It's a Wonder, all right.
    Some of the reviews mentioned the weight of the tub when filled with three gallons of water (a gallon weighs around 7 pounds), so I searched Google and found a supplier of beer and wine making supplies and ordered a plastic spigot. I installed it at the bottom of the tub so I could drain off most of the water before removing the wet clothes. By placing the wash tub in the bathtub, I could also fill it with water and rinse right in the tub. The Wonder Washer does a fine job, and saves wear and tear on my full-size machine, which is getting on in years (like me!). It does tend to move around when reversing, but I've never needed more than two or three minutes to get results, so I just hold it in place. No problem, and an excellent buy!...more info
  • mini wonder washer
    I got one of these for both my duaghters. It saves from having to spend extra money at the laundary mat it works nice the clothes come out clean. It is simple to use. ...more info
  • Not very useful actually
    Pretty much the hand crank type of home washing does a much better job. It needs too much water for the amount of clothes you can actually wash in it. the unit I have gets hung up frequently while washing 6 pair of socks or 2 t-shirts. (I have even watched it hang up with the wash bucket removed from the base.) So I have to monitor it. Not very convenient if you ask me. Construction quality is not very good either. I have used it 12 times so far, read the instructions twice to make sure I did not miss something. I have an expensive bucket currently. The hand crank washer I have does a much better job. ONE NOTE: do not expect it to have a extraction cycle, this is a bucket with a agitator. ...more info
  • Woo Hooo
    I received my wonder washer today, and within 30 minutes, I had two loads of laundry done! Woo Hoo!!!
    I used cold water, reused the soapy water, which saves the soap, money and the processing time.
    I have yet to master rinsing and wringing, but I am already psyched out: I can wash whenever I want, I don't have to have annoying quarters for the communal washer and dryer at the apartment complex...
    Product is not great looking , true, but for the price and convenience - I give it my five stars....more info
  • To make this work...
    I have owned the Wonder Washer for more than a year. Thru trial and error, this is what I find works best:

    1) Load clothes in a separate 3.5 gallon bucket. About 2/3 full, loose and not packed down.

    2) Place in bathtub and use shower to fill bucket. I add a small amount of detergent, diluted with water on top of the clothes as the hot shower is running (I have a watersaver hi-pressure shower head) This adds some extra cleaning time to the clothes

    3) Transfer clothes and water (the proper fill level is trial and error- the minimum as long as the clothes turn and without splashing over)to the Wonderwasher bucket. I have the WW sitting on top of 3 foam exercise square mats with a plastic serving tray that the WW sits in. This helps with noise and contains splashes. I also wipe the WW bucket, motor base and the tray so I can monitor if water is splashing out

    4) Adjust time and cycle. I've been using 9 minutes and gentle cycle (I think the gentle spins for 7 seconds- 3 second rest- 7 sec. spin- repeat. The Standard cycle is 14 sec spin- but was beating up and stretching socks and long sleeves) I add fabric softener when I am starting the machine so the clothes are less wrinkled.

    5) Then I take the WW lid off, walk the bucket to the tub and pour off the water and clothes into a plastic dish rack (that has raised legs) and lets the water drain off.

    6) then I quickly hand wring out clothes and place them in the bathroom sink, fill with water, drain. I do a quick hand wring again (not overdoing it) and place them in a spin dryer for 5 minutes (similar size to the WW) which spins at 1500 RPM. Then I put the clothes on a folding rack and they are usually dry by the morning.

    7) This is an example of the spin dryer (not sure if link is allowed)
    I spent $[...] on this item. Hand wringing wasn't working well for me.

    If you do use this it is very sensitive to being loaded with the heaviest cotton items first on the bottom. Again there is trial and error learning this.

    8) I think the WW can do a great job cleaning clothes. The above steps are a little labor intensive, but to me gives the best cleaning, rinse, wringing without using too much water.

    The grey/black water some reviewers complained about is color coming out of the clothes because the WW does agitate and spin the clothes very well. I'm amazed how many items aren't colorfast.

    Hope this helps
    ...more info
  • It's a "wonder" why we bothered to buy it!!!
    I bought this machine to use for baby clothes when I gave birth 7 months ago. Well, after seven months the machine stopped working altogether. This is a total waste of money. It's poorly made, makes tremendous amount of noise, doesn't wash well and doesn't rinse. You will be better off just soaking your clothes for a few hours then rinsing. This machine is not worth buying!!! I paid $80 for the machine, plus $15 for shipping and all I have to show for it is a large blue bucket!!! Save your money!!!...more info
  • Good product considering the price
    This washer is not perfect, but considering its price and convenience, I still think it's a good investment. I've used it for 5 or 6 times and so far so good. Usually I will wash it for 15 mins and then pour out water, and put another bucket of clear water to rinse for another 10 mins. The clothes come out pretty clean and easy to rinse. This washer is not very stable during the washing so usually I will put it in the corner of the bathroom and pull a chair in the opening side to make sure it won't move or spin during the washing. Without this little washer, it's a headache for me to separate my laundry with different colors, different materials... Now I can do laundry whenever I want. It's really convenient!

    I hope the future generation of portable washer can do rinse job, it will make life much easier. So far I didn't find any available one in current market. ...more info
  • Great little washer
    I ordered this small washer because the regular big washer broke and until it is repaired or replaced, I needed something right away. It basically consists of a plastic bucket with an integrated agitator, which sits on top of a motorized base with controls.
    It is relatively easy to use. Add clothes, water and detergent and start the timer. You also need to empty the wash water when done and refill it for a rinse cycle. For this reason, I tucked the unit into a corner in the bathroom. You can use the bathtub to fill the bucket and empty it (the bucket won't work in most sinks because it is too large). Being just a bucket, it naturally does not hold a lot. Maybe 1 pair of jeans, or 2 shirts at a time.
    But it cleans really well. Many of my shirts have been accumulating ring around the collar over the years after being through our large washer. One washing in the portable washer got them completely clean - amazing. I do not recommend washing socks with it. I ran a load of socks and it totally mangled them. They came out stretched out long and skinny and all twisted around each other. It even tore out some threads from the socks and they wrapped around them as well.
    Overall, I think this is a great little machine to have around....more info
  • Okay for what it is...but follow the directions or you will have a mess...
    I have used the Wonder Washer for about two weeks now. As others have stated, this machine does NOT wash heavy loads or garments (such as a pair of blue jeans.) I use mine daily to wash undergarments such as UnderArmor shirts and shorts which are light-weight. I have also washed a thermal shirt and a pair of shorts ("sweats") seperately with satisfying results. If you place too many items in the unit, it will become unbalanced. The machine "washes" fairly well but it is extremely important that you follow the directions or you will have a mess on your hands. My biggest complaint is the lid which does not securely attach to the wash bucket. It pretty much just sits there. If you put in just a touch too much water, the agitating action will swirl the water out of the unit. It is VERY important you place the article(s) of clothing in the machine first THEN pour the water in up to the recommended water level. Through trial and error, I have learned if you put the water in first, then the clothes, the water tends to spin out of the unit. Of course if the lid was better designed and actually snapped shut you probably would not have this problem. This is too bad because the idea behind this product is commendable. If the manufacturer of this unit had spent a little more time fine-tuning the design I would highly recommend it. As it is, use with caution and you should be pleased with it....more info
  • Very satisfied with washing quality
    The machine takes a small load. But the quality of washing is much better than in a store. The reason: the clothes get soaked overnight, not just a few minutes.
    It does not take space. Just an additional bucket....more info
  • Great Product
    First let me say when I ordered this product I was given a 10 day shipment delivery and I received it in 4 days :). As far as the product, I have had it for about 1 1/2 months now, and it works great. I used to go to the Laudromat once a week, now, it's about every other week, for the bigger stuff, which has cut my laurdry bill in half. The machine is great for undergarments and socks, but, I have also found that you can put 2 light weight shirts or tank tops or 2 pair of shorts (no jeans) and it washes them GREAT!! I do one load with soapy water for the 15 min. cycle, then I empty the water and refill with just water (no soap) and run the machine for about 6 minutes, as a "rinse" has seem to help with wringing out the clothes, not as much soap in them....more info
  • Think twice before ordering from As seen on TV
    I purchased this from As Seen on TV and was shipped a Sweet Machine instead. When I called, an employee stated the mailing labels are done in bulk and there was a mix up in my order. I told him it was a gift due on Wednesday 12/19 but he assured me that I would receive the item in one week by Thurs, 12/20/07. It is Friday 12/21, and still no item. Several friends have purchased the washer and love it. The item itself is good but beware of the Seller. This has been the worst online experience I've had and I warn people before ordering it from As Seen on TV....more info
  • Good Grief
    Well, the first one did not show up. They sent me a replacement and I STILL have not gotten one. You gotta be kidding!!...more info
  • Great For Felting!
    After reading several encouraging reviews, I purchased the Wonder Washer primarily for felting knitted/crocheted items. I used it for the first time today and was very impressed. It does an amazing job! As a bonus, I also washed a week's worth of underwear and a few other small items. Not having access to a washer has been the bane of my existence. This little gem will cut down on those dreaded trips to the laundromat as long as the motor holds out.

    For those complaining that it doesn't spin, you have to empty the bucket to rinse, etc., etc.....c'mon people, this is a cheap, portable washer that does exactly what it says it does. If you have a family of 5 it won't work for you....more info