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Microsoft Visual Studio Standard 2005 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

  • Marketing Information:

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition is a comprehensive developer tool for building high-performance, client/server-based Microsoft Windows, Web, Smartphone, and Pocket PC solutions.

  • Product Information
  • Software Sub Type: Programming Tool
  • Software Name: Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition - Complete Product
  • Features & Benefits:

    Streamline the development of your client/server solutions:

  • Speed development using intuitive, WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop visual designers, a time-saving code editor, and an enhanced debugging environment
  • Automatically package and publish applications with a few easy clicks
  • Simplify interactive Web development. Easily manage consistent, reusable Web site layouts using time-saving Master Pages
  • Take advantage of the powerful, enterprise-class Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0:

  • Significantly reduce the amount of code you have to write and debug for common programming scenarios with hundreds of reusable controls
  • Tackle any development task. Create robust applications using the .NET Framework 2.0. Microsoft Visual C++ - also included - fully supports native and managed code.
  • Enhance Web application performance. Easily pre-compile Web applications for dramatic performance improvements.
  • Language Support: English
  • Suite Contents:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Visual C#
  • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Microsoft Visual J#
  • Tools for building Windows and Web solutions
  • SmartPhone and Pocket PC development tools
  • Tools for visually designing databases, queries, and stored procedures

  • License Information
  • License Type: Complete Product
  • License Pricing: Standard
  • License Quantity: 1 User

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Standard Edition) is a comprehensive, high productivity professional development environment for building high performance, multi-tier applications for Windows, Web, and common consumer mobile devices. Intended for individual developers software development teams to build departmental client/server Windows applications and Web sites, Visual Studio 2005 provides a wide range of tools that streamline and enhance development processes.

    Visual Studio 2005 combined with ASP.NET 2.0 offers an improved enviornment for publishing and administering a Web site. View larger.

    Create a single Master Page template to define the layout of multiple content pages. View larger.

    Use the new Accessibility Checker to identify noncompliance problems. View larger.

    From the user's perspective, installing your ClickOnce application is simplicity itself. View larger.
    With Visual Studio 2005, you can be more productive and obtain faster results; build dynamic Windows, Web, mobile, and Office-based solutions; communicate and collaborate more effectively within your software teams; and ensure quality early and often throughout the development process.

    Among the new features in Visual Studio 2005 include integrated SQL Reporting Services, integrated ClickOnce support, dozens of new reusable controls for creating Windows and Web applications, master pages support for maintaining a consistent look and feel across Web applications, and an "Edit and Continue" functionality for simple, intuitive debugging.

    Included in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition are Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C#, Visual C++, and Microsoft Visual J# programming languages; tools for building Windows and Web solutions; SmartPhone and Pocket PC development tools; and tools for visually designing databases, queries, and stored procedures.

    Intuitive and Powerful Development Features
    Visual Studio 2005 is the ideal tool for the part-time or occasional developer that will streamline the development of client/server solutions. Development time is speeded up with intuitive, "What you see is what you get" functionality, drag-and-drop visual designers, a time-saving code editor, and an enhanced debugging environment. "Drag and drop" user interface designers are available for virtually every type of application, and Visual Studio 2005 also includes a built-in Web server for testing Web applications, so that IIS is not needed.

    With Visual Studio 2005, you can take advantage of the powerful, enterprise-class Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. It also lets you automatically package and publish applications with a few easy clicks, thereby significantly simplifying interactive Web development and letting you easily manage consistent, reusable Web site layouts using time-saving master pages.

    With enhanced debugging features, including hundreds of reusable controls, you can significantly reduce the amount of code you have to write and debug for common programming scenarios, saving you hours of development time. You can create better Web applications by writing less code, thanks to the more than 50 new server controls in ASP.NET 2.0. With new 64-bit debugger support, you can debug 64-bit applications with nearly identical capabilities as in 32-bit application debugging. You can also rapidly convert your 32-bit ASP.NET 2.0 code into a native 64-bit application without any recoding or manual recompiling. And if your code fails to compile, the AutoCorrect feature makes it easier than ever to identify and fix the problem.

    Visual Studio 2005 includes several file editing and management features that will quickly become indispensable in your development process. With the "Change Tracking" feature, you can see at a glance where you have made changes to your code, and which of those changes have been saved. The "Clean Solution" tool lets you clean all of those unwanted intermediate files out of your solution with a single click. An "AutoRecover" feature prevents data loss by automatically recovering your work using periodically saved backups of your files.

    Several "ClickOnce" features help to streamline your development as well. With "ClickOnce Deployment" you can publish your ClickOnce application easily to a central location from Visual Studio 2005, and let client machines install it from there. "ClickOnce Installation" makes installing applications on client machines easier than ever for users and administrators. But streamlined approaches don't mean that Visual Studio 2005 compromises on security. Not by a long shot. In fact, Visual Studio 2005 makes it easy for you to determine and set the minimum security permissions your ClickOnce application needs, and to debug your application with exactly those permissions.

    With technology now going both global and mobile, it's more important than ever to have tools that will "think" outside the box of a standard desktop monitor. If your mobile application will be used by people speaking more than one language, or from more than one culture, you'll need to build it with localization in mind. Globalization features in Visual Studio 2005 add support for input, display, and output of a defined set of language scripts that relate to specific geographic areas. And now that people use all kinds of mobile devices today to access the Internet, it may be important for your Web site to offer each visitor an optimal experience no matter what screen size, bandwidth, or browser they are using.

    Visual Studio 2005 includes full support for developing mobile device applications using C/C++. By using Visual Studio 2005, device developers automatically have access to the wide variety of productivity features like Intellisense, integrated testing, access to the rich set of Team System features, and much more. The Visual Studio 2005 managed User Interface (UI) device designer can be described as "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG). It offers developers a customized design environment for any of the available Windows Mobile device display sizes and orientations, and displays the application exactly as it will appear on the device. And with new ASP.NET controls, you'll have access to a number of new controls for creating fully-featured, interactive Web pages that are viewable on a number of mobile devices.

    • Ideal for the part-time or occasional developer to develop and deploy client-server based Windows, Web, SmartPhone, and Pocket PC applications
    • Support for Visual Basic, C#, C++, and J# languages
    • "Drag and drop" user interface designers for virtually every type of application; Master Pages support for maintaining a consistent look and feel across Web applications
    • Includes a built-in Web server for testing Web applications, IIS is not needed; integrated SQL Reporting Services
    • Edit and Continue for simple, intuitive debugging; integrated ClickOnce support

    Customer Reviews:

    • Decent Product, Steep Learning Curve
      This product was good, but not great. It's a bit sluggish at times, even running with plenty of available resources (e.g. when it's the only thing running on a box with a gig of ram and a decent processor). It also has a fairly steep learning curve. Once you know how to do things it's great, but when you don't you stumble a lot. A lot of the features, while powerful, aren't very intuitive. My primary IDE before this was Eclipse, so I was already accustomed to another IDE that handles things differently a lot of the time. Some things MVS did better; some things Eclipse did better. In the end, as I've said before, it's a good product, but not great. A little rough around the edges. When it boils down to it if your development environment is MS, this is probably the product for you....more info
    • excellent service
      they really made a good effort. I needed the software urgently and they respond immediately and I was able to have it on time.
      Thanks....more info
    • Excellent experience with this tool
      Used this version for a 150,000 line code base of desktop applications. Very very happy with it. Of course, there are many "wish it did X" items, but it is overall I am very pleased. After SP1, almost never have IDE crashes or other non-user code problems.

      Still wondering why anyone would buy the Pro edition vise this (Std) edition for $350 more..
      ...more info
    • Adequate, but Quirky
      I was using VC++ 6.0 (I skipped the VS2003 experience) up until last Friday when I received VS2005 Standard Edition from Amazon. All of my comments will refer to the IDE, and I did not have a prior version of the .NET framework on my (Win2K Pro) system. I have also not had a chance to to any .NET stuff.

      Shipping from Amazon was as promised (I specified next day), and the product arrived in excellent condition.

      0) Comes on five CDs, and I didn't notice an option anywhere to purchase a DVD version. Microsoft's marketting hype claims 1 disk. Maybe they only have one DVD burner in Redmond, and it's broken. I pitty the Pro Edition buyers if this is the case.

      1) Takes about 40 minutes to install on a AMD64/3500,1gb RAM system.

      2) Will install on Win2K Pro as long as you have Service Pack 4 installed.

      3) It consumes about 3gb, counting MSDN.

      4) The IDE does not conform to theme settings of OS (annoys the hell outa me). The most glaring part of this is that the font I specified for menus on my system is being ignored. Secondarily, it uses the Office 2005 theme, and I think it looks like crap.

      5) Class Wizard is dead (and I am not fond of that fact).

      6) Syntax highlighting is stunted. I can't change foreground AND background color on several items. I also don't get to set syntax coloring on Wizard lines. I hate that.

      7) The compiler caught several errors that VC6 ignored (such as defining a const without specifying the type - GASP!)

      8) The compiler also caught a handler function in the CPP file for a user-defined message that did not have the correct return type specified (I was incorrectly using "void" instead of "LRESULT"). However, the matching (and also incorrect) prototype defined in the H file was not detected.

      9) When you un-pin workspace windows and turn off interface animations, hovering the mouse over the side-tabs still has a 1-2 second delay before rolling the windows back out.

      10) When an un-pinned window is rolled out from the sides, the interface is not correctly invalidated, causing the side window to partially obscure the bottom window (if it's pinned, of course).

      11) When you want to create an "event" handler, you have to have the caret positioned over the MESSAGE_MAP block in either the H or CPP file before you can even see the list of available events in the properties window.

      12) While I'm talking about the properties window, I gotta say I'd rather have the old properties dialogs back than be forced to scroll the "never-enbing-list-of-properties".

      13) If you're moving from VC6, be prepared for a bunch of warnings about deprecated code. MS has new "more secure" versions of our old favorites, like strcpy, itoa, printf, sscanf, etc. You can add a compiler definition to the project settings to ignore these warnings (and you might want to at first).

      14) Some of the MFC macros have different parameter types. Be prepared for that.

      15) I was surprised to find that you have to #include a file in stdafx.h in order to use the CListView class.

      16) I looked over the Feedback page at Microsoft to see what kinds of bugs/suggestions were being reported, and it appears as if MS is making a concerted effort to reject all issues regarding the IDE's performance and usability. Status quo, IMHO...

      17) They're already supposed to be working on a patch, but we probably won't see anything for at least six months.

      18) Intellisense appears to work quite well, and it has not yet refused to show me class members. In VC6, you never knew when it was going to work or just stare back at you with a dumb look on it's face.

      In closing, if you feel the need to get up to speed with the latest MFC stuff, want a better C++ compiler, or have the need to write code for .NET 2.0, don't hesitate to get this product. I think it's a worthy purchase regardless of the little things I've found.

      PS. No, I haven't got a clue as to what a "streamlined" user experience is, nor how it compares to the Pro version's "full" user experience....more info
    • A Development Standard Tool
      Any serious or amature developer should be required to use and know Microsoft Visual Studio Standard 2005. I know there are a lot of super-geeks out there who love to hate on Microsoft and prefer to stick to "real" or open source code that isn't dominated by the MS Juggernaught.

      Those feelings aside- the reality of the world is that most companies use Microsoft software and server implementations in real world business, and Microsoft does provide the tools to get that work done. If you are at all interested in .NET, J#, C++, or ASP; this tool is the way to go. I was also happily surprised to learn that Visual Studio also can help code other documents like XHTML, XML, HTML, and CSS, which is really nice when you have to pay this much for the product.

      Seriously though, if you are buying this for yourself, buy the Standard edition, let whoever you work for buy you the professional edition. ...more info