CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer
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Product Description

A larger diameter roller combined with an improved internal design creates a huge range of 20"750 watts depending on speed and cadence. Incorporated cooling mechanism to increase the life of the resistance unit. 2" diameter steel tubing frame, solid cast-aluminum resistance unit housing. Includes the Carmichael Training Systems Time Trial video"a $30 value.

The CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer is a great way to keep your legs in tip-top condition during the off season. While many cyclists dread the indoor training season, ensuring proper bike set up will make any workout more comfortable and enjoyable.

This trainer features a new larger flywheel with twice the inertia for an improved, road-like feel. The power-band technology offers the widest resistance range--from easy spins to lung-burning climbs--without ever touching the unit. The infinite resistance curve ensures increased wattage as you increase speed for realistic statistical analysis at the end of your ride. The Fluid 2 is surprisingly quiet, and the self-cooling mechanisms--including a patented fan design--keep the unit performing better, longer. Includes a training DVD to help keep you motivated during your indoor exercise.

  • Trainer is a great way to keep your legs in tip-top condition during the off season
  • New larger flywheel delivers twice the inertia for a road-like feel
  • Power band technology offers a wide resistance range
  • Infinite resistance curve ensures increased wattage as you increase speed
  • Self-cooling mechanisms keep the unit performing better, longer

Customer Reviews:

  • Smooth, Quiet, Durable
    This is a nice trainer. I had one and just upgraded my wife's from a cheaper model. Her's was so loud we couldn't watch TV is we were spinning together. With two of these its no problem....more info
  • A Great Product
    This product is easy to assemble and great to use. It is a great way to get the exercise you need while at home. I use it and my wife uses it. My wife likes to use it while watching her favorite TV program and getting the exercise she needs. I use it to gain the needed exercise I miss out on during my busy daily schedule. Again, a great product....more info
  • Great way to get exercise indoors!
    I am in dental school and this semester in particular I had very little spare time to make it to the gym. I live in a small city apartment, but had a corner where I could set this up with the bike I already have. It's super quiet (once I got the slick tire ($16), that is; before that my mountain bike's knobby tires were extremely loud) and now I can easily squeeze in both a good workout and some TV time at home.

    I had a few issues figuring out how to set it up (not everything is exactly obvious), but after a couple internet searches and a you tube video with instructions, it was a piece of cake. I know someone who got a less expensive fluid trainer (don't know the brand, but it's not this exact model for sure) and he says his unit gets extremely hot quickly. This cycleops fluid2 does not overheat at all. It will definitely give you adequate resistance the harder you pedal and the higher the gear you place your bike in....more info
  • works well
    Solid construction; fairly easy to assemble. Feels sturdy and safe when in use. It's a bit louder than I'd like because I use the thing on my balcony, but the resistance provided by the mechanism is realistic (feels like riding on the street) and it's appropriate for a decent workout. ...more info
  • You can stop looking !!
    Ok... So I have been looking for over 2 weeks and contemplating whether or not to get this trainer or a less expensive one. Well, I figured from the reviews from the cheaper ones that the MAG is not that resistant and WIND is way to loud. Plus I read several reviews of those models that parts break. So, this is why I picked this model... Great reviews, no defects, quiet and resistant. My take on it? Excellent product and worth the extra cash. I am nothing like a pro but I do take 2-3 rides a week for about 25-45 miles each time. While the cooling temperature, the high winds and the worst drivers in the world sometimes it's nice to play it safe and ride indoors. So the product: Easy to set-up (less than 5 minutes), very common sense to hook your bike to it, quiet, very sturdy, great resistance. Today was my first ride on the trainer and a great work out. I rode for over an hour and got my heart rate up to 174 and still had two gears left. ...more info
  • Great while it lasted
    So my fluid trainer is a couple of years old now. For the first couple of "off-seasons", I really enjoyed it. But it slowly grew noisier. Finally, just a couple of days ago, I burned out the chrome cylinder that the rear wheel rides on. Come to find out, that I know of one other person that had this identical problem! Like I said, mine is a couple of years old (so was my friend's) so maybe the problem has been identified. Another friend has one that is less than a year old but he's gonna sell it to me cause he never uses it...hopefully it lasts longer than mine did! For the time that it worked, my trainer was really great...just expect more that a couple years from a trainer that cost me $300.
    Good luck!...more info
  • Beat the Winter Riding Blues
    Bought this trainer to keep in shape over the usual winter down-time. I like that it uses my regular bicycle so my tail-end stays acclimated to the seat, too. Unit assembles easily, though I did have to glue the plastic axle clamp bushings in-place to keep them from working loose. A "slave" rear axle assembly for your bike is provided so you don't mar your regular axle in the clamping mechanism. Changing the axle and mounting your bicycle only takes a minute or two. Resistance is very smooth and progressive. There is not a noticable step-change in effort as you shift gears, but the change in heart rate (via heart monitor) is apparent and can be easily controlled. Very pleased with purchase....more info
  • easy, reliable, smooth
    My first go with a trainer and while it is not as smooth as an indoor spin bike, it allows for a nice enough ride. It is billed as the quietest of the CycleOps group - but that does not mean it is quiet. Fairly easy to set up. Worth it for less expensive home access to indoor biking and some more seat time on my favorite bike. Purchased along with the CycleOps Stackable Climbing Block and Training Mat - first is a must, second is nice to have....more info
  • Work horse of a trainer
    This is the best trainer I have ever used. As my third trainer I would like to pass along my happiness with its performance. The fluid trainer is the way to go. For the extra pennies per use in 5 years you get a trainer that works with you, not against you. Instead of wondering how the unit is going to perform, or when the tension is going to change all by itself again, you get a thought-free system that you can just grind against. Gotta love it.
    If you are a mountain biker you have to have this. A roadie? Well you probably think you need a powertap anyway.......more info
  • Fluid 2 Trainer
    The trainer provides the right amount of resistance for good spin training. It is also easy on the tire tread, if set up correctly. My only concern is the side to side sway when out of the saddle. It almost feels as though the base should be wider. Thus my 4 out of 5 stars...more info
  • Just Buy it!
    This is worth every penny. If you want a trainer, this is great. Simple to setup and use. Nice motion and you do sweat! Don't worry about the price, you want to loose weight. This is worth it. DC...more info
  • easy to setup, easy to use
    This product is great! It's easy to setup, easy to use, and is very durable. Definitely recommend buying the riser block. Bike on!...more info
  • Cycleops Fluid 2
    The Fluid 2 trainer is a good option if you are unable to hit the road, but definitely is not the same. Eventhough it has a great feel and its pretty quiet, the resistance is great I really like it, if you are going to ride outside and also use the trainer I strongly recommend to have another tire, because the rear tire is going to wear easily, but I think this is the best trainer you can get out there....more info
  • simple to use and effective
    A well made product very quite in operation. Instructions could be improved,once you figure it out it is very easy to install and use .I liked it so well I purchased another for my wife....more info
  • Now I can Bike all winter
    I received my Cycle Ops Fluid Trainer a couple of weeks ago and I am extremely happy with it. I have set it up in my office on hard wood floor with the mat and block that I bought seperately and it is extremely quiet. I can ride and watch TV without having to turn it up beyond normal. My office is on the 2nd floor of our house and my wife says she can hear me riding but it is not loud. I feel that I get a good workout and you can adjust the tension to your liking. I am really happy and look forward to using it all winter to get ready for the next Triathlon season....more info