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TypeRightNow for Windows Includes Patented, Peek-Proof PC/Desktop Keyboard Cover
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $24.98

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Product Description

This software plus SpeedSkin's patented, no-peek, blank keyboard cover give you an increased speed and accuracy touch-typing outcome. "TypeRightNow" offers you the advanced, more specialized practice you need for better keyboarding skills at school or the workplace. Improve your keyboard memorization, speed and accuracy. It also includes the patented SpeedSkin cover which covers the letter, number and punctuation keys -- requiring you to concentrate on touch-typing.

  • The first, only, and finest keyboarding instruction system ever combines software and a blank keyboard cover
  • With a blank keyboard cover, you don’t peek while learning to type
  • Touch typing mastery requires software and a SpeedSkin Peek-Proof cover
  • Over 1 million SpeedSkin covers have been sold to teachers and students
  • Note: PC cover does not fit laptops or shallow/ultra-slim, stand-alone keyboards

Customer Reviews:

  • Great course.
    I'm one of those type of people who taught myself how to type cause I never took a typing class in high school. Of course, my way was looking at the keyboard the whole time! This program helped me break that bad habit and actually learn the correct way of typing. Even though my WPM is slower now, my typing speed is slowly increasing every week and I know I'll improve. This is a great program and I'm glad I bought it - I still use it everyday....more info
  • Wonderful Program
    Having the skin on the keys has forced me to learn how to properly type. Prior to getting this program, I constantly looked at the keys which slowed me down but now, WOW!!!! I am more confident about knowing where the keys are and as a result my typing speed has improved. Another plus about this program is that it shows and reminds you how to properly work in your space.... ex:

    Check your Posture:

    -sit up straight, back supported by chair and feet firmly on the floor.
    -center your body to the keyboard and monitor, etc, etc.....

    -etc, etc.....

    The program breaks it down that not only does your typing speed improve but that you do it in such a way that your whole experience is positive...

    That said, the only thing I would improve on are the games..

    Not very fun......more info
  • It helped me quit cheating
    The skin is useful. I could type as much as 40 wpm without it (as a self-taught typist), but was slowing myself down by "cheating." The skin forces me to follow the correct patterns, which are more efficient than my old way, and I no longer go back and forth from the copy to to the keyboard to watch my fingers....more info
  • 5-STARS!! AMENDMENT to: Program Good, Skin Does NOT Fit All Keyboards
    SINCE WRITING THIS REVIEW, DEE AT SPEED SKIN HAS CONTACTED ME!!! :) We all know the frustration we feel when a company's product doesn't meet our needs and when the company doesn't respond to our requests for a replacement or refund. That's what I THOUGHT had happened here after I realized the speed skin I bought didn't fit my laptop keys and I could get no response from Amazon or Speed Skin. Apparently, though, there was a hiccup in the phone line when I contacted Speed Skin regarding the skin that didn't fit my laptop, and they couldn't hear my message clearly, nor could they understand what I said my telephone number was. It took them some time to find my telephone number (I didn't order this program from them directly, but from Amazon) but they DID contact me and were VERY apologetic and accomodating. They are sending me a free Speed Skin cover for my particular laptop. Dee was EXCEPTIONALLY desirous to make sure I was happy and that I did not feel her delay in reaching me was due to a disregard for my satisfaction. Quite frankly, after speaking to her, I must say I cannot remember EVER having been treated with such sincere COURTESY by any company in the past! My confidence in this company has been restored!!

    The original review is below, minus the mix-up regarding the Speed Skin.

    This CD-ROM has been helpful to me as an adult boning up on my touch typing skills. It has been years since I actually used all my fingers to type, years since I typed without looking down at the keyboard at all--and I DO type faster doing it the "wrong" way at this point, but only at 45 WPM. I know if I can learn to touch type well, I can be a much faster typist and type from copy a LOT more accurately and quickly because I will know where the keys are without peeking at them and losing my place on the copy I'm trying to type. I can see how this CD has been helpful to me in touch typing faster and more accurately. I went from 13 words a minute touch typing with the program to 30 WPM in three quick lessons. I am now on lesson five and it has been very enjoyable. I like how the program not only times my typing and gives me an accuracy reading, I can also make it "satellite" into other programs on my laptop (like email and Microsoft Works/Word) to get readings from my typing there too...the program itself, in my experience, has been helpful and is pleasant to use. ...more info
  • The perfect and best typing program!
    ***UPDATE*** No longer the best. Was the best though.

    This is the best typing program you could ask for. It lets you choose your lesson and youre able to go anywhere in the program whenever you want. This is good for reviewing parts that youre not ready to go past yet. Everything is set up how it should be, i've been learning very quick from this program. It's literally 10 times better than mavis beacon which is a piece of krap. Mavis beacon makes you start from the beginning, and will not let you go back or review lessons, also the design and format are very poor, the word for it is "garbagey". All other programs I've tried have come way short of this one too....more info
  • Speedskin Review
    This program is very helpful. I was able to learn all of the keys in a very short period of time. ...more info
  • Nice program!
    The cover for the keys is great. My daughter practices often and can't cheat. Nice program....more info
  • It will not start.
    This CD would not work in my desktop. I called and they called me back the next week and sent me another CD. It doesn't work either and they stopped returning my calls.

    I put it in my laptop and it worked in the laptop, but the little orange skin you get in the box does not fit a laptop keyboard. Beware of that. It only fits a desktop keyboard. So I finally plugged my desktop keyboard into my laptop and propped it up on the laptop and did the exercises.

    There is no audio. I thought there would be. I thought these programs would have games and be fun. Nope, just letters that appear on the screen for you to type. Drills. They appear on the screen for you to type and you get written feedback on the screen telling you how you are doing and what you should do differently. It's dull.

    I'll update this review after I try another product. Obviously I am disappointed that it does not work on my desktop. I'm also disappointed that there is no audio, just screen instructions. And finally, there are no games. I've heard there are some really enjoyable programs out there, so I am going to order another one and see how it compares....more info
  • It is a good software
    I bought it for my kids 9 and 11. My 11 year old liked it but my 9 year old thought that the exercies were too hard and activities are not fun. He likes his sponge bob typing cd better....more info
  • Easy to use on my laptop and just takes devotion.
    If you truly desire to learn how to type in the comfort of your home and can supply your own discipline to stay at it, this is a great program. I was very quick pecking at the keys, but now I'm gaining speed for that 'Great American Novel' that's just itching to be written. ;)...more info
  • Excellent Program
    Can't cheat with this one. I am bad about searching for keys by looking, but the skin prevents that (and aggravates everyone in my family who still uses the hunt and peck method.) This program gives you plenty of feedback and advice. I think the drills are well done. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a typing tutor....more info
  • Great program
    I bought this software at Best Buy but it did not come with the key skin. This is a great product, I have tried many typing programs, 4 in total, because typing is very difficult for me (and I'm picky!) and this is the best I've tried so far. It is also reasonably priced, but cheaper at Best Buy, maybe b/c it didn't come with the key skin? The only thing I'm upset about is that I wish mine had come with a key skin! Unlike most programs I've found, this one starts from the beginning to the end. A lot of programs don't follow a specific plan, they just have you do a typing test in the beginning and then introduce letters with out showing you which fingers to use, that's the whole point of these programs, to teach you! And like another review stated, it does let you go back and redo a lesson, it also lets you know what keys you need to review. The only thing I would change is to make the letters bigger to read because when you are a beginner it is hard to follow along with the text. ...more info